Questions by Georgetown Edited by Joseph Wu Toss-Ups 1. It's the largest state east of the Mississippi River, and has produced exactly one president and one World Series Champion. Cotton and textile production is still one of its major industries, although for one fortnight, tourism probably brought in the most money this year. FTP, name state home to Fort Benning. Answer: _GEORGIA_ 2. He was accused of being a proto-fascist, a racist, and a sadomasochist. Despite such allegations, he won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1907. FTP, name this author of Soldiers Three, Stalky and Co., and Barrack- Room Ballads. Answer: Rudyard _KIPLING_ 3. After being asked why twenty-seven appeared often in his songs, this artist replied that "Twenty-seven is a pretty funny number". FTP, name the artist whose albums include Polka Party, Off the Deep End, and Even Worse. Answer: "Weird Al" _YANKOVIC_ 4. Every national team save one which has won the World Cup has won it again - save one. FTP, name the team which hosted this summerís European Championships and won the World Cup on its home turf in 1960, and. beating Holland 4-2 in overtime. Answer: _ENGLAND_ (Do not accept Great Britain (which includes Scotland and Wales) or the United Kingdom (which includes the above plus Northern Ireland, as they all field separate teams.) 5. It is a landlocked country in Asia, home to the Tarai plain. Its constitution of 1990 reduced King Birendaís powers, forcing him to appoint a prime minister. FTP, name this kingdom, the only nation in the world without a rectangular flag, where "Namaste" (Nah-mahs-tay) means "Hello." Answer: _NEPAL_ 6. It was nominated for Best Picture, Best Original Score and Best Screenplay based on material from another medium, although it didn't win any of them. Its stars included James Earl Jones, Kevin Costner, and a long- dead baseball player. FTP, name this male-bonding movie. Answer: _FIELD OF DREAMS_ 7. According to CIA reports, this nation is constructing a chemical weapons facility near Tarhunah. That bit of skulduggery, of course, would be nothing new for this nation, whose previous attempt at such a facility near Rabta was destroyed by fire. FTP, name this African nation with the "Gulf of Death". Answer: _LIBYA_ 8. It's common knowledge that the Green Bay Packers won the first two Super Bowls by defeating Kansas City and Oakland. However, it is less well known that Green Bay beat the same opponent to get to the Super Bowl in both years. FTP, name this team which returned the favor and beat Green Bay last year to get to Super Bowl XXX. Answer: Accept _DALLAS_ or _COWBOYS_ or _DALLAS COWBOYS_ 9. He is buried in the National Cathedral in Washington D.C., and his tomb has three seals on it: that of the United States, the state of New Jersey, and of Princeton University. FTP, name this esteemed Hopkins graduate and the only president to be buried in our nation's capital. Answer: Woodrow _WILSON_ 10. Born in 1922, he died in 1969 of "drink and angry sickness". He was married three times and divorced twice. FTP, name this author of _Sutori in Paris_, _The Dharma Bums_, and _The Town and the City_. Answer: Jack _KEROUAC_ 11. In the presence of bromine and carbon tetrachloride, it becomes a vic-dibromide. They can be syn- hydroxylated by the addition of cold potassium permanganate and can be cleaved to form carboxylic acids by the addition of hot potassium permanganate. FTP, give the general name for this hydrocarbon group, which possess a double bond. Answer: _ALKENE_ 12. He was born in Saginaw, Michigan, but later moved to Detroit and signed with Motown Records in 1961. His hits have included "You are the sunshine of my life", "Superstition", and "I Just Called to Say I Love You". FTP, name this musician who has been blind since birth. Answer: Stevie _WONDER_ 13. Early 1996 saw a huge change in India's government, when the Congress Party, which has ruled India since independence, lost a majority in the Lok Sabha (Lawk Sab-hah). FTP, name the party which received the plurality of seats. Answer: _BJP_ or _BHATRIYA JANATA PARTY_ (Ba-hah-tree-ya Jah-nah-tah) 14. Samuel took a heifer and invide Jesse and his sons to sacrifice in Bethlehem. When he arrived, he saw Eliab, Jesseís oldest, but could not anoint him. After passing up seven of Jesse's sons, Samuel sent for the eighth and youngest and anointed him to succeed Saul as king of Israel. FTP, name tender of sheep, harpist, and the second king of Israel. Answer: _DAVID_ 15. 98 percent of its upper atmosphere is comprised of hydrogen and helium and its equatorial temperatures are similar to that of its poles. Methane is responsible for this planetís blue green colour because it absorbs red sunlight and condenses to form clouds of ice in its upper atmosphere. FTP, name this planet, discovered by Sir William Herschel in 1781. Answer: _URANUS_ 16. FAQTP, name the fixed cost of the following situation. Toss-Up Health Club has a $800 nonrefundable initiation fee, a $90 monthly fee, and a $4 cost per use of the tennis courts. Answer: _$90_ or _MONTHLY FEE_ 17. It was established in 1816 as one of the Senateís original eleven standing committees and played a heavy role in spurring the adoption of the Compromise of 1850. In 1868, the Senate directed that all presidential nominations of this type be referred to an appropriate committee for review. FTP, name this Senate committee which has decided the fates of such men as Abe Fortas, Douglas Ginsburg, and Clarence Thomas. Answer: _SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE_ 18. He received an honoray doctorate from the University of Vienna in 1891, becoming the first musician so honored. In 1868, he succeeded his teacher Sechter at the Vienna conservatory. He dedicated his third symphony to Wagner. FTP, name this composer whose works are usually compared to Mahler and wrote a zeroth symphony. Answer: Anton _BRUCKNER_ 19. Except for Oxygen, they are all solids. Sulfur and Oxygen are classified as nonmetals, whereas Selenium and Tellurium have some metallic properties. When combined with Hydrogen, all compounds save for water are gases at room temperature. FTP, name this family. Answer: _CHALCOGENS_ 20. They can have upt to six blades, but the traditional design of two blades joining at a 100 degree angle is still the most prevalent. They are used in competitions with names like Fast-Catch and Maximum-Time-Aloft, as well as in the William Tell Stunt, in which the wielder knocks an apple off his own head. FTP, name this sporting implement once used as a hunting tool in the wiles of Australia. Answer: _BOOMERANG_ 21. It lies on the northeast coast of South America, with Guyana to the west, French Guiana to the east, and Brazil to the south. Its principal rivers are the Corantjin and the Marowijne, as well as its namesake river, on which the capital of Paramaribo is located. FTP, name this country, formerly known as Dutch Guiana. Answer: _SURINAME_ 22. It has an inscription from Leviticus 25:10 on it. It has been in London, Allentown, and Philadelphia. It has probably been rung one too many times. FTP, name this famous symbol located in Independence National Historic Park in Philadelphia. Answer: _LIBERTY BELL_ Bonuses 1. We all know that Texas has flown under the most international flags, six to be exact. Well, answer these questions about another state, which has flown under half as many flags. a. First, for ten points, name this only one of the 13 original colonies to have been ruled by three different nations. b. Secondly, for five points each, and five more for all correct, name the three nations that ruled Delaware. Answer: a) _DELAWARE_ b) _HOLLAND_ OR _NETHERLANDS_; _SWEDEN_; _UNITED KINGDOM_ OR _ENGLAND_ OR _BRITAIN_ 2. The position of U.S. poet laureate is a relatively new one, compared to the eons that the British poet laureate position has been around. How much do you know about the first U.S. Poet Laureate? Answer the following questions FTP each. b. Who was the first U.S. poet laureate? c. Warren won two Pulitzer Prizes for poetry. He won one other Pulitzer in another field. Name it. d. What year did Warren's appointment begin? Answer: a) Robert Penn _WARREN_ b) _FICTION_ c) _1986_ 3. Hopefully you arenít furious right now because of your record in this tournament. On that note, lets answer some questions about the Furies in Greek Mythology. c. First, give the names of the Three Furies in Greek Mythology for five points each and five more for all correct. d. Secondly, for ten points, give me the name of their mother. Answer: a) _ALECTO_ (Uh-LECK-to), _TISIPHONE_ (Tih-sih-FO-knee), and _MEGAERA_ (Meh-gair- UH) b) _GAEA) 4. I'll give you the periods of the Paleozoic Era. Put them in order from oldest to youngest for five points apiece. The periods are: Cambrian, Carboniferous, Devonian, Ordovician (Or-do-veesh-un),Permian, Silurian. Answer: (oldest) _CAMBRIAN_, _ORDOVICIAN_, _SILURIAN_, _DEVONIAN_, _CARBONIFEROUS_, _PERMIAN_ (youngest) 5. For five points each and five for all correct, given a composition, name the composer. a. Pictures at an Exhibition b. The "Surprise" Symphony c. The Isle of the Dead d. The Love for Three Oranges e. 4'33" (Four Minutes, Thirty-three Seconds) Answer: a) Modest Petrovich _MUSSORGSKY_ b) Franz Josef _HAYDN_ c) Sergei _RACHMANINOFF_ d) Sergei _PROKOFIEV_ e) John _CAGE_ 6. Latin might help here, but so will a knowledge of the constellations. I'll give you the English translation of the constellation, and you will receive ten points apiece for each constellation you can name. f. The Archer g. The Chained Maiden h. The Swan i. The Water Snake j. The Charioteer Answer: a) _SAGITTARIUS_ b) _ANDROMEDA_ c) _CYGNUS_ d) _HYDRUS_ e) _AQUILA_ 7. Name this famous 17th century figure on a 30-20-10 basis 30: His Provincial Letters, written in 1656-7, was an organized critique of what he considered Jesuit distortion of Christian teachings. 20: His Pensees (Pahn-saze) (or Thoughts), was published posthumously and included reflections on humankind and religion. 10: This French mathematician and physical scientist is best known for his "wager" which said that believing in God was, rationally speaking, the correct thing to do and for a programming language named for him Answer: Blaise _PASCAL_ 8. Place the following pre-World War II events in chronological order from first to last for five points each and five extra for all correct. The events are: Germany's annexation of Austria Italy withdraws from the League of Nations Mussolini's Italy attacks Ethiopia The Spanish Civil War begins Germany invades Czechloslovakia Answer: (in this order) _ITALY ATTACKS AFRICA_ (October 1935), _SPANISH CIVIL WAR_ (July 1936), _ITALY WITHDRAWS_ (Dec 1937), _GERMANY ANNEXES AUSTRIA_ (March 1938), _GERMANY INVADES CZECHLOSLOVAKIA_ (March 1939) 9. Identify the author on a 30-20-10 basis. 30: He was born in 1799 and his literary career began with his epistle ìTo my friend, the Poet.î 20: This Russian was killed in a 1837 in an attempt to defend his wifeís honor. 10: He is considered the father of Russian literature, and his works include Boris Gudonov and Eugene Onegin. Answer: Alexander _PUSHKIN_ 10. Taiwan and China have never had especially rosy relations which has led to tensions between China and the U.S. However, in mid-1995, these tensions were increased by what was percieved by action of the United States. For fifteen points apiece: j. Name the Taiwanese president who requested and was granted a visa by the United States, thus angering the Chinese. k. Name Lee Teng-hui's New York state alma mater, which, upon being requested to speak there, caused him to request the visa. Answer: a) _LEE TENG-HUI_ (Accept Lee) b) _CORNELL_ University 11. Split up the following words into two chemical element symbols. For ten points each, which element's symbols form the following words: k. Care l. Cube m. Who Answer: a) _CALCIUM_ and _RHENIUM_ (Ca and Re) b) _COPPER_ AND _BERYLLIUM_ (Cu and Be) c) Tungsten and Holmium (W and Ho) 12. Name each of the following National Weather Service warnings FTP each. l. An atmospheric circulation of one-minute sustained surface winds within a range of 34-63 knots. m. An atmospheric circulation of winds rotating counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere n. A severe cyclone originating over tropical ocean waters and having one-minute sustained surface winds of 64 knots or higher Answer: a) _TROPICAL STORM_ b) _CYCLONE_ c) _HURRICANE_ or _TYPHOON_ 13. One of the great things about The Simpsons is the variety of actors who are animated as themselves. For 15 Points each, name: a. The person who reads the tape version of The Bible in "One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Bluefish". b. The crooner who helps Barney Gumble to sing the "Plow King" song in "Mr. Plow". Answer: a) Larry _KING_ b) Linda _RONSTADT_ 14. Since there are only nine Supreme Court justices, it's surprising that four of them received their undergraduate degrees from Stanford. FTP apiece, name any three of the four, three appointed by Reagan and one appointed by Clinton. Answer: Anthony M. _KENNEDY_, Sandra Day _O'CONNOR_, William H. _REHNQUIST_, Stephen _BREYER_ 15. Liberals may not like the objective way that U.S. News and World Report ranks liberal arts colleges, but they still did. For fifteen points each: o. What Massachusetts school, nicknamed the "Lord Jeffs" was dethroned from its number one position in the 1996 rankings? b. Which tiny Pennsylvania school, nicknamed the "Little Quakers", took the crown this year? Answer: a) _AMHERST_ b) _SWARTHMORE_ 16. Answer the following questions on Ellis Island and American immigration for ten points apiece. a. Name the poem by Emma Lazarus which includes the lines "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free." b. We all know that symbol of immigration to the U.S. is Ellis Island. Do you know, however, the first name of the Ellis who purchased the island? c. Furthermore, within three years, what year was the Island opened? Answer: a) _THE NEW COLOSSUS_ b) _SAMUEL_ c) _1892_ (Accept 1889-1895). 17. Ah, another World Series question. Answer these questions about the Braves-Yankees series FTP each. q. First, which 19 year old Atlanta left fielder slugged two home runs in his first two at bats in Game 1. r. Secondly, which Yankees player did Andrew Jones replace as the youngest player to hit a home run in the World Series. s. Finally, in the last three games of the NLCS and the first game of the World Series, how many runs did the Bravesí stellar pitching staff allow? Answer: a) Andrew _JONES_ b) Mickey _MANTLE_ c) _2_ 18. We all know a lot about food, but how much do you know about the organ that digests what you eat. Answer these questions about the stomach for the stated number of points. r. First, for ten points, name the folds in the interior of the stomach. s. Secondly, for ten points, what is the only digestive enzyme of significance that is secreted by the stomach which cleaves food proteins. t. Finally, for five points each, name the two valves of the stomach, one leading into the stomach, and one leading out of the stomach. Answer: a) _RUGAE_ b) _PEPSIN_ c) _CARDIAC_ and _PYLORIC_ sphincters 19. 30-20-10: Name the playwright. 30: He attended the University of Missouri and Washington University in Saint Louis before graduating in 1938 from the University of Iowa. 20: This disciple of Anton Chekhov wandered to such places as Key West and New Orleans, before dying in New York City on February 25, 1983. 10: His most famous works include _Suddenly Last Summer_, _Night of the Iguana_, and _A Streetcar Named Desire_. Answer: Tennessee (also accept Thomas Lanier) _WILLIAMS_ 20. Yes! It's an "Ace of Base" question!. FTP apiece, give me any three members of this "Swedish Sensation". Answer: _JENNY_, _JONAS_, _ULF_ and _MALIN_ 21. We all know the various Greek and Roman gods. However, how well do you know Norse mythology? Name the following gods for five points each and five for all correct. u. The thunder god v. The god of evil and mischief w. The god of war x. The goddess of the sky y. The goddess of love and beauty Answer: a) _THOR_ b) _LOKI_ c) _TYR_ d) _FRIGG_ e) _FREYA_ 22. The Peloponnesian War was one of the greatest conflicts ever fought in the history of Ancient Greece. Answer the following questions for the stated number of points. a. For five points apiece, name the two major combatants in the war. b. FTP, name the island that requested Corinthian aid, thus becoming a major cause of the outbreak of the war. c. FTP, name the famous Athenian who gave the funeral speech early in the war. Answer: a) _ATHENS_ and _SPARTA_ b) _EPIDAMNUS_ c) _PERICLES_