Subject: Packet from Quincy University TOSSUPS 1. Following World War II the medieval Stare Miasto, with its marketplace and 14th century cathedral, was rebuilt according to the prewar pattern. It is famous for the Holy Cross Church, the 15th century St. Carmelite church, and the monuments to Copernicus. FTP, identify the Polish city, lying on the Vistula River, famous for the Jewish ghetto which had 500,000 people in 1942 and 200 people in 1945. Answer: _Warsaw_ 2. In what Shakespearian play does one find the lines, "I should fear that those that dance before me now/ would one day stamp upon me. 'T'as been done./ Men shut their doors against a setting sun," which are spoken by Apemanthus at a dinner party? Answer: _Timon of Athens_ 3. His real name was Marcus Aurelius Antoninus but he received his nickname from a Gallic tunic that he wore. His reign was infamous for its cruelty and bloodshed, lasting from 211 until 217 AD. FTP, which Roman Emperor murdered his brother Geta to become sole ruler of the empire before being himself killed at the instigation of a frightened Macrinus? Answer: _Caracalla_ 4. At the time it began its run in 1965 many thought this was one of the great musicals. But time has not been so kind, and the show is now characterized as a series of well done theater tricks strung together. FTP, in what musical based on a Spanish novel would you find the songs "It's All the Same", "I'm Only Thinking of Him", "The Dubbing", "Little Bird, Little Bird", and "Dulcinea"? Answer: _Man of La Mancha_ 5. Knowledge of his rule is known mainly from the boulders and pillars inscribed with his pious exhortations, such as at Sarnath. It is said that under his auspices a great Buddhist convocation was held at his capital, Pataliputra, to suppress heresy and confirm the Buddhist canon. FTP, what Indian leader is considered the greatest of the Mauryan Emperors for spreading prosperity and civil order after a religious conversion following his bloody military victory at Kalinga? Answer: _Asoka_ Accept: _Ashoka_ 6. Its namesake laid the foundations of the classical field theory, later developed by Maxwell, and also discovered Benzene. FTP, what physical law states that the number of moles of substance produced at an electrode during electrolysis is directly proportional to the number of moles of electrons transferred at that electrode? Answer: _Faraday's Law_ 7. He is not ambitious yet becomes rich, in part by good luck and in part by marrying the daughter of the owner at the optometry school from which he is graduated. FTP, what literary character visits the home world of the Tralfamadorians and witnesses the bombing of Dresden as he comes unstuck in time in Kurt Vonnegut's "Slaughter-House Five". Answer: _Billy Pilgrim_ 8. It has about 14,000 islands, is fed by the Rainy River, and is drained to the northwest by the Winnipeg River. FTP what lake separates the Northwest Angle, the northernmost land of the contiguous United States, from the rest of Minnesota? Answer: _Lake of the Woods_ 9. The seer Calchas has predicted that only her sacrifice will save the Greeks from remaining trapped in the harbor at Aulis by unfavorable winds. FTP, identify the subject of the tragedy by Euripedes, who is the daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, and is sacrificed at the beginning of the Trojan War. Answer: _Iphigenia_ 10. He was Latin Secretary for foreign affairs in Oliver Cromwell's government, and he supported the commonwealth to the very end. His three wives were Mary Powell, Catharine Woodcock, and Elizabeth Minshull. FTP, what epic poet failed to justify the ways of God to man, but did achieve fame with works like "On His Blindness" and "Samson Agonistes". Answer: John _Milton_ 11. When he visited the United States in 1938 and 1939 he told American scientists of his belief, based on experiments reported by German scientists, that the uranium atom could be split into approximately equal halves. FTP, identify the Danish physicist who won the 1922 Nobel Prize in Physics and was noted for combining quantum theory with the atomic structure. Answer: Niels _Bohr_ 12. In his major work, being is shown to be intimately linked with temporality; the relationship between them is investigated by means of an analysis of human existence. FTP, identify the 20th century German philosopher who wrote "Being and Time". Answer: Martin _Heidegger_ 13. Although in most Christian theology Jesus was not biologically the son of Joseph, this gospel, which places great emphasis on Jesus as the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies, begins with a genealogy linking Joseph to King David. FTP, identify the first book of the New Testament. Answer: _Matthew_ 14. Born in Caprese, Tuscany, he drew extensively as a child and his father placed him under the tutelage of Ghirlandaio. After one unproductive year, he became a student of Bertoldo di Giovanni, but he learned his craft more by observation than by tutelage. FTP, what Italian Renaissance master's works include "The Creation of Adam" and "The Creation of Eve", as well as various other scenes from the Old Testament, all of which adorn the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? Answer: _Michaelangelo_ 15. Among its other classifications are the division Magnoliophyta, class Magnoliopside, and order Urticales, and it is also known as the white elm. FTP, what is the scientific name for the American elm tree. Answer: _Ulmus americanus_ 16. As president she was unable to command the support of any powerful group, not even organized labor. Following a sharp rise in political terrorism and guerilla activity, the armed forces intervened resulting in one of the bloodiest regimes in South American history. FTP who was the first woman head of state in the Western hemisphere who ruled Argentina from 1973 to 1976 following her restored husband's death. Answer: _Isabel Peron_ 17. FAQTP, identify the contemporary singer who has the hits "Crazy", "Dreaming in Metaphors", "If I Could", and "Kiss from a Rose". Answer: _Seal_ 18. His fundamental teachings were: there is one God; people must in all things submit to Him; in this world nations have been amply punished for rejecting God's prophets, and heaven and hell are waiting for the present generation; and that the world will come to an end with a great judgement. FTP, who was the son of Amina, of the tribe of Quraysh, who had many wives, fled to Medina, and later took control of Mecca. Answer: _Mohammed_ 19. The son of a mining inspector, at the age of 21 he entered the St. Petersburg Conservatory where he studied composition with Anton Rubinstein. He received an annuity from his wealthy patroness, Mme von Meck, whom he never met despite corresponding with her for 14 years and dedicating his 4th symphony to her in 1878. FTP, what Russian composer of the "Pathetique" symphony is today better remembered for works such as "Swan Lake" and the "1812 Overture". Answer: Peter Ilyich _Tchaikovsky_ 20. He was the only man nominated by President Clinton to move from one cabinet position to another. FTP, identify the man nominated to replace Hazel O'Leary as Secretary of Energy, making him the only Hispanic in the new Cabinet. Answer: Federico _Pena_ 21. The possibility that it may have a finite lifetime has recently come under examination, but if it does, experimental evidence suggests that it takes at least 10 (to the 31st power) years to do so. FTP identify the elementary particle named after the Greek word for "first", which has a mass of 1.673 x 10 (to the -24th power) grams and is found in the nucleus of every atom. Answer: _Proton_ 22. It contains the historic settlements of Elk Horn and Pella, boasts the world's smallest cathedral to St. Anthony near Faustina, and a historic site to Laura Ingalls Wilder at Burr Oak. FTP what state was the home of a young James T. Kirk on Star Trek, and has the cities Decorah, Ottumwa, and Cedar Rapids. Answer: _Iowa_ 23. Among those associated with him, either as friends or enemies, were John von Staupitz, Johann Eck, Johann Tetzel, and Elector Frederick III of Saxony. FTP, what former law student wrote "The Freedom of a Christian Man", "The Babylonian Captivity of the Church", and "Address to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation" as he became the principal leader of the German Reformation in the 1500s? Answer: Martin _Luther_ 24. It has a diameter of almost 143,000 kilometers, its period of revolution around the sun is 11.86 years, and it makes a full rotation on its axis once every 9 hours and 55 minutes. FTP, identify the planet whose moons include Sinope, Io, Callisto, and Ganymede. Answer: _Jupiter_ 25. Just as its old competitor's name, Beta, was short for Betamax, its name is an abbreviation, or more precisely, an acronym as well. FTP, what do the three letters stand for in the abbreviation of the main format for video-cassettes, VHS? Answer: _Video Home System_ BONI 1. Many battles in the American Civil War had two name--one from the North, and one from the South. Given a battle's northern name, give the southern name for the state number of points. A. FFP, First Bull Run Answer: _First Manassas_ B. FTP, Antietam Answer: _Sharpsburg_ C. F15P, Stones River Answer: _Murfreesburo_ 2. Polaris is the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Minor. FTP each, what is the brightest star in each of the following constellations? A. Canis Major Answer: _Sirius_ B. Bootes (BOOT-ees) Answer: _Arcturus_ C. Scorpio Answer: _Antares_ 3. The Beatles took America by storm in the '60s, but it probably wasn't these beetles. F15P each, identify the following concerning beetles. A. What is the largest type of beetle? Answer: _Goliath_ beetle B. In what order are beetles? Answer: _Coleoptera_ 4. Answer the following questions about a famous art family for the stated number of points. A. FTP, identify the family name of the trio of late 16th/early 17th century artists whose chief works include "Sermon of John the Baptist", "Celestial, Terrestrial, and Venal Love", and "Christ and the Woman of Samaria". Answer: _Carracci_ B. FFP, what Italian city are the Carraccis chiefly associated with? Answer: _Bologna_ C. FFPE, give the first name of each member of the trio. Answer: _Annibale_, _Agostino_, _Ludovico_ 5. Given a literary character, identify the author that created the character FTP each. If you need the title of the work they appeared in, you'll only get five points. A. 10: Miss Morsten 5: The Sign of the Four Answer: Sir Arthur Conan _Doyle_ B. 10: Segismundo 5: Life is a Dream Answer: Pedro _Calderon_ de la Barca C. 10: Arkady Kirsanov 5: Fathers and Sons Answer: Ivan _Turgenev_ 6. FTP each, given a biblical verse, tell what book it is from. A. "And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn." Answer: _Luke_ B. "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live." Answer: _Exodus_ C. "There is no peace, saith the Lord, unto the wicked." Answer: _Isaiah_ 7. FTP each, identify the following Hermann Hesse novels from the clues provided. A. It is the tale of a young wanderer's erotic adventures and his search for the meaning of life and death. Answer: _Narcissus and Goldmund_ Accept: _Death and the Lover_ B. A man estranged from his wife spoils his young son, who dies at the end of the novel. Answer: _Rosshalde_ C. A young Indian boy experiences different lifestyles before finding peace by a river. Answer: _Siddhartha_ 8. Newt Gingrich recently had to scramble to keep his job as Speaker of the House of Representatives. FTP each, tell how the following people voted in the election for Speaker. A. Newt Gingrich Answer: _Present_ B. Jim Leach Answer: Bob _Michel_ C. Vic Fazio Answer: Dick _Gephardt_ 9. FTP each identify the following Gods. A. Norse God killed by mistletoe Answer: _Balder_ B. Greek God known to the Romans as Ceres Answer: _Demeter_ C. One-handed Norse God of battle Answer: _Tiw_ (TE-oo) Accept: _Tyr_ (tur) 10. FTP each identify the musical each of the following show-tunes appeared in. A. Some Enchanted Evening Answer: _South Pacific_ B. So Long, Farewell Answer: _The Sound of Music_ C. Cool Answer: _West Side Story_ 11. FTP each, identify the author of the following religious or philosophical works. A. City of God Answer: St. _Augustine of Hippo_ Do not accept: St. Augustine of Canterbury B. Either/Or Answer: Soren _Kierkegaard_ C. An Essay on Man Answer: Alexander _Pope_ 12. Identify the composers of the following musical works FTP each. If you need a more famous work of the composer, you'll only receive five points. A. 10: The Brandenburgers in Bohemia 5: The Bartered Bride Answer: Bedrich _Smetana_ B. 10: Carnival Overture 5: From the New World Symphony Answer: Antonin _Dvorak_ C. 10: Fingal's Cave 5: The Scottish Symphony Answer: Felix _Mendelssohn_ 13. Identify the year of the following events, 30-20-10. 30: Bruce McCandless becomes the first human to walk in space without a tether. 20: The United States illegally mines Nicaraguan principal export harbors in support of the Contra rebels. 10: Geraldine Ferraro becomes the first woman to win a major party vice presidential nomination. Answer: _1984_ 14. Identify the following element, 30-20-10. 30: It was discovered by William Wollaston in 1804, who also discovered palladium. 20: Its atomic weight is 102.905. 10: Its atomic number is 45 and it is in the so called platinum group of metals in group VIII of the periodic table. Answer: _Rhodium_ 15. FTP each, identify the poets of the following works. A. "The Death of the Hired Man" Answer: Robert _Frost_ B. "Sailing to Byzantium" Answer: W. B. _Yeats_ C. "My Last Duchess" Answer: Robert _Browning_ 16. Identify the English monarch in the following years FTP each. A. 1300 Answer: _Edward I_ B. 1400 Answer: _Henry IV_ C. 1500 Answer: _Henry VII_ 17. FTP each, give the language in which the following works were originally written. A. Epic poem, "The Tale of Ghenjei" Answer: _Japanese_ B. The essay, "Yes and No" Answer: _Latin_ C. The novel, "To a God Unknown" Answer: _English_ 18. FFP each, state whether each of the following rocks are igneous, metamorphic, or sedimentary. A. Slate Answer: _Metamorphic_ B. Basalt Answer: _Igneous_ C. Pumice Answer: _Igneous_ D. Shale Answer: _Sedimentary_ E. Gypsum Answer: _Sedimentary_ F. Marble Answer: _Metamorphic_ 19. Identify the 1996 presidential candidate of the following parties FTP each. A. Libertarian Answer: Harry _Browne_ B. Natural Law Answer: John _Hagelin_ C. Green Answer: Ralph _Nader_ 20. Identify these modern Eastern European political leaders FTP each. A. He served as premier of Albania from 1954 until 1981, when he was accused of being a Yugoslav spy and reportedly committed suicide. Answer: Mehmet _Shehu_ B. His expulsion from the Hungarian Communist party was rescinded in early 1956 at the request of rioting students shortly before the Hungarian revolution, he became premier of the revolutionary government and was executed in 1958. Answer: Imre _Nagy_ C. He was vice premier and later premier of the Polish government in exile in London during World War II, and after the war was the only center of opposition to the leftist leaders of the state, who adopted election procedures resulting in his defeat in 1947, after which he fled to the United States. Answer: Stanislaus _Mikolajczyk_ {mee-ko-WI-chik) 21. F15P each, identify the movie starring Peter O'Toole given a description of the movie. A. A British army officer becomes an icon of the Arab Revolt during World War I. Answer: _Lawrence of Arabia_ B. An American flunkey becomes King of England of the House of Wyndham. Answer: _King Ralph_ 22. Answer the following questions concerning a linguistics term F15P each. A. Give the word used by linguists to refer to letter combinations having distinct meanings, and which cannot be divided into meaningful grammatical parts such as prefixes, suffixes, and infixes. Answer: _morpheme_ B. For another 15 points, spell morpheme (MOR-feem). Answer: _M-O-R-P-H-E-M-E_ 23. FTP each, what are the only "Star Trek: The Next Generation" episodes involving Q that do not have "Q" in their title? Answer: _Encounter at Farpoint_, _Tapestry_, _All Good Things_ 24. Given an island, identify the country of which it is a part of, 30-20-10. 30: Masbate (mas-BA-ta) 20: Negros 10: Leyte Answer: The _Philippines_ 25. Identify the sociologists FTP each. A. He was at Harvard from 1927 until 1974, and is known for his attempt to construct a single theoretical framework within which general and specific characteristics of societies could be systematically classified, known as structural-functional theory. Answer: Talcott _Parsons_ B. This Columbia professor is especially noted for his contributions to the study of social structure, sociology of science, bureaucracy, and mass communications. Among his writings are "Mass Persuasion" and "Social Theory and Social Structure". Answer: Robert _Merton_ C. This late 19th century sociologist originated the concept of ethnocentrism and concluded that attempts at social reform were useless. His chief work is titled "Folkways". Answer: William _Sumner John Roushkolb briareus" Imagination For Hire Photo Consultants (316)685-6107 -- Who you know only gets you there. It's what you know that keeps you there.