Wichita State University "Freeze Your Buzz Off" February 1, 1997 Packet by Washington University-St. Louis 1. A 1955 recipient of the Fulbright Scholarship, this author had only one poetry anthology and one novel published in her lifetime. Some posthumous titles include Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams and Stings. However, FTP, name this author more remembered for The Colossus. Answer: Sylvia _Plath_ 2. A man of many letters, both figuratively and literally, he was the person to whom Richard Nixon's letter of resignation was addressed. FTP, name the man who also received the Nobel Committee's letter awarding him and Le Duc Tho the 1973 Peace Prize. Answer: Henry _Kissinger_ 3. Trust me, pencil and paper are NOT required. Start with a square of side of 1. Take out from its center a square with area of one-ninth. Divide this removed segment into ninths. Remove eight squares mutually equidistant from the center of the main square that each have the same area as one of these "ninths." If you continue this complicated pattern, the starting square ends up having an area of zero. FTP, name the Polish mathematician famed for among other things, this so-called "carpet." Answer: Waclaw _Sierpinski_ 4. Despite a 28-31 major league win-loss record, he is in the Baseball Hall of Fame. His major league career began in 1949 at the age of 42. But, FTP, name this athlete who was most likely inducted because of his exploits in the 22 years of pro ball he played prior to 1949. Answer: Satchel _Paige_ 5. This widow of a victim of Colin Ferguson's Long Island Railroad massacre became an advocate for gun control and an unlikely congressional election victor in 1996. A registered Republican, she ran as a Democrat and defeated Rep. Dan Frisa who had voted to repeal the assault weapons ban. FTP, name the congresswoman from New York's 4th District. Answer: Carolyn _McCarthy_ 6. This 1988 film wins the award for the most names in its credits, totaling over 700. FTP, name this movie which did not include Kathleen Turner's name in the credit roll, not because of a mistake, but because she didn't want to be listed. Answer: _Who Framed Roger Rabbit?_ 7. In one of their more esoteric songs, "They Might Be Giants" encourage you to "dig him up and shake his hand / appreciate the man. Granted, this is probably the only song in existence that eulogizes a Belgian Expressionist. FTP, name this low-key painter of "The Intrigue." Answer: James _Ensor_ 8. "...[B]ecause it is bitter and because it is my heart" is a phrase from Stephen Crane's poem "In The Desert." However, the phrase inspired this versatile author to use it for the title to one of her poetry anthologies. FTP, name this author acclaimed for short stories such as "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?" and for frequent appearances in the annually-published "Best American Poetry" series. Answer: Joyce Carol _Oates_ 9. Considered the second notable event in the life of Siddhartha (sid-AHR-tuh) Goutama (guh-TAH-muh), the person later known as Buddha was tempted, but not distracted, by spirits sent by the god Mara (MAH-ruh) during his first meditation. The tree and marble podium where this occurred are said to still be present after over 2400 years. FTP, name this modern-day Indian city located in the province of Bihar (bee-HAR). Answer: _Gaya_ (GUY-yuh) or _Bodhgaya_ (BODE-ga-yuh) 10. This former Rhodes Scholar and three-term Senator from South Dakota became the only incumbent casualty of the 1996 Senate elections. Name this man, FTP, dubbed by Progressive Magazine as one of the "10 Dimmest Bulbs in Congress" who lost to Congressman Tim Johnson. Answer: Larry _Pressler_ 11. In multivariable calculus, the order of integration isn't always easy or convenient to work out. The French mathematician Cauchy (CO-shee) resolved this in the 19th Century by determining that the order of variables can be switched as long as the bounds are switched as well. FTP, name this principle, named for the Italian who actually proved it in 1907. Answer: _Fubini's_ theorem 12. This tiny company spent between 1.2 and 1.3 million dollars for a 30-second advertisement during Super Bowl 31. It refers those who stop by its Internet website to car dealers in their area. These dealers in turn pay the company for the referrals. FTP, name the company whose Super Bowl advertisement was narrated by Leonard Nimoy. Answer: _Auto-by-Tel_ 13. This man is a professor of clinical neurology at the Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva. His commentary and narrative accounts regarding Tourette's Syndrome and Korsakov's Syndrome are known worldwide. FTP, name this British neurologist who is the author of "A Leg To Stand On", "Seeing Voices", and "The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat". Answer: Oliver _Sacks_ 14. This Eastern European region probably gained its name from one of the dynasties of Walachia (vall-AY-key-uh). Later, this area declared its independence from Russia on January 24, 1918. Within two years, this area was annexed by Romania. However, FTP, name the region which is currently split between Moldova and Ukraine. Answer: _Bessarabia_ 15. All Aztec children went through a rite of passage which involved keeping them awake for up to 36 hours to ward off evil spirits, the involuntary piercing of ears with a threaded awl, and the ensuing drunkenness of the families, including these children. FTP, name this festival that was held every four years to induct newly-weaned children into formal society. Answer: the festival of _Izcalli_ (ees-ka-YEE) 16. A new airport in the city of Masvingo (mahs-VING-oh) might bring more tourists to this ancient site. However, nothing but the ruins of the center of the inland empire of the Karanga (ka-RAHNG-uh) people will be waiting for them. FTP, name the old capital which gave its name to the area the British called Rhodesia. Answer: Great _Zimbabwe_ (zim-BOB-way) 17. Shirley MacLaine claims not to have understood that this woman's play, "The Children's Hour," was about lesbianism, even though she starred in it in 1961. The author of that work also dealt with controversy surrounding the McCarthyistic backdrop to the 1976 "Scoundrel Time." FTP, name the 1941 recipient of the New York Drama Critics Circle Award for "Watch On The Rhine." Answer: Lillian _Hellman_ 18. "The Get Over Yourself Award" and "The Beautiful, But Evil, Arianna Huffington," are all aspects of this popular TV show which include four guests and the host Bill Maher. FTP, name this show which recently moved from Comedy Central to ABC. Answer: _Politically Incorrect_ 19. Most of us are probably familiar with Volkswagen's "love of driving" campaign, better remembered as Fahrfernugen. However, FTP, give the closing words of the campaign launched in 1996 that began with "On the road of life, there are passengers and there are drivers...." Answer: DRIVERS WANTED 20. The first sport in which women were allowed to compete in at the Olympics is today the sport in which there are probably more female sports-stars than any other. FTP, name this sport played by Kimiko Date (dah-TAY), Lindsay Davenport, and Martina Hingis (HEENG-iss). Answer: TENNIS 22. "The White House issued a proclamation today" and "The pot is boiling" are statements that don't seem to be related at first glance. However, FTP, name this literary device that has recently changed to describe not only parts representing a whole, but a whole representing its parts as well. Answer: SYNECDOCHE (sin-EK-duh-kee) BONI 1. Identify the artist by works 30-20-10. 30) In Pretense To A Broken Leg 20) Fountain and Bicycle Wheel 10) Nude Descending A Staircase Answer: Marcel DUCHAMP (doo-SHAHMP) 2. We all know which South American countries do not touch Brazil, but, for five points each, name six of the seven former Soviet Republics that do not touch Russia. Answers: ARMENIA KYRGYZSTAN LITHUANIA MOLDOVA TADJIKSTAN TURKMENISTAN UZBEKISTAN 3. He started a new era of biographical writing at the close of World War I. His book Eminent Victorians contained famous essays of Cardinal Manning and Florence Nightingale, among others. His brief style and his disdain for religion made him famous before his death in 1932. For 20 pts., name this British author. Answer: Lytton STRACHEY For 10 more points, identify the character who portrayed Lytton Strachey in 1995's "Carrington". Answer: Jonathan _Pryce_ 4. Figure skating is constantly gaining popularity, but how well do you know these stars? For five points, name this Japanese skater who returned from the professionals to compete in 1996, again attempting to re-land a triple axel, but failing. Answer: Midori ITO For ten points: This American tried nine times to qualify for Worlds, finally succeeding in 1996 where she skated the same short program as Ito, Stravinsky's "The Firebird." Answer: Tonia KWAITKOWSKI (kwai-ut-KOW-skee) For fifteen points: In his native language, his last name means "man from across the city." Name this consistent underdog who came from behind to win the 1995 European Championships with his long program version of "The Nutcracker." Answer: Vyacheslav ZAGORODNIUK (za-guh-RODE-nee-uk) 5. Answer these questions about a 1996 tragedy FTP each. A. Name the nation in the Indian Ocean where a hijacked jetliner crash-landed with tragic consequences in 1996. Answer: the SEYCHELLES (SAY-shells) B. Spell Seychelles. Answer: S-E-Y-C-H-E-L-L-E-S C. Identify the nationality of the ill-fated jetliner. Answer: _Ethiopian_ 6. This Nobel-Prize-winning economist from the University of Chicago did ground-breaking work in the field of regulation. He wrote "Economic Theory of Regulation" which states that interest groups have an inordinate amount of influence in the regulatory process. First, identify him for twenty points. Answer: George STIGLER For another ten points, identify, within one year, when George Stigler won the Nobel Prize in Economics. Answer: _1982_ Accept: 1981-1983 7. Answer the following questions on molecular biology for ten points apiece. A) These digestive agents are usually isolated from bacterial strains for which they are named. Name these biological tools which include HindIII (HI-N-D-3) and EcoRI (EE-ko-R-1), which also used to cut DNA. Answer: RESTRICTION ENZYMES or RESTRICTION ENDONUCLEASES B) Although restriction enzymes are useful in molecular biology, their action isn't always in the best interest of most organisms. Name this process by which a chemical group is added to cytosine to inhibit DNA digestion. Answer: METHYLATION C) The chemical is the most common means used to stain agarose gels. Its use has dropped in recent years, however, as it has carcinogenic properties. Name this reddish stain used to see DNA in gels under ultraviolet light. Answer: ETHIDIUM BROMIDE 8. Name the individual 30-20-10. 30) He was born David Gruen in 1886 in a part of the Russian empire now belonging to Poland. During World War I, Turkish officials arrested and banished him from the Ottoman Empire. 20) The U.S. and U.K. were cautious of this strong-willed leader who destroyed American and British property in the 1954 Lavon Affair. 10) This Zionist statesman retired from politics in 1970, and was the first prime minister of Israel. Answer: David BEN-GURION ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9. Answer the following questions for the stated number of points. A. For five points, name the 1996 movie that featured scenes with Claire Danes sporting a pair of angels' wings. Answer: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE'S ROMEO + JULIET (accept ROMEO + JULIET) B. However, this isn't the first time that Danes has worn wings on the screen. In 1994, she appeared in a music video that involved an ostracized girl. At her school's homecoming, she was pushed down. When her dress tore, a pair of 'real' angel wings sprouted from her shoulders. For 10 points, name the artists of this video. Answer: _SOUL ASYLUM_ C. For 15 points, identify the title title of this video, the second release off of Soul Asylum's album "Let Your Dim Light Shine". Answer: _JUST LIKE ANYONE_ 10. We've all heard of Beavis and Butthead, but do you know the lesser-known characters? For ten pts. each, name the character after a brief description. A) Gym teacher meets Vietnam vet Answer: _Buzzcut_ B) Wimpy friend of the duo who always tags along Answer: _Stewart_ C) Teacher who's really in touch with his feminine side Answer: _Mr. Van Dreisen_ 11. Liebniz won out, and the word "derivative" became popular instead of Issac Newton's choice. For 20 pts., what term did Newton use for derivative that referred to the flowing of a function? Answer: FLUXION Now FTP, spell "fluxion". Answer: F-L-U-X-I-O-N 12. Name the author 30-20-10. 30) Appointed as a secretary to a local ruler, this author of Elective Affinities often had his own secretary transcribe his dictation into novels. 2) This German patron of traditional classicism was violently opposed to the new ideas of romanticism and often parodied them in his many works. 3) His birthday is still celebrated in his hometown of Weimar (V-EYE-mar). Name this man, the author of "Faust". Answer: Johann Wolfgang von GOETHE (GUR-tuh) 13. Name the defeated 1996 congressional incumbent for 10 pts. a piece. A. One of only two Black Republicans in the House, this Connecticut lawmaker wrote a controversial book on what it was like to be a conservative in the Congressional Black Caucus. Answer: Gary FRANKS B. Known as B-1 Bob, this Californian is still contesting his narrow loss to Loretta Sanchez. Answer: Bob DORNAN C. A rarity in Utah politics as an elected Democrat, this maverick was one of three Democratic incumbents to lose in 1996. Answer: Bill ORTON 14. First in the mainstream in 1982, this movement is typified by direct cultural attacks through the use of electronic devices, furniture, and children's toys. One such artist, Mike Kelley, in his Arena #5, has 2 soiled E.T. dolls looming over a mutant human doll while a third E.T. doll sits distantly in the corner of the massive yellow blanket they are all sitting on. For 30 points, name this movement which also includes artists such as Jeff Koons and Sherrie Levine. Answer: _Neo-Conceptualism_ 15. J.R.R. Tolkien is the well-known author of The Lord Of The Rings, a work actually composed of three books. For ten points each, name these three books. Answers: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING THE TWO TOWERS THE RETURN OF THE KING 16. For five points each, and a five point bonus for all five, given the pattern, identify the metrical foot described. Give only adjectival forms. A. unstressed, unstressed, stressed Answer: ANAPESTIC B. unstressed, unstressed Answer: PYRRHIC (PEER-ic) C. stressed, unstressed Answer: TROCHAIC (tro-KAY-ic) D. stressed, unstressed, unstressed Answer: DACTYLIC (DAK-tuh-lic) E. stressed, stressed Answer: SPONDAIC (spon-DAY-ic) 17. The kinetic theory of gases relates microscopic properties of gas molecules to macroscopic qualities. Gas molecules are not always ideal; they travel at a variety of speeds at a given temperature. For 15 points per word, name each surname for the non-Gaussian distribution which shows that most probable speed is lower than the average speed. Answer: MAXWELL-BOLTZMANN distribution--(allow 15 pts. for each name given) 18. Answer the following questions about Hong Kong for 10 points apiece. A) On this date in 1997, Britain's 99-year-lease of Hong Kong runs out and control will revert to the People's Republic of China. Answer: JULY 1 B) July 1st will mark the end of how many total years of British rule? An answer within five years of the correct amount will be accepted. Answer: 155 (accept 150-160) C) Businessman Tung Chee-Hwa will become the new governor replacing this vocal critic of the Beijing regime. Answer: Chris PATTEN 19. September 1975 was a bizarre month for Gerald Ford. Name his potential assassins from the clues given for 15 points apiece. A) On September 5th in Sacramento, a Secret Service agent grabbed a pistol aimed at the president by this Charles Manson follower. Answer: Lynette "Squeaky" FROMME B) On September 22nd, this political activist fired, but missed the president. Answer: Sara Jane MOORE 20. Given the First Lady's maiden name, give her husband's last name, FTP each. A) Ryan NIXON B) Galt WILSON C) Wallace TRUMAN 21. Military aircraft have often had interesting names. For 10 pts. each, give the name of the aircraft when given the nickname. For example, Phantom would be "F-4." A) Stratofortress Answer: B-52 B) Nighthawk Answer: F-117 C) Hercules Answer: C-130 21. Tensions on this Mediterranean island were rekindled in early 1997 when one nearby country publicized a plan to install Russian missiles there. Their rival, which has controlled part of the island since a 1974 invasion, said it would use military action to prevent the missiles installation. For 10 pts, name this divided island. Answer: CYPRUS And for ten points each, name the two countries involved in the dispute for Cyprus. Answer: GREECE and TURKEY 22. Identify the poet, 30-20-10. 30) Born in Worcester (WURST-er), Massachusetts, this author lived in Brazil for several years and also later served as a poetry consultant in the Library of Congress. 20) She is famous for poems such as "The Armadillo," "The Man-Moth," and "The Fish." 10) Her first volume of poetry was reprinted in 1955 as "North and South-A Gold Spring" and won a Pulitzer Prize. Answer: Elizabeth BISHOP 23. This order contains more species of insects than any other, totaling over 40%. For twenty points, name this order which also known in layman's terms as "The Beetle Order". Answer: _Coleoptera_ (co-lee-OP-truh) For another ten points, spell Coleoptera. Answer: _C-O-L-E-O-P-T-E-R-A_