Utah Questions Perpetual Motion IV January 1997 TOSS-UPS 1. Although not normally associated with criminals, this musical selection was first performed in a English prison. FTP, name this oratorio written by Handel. the MESSIAH 2. It's official language is English, although the name of the country is Spanish. In addition, its capital, St. George's was named by the French. FTP, name this Caribbean nation invaded by the U.S on October 25, 1983. GRENADA 3. He was installed by the French as Emperor, Although not of France, but was captured by rebels in 1867 in Mexico City. He was shortly thereafter ordered executed by the man who would replace him, Benito Jaurez. FTP, who was this Austrian Archduke? Ferdinand MAXIMILLIAN 4. These type of microscopic fossils have caused quite a stir in the scientific community. Many NASA scientists cite them as proof of life on Mars, although others claim that they can form abiologically. FTP, give the general name of these prehistoric bacterial remnants. STROMATALITES 5. Purportedly written in just over a week, about 5000 times longer than it's title would suggest, this book follows the exploits of the citizens of Macondo, most notably the Buendia family, and their isolation from the outside world. FTP, what is the title of this magical realist work by Gabriel Garcia-Marquez? 100 YEARS OF SOLITUDE 6. It was 18 years in 700 BC, yet by 1980 (in the US) it had increased to 70 years. FTP, what was it? AVERAGE LIFE EXPECTANCY 7. They believed in the transmigration of souls, had an aversion to beans and believed that numbers had gender, with odd being male and even female. FTP, name this society, both a mystical religion and a school of thought, which claimed that "all is number", founded by a fifth century BC mathematician. PYTHAGOREANS 8. He was not a mechanic, coal miner, psychiatrist, physicist, scientist, escalator, magician, fish peddler, bricklayer, or moon shuttle conductor, as he told Jim many times. FTP, name this cantankerous doctor on a five year mission. dr. (BONES) McCOY (Accept Bones or McCoy) 9. Since it was written, critics have argued about whether it was meant to be read as a work by a "moral monster," a satire, an attack on the moral guides of the day, or an appeal for a united Italy. FTP, give the title of this pragmatic 1513 work by a Florentine statesman. The PRINCE (by Machiavelli) 10. Nearly all codons are groups of three messenger RNA bases that are translated into amino acids. FTP, UAA, UAG, and UGA are the only three codons of what type? STOP codons (they produce no amino acids, but halt the production) 11. First published in 1858, it was renamed and published for the first time under it's present name in 1901. Despite it's age, it is still considered a current text-book for all medical students, and is now in it's 29th edition. FTP, give the current title of this work which features detailed hand-drawn pictures of the organs, muscles and bones of the human body. GRAY'S ANATOMY 12. The anatomical song, "Dem Bones" was inspired by his account of the vision of the valley of dry bones in the 37th chapter of this prophet's book. FTP name this old Testament prophet, the son of Buzi. EZEKIEL 13. The letters FTP are used in college bowl to mean "For Ten Points," but internet aficionados understand them to mean what instead? File Transfer Protocol 14. Created in 1879, its mission has been to investigate, analyze and disseminate earth science information to the public. However, it is probably best known for topographical 'quad' maps it puts out. FTP, what is this branch of the department of the Interior. USGS or UNITED STATES GEOLOGICAL SURVEY 15. In Japan, avid participants usually have insurance against it, because it is believed that one must celebrate and share with his/her partners when good luck hits, which can often cost over 10000 yen. Duffers elsewhere on the planet, pray for it to happen at least once in their life. FTP, what is this thing that statisticians say has 300,000 to 1 odds against happening. A HOLE IN ONE 16. "Treat people in your debt like family, exploit them." "What's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine too." "Anything worth doing is worth doing for money." and "Good customers are as rare as Latinum: treasure them." are some of the nearly 300 "Rules of Acquisition" of, FTP, what greedy alien race? FERENGI 17. Most diet fads come from strange sources, but the most recent one is from the scientific community. FTP, give the name of the drug which has sparked the latest 'urge to purge.' PHEN-FEN 18. This town became a major cloth-weaving center in the Middle Ages and with Brugge and Ghent it controlled Flanders in the 13th century. At that time it had 80,000 people, but by 1383 due to an English siege during the Hundred Years' War it's population had dwindled to 5,000. This town is more well-noted as the first site where Germans used poison gas. FTP name this Belgian town, the site of three major battles in World War I. YPRES 19. In 1945, world leaders met at the castle Sans Souci (SAHN SOO-SEE) in this city. FTP, name the hometown of Frederick the Great which is also the capital of the German state of Brandenburg. Answer: POTSDAM 20. "Run," "Redux," "Is Rich," and "At Rest" are all parts of titles of novels by the author of "The Witches Of Eastwick" and "Pigeon Feathers". FTP, give the first word common to the series of John Updike novels. Answer: RABBIT BONUS QUESTIONS 1. For 5 points each, give the name of the TV network which give gives annual awards for athletic performances, the acronymic name of the award, and the four words from which they derive the name. ESPN, ESPY, Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly 2. Name this prolific writer 30-20-10. a) Some of his novels include the Lonesome Gods, Silver Canyon, and The Walking Drum. b) His autobiography was published posthumously in 1989 and is titled Education of a Wandering Man. c) 17 of his books portray and follow a fictional family, the Sacketts from 16th-17th century England to the post-Civil War US. Louis L'AMOUR 3. The piano, trombone, clarinet, trumpet, and drums are all prominent instruments of the big band era. For 5 points each, give me the instrument played by the following artists. Pete Fountain-- clarinet Gene Krupa-- drums Duke Ellington-- piano Count Basie-- piano Glen Miller-- Trombone Harry James-- trumpet 4. For 5 points each, give the name of the fictional island whose name literally translates as 'no place' and the author who wrote about it. Utopia, Sir Thomas MORE For ten points, on Utopia, what were the slaves chains made of? GOLD For another ten points, who was the sailor/scholar who supposedly told More all about the nation of Utopia? Raphael HYTHLODAY (or NONSENSO) 5. For ten points each, given the players on a NHL team, name the team. a) Robert Reichel, Theo (TAY-oh) Fleury, Jarome Iginla. _Calgary_ or _Flames_ b) Geoff Sanderson, Andrew Cassels, Keith Primeau _Hartford_ or _Whalers_ c) Jason Dawe, Dixon Ward, Matthew Barnaby _Buffalo_ or _Sabres_ 6. Answer the following questions about distillation FTP each. A. In this form of simple distillation, a liquid is passed from a vessel maintained at a high pressure to one kept at a lower pressure. Answer: _flash_ distillation B. This type of distillation involve chemical changes, usually decomposition. An example is the making of methanol from wood chips. Answer: _destructive_ distillation C. In this type, some of the distillate is returned to the still, where it enriches the vapor being condensed. Answer: _rectification_ 7. Identify the following authors on a 15-5 basis. A. (15 pts) She began editing the children's magazine "St. Nicolas" from its inception in 1873. (5 pts) Her most famous story is "Hans Brinker: or, The Silver Skates" Answer: Mary Elizabeth Mapes _Dodge_ B. (15 pts) His scholarly work includes 1879's "Euclid and His Modern Rivals" and his humourous pamphlets on university affairs were collected into 1874's "Notes by an Oxford Chiel". (5 pts) His most famous works are "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "The Hunting of the Snark" Answer: Lewis _Carroll_ (Charles Lutwidge _Dodgson_) 8. Answer the following questions about electromagnetism for the stated number of points. A. (10 pts) You are given a long solenoid. Ignoring end effects, the magnetic field inside the solenoid depends on only two variables. For five points each, what are these two variables. Answer: _number of windings_ per unit length; _current_ in the wire B. (5 pts) A charged particle moves through a magnetic field but no force is exerted on the particle. For five points, what can be said about the motion of the particle with respect to the field. Answer: _parallel_ to each other C. (10 pts) For ten points, identify the Danish scientist who in 1820 discovered that currents produce magnetic fields Answer: Hans Christian _Orsted_ (_Oersted_) D. (5 pts) This law states that the current induced by a magnetic field gives rise to a magnetic flux that opposes the original magnetic flux change. For five points, name it. Answer: _Lenz_'s Law 9. Identify the following works of Fyodor Dostoevsky FTP each. A. His first novel, it tells of a poor, elderly clerk's struggle for respectability while concealing his love for an orphan girl. It earned high praise from critic Vissarion Belinsky. Answer: _"Poor Folk"_ B. A fictionalized acccount of his own imprisonment, it relates the memoirs of a man condemned for murdering his wife. Answer: _"Notes from the House of the Dead"_ ("The _House of the Dead"_) C. In this novel, the main character Raskolnikov is led to murder by a belief that humanitarian ends justify evil means. Other characters include his wife Marmeladov and the prostitute Sonya. Answer: _"Crime and Punishment"_