Subject: Packet 2/3 from Wichita State University TOSSUPS 1. They came to power in 749 AD, and the early years of their rule were brilliant, rising to true splendor under Harun Ar-Rashid, the fifth caliph, and to intellectual brilliance under his son al-Mamun, the seventh caliph. After about a hundred years their prestige began to wane, but they held power until Hulagu Khan, the grandson of Jenghiz Khan, sacked Baghdad and overthrew the caliphate. FTP identify this powerful family descended from the uncle of Mohammed. Answer: _Abbasid_ Accept: _Abbaside_ 2. He was the only member of his family to survive Auschwitz and after living in France and Israel settled in the United States in 1956. Among his works are "The Fifth Son", "A Jew Today", "Night", "Dawn", and "The Accident", the latter three of which make up the Night Trilogy. FTP identify the Romanian-born American writer who writes in French and won the 1986 Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts on behalf of other oppressed peoples. Answer: Elie _Wiesel_ 3. Basic to most works in this genre were the attention paid to surface qualities, such as the use of huge canvases, and the adoption of an approach to space in which all parts of the canvas played an equally vital role in the total work. It has been described as the first important school in American painting to declare its independence from European styles and to influence the development of art abroad. FTP identify the art movement whose principle figures were Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, and Jackson Pollock. Answer: _Abstract Expressionism_ Accept: _New York School_ Do not accept: _Expressionism_ 4. In his analyses of the Messianic prophecies he specifically denied Christian claims of Jesus as the Messiah, a dangerous position to take at the time, and looked to an impending Messianic age in which the Dispersion would end with Israel's return to the Holy Land and the reign of Messianic rule for all humanity. He also served as treasurer to Alfonso V of Portugal, and was employed by Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain until they expelled the Jews from their kingdom. FTP identify this Jewish theologian, biblical commentator, and financier. Answer: Isaac _Abravanel_ Accept: Isaac _Abarbanel_ 5. His early novels describe poignantly the effects of European colonialism on Igbo society, Nigeria, and newly independent African nations. He served as a diplomat for Biafra during the Nigerian civil war and later wrote two volumes of poetry, "Beware, Soul Brother" and "Christmas in Biafra". FTP identify the Nigerian author of "Anthills of the Savannah", "No Longer at Ease", and "Things Fall Apart". Answer: Chinua _Achebe_ 6. In 1877 he became a police reporter for the New York Tribune and later for the New York Evening Sun. His reports on slum dwellings and abuses of lower class urban life culminated in his first book and earned him the friendship of Theodore Roosevelt. Later he founded a pioneer settlement house in New York that was named for him in 1901. FTP, identify the Danish born social reformer who wrote "How the Other Half Lives". Answer: Jacob _Riis_ 7. He extended the compass of the violin by his use of harmonics, perfected the use of double and triple stops, and revived the practice of scordatura, the diverse tunings of the strings. Among the few compositions published during his lifetime are the 24 caprices for violin that were adapted for piano by both Schumann and Liszt. FTP identify the Italian composer and violinist, living from 1782 until 1840, whose virtuosity on the violin became a legend. Answer: Niccolo _Paganini_ 8. He played in as many as 2,500 games and is credited with more than 50 no-hitters. Celebrated for his wit and extraordinary pitching ability, he became legendary while barnstorming in the Negro baseball leagues. In 1948, at the age of 42, he joined the Cleveland Indians and pitched for six seasons in the majors. FTP, identify the first star of the Negro leagues to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Answer: Satchel _Paige_ 9. Among his famous houses, built in the 1550s and 1560s, are the Villa Rotonda, the Chiericati Palace, the Valmarana Palace, and the Villa Barbaro. At Venice he adapted the classical motif to three church facades, in his designs for San Francesco della Vigna, San Giorgio Maggiore, and Il Redentore. FTP identify the Italian Renaissance architect who did most of his work in Vicenza and wrote the famous work, "The Four Books of Architecture". Answer: Andrea _Palladio_ 10. From 1946 to 1947 he was French cultural attache in the United States. In 1948 he was appointed professor at the Institut d'Ethnologie at the University of Paris. He is best known as the founder of a theory that contends that history was shaped into a collective, fragmented structure comparable to preliterate mythology, known as structural anthropology. FTP, identify the Belgian born anthropologist who wrote "The Raw and the Cooked" and "The Elementary Structures of Kinship". Answer: Claude _Levi-Strauss_ 11. He served twice as foreign secretary, and was an impulsive man who often acted without consultation. During his second term in that office he succeeded in offending not only foreign powers but also his colleagues and Queen Victoria. He became Prime Minister in 1855 and stayed in office, except for about a year, until 1865. FTP identify the British Prime Minister responsible for the vigorous prosection of the Crimean War and maintaining Britain's neutrality during the American Civil War. Answer: 3rd Viscount _Palmerston_ 12. Possible modern survivals of this law are the obligation to serve on a sheriff's posse and to assist a police officer in pursuing a suspected ulprit. Abolished in the early 19th century, in earlier times if it resulted in the capture of a suspect red-handed he was immediately convicted without being able to testify in his own defense. FTP identify this phrase from English law that required those nearby when a crime is committed or discovered to assist in the pursuit. Answer: _Hue and Cry_ 13. He became obsessed with the music of Mahler, in particular the "Resurrection" Symphony, at the age of 40, and since then has conducted that piece some 50 times with 31 different orchestras. He accomplished this despite the fact that his primary career was in the world of publishing business journals, in particular the magazine "Institutional Investor". FTP identify this American publisher and conductor whose performance at the Salzburg Festival in 1996 won an unheard of ten minute standing ovation. Answer: Gilbert _Kaplan_ 14. This literary character befriends the progressive young doctor Tertius Lydgate. After her first husband's death she marries, against the advice of friends and family, an impulsive artist and political thinker named Will Ladislaw. FTP, identify the literary figure whose first husband was the Reverend Edward Casaubon and who is the heroine of George Eliot's "Middlemarch". Answer: _Dorothea Brooke_ Prompt on: Dodo 15. His belief that the methods of logic could be applied to the truths of faith was in opposition to the mysticism of Bernard of Clairvaux. His most influential work is the "Sic et Non", a collection of contradictory selections from Scripture and the Fathers of the Church. FTP, identify the man better remembered as the lover of Heloise. Answer: Peter _Abelard_ 16. The Texas one was named after the Kansas one, is now much larger than the Kansas one, and is the home of Hardin-Simmons University. The Kansas one is more historically important, as it once had "Wild Bill" Hickok as its marshall and was the boyhood home of Dwight Eisenhower. FTP identify the name these two cities share. Answer: _Abilene_ 17. Although her early choreography employed spontaneous movements, much of her later work was in the form of group dances that employed repetitive dances. Among her students are Hanya Holm and Margarete Wallman. After studying with Rudolf von Laban she performed in Germany and opened her own school in Dresden in 1920. FTP, identify this most influential German exponenet of expressive movement whose school of dance was closed by the Nazis. Answer: Mary _Wigman_ 18. He is a native of Chicago, and in his law practice there he developed a specialization in antitrust law. On the Supreme Court he has expressed a concern for maintaining the integrity of the electoral processes, such as in his majority opinion in the 1983 case Anderson v. Celebreeze. He has established a reputation for independence and moderation, and is not easily associated with any particular voting bloc. FTP identify Gerald Ford's only nominee to the Supreme Court. Answer: John Paul _Stevens_ 19. It is a carnivore of the hyena family, resembling the true hyena but smaller and more delicate. It has lesss powerful teeth and jaws, and five instead of four toes on its forepaws. Its coat is yellow-white with dark stripes; a ridge of hair extends down its sloping back. FTP identify this nocturnal, burrowing animal, inhabiting sandy plain and scrub from South Africa to Angola and Somaliland. Answer: _Aardwolf_ 20. The novel ranges from the Civil War to World War I, from the East Coast to the West Coast, over several generations of two families. Despite some quite explicit sex scenes, this novel failed to live up to reader expectations and did not immediately win popular or critical acclaim. FTP, identify the novel featuring the characters Will Hamilton, Cathy Ames, and Aron, Caleb, and Adam Trask, written in 1952 by John Steinbeck. Answer: _East of Eden_ 21. The city Health Department of this large American city recently announced that for the first time since the AIDS epidemic was recognized in 1981 the number of deaths from the disease dropped sharply last year. The statistics are important because, according to AIDS researchers, the disease in this city is particularly concentrated among the poor, and the data offers hope for poorer nations coping with the disease. FTP, identify this east coast city where the number of deaths dropped from 7,046 in 1995 to 4,944 in 1996. Answer: _New York_ City BONI 1. The author of this packet never expected to find an entry for phallic worship in the encyclopedia, but alas, it is there and thus the question must be written. Answer these questions for the stated number of points. A. He was the son of Aphrodite and Dionysus, and the fertility god of gardens and herds, represented as a grotesque little man with an enormous phallus. Answer: _Priapus_ B. The cults of these two earlier gods dominated phallic worship in Rome. First, identify the Great Mother of the Gods in ancient Asiatic religion. Answer: _Cybele_ C. And second, identify the Phyrigian (FRI-jean) vegetation God whom Cybele fell in love with and forced him to castrate himself so no other would have him. Answer: _Attis_ 2. Answer these questions about the life of Thomas Paine FTP each. 1. When Paine came to America in 1774, he bore letters of introduction from what American who was in London at the time? Answer: Benjamin _Franklin_ 2. Paine wrote "The Rights of Man" to defend the French Revolution in reply to whose criticism of it, titled "Reflections on the Revolution in France"? Answer: Edmund _Burke_ 3. One of Paine's lesser known works is a diatribe against the Washington Administration. FTP identify the 1796 work. Answer: _Letter to Washington_ 3. Answer these questions about Flemish artists FTP each. 1. This 15th Century Flemish painter collaborated often with his older brother, and is remembered for works such as "Man with the Red Turban" and "Annunciation". Answer: Jan van _Eyck_ 2. This late 15th and early 16th Century painter was hailed in the 20th Century as a forerunner of the surrealists. Among his works is "Garden of Earthly Delights". Answer: Hieronymus _Bosch_ 3. This 17th Century artist is described as the foremost artist of the age. He was also a diplomat and was knighted by England for his peacekeeping efforts. Among his works are "Allegory of War and Peace" and "Peasant Dance". Answer: Peter Paul _Rubens_ 4. Given characters from world literature, identify the work from which they are from, FTP each. A. Kraken and Mael Answer: _Penguin Island_ B. Lady Rowena and Cedric the Saxon Answer: _Ivanhoe_ C. Cecil Fielding and Dr. Aziz Answer: _A Passage to India_ 5. Answer these questions about notorious Nazis FTP each. 1. This Propoganda Minister remained loyal to Hitler until the end, killing himself, his wife, and his children in Hitler's bunker not long after Hitler had done himself in. Answer: Paul Joseph _Goebbels_ 2. Hitler named this Admiral his successor upon his death, and this man surrendered to the Allies a week later. Answer: Karl _Doenitz_ 3. He led the wing of the party believing in a socially radical program, and was killed during Hitler's purge of political rivals in 1934. Answer: Gregor _Strasser_ 6. Identify the sociological terms from the definition FTP each. A. A cultural pattern prescribing in-group marriage. Answer: _Endogamy_ B. A process whereby people with differing cultural backgrounds live together harmoniously and peacefully, permitting the expression of their distinctive ways of life within a range consonant with the national welfare. Answer: _Pluralism_ C. The blending or fusing of a trait with an analogous element in another culture. Answer: _Syncretism_ 7. Answer these questions about the 1996 Presidential election FTP each. 1. Time Magazine hailed her as "The Most Wanted Woman in America", emphasising the role of working mothers in Clinton's large lead in the polls, despite the fact that, according to an interview she did on the Rush Limbaugh show, she never told Time she was voting for Clinton. Answer: Lori _Lucas_ 2. Since Dole was naturally unavailable for the role, Clinton chose this former Senator to play the role of Dole in Clinton's mock practice debates. Answer: George _Mitchell_ 3. What figure in the 1996 race once said of Bob Dole, "In a recent fire Bob Dole's library burned down. Both books were lost. And he hadn't even finished coloring one of them." Answer: Jack _Kemp_ 8. Identify the historical figure from the clues provided, 30-20-10. 30: He was director of East Germany's Institute for Nuclear Physics from 1959 until 1979. 20: In 1933 he fled from Germany to England, and was later interned as an enemy alien in Canada. 10: In 1943 he began work on the development of the atomic bomb project in the United States and started transmitting information from there to the Soviet Union. He was arrested and imprisoned for espionage by the British in 1950. Answer: Klaus _Fuchs_ 9. Identify the composer from works, 30-20-10. 30: Sadko 20: The Snow Maiden 10: Scheherezade Answer: Nicolai _Rimsky-Korsakov_ 10. Identify the American poet from works, 30-20-10. 30: "Power" and "Attention" 20: "Living in Sin" and "The Ninth Symphony of Beethoven Understood at Last as a Sexual Message" 10: "Peeling Onions" and "Reforming the Crystal" Answer: Adrienne _Rich_ 11. Given these six battles from ancient history, put them in chronological order FTP each: Arbela, Marathon, Philippi, Syracuse, Thermopylae, Zama. Answer: _Marathon_, _Thermopylae_, _Syracuse_, _Arbela_, _Zama_, _Philippi_ 12. Given an American musical identify its composer FTP each. A. Ain't Misbehavin' Answer: Fats _Waller_ B. Evita Answer: Andrew Lloyd _Webber_ C. The King and I Answer: Richard _Rodgers_ Accept: Rodgers and Hammerstein Do not accept Oscar Hammerstein (alone--he was lyricist & librettist) 13. Identify the philosopher from works, 30-20-10. 30: Philosophy of Right 20: Encyclopedia of the Philosophical Sciences 10: Phenomenology of Mind Answer: Georg _Hegel_ 14. Given the description that Stephen Crane uses, identify these characters from "The Red Badge of Courage", FTP each. A. The tall soldier Answer: _Jim Conklin_ B. The loud one Answer: _Wilson_ C. FTP, identify the description Crane uses for the soldier encountered by Henry Fleming just after he has run away, who is never identified by name in the book. Answer: The _Tattered_ Man 15. President Clinton and former President Bush recently announced plans for a "summit" on volunteerism. Answer these questions about the summit for the stated number of points. A. What Republican is the chairman of the summit? Answer: Colin _Powell_ B. What Democrat is the vice-chairman of the summit? Answer: Henry _Cisneros_ C. The summit will bring together two organizations, each inspired by one of these presidents. One is the result of a phrase from Bush's 1988 Republican National Convention speech, the other a result of Clinton's effort to promote volunterism among young people. Identify these two groups FFP each. Answer: _Points of Light_ Foundation and _AmeriCorps_ Accept: _Corporation for Public Service_ (for AmeriCorps) 16. Given an artist, identify the art movement with which they are most associated FTP each. 1. Pierre Renoir Answer: _Impressionism_ 2. Juan Gris Answer: _Cubism_ 3. Max Ernst Answer: _Surrealism_ Accept: _Dadaism_ 17. Identify the playwright from works, 30-20-10. 30: "The Would-Be Gentleman" 20: "The School for Husbands", and "The School for Wives" 10: "Le Tartuffe", and "Le Misanthrope" Answer: Jean _Moliere_ 18. Put these composers in chronological order by date of birth, FFP each: Johannes Brahms, Benjamin Britten, Claude Debussy, Franz Liszt, Gioacchino Rossini, Igor Stravinsky. Answer: _Rossini_, _Liszt_, _Brahms_, _Debussy_, _Stravinsky_, _Britten_ 19. It seems that academic competition has made a great comeback, with Jeopardy! getting better ratings than ever, MTV's Idiot Savants making a strong introduction, and You Don't Know Jack by Berkeley Systems being one of the top selling CD-ROMs of 1996. FFPE, and a five point bonus, given a category of the game, identify whether it is from J!, Idiot Savants, or You Don't Know Jack. a) Potent Potables - _Jeopardy_ b) Bialik American History - _Idiot Savants_ c) James Bondage - _You Don't Know Jack_ d) Existentialism and "Free Will-y" - _You Don't Know Jack_ e) SAT Math - _Idiot Savants_ 20. Recently, several Internet companies have promised to deliver user-customizable news to your desktop. FTPE, name the company from a description of their method. a) This popular search site has created a news ticker, that sits on your desktop and can be linked to a custom website. _Yahoo_ b) This company's screen saver can be customized to display only the news you want to see. _PointCast_ c) This company promises no advertising, and delivers customized agent searches daily to your E-Mailbox. _Farcast_ 21. The NFL Pro Bowl will be taking place tomorrow, and one of these outstanding players will voted the Most Valuable Player, a true honor. Given a year and the conference, name the MVP FTPE, FFP if you need his team. a) 10: 1993, AFC 5: Buffalo Bills Steve _Tasker_ b) 10: 1978, NFC 5: Chicago Bears Walter _Payton_ c) 10: 1987, NFC 5: Philadelphia Eagles Reggie _White_