Questions by Dickinson Edited by Joseph Wu Tossups 1. The father was born in 1708 and the son died in 1806. They were both associated with wars, the father with the Seven Years' War and the American Revolution, the son with the protracted war with France. What, for ten points, was the common last name of this only father-son team in the British prime minstership? Answer: William _PITT_ 2. In The Gashlycrumb Tinies Edward Gorey describes the cruel fates that befell a number of children with lines like B is for Basil, devoured by bears. There is a mystery writer who has been using titles that fit into this pattern and doing quite well with them. Who, for ten points, is this contemporary author one of whose works could well be titled 'M is for Money'? Answer: Sue _GRAFTON_ 3. (WARNING: Two answers required) Its a nice coincidence that states and some chemical elements have the same two letter abbreviations. Alphabetically, the first such pair is Alabama and aluminum (both Al). Starting from the other end, for ten points, what element and state pair has the last common abbreviation alphabetically, both beginning with the letter S? Answers: _SCANDIUM_ and _SOUTH CAROLINA_ (Sc) 4. Stefan Edberg has not managed to use his farewell year to the pro tour to add to his collection of Grand Slam titles. He will retire without a French Open title to his credit. For ten points, which fellow countryman of his anaged to win three French Opens in the 1980's, keeping alive the tradition of Bjorn Borg? Answer: Mats _WILANDER_ 5. In addition to being the 200th anniversary of John Adams' election to the presidency, it is also the 200th anniversary of the foundation of a religious denomination that now has several million adherents in the United States. For ten points, give either the three letter, abbreviation or the full name of this black Christian church. Answer: _AME_ or _AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL_ 6. We remember, the excitement that greeted A Study in Scarlet, the first Sherlock Holmes story to be published. Well, in fact, it was not all that good a seller. The second story (also a novel) did distinctly better from the standpoint of sales. What, for ten points, was the name of this tale of the great Agra treasure? Answer: _THE SIGN OF FOUR_ (or _THE SIGN OF THE FOUR_) 7. We think of Alexander Pope as a dwarf among poets because of his stature, not his rhyming. In the same way, a French painter is perhaps best known for-his stunted figure, despite his superb draughtsmanship. Who, for ten points, was this aristocrat by birth best known for his posters and lithographs of dance halls and cabarets? Answer: Henri Marie Raymonde _TOULOUSE-LAUTREC_ 8. Third Parties were prevalent after the Civil War. One party favored reconciliation with the South and attacked corruption in government. There's not much new there, but when their candidate lost to Grant in 1872, its supporters headed elsewhere. For ten points, name the short-lived party which sounds like an oxymoron today. Answer: _LIBERAL REPUBLICANS_ Party 9. Much about the crash of Flight 800 en route to France remains a mystery. What isnít a mystery is the county off whose coast the remnants of the fated flight landed. What, for ten points, is the name of this eastern county of Long Island? Answer: _SUFFOLK_ 10. Robert K. Merton is one of the most distinguished sociologists of science today. His thesis is still cited with regard to the scientific revolution. One of his books that has sparked a whole industry takes its title from a quotation from Newton in a letter explaining his success. For ten points, what is the five word title, frequently abbreviated OTSOG? Answer: _ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS_ 11. He lived from 1918 and 1988, and in between spent a fair amount of time travelling, playing the bongo drums, and serving on the commission investigating the Challenger disaster. His diagrams are an important tool in quantum electrodynamics. Who was, for ten points, this inveterate prankster and Nobel Prize winner, for many years at Cal Tech? Answer: Richard _FEYNMAN_ 12. The letter Z is does not occur all that often in the names of countries. Some parts of the world are exceptions, and the neighborhood of Zambia is one of them. Not counting Zambia itself, for ten points, how many countries touching Zambia have Z in their name as spelled in English? Answer: _FOUR_ (Zimbabwe, Zaire, Tanzania, Mozambique) 13. The winner of the 1991 Grammy Award for best album was a most unusual winner, since one of the albumís performers had been dead for some years. That did not stop the other performer from using his voice--he was, after all, her father. For ten points, what was the title of that memorable tribute to Nat King Cole? Answer: _UNFORGETTABLE_ 14. The festival of Sukkot starts on the 15th day of Tishri, the seventh month of the Jewish year, five days after an even more important day for Jewish observance, at least based on synagogue attendance. What is the name, for ten points, of the day observed on the 10th of Tishri and involving fasting for all adults? Answer: _YOM KIPPUR_ (accept _DAY OF ATONEMENT_) 15. The 35th anniversary edition is in the stores, and the author is making a tour. It's hard to say how much of the reputation is owed to the illustrations by Jules Feiffer.. What, for ten points, is the title of this book by Norton Juster about a dog named Tock and a boy named Milo? Answer: the _PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH_ 16. His financial policies succeeded in stabilizing the currency during his third term as premier. He also served as president through the First World War. Who, for ten points, was this nationalist French politician who ordered the French occupation of the Ruhr in 1923? Answer: Raymond _POINCARE_ 17. This seven letter word comes from a Hebrew origin. The type of music to which it refers has come in for additional popularity thanks to a recent television special and concert tour featuring Itzhak Perlman. What, for ten points, is the term given to this sort of Jewish jazz described in In the Fiddler's House? Answer: _KLEZMER_ 18. It sits in Yoho National Park on the border between Alberta and British Columbia. It was discovered in 1909 but thoroughly misinterpreted. Only in the last thirty years has this collection of fauna been understood. What, for ten points, is the name of this fossil record, discussed by Stephen Jay Gould in Wonderful Life? Answer: The _BURGESS SHALE_ 19. In 101 BC, Chinese ships first reached the east coast of India, after discovering the orienting properties of lodstone. This was a key first step to the 1086 BCE invention by Shen Kua of - for ten points- what navigational aid beloved of Boy Scouts? Answer: _MAGNETIC COMPASS_ (Prompt on "compass" alone) 20. It was passed over the veto of President Truman and amended the Wagner Act. This 1947 piece of legislation is generally known by the names of the senator and representative who sponsored it. What, for ten points, is the usual name of this act that banned boycotts, sympathy strikes, and strikes in interunion disputes? Answer: _TAFT-HARTLEY_ Act 21. (Warning, two answers required) The signs of the Zodiac come in both Latin and English versions. Among the Latin names there are several pairs that start with the same letter. For ten points, what is the only pair that start with the same letter and follow one after another? Answer: _SCORPIO_ (or _SCORPIUS_) and _SAGITTARIUS_ 22. His real last name was Jones, but perhaps he wanted to avoid being confused with the other composers of that name. He was born in 1862 and died in London in 1936. His operetta Tom Jones enjoyed some success, but he is best known for the operetta Merrie England. Who, for ten points, was this Teutonically named composer? Answer: Edward _GERMAN_ Bonuses 1. Subatomic particles come in classes, and they can be divided up in several ways. You can have ten points apiece for naming the following classes from their characteristics: a. These particles feel the strong interactive force (examples are protons and neutrons). b. These particles do not feel the strong interactive force examples are electrons). c. These particles consist of a quark and an antiquark bound together. Answer: a) _HADRONS_ b) _LEPTONS_ c) _BOSONS_ 2. Identify the following Civil War generals for ten points apiece, none of whom was a killer angel at Gettysburg. b. He won the battle of Five Forks and became commander of the US army in 1884. c. He accepted the surrender of General Joseh Johnson's army in Durham, North Carolina, in 1865 and preceded Sheridan as army commander. d. He was a brigadier-general at the First Battle of Bull Run.and fought brilliantly in the Seven Days' Battles and at Cedar Mountain. Answer: a) Philip _SHERIDAN_ b) William _SHERMAN_ 3) Thomas _JACKSON_ 3. The death of Spiro Agnew has permanently silenced one of the most recognizable voices to belong to a Vice- President. He is perhaps best known for a four-word phrase he used to describe the media, three of the words starting with the letter N. You can have ten points apiece for giving each of the N words by which Agnew will go down to history. Answer: _NATTERITNG_ _NABOBS_ of _NEGATIVISM_ 4. Answer these questions about a famous movie director for the stated number of points. d. First, FTP, name this director, born in 1895 who directed such classics as ěThe Searchersî, ěStagecoachî, and ěHow the West was Won.î e. Secondly, for five points each, name each of the four films for which John Ford won an Academy Award for Best Director. Answer: a) John _FORD_ b) _THE INFORMER_, _THE GRAPES OF WRATH_, _HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY_, _THE QUIET MAN_ 5. Identify the following author from his works, 30 from the first list, 20 if you need the second, and 10 points if you need all three: 30: The Club of Queer Trades, The Ballad of the White Horse 20: The Man Who Was Thursday and 'The Wrong Shape' 10: 'The Blue Cross' and 'The Oracle of the Dog' Answer: G.K. _CHESTERTON_ 6. You may have rocks in your head and still do well on this bonus. Identify the following metals for ten points apiece. f. It is the second most abundant metal element in the earth's crust. Guinea and Australia have 49% of the world's reserves. g. It is not mined in the US and is used here mainly to produce capacitors. Australia, Brazil, Canada, and Thailand are the leading producers. h. It is mostly used in jet engines, airframes, and aerospace technology. It occurs in the west and midwest of this country, but also in the Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan. Answer: a) _ALUMINUM_ b) _TANTALUM_ c) _TITANIUM_ 7. Identify the year from the events that happened in it for 30 points from the first clue, 20 from the second, and 10 if you need all three. g. Noah Webster publishes his American Dictionary. h. South Carolina declares the right of state nullification of federal laws and the first passenger railroad begins. i. The incumbent in the White House almost quintuples his popular vote from the previous presidential election and still loses to a gentleman of more Southern origin. Answer: _1828_ 8. Many landmasses are named after Queens. Given the description of the landmass, give its regal name for the stated number of points. h. For 5 points - it is a state of northeast Australia, bounded by the Pacific, New South Wales, South Australia, and the Northern Territory. i. FTP, it was first settled by the Dutch in 1636, came under British control in 1664, and early settlements there include Flushing, Newtown, and Jamaica. j. For fifteen points, it is a barren plateau of Antarctica south of Africa extending from Coats Land to Enderby Land. Answer: a) _QUEENSLAND_ b) _QUEENS_ c) _QUEEN MAUD LAND_ 9. The Nobel Prize for Literature has been bestowed with an eye on geographical diversity as well as literary merit. For five points apiece and a bonus of ten points for all correct, given the name of the winner of the prize, identify the country from which he comes: i. Maeterlinck j. Reymont k. Mistral (the 1945 winner, not the 1905 one) l. Johnson Answer: a) _BELGIUM_ b) _POLAND_ c) _CHILE_ d) _SWEDEN_ 10. The Dow Jones average has been in the 6000's recently. If you're trying to compare that with inflation, you should probably remember' what the average was like in previous years. You can have ten points apiece for remembering what the high for the Dow Jones was 10 years ago (1986), 20 years ago (1976), and 30 years ago (1966). In giving the high for each of those years, you need to be within 100 points of the actual value. Answer: in 1966 - _995_ (accept 895 to 1095), in 1976 - _1015_ (accept 915 to 1115), in 1986 - _1956_ (accept 1856 to 2056) 11. When a country has the phrase 'Islamic republic' built into its name, you have a good idea of what the majority religion is. Not every country makes it so easy. You can have ten points apiece for giving the majority faith in each of the following countries: k. Latvia l. Myanmar m. Nepal. Answer: a) _LUTHERAN_ (prompt on 'Christian' or Protestant') b) _BUDDHIST_ c) _HINDU_ 12. Its midseason in the NFL and in the College Football season, and coaches are on the hot seat. Answer these questions about coaches which have been either fired or let go for the stated number of points. l. First, for five points, which New Orleans Saints coach went on a tirade against his team and then resigned one day later. m. Secondly, for ten points, which Cincinnati Bengals coach was let go by owner Mike Brown on the same day as Jim Moraís resignation. n. Finally, for fifteen points, which Kentucky football coach was told that he and his entire coaching staff would be let go at the end of this season? He had coached at Georgia Tech and Alabama. Answer: a) Jim _MORA_ b) David _SHULA_ c) Bill _CURRY_ 13. Death is a subject that gives poets to reflect. For ten points apiece, identify the authors of each of the following reflections on death. m. Earth, receive an honored guest:/ William Yeats is laid to rest. n. Dear as rememberd kisses after death,/ And sweet as those by hopeless fancy feign'd ... o. But bowed his comely head,/ Down, as upon a bed. Answer: a) W.H. _AUDEN_ b) Alfred _TENNYSON_ c) Andrew _MARVELL_ 14. The Wind in the Willows has been a children's book, a movie, and a Disney attraction. You could probably name the four heroes but let's add an additional family connection. You can have five points apiece for each hero you can name, given the family in the animal kingdom to which he belongs, with an additional ten points for all correct. The four families are n. Talpidae o. Bufonidae p. Muridae q. Mustelidae. Answer: a) _MOLE_ b) _TOAD_ c) _RAT_ d) _BADGER_ 15. The opera-going public appears to have an endless fascination with Italian opera. Identify the Italian composer of each of the following on a 10-5 basis: o. 10: La favorite 5: Lucrecia Borgia b. 10: Simon Boccanegra 5: Otello c. 10: La gazza ladra 5: Il barberie di Siviglia Answer: a) _DONNIZETTI_ b) _VERDI_ c) _ROSSINI_ 16. The Duke of Plaza-Toro sometimes led his troops into battle. He always led his troops out of battle. For ten points apiece, identify the British monarch who emerged victorious out of each of the following battles: p. Stamford Bridge q. The Boyne r. Dettingen. Answer: a) _HAROLD II_ b) _WILLIAM III_ c) _GEORGE II_ 17. How much do you know about flower anatomy. Answer these questions for the stated number of points. a. First, for 5 - a flower having sepals, petals, stamens, petals, and pistils is said to be this. b. For five each, these two structures are not needed for reproduction c. For 15 - a plant that bears male, female, and bisexual flowers on the same plant is termed this. Answer: a) _COMPLETE_ b) _CALYX_ and _COROLLA_ c) _POLYGAMOUS_ 18. 30-20-10: Name the literary figure from the clues 30: He attended Harvard from 1906 to 1909, and from 1911 to 1914, he studied Indian philosophy and Sanskrit there. 20: His plays include The Cocktail Party, The Confidential Clerk, and The Elder Statesman, all comedies derived from Greek dramas. 10: One of his most memorable passages is: ěLet us go then, you and I / When the evening is spread out against the sky / Like a patient etherized upon a table...î Answer: T.S. _ELIOT_ 19. Its Emmy time again. For five points each, and five more for all correct, name the last four dramas to win the Best Drama Emmy in order from 1993-96 and the comedy that has won the last three consecutive Emmys for Best Comedy. Answer: Dramas: 1993 - _PICKET FENCES_, 1994 - _PICKET FENCES_, 1995 - _NYPD BLUE_, 1996 - _ER_; Comedies: 1994-6 - _FRASIER_ 20. 30-20-10: Name the school of philosophy. 30: Ramanuja, a 12th century Hindu theist was an exponent of it, but Wilhelm Leibniz and George Berkeley are considered the founders of the movement 20: Most of them are idealists, believing that reality is either of, in, or for consiousness. Bergson, de Biran, and Ravaisson-Mollien are major French proponents. 10: It is in the tradition of ěCogito ergo sumî, asserting that the real is personal. Answer: _PERSONALISM_ 21. This is the 100th anniversary ofthe first performance of the last collaboration between Gilbert and Sullivan. u. First, for five points, name the operetta. v. Now, for ten points, give the subtitle of The Grand Duke. w. Finally, for fifteen points, what is the name of the first collaboration by the same pair, much of which was cannibalized for The Grand Duke? Answer: a) _THE GRAND DUKE_ b) _STATUTORY DUEL_ c) _THESPIS_ 22. The period of Islamic rule in Spain was an occasion for the intermingling of an array of cultures. You can have ten points for each Islamic dynasty you can name from the period during which it reigned, and heres a hint, they all begin with the letter A. v. 800-909 w. 1071-1147 x. 1133-1269. Answer: a) _AGHLABID_ b) _ALMORAVID_ c) _ALMOHAD_