Dork Bowl I: Dorkier Than Thou Round by: Justin Hasford 1. Born in England, her family emigrated to the U.S. after her father's sugar refinery burned down. She studied medicine at Geneva College, and later she and her sister Emily opened the New York Infirmary for Women and Children. FTP, name this American female doctor. ANSWER: ELIZABETH _BLACKWELL_ 2. This perennial plant, Zingiber officiale, is native to Southeast Asia Its leaves have sheathing stalks, and its sterile flowers are purple and yellow. FTP, name this plant, whose root is a spice which flavors a variety of foods and drinks, including an ale. ANSWER: _GINGER_ 3. The site of this city was discovered by Padre Escalante in 1778, and was settled by Mormons sent south by Brigham Young in the 1840's. For the next hundred yearsthe town languished as a small mining center and railroad stop. Things pickerd up for a time in the 1930's when the city was used as a home base for workers constructing a dam on the nearby Colorado River. FTP, name this Nevada city famous for its strip. ANSWER: _LAS VEGAS_ 4. Some critics feel this work helped shape the cynical views of Animal Farm and 1984. The book chronicles Orwell's life as a soldier and his growing disillusionmentr with totalitarianism. FTP, name this George Orwell book relating his experiences in the Spanish Civil War. ANSWER: _HOMAGE TO CATALONIA_ 5. Some compare this young quarterback to Steve Young because of his scrambling. He began his NFL career as a backup to Brett Favre in Green Bay, during which time he saw virtually no action on the field. He did, however, lead all NFL quarterbacks in both passing and rushing yards in the 1996 season. FTP, name this quarterback who led the Jacksonville Jaguars to the AFC Championship this year. ANSWER: MARK _BRUNELL_ 6. A lyrical example of this psychological phenomenon comes from a song by the Bobs: "Every melody that I hear fills my mind with colors bright and beautiful." FTP, name this process in which one sensory stimulus produces a secondary, subjective sensation; e.g. a smell makes you hear something. ANSWER: _SYNESTHESIA_ 7. They derived their name from a term of abuse for Scottish Presbyterians, meaning "cattle driver". They became identified with industry and dissent, which led the National Republican Party in the United States to name themselves after this group. FTP, name this political party which flourished in England under Fox and Walpole and in the U.S. under Clay and Webster. ANSWER: _WHIG_S 8. In 1979, the computer program TIT FOR TAT showed that the golden rule would triumph in this age-old puzzle. The type of logical situation where varying negative outcomes are determined by two boolean choices is one of the oldest in philosophy. FTP,what is this fundamental of game theory, which uses as an example the fate of two convicted thieves. ANSWER: _PRISONER'S DILEMMA_ 9. His Intimate Journals is typical of Romanticism, but his paintings were largely influenced by Reubens. He made numerous lithographs and several murals for Louis Phillipe. FTP, identify this French painter of The Justice of Trajan, Death of Sardanapalus, The Massacre of Chios, and Liberty Leading the People. ANSWER: EUGENE _DELACROIX_ 10. Based on a story by Gozzi, the orchestral suite based on it is divided into six sections; Les Ridecules, Scène Infernale, Marche, Scherzo, Le Prince et la Princesse, and La Fuite. It is noted for its vivacious melodies and the expression of the comnposers moods of whimsy and the grotesque. FTP, name this 1921 opera by Prokofiev. ANSWER: _Love For Three Oranges_ 11. . For mercury it goes upward, but for water it goes downward. Many find its application strange, since taking a reading at its location may seem inaccurate. FTP, name this curvature on the surface of a liquid at which a volumetric reading is taken. ANSWER:_ MENISCUS_ 12. He spent most of his 23-year life as a prisoner in Austria. He was known as the Prince of Parma, the Duke of Reichstadt, and the King of Rome. FTP, identify this would-be nineteenth-century monarch whose father, despite the objections of most of Europe, tried to name him the Emporer of France,. ANSWER: _NAPOLEON II_ 13. When a pitcher throws a curve ball, the ball's rotation disrupts the airflow around it, causing the ball to experience a reaction force, making the ball curve. FTP, what name do physicists give this effect? ANSWER: MAGNUS EFFECT 14. Subtitled "The Courting at Burnt Ranch," it tells the story of a tomboyish cowgirl who is mocked by the whole town, but later becomes "properly feminine" and wins the heart of the ranch's champion roper by the end of the ballet. FTP, name this work of music by Aaron Copeland with choreography by Agnes de Mille, which contains the famous Buckaroo Holiday. ANSWER: RODEO 15. It has an odor which resembles that of freshly mown hay. It is used in organic chemistry as a chlorinating agent. FTP, name this respitory irritant, also known as carbonyl chloride, which was used in gas attacks during World War I. ANSWER: _PHOSGENE_ (acc: carbonyl chloride on early buzz) 16. He translated the first book of Lucan's Pharsalia and Ovid's Elegies. Some of his lesser-known works include the unfinished "Hero and Leander" "Massacre at Paris" and Edward the Second. FTP, name this Elizabethan playwright better known for The Jew of Malta and Doctor Faustus. ANSWER: CHRISTOPHER _MARLOWE_ 17. Though the term became much more well-known after World War II, it originally referred to two violent storms, during which tens of thousands of Mongols died. The first occurred in 1274 in Hakata Bay, and the second occurred seven years later. Their opportune arrival prompted the Japanese to refer to them as, FTP, what name which literally translates as "divine wind." ANSWER: _KAMIKAZE_ 18. This prominent scientist is best known for his popular writings, including his books "Wonderful Life" and "Bully for Brontosaurus," and his magazine column entitled "This View of Life." FTP, name this paleontologist and Harvard professor who developed the theory of punctuated equilibrium with Niles Edlridge. ANSWER: STEPHEN J. _GOULD_ 19. "I call your attention to the curious incident of the dog in the night time. The dog did nothing in the night time. That was a curious incident," said Sherlock Holmes in one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's finest short stories. The case centers around a missing horse and a bizarre murder. FTP, name the horse and you have named the title of the mystery. ANSWER: SILVER BLAZE 20. He was named Assistant U.S. Attorney General in 1936, Solisitor General in 1938 and Attorney General in 1940. He was appointed to the Supreme Court in 1941, where his most important decision was in Youngstown v. Sawyer, where he declared Truman's seizure of steel mills unconstitutional. FTP, who is this Associate Supreme Court Justice bset known as the Prosecuting Attorney for the 1945 Nuremburg trials? ANSWER: ROBERT _JACKSON_ 21. "I'm a great homemaker; whenever I get divorced, I keep the house," quoted this shallow woman of much make-up. In 1990, a California judge slapped her with a prison sentence after she slapped a police officer. FTP, name this former star of stage and screen whose sister savored farm life on Green Acres. ANSWER: ZSA ZSA GABOR Boni. 1. Given the name of a country, FTP each name the man who ruled that country during World War II. A. Vichy France ANSWER: Marshal Henri PETAIN B. Slovakia ANSWER: Monsignor Josef TISO C. Hungary ANSWER: Admiral Miklos HORTHY 2. Many Broadway plays were based on other works. For the stated number of points, given the Broadway play, name the work on which it was based. A. 5 pts: "Hello, Dolly" ANSWER: The MATCHMAKER B. 10 pts: "Camelot" ANSWER: The ONCE AND FUTURE KING C. 15 pts: "Cabaret" ANSWER: I AM A CAMERA 3. Name the author from clues, 30-20-10. A. _Death to the French_ and _The Gun_ were two of his best-known novels of the Peninsular War. His first novel, _Payment Deferred_, was published in 1926. B. _The Happy Return_ was the first of his Horatio Hornblower books. C. His historical novel _The African Queen_ was successfully filmed in 1952. Answer: C(ecil) S(cott) FORESTER 4. Answer the following questions about William F. Buckley Jr. for the stated number of points. A. F5P, give the name of the conservative magazine Buckley founded. ANSWER: NATIONAL REVIEW B. FTP, give the name of the television show Buckley hosts on PBS. ANSWER: FIRING LINE C. F15P, which six-time unsuccessful candidate for President was Buckley's very first guest on Firing Line? ANSWER: Norman Mattoon THOMAS 5. Answer the following about a 1989 Central American election for ten points each. A. Which Notre Dame graduate, named president by the ruling military junta in 1979, lost the election? ANSWER: Jose Napoleon DUARTE (Fuentes) B. Which nation did Duarte rule? ANSWER: EL SALVADOR C. Which candidate of the ARENA party defeated Duarte in the election? ANSWER: Alfredo CRISTIANI 6. FTP each, identify each of the following chemical processes used in industrial synthesis. A. The high-pressure production of ammonia from hydrogen and nitrogen gases. ANSWER: HABER Process B. The production of concentrated nitric acid, named after the German chemist who developed it durign World War I. ANSWER: OSTWALD Process C. The production of concentrated sulfuric acid, which gives a 98% by weight aqueous solution. ANSWER: CONTACT Process 7. In 1963, in a significant unanimous decision, the supreme court decided that the right to counsel was part of the due process clause in the 6th and 14th amendments. A. FTP, name this case. ANSWER: GIDEON v. Wainwright B. F20P, name the 1942 decision overturned by Gideon vs. Wainwright. ANSWER: BETTS v. Brady 8. Answer the following questions about cell biology for the stated number of points. A. F5P, name the model of the cell membrane which accounts for its bilayer of phospholipids and proteins. ANSWER: FLUID-MOSAIC model B. FTP, what term refers to the movement of molecules across the cell membrane through protein pores which does NOT require an energy expenditure? ANSWER: PASSIVE TRANSPORT (ACC: CARRIER-MEDIATED DIFFUSION) C. The ratio of the concentration of a substance in organic solution to its concentration in aqueous solution is a quantity which determines the extent to which the substance diffuses across the cell membrane. F15P, what name is given to this ratio? ANSWER: PARTITION COEFFICIENT 9. Name the following European winners of the Nobel Prize in Literature for ten points each. A. He wrote the novels _The Crime of Sylvester Bonnard_ and _Contemporary History_ and won the prize in 1921. Answer: Anatole FRANCE B. A symbolist despite the realism of his time, he wrote the play _Pelleas and Melisande_ and the allegorical fable _The Blue Bird_. Answer: Maurice MAETERLINCK C. This Parnassian author of _Les epreuves_ won the first Nobel Prize. Answer: Rene-Francois-Armand SULLY PRUDHOMME 10. FTP each, given the following well-known buildings, name the architect who designed each. A. The Pan Am Building ANSWER: Walter GROPIUS B. The Holocaust Memorial Museum ANSWER: James FREED C. The Washington Monument ANSWER: Robert MILLS 11. Name the sports figures from their nicknames, 5-10-15. A. 5 pts: Galloping Ghost Answer: Red GRANGE B. 10 pts: Big Six Answer: Christy MATHEWSON C. 15 pts: Crazy Legs Answer: Elroy HIRSCH 12. Answer the following about international historical events for fifteen points each. Each correct answer begins with "C." A. The Royalists withdrew with heavy losses after this 1817 battle, the first major engagement in San Martin's War of Independence against Spain. Answer: Battle of CHACABUCO B. It was demarcated by the League of Nations in 1919 and established the Polish eastern frontier and awarded Vilna to Lithuania. Answer: CURZON LINE 13. Most people can name several of our nation's founding fathers, but can you name the founding fathers of the following restaurant chains? For the stated number of points, A 5 pts: Wendy's ANSWER: Dave THOMAS B. 5 pts: Kentucky Fried Chicken ANSWER: Harlan SANDERS C. 5 pts: McDonald's ANSWER: Ray KROC D. 15 pts: Domino's Pizza ANSWER: Tom MONAGHAN 14. The Cathedral of Florence is often considered the greatest architectural work in Italy. Answer the following questions about the Cathedral for the stated number of points. A. F5P, who designed the bronze doors of the Baptistery? ANSWER: Lorenzo GHIBERTI B. FTP, who designed its bell tower? ANSWER: GIOTTO C. For 15 points, what painter drew the frescoes on the dome's interior? ANSWER: Giorgio VASARI 15. Answer the following about the mathematics of systematic counting, 10-5-15. A. 10 pts: What name is given to the mathematics of systematic counting? Answer: COMBINATORICS B. 5 pts: If event A can be done in 2 ways, event B can be done in 3 ways, and events A and B are independent, how many ways are there to do events A and B? Answer: SIX (6) C. 15 pts: This principle counts the number of a certain class of objects by removing those that should not count and, in turn, compensating by replacing those that have been removed incorrectly. Answer: PRINCIPLE OF INCLUSION AND EXCLUSION 16. Given a play name the playwright, FTP each. A. "American Buffalo" ANSWER: David MAMET B. "Orpheus Descending" ANSWER: Tennessee WILLIAMS C. "Night, Mother" ANSWER: Marsha NORMAN 17. For the stated number of points, answer the following questions about Liechtenstein. A. F5P, name Liechtenstein's capital. ANSWER: VADUZ B. FTP, name the river that forms the boundary between Liechtenstein and Switzerland. ANSWER: RHINE C. F15P, name the current head of state of Liechtenstein. ANSWER: PRINCE HANS ADAM 18. Identify the following Oscar Wilde works, 5-10-15. A. 5 pts: This updated version of the Faust story includes the characters Lord Henry Wotton and Basil Hallward. Answer: The PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY B. 10 pts: It tells of the hanging of the murderer Charles Thomas Wooldridge and was written while Wilde himself was a convict. Answer: The BALLAD OF READING GAOL C. 15 pts: His first theatrical success, it deals with a blackmailing divorcee driven to self-sacrifice by maternal love. Answer: LADY WINDERMERE'S FAN 19. Name the fathers of the following biblical characters for ten points each. A. Noah Answer: LAMECH B. Seth Answer: ADAM C. Methuselah Answer: ENOCH 20. FTP each, given descriptions of the following colloidal dispersions, identify which general type of colloid is being described. A. Liquid dispersed into liquid. ANSWER: EMULSION B. Liquid dispersed into solid. ANSWER: GEL C. Gas dispersed into solid. ANSWER: FOAM