Dork Bowl I: Dorkier Than Thou Round by: Justin Hasford (2) 1. He holds five Super Bowl records: Passes attempted in one, Completions in one, Career attempts, times intercepted in a game, and career times intercepted. He has 35,467 passing yards and 237 touchdown passes in his career, more if you count his two years with the Houston Gamblers of the USFL. FTP, name this longtime Bills quarterback who announced his retirement on Thursday. Answer: Jim _Kelly_ 2. Born in Ephesus around 540 BC, his ideas stem from the Ionian School of philosophy. He believed fire was the primal substance which creates the phenomena of the sensible world. He also believed in the idea of change, even in the most stable seeming things. Only one work, On Nature, is definitely his. FTP, can you name this philosopher who because of his lonely life and misanthropic philosophy was known as the Dark or Weeping Philosopher? Answer: _Heraclitus_ 3. It was based on astrological ideas of the day, not the mythology or astronomy that later generations have attached to it. A patriotic hymn to England called I Vow to Thee, My Country, was taken from it. It contains a Mystic, a Magician, a Bringer of Jollity, and a Bringer of War, but it does not contain Pluto or Earth. FTP, can you name this orchestral suite about the solar system by Gustav Holst? Answer: The _Planets_ 4. In 1826 he published Theory of Electrodynamic Phenomena. He invented the astatic needle, paving the way for the modern galvanometer. He showed that two parallel conductors carrying currents traveling in the same direction attract each other and repel each other when traveling in the opposite direction. FTP, name this French scientist who has a unit of electric current named for him. Answer: Andre Marie _Ampere_ 5. They contain little food reserve and possess a centrosome. They consist of a middle section containing mitochondria to provide energy, a head section containing an acrosome and a haploid nucleus, and a rear section which is essentially a propelling tail. FTP, name this mature mobile reproductive cell of male animals. Answer: _sperm_atozoa(n) 6. He discredited the High Churchmen with his best known pamphlet, "The Shortest Way with the Dissenters." Arrested for libel, he wrote "Hymn to the Pillory." He published his last major work of fiction, Roxana, in 1724. His best known work was based on the adventures of Alexander Selkirk. FTP, who was this author of A Journal of the Plague Year and Robinson Crusoe? Answer: Daniel _Defoe_ 7. He was originally written about in The Town Down the River, in a poem in iambic tetrameter. This melancholy New Englander has little insight into his own deficiencies. An inhabitant of Tilbury Town, he longs for more romantic times and finds solace in drinking. FTP, name this title character of a poem by Edwin Arlington Robinson, who "wept that he was ever born." Answer: _Miniver Cheevy_ 8. It is believed that it was once part of an ocean bay and that it was closed off to the ocean due to a volcanic eruption. The slow conversion of the lake from saltwater to freshwater allowed its aquatic life to adapt making it the only freshwater body of water in the world to host oceanic life such as sharks and swordfish. FTP, name this largest freshwater lake in Central America. ANS: LAKE _NICARAGUA_ 9. The Parker Brothers Company is founded, "The Mikado" opens at the Savoy Theatre, Van Gogh paints "The Potato Eaters," and General "Chinese" Gordon is massacred at Khartoum. All of these events occurred in, FTP, what year during which Grover Cleveland first assumed the office of the presidency? ANS: _1885_ 10. This artist was the subject of a 1923 compilation entitled "The Art Spirit." He counted among his students George Bellows, Rockwell Kent, and Edward Hopper. FTP, name this artist whose works include "Spanish Gypsy" and "Young Woman in Black," and who co-founded the Ashcan School. ANS: ROBERT _HENRI_ 11. Translated by Richard Whitford, it consists of four major parts, including "Which Treats Especially of the Sacrament of the Altar" and "Admonitions Useful for a Spiritual Life." FTP, name this book completed circa 1427 and thought to have been written by Thomas A Kempis. ANS: THE _IMITATION OF CHRIST_ 12. Analytical chemists use it to determine the amount of each component to add to produce a particular buffer solution at a desired pH. Biochemists use it to determine the optimum pH for enzyme activity based on the pKa values of the polypeptide's amino acid constituents. FTP, name this widely used equation which states that pH equals pKa plus the log of the concentration of the base divided by the concentration of the acid. ANS: _HENDERSON-HASSELBACH_ EQUATION 13. Discontent with the Clinton administration and an aversion to illegal immigration in California got him elected in 1994. However, this one-time substitute host of the Rush Limbaugh radio show was defeated in 1996 in his re- election bid for the Orange County Congressional seat. FTP, name this former GOP presidential hopeful who was defeated by less than 1000 votes by Loretta Sanchez. ANS: ROBERT _DORNAN_ 14. Conversations he had with fellow student Mikhail Bakunin influenced his first novel, "Rudin." He later achieved success with the story of Khor and Kalinich in "A Sportsman Sketches." FTP, name this Russian writer more famous for "A Nest of Gentlefolk," "A Month in the Country," and "Fathers and Sons." ANS: IVAN _TURGENEV_ 15. This actor made his film debut in "The Graduate" in 1967, playing a college student who finds Benjamin Braddock inside his dorm room without permission. After that cameo role, he went on to achieve greater fame and recognition in the 1970s. FTP, name this performer featured in some of that decade's biggest hits, including "American Graffiti," "Jaws," and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," and who won an Oscar for his role in "The Goodbye Girl." ANS: RICHARD _DREYFUSS_ 16. He attacked the Newtonian theory of light, and he also studied developmental biology and acoustics. Though he was also chief minister of state at Weimar for 10 years, he is best known as an author and playwright. FTP, identify this author of "Elective Affinities," "The Apprenticeship of Wilhelm Meister," and "The Sorrows of Young Werther." ANS: JOHANN WOLFGANG VON _GOETHE_ 17. The only injury he sustained in battle was due to an Indian arrow, causing him to take only a year of absence from the Civil War. At Mill Springs, he won the Union's first significant victory, and he led the Centre division in the Union charge at Mission Ridge and defeated Confederate General John Bell Hood at the Battles of Franklin and Nashville. FTP, name this brilliant Union general whose disobeyance of orders turned defeat into victory thereby earning him the nickname, the "Rock of Chickamauga." ANS: GEORGE HENRY _THOMAS_ 18. Widely used in ultraviolet or visible spectroscopic analysis, it departs from ideality when the analyzed solution is too concentrated or contains dissociated ions, or when polychromatic radiation or stray light is present. It states that absorbance equals molar absorptivity times path length times concentration. FTP, what is this law of optics named after a German physicist? ANS: _BEER'S_ LAW 19. Its major goals included the restoration of a balance of power in Europe, compensation for other nations upon one nation's territorial gains, and the principle of legitimacy with respect to each individual nation's rulers. Its representatives included Alexander I of Russia, Castlereagh of Britain, Hardenburgh of Prussia, Talleyrand of France, and Metternich of Austria. FTP, name this body which deliberated from September 1814 until June 1815 after the defeat of Napoleon. ANS: _CONGRESS OF VIENNA_ 20. A series of international crises in Europe after 1907 contributed to the outbreak of World War I in 1914. The first of these occurred in 1908, when Austria allied itself with Germany in order to annex a southern European nation. FTP, name this country, whose October 1908 annexation by Austria infuriated both Russia and Serbia. ANS: _BOSNIA_ 21. Born in Belgium with the last name Rupelmonde, he was appointed in 1552 as chairman of cosmography in Duisberg, Germany. FTP, name this geographer, the first to describe a collection of maps with the word "atlas," best known for his namesake projection, notorious for exaggerating the size of polar regions. ANS: GERARDUS _MERCATOR_ 22. It has been regarded as a symbol of courage since ancient times, when it was associated with Jupiter. Having scientific name Aquila Chrysaetos, it can reach a length of one meter and wingspan of two meters and is found in much of the Northern Hemisphere. FTP, can you name this bird that has also been used as a symbol of Russia, Austro-Hungary, Germany, and France under the Bonapartes? Answer: _golden eagle_ After the Union of South Africa became a self-governing dominion within the British Commonwealth in 1910, this white minority of Dutch ancestry maintained control of the government even though blacks numbered about 18 million, and maintained apartheid for over 70 years. FTP, by what name were these Dutch-descended South Africans known? ANS: AFRIKANERS 21. Some of his paintings were deadened in feeling, including his "The Distribution of Eagles." However, most of his other paintings involved illustrations of his own sense of virtue. FTP, name this revolution-era French painter, the court painter of Napoleon Bonaparte, whose more famous works include "Death of Socrates" and "Oath of the Horatii." ANS: JACQUES-LOUIS _DAVID_ 22. Despite failing to secure delegates to any of the Democratic National Conventions, this eventual Secretary of State under Woodrow Wilson continued to receive the Democratic nomination for the presidency. Many of his contemporaries derided his style of speech, calling him the "Boy Orator of the Platte," a mile wide but only a foot deep. FTP, name this perennial loser of the presidency and prosecutor in the infamous Scopes Monkey Trial. ANS: WILLIAM JENNINGS _BRYAN_ Boni. (30) Now its time for a literature bonus on the Hardy Boys. For the stated number of points, name the following things from that classic series of books. A. F5P, This was the name of Frank and Joe Hardy's father. Answer: Fenton B. F5P for the first or last name and 10 points for both, what was the name of the Hardy boys' stout friend? Answer: Chet Morton C. F5P each, what were the first names of Frank's and Joe's girlfriends. You must specify whose girlfriend each one is. Answer: Frank's: Callie Shaw; Joe's: Iola Morton D. F5P, this was the name of book number 1 in the Hardy Boys series. Answer: The Tower Treasure (30) Name the following people associated with the Black Sox scandal of 1919 F5P each. 1. This owner of the White Sox drove them to throw the series with his penny-pinching ways. Answer: Charles _Comiskey_ 2. When Comiskey came to him with his suspicions of a fix, this American League president said it was "the bark of a wounded cur," and refused to investigate. Answer: Ban _Johnson_ 3. Even though this great left fielder batted .375 and hit the only home run of the World Series, he admitted being involved with the fix and was banned from baseball. Answer: Joe _Jackson_ 4. This pitcher who had won 29 games during the regular season hit the first batter of the first game to signal that the fix was on. Answer: Eddie _Cicotte_ 5. This third baseman took no money from the gamblers and hit over .300 for the series, but because he had known about the fix he was banned as well. Answer: Buck _Weaver_ 6. This Chicago gangland gambler was the mastermind behind the fix. Answer: Arnold _Rothstein_ (30) Answer the following questions about winners of Nobel Prizes in 1923 from the category and a clue FTP or another clue F5. 10 points: Literature; his tombstone reads "Cast a cold eye/On life, on death./Horseman, pass by!" 5 points: Irish poet and playwright of such works as Countess Cathleen, The Tower, and Sailing to Byzantium. Answer: William Butler Yeats 10 points: Physics, for his work on the elementary charge of electricity and the photoelectric effect. 5 points: His name is most associated with an oil-drop experiment. Answer: Robert Millikan 10 points: Two men won in Physiology, one the director of a laboratory and the other a physician working there. (you must get both to get any points) 5 points: They won the prize for the discovery of insulin. Answer: Frederick Banting and John Macleod (30) Name the following people from their supposed last words FTP each. 10 points: "Go on, get out! Last words are for fools who haven't said enough!" Answer: Karl Marx 10 points: "I desire to go to hell and not to heaven. In the former place I shall enjoy the company of popes, kings and princes, while in the latter are only beggars, monks, and apostles." Answer: Niccolo Machiavelli 10 points: "See me safe up; for my coming down, let me shift for myself." Answer: Sir Thomas More Answer the following concerning electrochemistry for the stated number of points. A. F5P, what chemical process occurs at the cathode of any electrochemical cell? ANS: _REDUCTION_ B. FTP, what equation is used to calculate the potential of an electrode when given the standard potential and concentrations of the oxidized and reduced species? ANS: _NERNST_ EQUATION C. F15P, the saturated calomel electrode consists of a paste of the chloride salt of what element? ANS: _MERCURY_ Everyone knows that Rhode Island is the smallest state in land area in the United States. But F5P apiece with a five point bonus for all 5, name the next 5 smallest states by land area. ANS: DELAWARE, CONNECTICUT, NEW JERSEY, NEW HAMPSHIRE, VERMONT Identify the American president from the following clues, 30-20-10. 30: He was the first presidential candidate in history to spend a million dollars on his campaign. 20: His Democratic opponent, Winfield Hancock, only spent $335,000 on the campaign. 10: The quote, "I am a Stalwart and Arthur is now president," is associated with his assassination. ANS: JAMES _GARFIELD_ Identify each of the following Edna Ferber novels after brief descriptions, FTP each. A. It is a shifting, glowing pageant of the Mississippi from New Orleans to St. Louis; of cargoes burned to win races and plantationer's fortunes gambled away overnight. ANS: _SHOW BOAT_ B. It tells how a courageous woman in a calico dress on a Midwest farm discovers how large life can be. ANS: _SO BIG_ C. Yancey Cravat and his wife Sabra watch cities grow overnight in the wilderness of Oklahoma. ANS: _CIMARRON_ Identify each of the following pop music artists given the title of a CD F5P each. A. "Waking Up the Neighbours" ANS: BRYAN _ADAMS_ B. "Whaler" ANS: SOPHIE B. _HAWKINS_ C. "Music Box" ANS: MARIAH _CAREY_ D. "Tigerlily" ANS: NATALIE _MERCHANT_ E. "Big Yellow Taxi" ANS: AMY _GRANT_ F. "Diva" ANS: ANNIE _LENNOX_ Identify the opera composer given a title F5P each. A. "Duke Bluebeard's Castle" ANS: Bela _BARTOK_ B. "The Rake's Progress" ANS: Igor _STRAVINSKY_ C. "The Mikado" ANS: Sir Arthur _SULLIVAN_ D. "The Tales of Hoffman" ANS: Jacques _OFFENBACH_ E. "The Pearl Fishers" ANS: Georges _BIZET_ F. "The Rape of Lucretia" ANS: Benjamin _BRITTEN_ Answer the following questions about the Krebs Cycle for the stated number of points. A. Two redox cofactors shuttle electrons from the Krebs Cycle to the electron transport chain. Both are dinucleotides with adenine moieties. F5P each, give the common abbreviations for each. ANS: _FAD_ AND _NAD_ (ACC: FADH-TWO AND NADH) B. F5P, give another name for the Krebs Cycle. ANS: _CITRIC ACID CYCLE_ (ACC: TRICARBOXYLIC ACID CYCLE, but not Fred) C. F15P, name the compound which begins the Krebs Cycle by accepting an acetyl group from coenzyme A. ANS: _OXALOACETATE_ (ACC: OXALOACETIC ACID) Pencils and paper ready for a probability bonus. A bag is full of lottery balls, each with a number from 1 to 11. The number of balls in the bag with a certain number equals that number; i.e. there are six balls with number 6. FTP each, expressed as a fraction in lowest terms, A. What is the probability of randomly choosing a number 8 ball from the bag? ANS: 4/33 B. What is the probability of randomly choosing a number 9 ball from the bag? ANS: 3/22 C. Without replacement, what is the probability of first choosing a number 5 ball and then choosing a number 11 ball from the bag? ANS: 5/396 Identify each of the following Shakespearean plays from quotes FTP each or from the speaker of the quote F5P each. A. 10: "I will be master of what is mine own. She is my goods, my chattels; she is my house, My household stuff, my field, my barn, My horse, my ox, my ass, my anything." 5: Petruchio ANS: THE _TAMING OF THE SHREW_ B. 10: "Is he not approved in the height a villian, that hath slandered, scorned, dishonored my kinswoman? O! that I were a man. I would eat his heart in the marketplace." 5: Beatrice ANS: _MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING_ C. 10: Then will two at once woo; That must needs be sport alone; And those things do best please me That befall preposterously. 5: Puck ANS: A _MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM_ Time for a rare geology bonus. F5P each, name the six geometric classifications of mineral crystals. ANS: HEXAGONAL, CUBIC (ACC: ISOMETRIC), MONOCLINIC, ORTHORHOMBIC, TETRAGONAL, TRICLINIC Given a 20th century time period, name the British prime minister of that period FTP each. If you need another clue, you get 5 points each. A. 10: 1929-1935 5: First prime minister of the Labor Party. ANS: (James) RAMSAY _MACDONALD_ B. 10: 1935-1937 5: His stance against Edward VIII's marriage to an American led to Edward's abdication. ANS: STANLEY _BALDWIN_ C. 10: 1937-1940 5: Failed to deliver "peace in our time." ANS: NEVILLE _CHAMBERLAIN_ F5P each, identify each of the following wars of Louis XIV given brief descriptions. A. Lasting from 1667-1668, it began with a French invasion of the Spanish Netherlands and ended with the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle. ANS: WAR OF _DEVOLUTION_ B. In this war from 1672 to 1678, Louis XIV defeated William of Orange and annexed much of Holland. ANS: THE _DUTCH WAR_ C. Also known as the Nine Years' War, this conflict resulted in territorial gains for France along the Rhine River by the Treaty of Ryswick. ANS: WAR OF THE _LEAGUE OF AUGSBURG_ D. This was the longest and hardest-fought of Louis' wars, ending with the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713. ANS: WAR OF THE _SPANISH SUCCESSION_ For the stated number of points, answer the following about "The Devil and Daniel Webster." A. F5P, identify the author. ANS: STEPHEN VINCENT _BENET_ B. FTP, by what name did the devil go during the trial? ANS: _SCRATCH_ B. F15P, all or nothing, name the item and the owner of the item over which Webster and the Devil were quarreling. ANS: THE _SOUL_ OF _JABEZ STONE_ The solution of Schroedinger's equation for various physical systems yields discrete energy levels indexed by a positive integer n. For each of the following conditions, identify the power of n for the described energy level, FTP apiece. A. A particle trapped in an infinite, one-dimensional well. ANS: SQUARED (N = 2) B. A one-dimensional harmonic oscillator. ANS: LINEAR (N = 1) C. The hydrogen atom with no angular momentum. ANS: INVERSE SQUARE (N = -2) (30) Name the artist from works on a 30-20-10-5 basis. 30 points: The Three Crosses 20 points: Self Portrait of the Painter in Old Age 10 points: The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp 5 points: Night Watch Answer: Rembrandt van Rijn (30) For the stated number of points answer the following questions about Norse mythology. For 5 points: This is the final battle of Norse mythology, where the giants led by Loki and the gods led by Odin will destroy each other and the world. Answer: Ragnarok For 10 points: This was a giant who turned himself into a dragon to protect the gold he obtained by killing his father. He was slain by Siegfried. Answer: Fafnir For 15 points: These parallels of the Greek Fates were represented as a giantess, an elf and a dwarf who controlled the destiny of men and gods. Answer: the Norns (30) Identify the poet from poems on a 30-20-10 basis. 30 points: The Masque of Anarchy, The Sensitive Plant 20 points: Ode to Liberty, Mont Blanc 10 points: Ozymandias, Prometheus Unbound Answer: Percy Bysshe Shelley Answer the following questions about the United States Senate FTP each. A. After Bob Dole retired from the Senate in 1996, what GOP Senator took his position as Senate Majority Leader? ANS: TRENT _LOTT_ B. Identify the state which Trent Lott represents in the Senate. ANS: _MISSISSIPPI_ C. Identify the position held by Lott in the Senate prior to Dole's resignation. ANS: _MAJORITY WHIP_