Subject: Packet 3/3 from Wichita State University TOSSUPS 1. For as long as anyone can remember, there was no real reason for one particular barnyard animal's excursion across the blacktop, except "to get to the other side." FTP, what rice beer's manufacturers gave us their interpretation of why the chicken crossed the proverbial road, during Super Bowl XXXI? _Budweiser_ 2. French casualties in this battle totaled about 5000, while the English losses numbered fewer than 200 men. It was almost averted, when the English king, fearful of annihilation sought a truce with the French, but his terms were summarily rejected. This battle saw the lightly armed, diseased and hungry legions of Henry V easily defeat those of Charles d'Albret. FTP, what is this battle, which took place during the Hundred Years War, in what is now the Pas-de-Calais (PAH de cah-LAY) Department. Battle of _Agincourt_ 3. His compositions include "Salt Peanuts," "Bebop," and "Night in Tunisia," as well as "Manteca," a pioneering work in the Afro-Cuban jazz style. He played in the big bands of Cab Calloway and Earl Hines, and collaborated with Charlie Parker to produce some of the most important recordings of the jazz era. FTP, name this trumpeter, best known for his distinctive trumpet, with its upturned bell. Dizzy _Gillespie_ or John Birks _Gillespie_ 4. Samples of this process include the drop in temperature of an aerosol can as its gases are expelled, or in an automobile where the fuel-air mixture is compressed to heat it prior to ignition. FTP, what name describes any physical process in which quantities such as pressure and volume are varied without any substantial transfer of heat energy to the surroundings. _Adiabatic_ Process 5. Some artists get deeply involved in creating their work, but few actually use it as a part of the artistic significance. A particular subcategory of abstract expressionism exists, in which painters are concerned with the consistency and texture of the paint, as well as the movements of the artist. FTP, identify this area, exemplified by artists such as Willem de Kooning, (VILL-um de COO-ning) Franz Josef Kline, and Jackson "Jack the Dripper" Pollack. _Action_ Painting 6. He completed his first work in three weeks. He was born in Washington, D.C. in 1928, and adopted by an American theater executive who was a co-owner of a chain of Vaudeville and movie theaters. His plays featured many aspects of "theater of the Absurd," and focused primarily on familial relationships. FTP, name this playwright, winner of three Pulitzer Prizes, whose works include "The American Dream," "Tiny Alice," "The Lady From Dubuque," and "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf." Edward Franklin _Albee_ 7. Deregulation of the Railroad, Bus, and Trucking industries has weakened this agency's power, but it still has power over all common carriers of freight and passengers by domestic business, as well as that of foreign carriers who operate in the United States, as well as being the enforcement arm of the various anti-trust legislation. FTP, name this agency created by the Act to Regulate Commerce in 1887, under the authority of Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, which vests in Congress the power "to regulate commerce between the several states." _Interstate Commerce Commission_ (Prompt on Acronym) 8. This doctrine is based on the works of David Hume and Immanuel Kant, who both asserted logical fallacies as the basis of an opposing doctrine, and is similar to skepticism, but far more limited in scope. FTP, name this doctrine, which does not deny the existence of God or other spiritual beings, but merely asserts that it is impossible to rely upon metaphysical and theological beliefs, due to faulty logic. _Agnosticism_ 9. FAQTP, where am I describing? This city in southern Ukraine, located on the southern coast of the Crimean Peninsula, on the Black Sea, is an important health and vacation resort. The site of the modern city was annexed by Russia in 1783, and was the scene of a very important conference held over seven days in February 1945. _Yalta_ 10. This instrument, a triangular member of the lute family, comes in six sizes ranging from piccolo to contrabass. It was developed from the domra and dombra, of Central Asia and Siberia. FTP, identify this Russian instrument, with three metal or gut strings, a long, narrow neck, and a sound hole in the narrow end of the body. _Balalaika_ (ba-la-LIE-ka) 11. According to Irish legend, this chieftain and bard of the second or third century AD descended from Druids and was raised in a forest. He was described as "wise and sensitive to natural beauty" and lent his first name to a band of warrior poets. FTP, who is this Irishman, whose exploits are the subject of the Fenian Cycle, a series of long narrative poems, and whose accepted name implies he's a pretty hep cat. _Finn MacCumhail_ or _Finn MacCool_ 12. This disease, if left untreated, almost always causes death, but is easily defeated by restoring thiamin to the diet. It comes in two forms, wet - characterized by sweating, warm skin, and elevated heart rate, leading to heart failure - and dry - characterized by neuritis in the lower extremities, muscle atrophy, and eventually paralysis. FTP, name this disease, prevalent in areas of the world where polished white rice is a staple part of the diet. _Beriberi_ 13. Although this is a subcategory of history, it would not be possible to study history without paying particular attention to it. Examples of this include Thuycydides' study of the Peloponnesian War, _The Ecclesiastical History of the English People_ by Bede the Venerable, and _The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire_ by Edward Gibbon. FTP, what is this discipline, which deals with the written record of what is known of human lives and societies in the past and how historians have attempted to understand it? _Historiography_ 14. High-speed photographs of milk drops and exploding apples wouldn't be possible without this Fremont, Nebraska born engineer's pioneering work. FTP, whose developments in high-speed strobe lights made it possible for photographers and scientists to study motion that is faster than the eye. Harold E. _Edgerton_ 15. Provisions for this are found under Title 11 of the United States Code. Type 9 cases deal with Munincipalities, and Type 12 cases deal with Farmers, but you might be more familiar with Type 11 cases, which deal with business reorganization, or Type 7, which deal with Individuals. FTP, what is this area of the law, in which an entity wishes protection from its creditors due to insolvency? _Bankruptcy_ Code 16. Her poetry was marked by exquisite beauty of diction, perfect simplicity of form, and intensity of emotion. She was credited with creating a style, using four lines in which the first three are eleven syllables in length while the fourth is five syllables. She was also credited, although perhaps not so flatteringly, with defining the terms for female homosexuality. FTP, who is this "tenth muse" of Greek poetry? _Sappho_ 17. It's time for the shameless "plug your school's famous alumni question". He excelled as a linebacker for the Wichita State University Wheatshockers, racking up an astounding 20 tackles and six sacks in one game. Despite winning all Missouri Valley Conference honors as a senior, he opted for a coaching career rather than a playing career. It has been a good choice, because after stints at several colleges, including Wichita State, he has compiled a 119-85-1 record in his 12 years as an NFL head coach, placing him fourth on the all-time winning coaches list. FTP, who is this coach, nicknamed "Tuna", who recently led the New England Patriots to Super Bowl XXXI? Bill _Parcells_ 18. He retired from the Continental army in 1779, at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, due to ill health. He was then admitted to the bar in New York City, where his reputation as one of the foremost lawyers of that city led him to be appointed attorney general in 1789. He was discredited at the end of his political career, but not before he was elected as the third vice president, when he, FTP if you've "got milk" shot Alexander Hamilton. Aaron _Burr_ 19. Methyl is the only group of these compounds to exist only in alkane form. Prefixes indicate how many carbon atoms are in the group, while suffixes determine which family a certain compound falls into. FTP, name this simplest class of organic compounds, including the alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes, consisting of Hydrogen and Carbon atoms only, and forming straight chains. _Aliphatic_ compounds 20. "The hammer banged Reveille on the rail outside camp HQ at five o'clock as always. Time to get up. The ragged noise was muffled by ice two fingers thick on the windows, and soon died away. Too cold for the warder to go on hammering." This begins, FTP, what short story, loosely based on what author's own experience in the "Gulag Archipelago" of the former Soviet Union? _One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovitch_ by Aleksander Isayevitch _Solzhenitsyn_ 21. This game of manual dexterity has recently been made much more difficult, by hybridizing it with the popular card game Uno. FAQTP, name this game, in which contestants compete to see who will be the last to safely remove a wooden block from a tower an replace it at the top. _Jenga_ 22. This book centers on the five discourses of Christ, and although it is the first book in the New Testament, it was preceded chronologically by the Gospel According to Mark. FTP, name this book, which contains, among other things, the Eight Beatitudes of Jesus and the Lord's Prayer. The Gospel According to _Matthew_ 23. This programming language, based on the C++ model of Object-Oriented programming, is platform independent. It is being used to design much more intricate websites than would ever be possible with HTML. FTP, what is this language, developed by Sun Microsystems, that has been touted as a possible end to the Microsoft juggernaut of domination? _Java_ BONUSES 1. The Super Bowl is not only a contest between the two best teams in professional football, it has also become a no-holds-barred contest among advertisers to make viewers remember their products by their memorable commercials. For five points each, and a five point bonus for all five, let's see how well they did their job. a) This cola company used dancing bears and a catchy slogan playing on the "Generation X" moniker to sell its product. _Pepsi_ or _Pepsico_ b) This auto manufacturer continued its series of "weird occurrence" commercials, by depicting dive-bombing pigeons and joy-riding dogs. _Nissan_ c) This brewery's devoted driver lost his truck to a group of aliens, who returned to pick him up, as they realized they had no "designated driver." _Budweiser_ or _Anheuser-Busch_ d) "Great googily moogily," this snack food giant's hapless groundskeeper found himself frozen to an ice rink, after becoming entranced by a scantily clad billboard ad. _Snickers_ e) This online service provider had perhaps the simplest, but perhaps most effective commercial, with a soundtrack of busy signals, playing on its competitor's recent legal problem. _Compuserve_ 2. Nowadays, businesses and individuals routinely send confidential information over the Internet, trusting the encoding functions of their browsers or e-mail clients. For the stated number of points, here's a short quiz on the history of such encoding. 5: This is the latest iteration of the large number key theory, and uses the product of two 100-digit prime numbers. _RSA_ Algorithm 10: RSA was developed due to complaints about this similar, but much smaller scale system, which translated message segments of 64 bits by a 56 bit random key. _DES_ or _Data Encryption Standard_ 15: DES was the result of the obsoletion of this cryptosystem, which used both substitution and transposition, and implied a quite demonic nature. _LUCIFER_ 3. Identify the artist from clues, 30-20-10. 30: He was born in Moscow, December 4, 1866, and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Germany, from 1896 to 1900 20: Along with Franz Marc, he founded Der Blaue Reiter (dare BLOU-eh RIGHT-er) group. 10: Among his works are Composition VIII No. 260, Circle and Square, and the book Concerning the Spiritual in Art. Wassily _Kandinsky_ 4. Place the following Chief Justices of the Supreme Court in chronological order: Edward D. White, Roger Brooke Taney, Harlan Fiske Stone, Frederick Moore Vinson, John Rutledge, and Melville W. Fuller. _Rutledge_ _Taney_ _Fuller_ _White_ _Stone_ _Vinson_ 5. Paris has obviously a very tranquil city, as it has been the location of several war-ending treaties. On a 10-5 basis, identify the year of the stated treaty. 10: This treaty allowed France to keep all of its territory held in Europe prior to 1792, and did not require it to pay an indemnity. 5: It ended the Napoleonic Wars. _1814_ or _1815_ 10: This treaty was accompanied by similar treaties signed with France and Spain, who were allied in support of the victorious nation. 5: It ended the American Revolution. _1783_ 10: This treaty saw Russia forced to return Bessarabia and the mouth of the Danube to Turkey, and lost its claims to Moldavia, Walachia, and Serbia. 5: It ended the Crimean War. _1856_ 6. Verbs are a very versatile set of words. With minor modifications, they can represent either nouns or adjectives. FFPE, ten points per matched pair, what are the three types of verbals, and which fundamental part of speech does each function as? _Gerund_ - _Noun_ _Participle_ - _Adjective_ _Infinitive_ - _Noun_ 7. On December 8, 1991, 11 of the 15 republics of the former Soviet Union joined forces to become a Commonwealth of Independent States. Eight of those were not originally members, but were admitted as founding members. F30P, all or nothing, which eight republics were the latecomers? _Armenia_, _Azerbaijan_, _Kazhakstan_, _Kyrgyzstan_, _Moldova_, _Tajikstan_, _Turkmenistan_, _Uzbekistan_ 8. Some of the most beautiful sounds in a symphony come from the woodwind family, a group of instruments that can be divided into three groups, base on the number of reeds each instrument has. FFPE, and a five point bonus for all five, identify these wind instruments as having zero, one, or two reeds. a) Oboe - _Two_ b) Clarinet - _One_ c) Flute - _Zero_ d) Shawm - _Two_ e) Ocarina - _Zero_ 9. The Seven Wise Men of Greece, also known as the Seven Sages, were active in the 6th and 7th centuries BC who were active in science, philosophy, and politics. FFPE, name any six of them. _Bias of Priene_ _Chilon of Sparta_ _Cleobulus of Lindus_ _Periander of Corinth_ _Pittacus of Mitylene_ _Solon of Athens_ _Thales of Miletus_ 10. Beginning in 1899, three nations, striving to maintain peace in South and Central America and to achieve common action and policy on problems concerning all Latin American countries, concluded a series of treaties that provided for arbitration of disputes and mutual assistance against aggression. FTPE, what three countries were involved in this treaty? FFPE, the treaty organization was known as the ABC Powers. _Argentina_, _Brazil_, _Chile_ 11. Identify this familiar astronomical construct, 30-20-10. 30: It is possible to view all of the items in this construct in one night, during the month of March, but it requires great skill and endurance. 20: The 110 objects in this construct range in magnitude from 10.2 to 1.2, and consist of nebulae, binary star systems, and other astronomical objects. 10: This catalog is noted for its members, including M31, the Andromeda Galaxy, and M51, the Whirlpool Galaxy. _Messier Catalog_ of Deep-Sky Objects 12. How well do you remember your high school lit class? There are four types of metrical feet, and FTPE, can you match the name with its accent pattern? a) weak, weak, strong - _Anapest_ or _Anapestic_ b) weak, strong - _Iamb_ or _Iambic_ c) strong, weak, weak - _Dactyl_ or _Dactylic_ 13. On a 10-5 basis, identify the musical from songs. 10: "The Sword of Damocles" 5: "The Time Warp" _Rocky Horror Picture Show_ 10: "Seize the Day" 5: "Carrying the Banner" _Newsies_ 10: "One Jump Ahead" 5: "A Whole New World" _Aladdin_ 14. Just as the Catholic Church uses the Catechism alongside the Bible to define their beliefs, the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints believes in three additional books. FTS#OP, identify the book. 5: This book is considered "divinely inspired scripture," just as the Bible, and is the work of the Prophet Joseph Smith. _The Book of Mormon_: Another Testament of Jesus Christ 10: This book is a compilation of revelations and writings given since the restoration began, and defines much of the Church. _Doctrines and Covenants_ 15: This final book is a selection from the revelations, translations, and writings of the Prophet Joseph Smith. _The Pearl of Great Price_ 15. Put your eye on your chin and your hand in your ear and get ready to identify this Cubist painter from works, 30-20-10 30: "The Chessboard" (1917) 20: "Guitar and Bottle" (1917) 10: "Glasses and Newspaper" (1914) Juan _Gris_ 16. The leg bone connects to the ankle bone, and so on. F30P, all or nothing, can you put the following bones in order, going from head to toe? (i.e. Skull, then Pelvis, then Tibia) Mandible, Patella, Femur, Tarsals, Radius, Sternum. _Mandible_ _Sternum_ _Radius_ _Femur_ _Patella_ _Tarsals_ 17. Identify the anthropologist by clues, 30-20-10. 30: He resigned his position as director of the Wildlife Services of Kenya in 1994, after the Kenyan government added responsibility to it, which he felt would undermine the organization. 20: His autobiography was titled "One Life," and he co-authored "Origins" with Roger Lewin. 10: His fossil hunting expeditions to Lake Turkana yielded the earliest bones of Australopithecus Man, as well as a nearly complete skeleton of a 1.6 million year old boy. _Richard_ Erskine Frere _Leakey_ (Do NOT accept Lewis or Mary) 18. During the Gallipoli campaign of WWI, the ANZAC attempted an unsuccessful invasion of Turkey, with the forces of Great Britain and France. FFPE and a five point bonus, identify the component terms of the acronym ANZAC. _Australian - New Zealand Army Corps_ 19. The Abbey Theater, a repertory-theater company and the auditorium in which the company performs, in Dublin, Ireland was originally established to present Irish plays about Irish subjects, the company later expanded its repertory to include classical drama, including that of British playwright William Shakespeare, and contemporary works by dramatists of continental Europe. FTPE, which three Irish authors are credited with founding the Abbey Theater? William Butler _Yeats_ Lady Isabella Augusta _Gregory_ George William _Russell_ or _AE_ 20. You might think we were returning to the era of the robber baron, with the price-fixing schemes recently publicized reminiscent of the late 19th century. F15PE, identify these firms recently in the news. a) A U.S. Subsidiary of this German pharmaceutical giant has plead guilty to fixing the price of citric acid, and has been slapped with a $50 million fine. _Bayer_ AG b) This grain and seed processor was fined earlier this year for its role in fixing the price of lysine, and was also involved in the Bayer case. _A_rcher _D_aniels _M_idland Co. 21. Despite the rush to replace the English system with SI measurements, there are six measuring units that are so widely entrenched, that replacing them would be impossible. FTS#OP, identify the following. F5P, what is the unit represented by ten to the minus 10th meters, used to measure wavelengths of light? _Angstrom_ FTP, which two of the six refer to measurements of pressure, one in the Ideal gas law, and the other when speaking of a barometer. _Atmosphere_ and _Bar_ F15P, which is the only unit used to measure land area? _Hectare_ 22. Another NFL season has come and gone, and the most hapless of the teams will have a chance to improve their standings come draft day. FFPE, give me the top six teams of the draft order, in order. (Accept either underlined, except for NYJ. Accept _Jets_ for NYJ) _New York Jets_ (1-15) _New Orleans_ _Saints_ (3-13) _Atlanta_ _Falcons_ (3-13) _Baltimore_ _Ravens_ (4-12) _Detroit_ _Lions_ (5-11) _St. Louis_ _Rams_ (6-10) 23. Lets visit Andersonville. On a 10-5 basis, name these following Authors, whose last names are not suprisingly, Anderson. 10: He served in Cuba during the Spanish-American War. 5: His most famous work, a collection of short stories, is "Winesburg, Ohio." _Sherwood_ Anderson 10: This Anderson's concerns in his dramas included the corrupting influences of power and wealth, especially in politics; the disillusionment of men caught up in war; and the need for action by the individual in defense of justice and freedom. 5: Among his works are the 1933 Pulitzer winner "Both Your Houses," and "Winterset," a work about the Sacco and Vanzetti trial. _Maxwell_ Anderson 10: Born in Odense, he suffered from poverty and neglect during his childhood, and when he was 14 years of age he ran away to Copenhagen. There he worked for Jonas Collin, director of the Royal Theater, until Collin raised money to who provide him with an education. 5: Among his works are "The Little Mermaid," "The Ugly Duckling," and "The Red Shoes." _Hans Christian_ Anderson John Roushkolb Imagination For Hire Photo Consultants (316)685-6107 -- Who you know only gets you there. It's what you know that keeps you there.