Wichita State University "Freeze Your Buzz Off" February 1, 1997 Questions by Oklahoma, Team Juan Toss-ups: 1) Its cardinal concept is the ineffable, eternal creative reality which is the source and end of all things. It became established in the Warring States period, from 481-221 BC. In modern times, this philosophy has become fragmented into 2 sections, the lackheads and Redheads, who differ on adherence to the philosophy. FTP, name this way of life whose founding member was Lao-Tzu. _Taoism_ or _Daoism_ 2) Write down the sequence 0, 3, 6, 12, 24. Add 4 to each term, and then divide each term by 10. Interestingly, these results correspond to the semimajor axes of the planets. FTP, what is the name of this "law", dismissed by many scientists as being merely a coincidence, which purports to account for distances between planets? _Bode's_ Law or _Titius-Bode_ Law 3) He printed the first book in the English Language, as well as the first book printed in England. He also published first editions of La Morte D'Arthur and The Canterbury Tales, and produced the first printed advertisement in English. FTP, name this Englishman who studied printing in Germany before building England's first printing press. William _Cantor_ 4) Doyle Lonigan is the villain. Henry Gandorf is the expert grifter, and Twist is a resourceful man for accomplishing odd jobs. FTP, name 1973's Academy Award winner for Best Picture, in which almost everyone has a really cool hat. _The Sting_ 5) Born with the surname Gorska in Warsaw in 1890, she came from a wealthy family and married an attorney in 1916. They emigrated to Paris in 1918 where she began receiving art lessons from Andre Lhote and Maurice Denis. She exhibited her works at the first ArtDeco exhibition in Paris, but then emigrated to the United States, where she lived until her death in 1980. FTP, name this artist whose works include Spring, Sleeping Woman and The Girls. Tamara _de Lempicka_ 6) Pasiphae, Sinope, Himalia, Elara, Thebe and Callisto are, FTP all moons of which planet? _Jupiter_ 7) Marquette and Joliet were the first to reach this place, and permanent settlement didn't begin there until the 1830's. Most of it became American land in 1803 with the Louisiana Purchase, and the rest was purchased from the Sauk and Fox Indians. It became the 29th state admitted to the Union in 1846. FTP, name this state, home to the towns of Pella, Davenport, and the Amana Colonies. _Iowa_ 8) Its prologue begins with speeches by the archangels Raphael, Gabriel and Michael; its first part with the main character's soliloquy; and its second part with a song by Ariel. FTP, name this drama with such scene titles as "Mountain Gorges", "Gretchen's Room" and "Walpurgis Night's Dream" _Faust_ 9) He was born in Shawinigan, Quebec in 1934 and attended the Law School at Laval University in Quebec. He was called to the Quebec Bar in 1958, and soon after was elected Vice President of the Liberal Students of Canada. He was elected to the House of Commons in 1963, and became minister of finance in 1977. FTP, name this Liberal Party leader and Prime Minister of Canada. Jean _Chretien_ 10) The seat of Monroe County, Brighton, Gates and Fairport are some of its suburbs. It was settled in 1817 and attracted numerous millers eager to set up shop on the Genesee River. Eventually they moved west, and the city became known for its flowers, especially its lilacs. Today the city is known as "The Flower City" and "The World's Image Centre". FTP, name this city, home of Bausch & Lomb and Eastman Kodak, and former home of Xerox. _Rochester, New York_ (prompt on Rochester) 11) Born in Pittsburgh in 1844, this artist attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Art in Philadelphia. Afterwards, she emigrated to Paris where she became a close acquaintance of Degas and a friend of impressionism. Her subject matter leaned more to the domestic & intimate, rather than society. FTP, name this artist of Lady at the Teatable and The Bath. Mary _Cassatt_ 12) This chemical is the most important alkaloid of cinchona bark. It was first synthesized in the lab in 1944, and it is occasionally used as a fever-reducer and analgesic. Prolonged use, however, can create deafness and blindness. Its most common use is to combat malaria. FTP, name this chemical. _Quinine_ 13) Although not its country's national book, this book is composed of nearly 700 poems and ballads, and reflects the everyday joys and sorrows of the Finnish people including their philosophical and religious beliefs. First compiled by Elias Lonnrotin 1840, historians believe some of the poems contained here may be thousands of years old, and the book itself serves as a reference to Finnish history. FTP, name this book, a companion work to the Kalevala. _Kanteletar_ 14) This country has the distinction of having the highest tax rate in the world. Europe's 5th largest country, its borders enclose over 160,000 lakes. The population is 90% Lutheran, and its legislature is made up of two houses, the Lagting and Odelsting. FTP, name this country whose current monarch is King Harald V. _Norway_ 15) He was educated at the Doon School and received an engineering degree from the University of Cambridge. In 1968 he became a commercial pilot for his country's airlines. In 1980 his younger brother, an active politician, was killed in a plane crash, so his mother encouraged him to pursue politics. He agreed, winning a post to the lower parliament. In 1984, after his mother was assassinated, he took the post of prime minister. FTP name this Indian Prime Minister who was assassinated in 1991. _Rajiv Gandhi_ (prompt on Gandhi) 16) He was a catcher for both the Pittsburgh Crawfords and Homestead Grays and was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1972. He was praised by such legends as Walter Johnson for his fine catching skills. It is believed that his career batting average was .347, that he led the league in home runs 10 times, and that he hit over 800 home runs total. However no one will ever know, since this legend played in the Negro Leagues. FTP, name him. Josh _Gibson_ 17) The surname's the same: The first British governor of Quebec, co-winner of the 1990 Nobel Prize for Medicine, the 9th and 14th governors of Oklahoma, the head of the CIO after Lewis, and the longest permanently-running river in Australia. FTP, give the common name. _Murray_ 18) An Indiana native, he served as a major-general in the Civil war and helped prevent the capture of Washington by Early's troops. He was also a lawyer, state Senator and U.S. minister to Turkey, but is remembered primarily as an author. FTP, name New Mexico's territorial governor, the author of Ben-Hur. Lew _Wallace_ 19) Chocolate Grinder No. 1, Bicycle Wheel, Large Glass and Fountain are all works by, FTP, what Frenchmen best-known for Nude Descending A Staircase? Marcel _Duchamp_ 20) He was born in Houston, Texas and educated at the California Institute of Technology as well as the Rice Institute of Technology. He left school at age 17 to take over his fathers tool company, and moved to Hollywood in 1926. He became a producer of such works as The Outlaw and Scarface. A part owner of RKO Industries, he eventually fell into seclusion. FTP, name this famous pilot and recluse. Howard _Hughes_ 21) 6,000 years ago, Mt. Mazama rose to over 12,000 feet. However, an eruption destroyed the upper portion, forming a volcanic caldera. Wizard Island is a remnant of a lesser outbreak, and is a cinder cone which lies on the caldera floor. For ten points, name this lake, home of a National Park in Oregon. _Crater Lake_ National Park Bonuses: 1) Name the artist from works, 30-20-10 a) Cure of Folly b) The Temptation of St. Anthony c) The Haywain Hieronymous or Jerome _Bosch_ 2) For five points each name these Shakespearean characters. a) Katherine's sister in Taming of the Shrew _Bianca_ b) The rich heiress in Merchant of Venice _Portia_ c) Queen of the Fairies and wife of Oberon in Midsummer Night's Dream _Titian_ d) Daughter of the banished Duke in As You Like It _Rosalind_ e) Now, FTP, what other common bond do these Shakespearean characters share? _Moons of Uranus_ 3) For five points each, and a five point bonus, given the highest point in a U.S. state, name the state. a) Mt. Washington _New Hampshire_ b) Mt. Mitchell _North Carolina_ c) Wheeler Peak _New Mexico_ d) Borah Peak _Idaho_ e) Mt. Marcy _New York_ 4) For fifteen points each, name the Greeks. a) The son of Prometheus, he constructed an ark to avoid the flood and landed on Mount Parnassas. He was the mythical ancestor of the Hellenic people. _Deucalion_ b) King of the Ethiopians who assisted his uncle Priam against the Greeks only to be slain by Achilles. _Memnon_ 5) Obscure bonus time! Gothic and black music incorporate intensity with an atmospheric mood, and bands in this genre often incorporate traditional sounds into their music. For five points each, given the band and the title of one of their songs, name the European country from which they hail. a) Moonspell, "Trebraruna" (tray-brah-ROO-nah) _Portugal_ b) Novembre, "Dream of the Old Boats" _Italy_ c) Septic Flesh, "Mythos" _Greece_ d) Kvist (kuh- VEIST), "For Kunsten Ma Evig Vike" (For KOON-sten mah EH-vig VEE-kay) _Norway_ e) Therion, "Lepaca Kliffoth" (lay-PAH-ka CLIFF-oth) _Sweden_ f) Primordial, "The Wrath of the Shannon" _Ireland_ 6) Given a date and the states it affected, name the hurricane FTP each. a) 1992; South Florida and Louisiana _Andrew_ b) 1991; Long Island and Massachusetts _Bob_ c) 1995; Florida Panhandle _Opal_ 7) Name the artist, 30-20-10. a) This artist suffered from alcoholism early in his life and suffered a nervous breakdown in his 20's. b) This 20th century painter is known for such works as Bird and White Light. c) Action painting is attributed to him. Jackson _Pollock_ 8) Vitamins can be sub-divided into two categories: water-soluble and fat-soluble. Consider the Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K. With five points for each correct placement, place each vitamin in its correct group. Water-Soluble: _B, C_ Fat-Soluble: _A, D, E, K_ 9) Name the following physics rules and terms, ten points each. a) One of his rules states that the sum of the currents entering any junction must equal the sum of the currents leaving that junction. _Kirchhoff_'s Rule b) This type of diffraction occurs when rays reaching a viewing screen are approximately parallel. _Fraunhofer_ diffraction c) This force on a charged particle is related to the electric and magnetic fields surrounding the particle. _Lorentz_ Force 10) Name the President, 30-20-10 a) He was known for the ability to simultaneously write in Latin with one hand and in Greek with the other hand. b) Serving in the House of Representatives, he became known for attempting to open up relations with Latin America. A deeply religious man, he embraced the philosophy of the Disciples of Christ. c) He only served four months in office before being assassinated by a disgruntled position-seeker. James _Garfield_ 11) The World Hockey Association was in existence from 1972-1979. After the league folded, four teams were adopted into the NHL. First, for five points each, name them. _Hartford_ or _Whalers_, _Edmonton_ or _Oilers_, _Quebec_ or _Nordiques_, _Winnipeg_ or _Jets_ These four teams applied for admission for the NHL in 1977. However two other cities that had applied in 1977 never made it to the NHL. For five points each, name the two cities. _Houston_ and _Cincinnati_ 12) Answer the following questions about lightning for the stated number of points. a) (5) Of the contiguous 48 states, this state receives the most lightning strikes. _Florida_ b) (10) When a negative charge near the bottom of a cloud becomes large enough to overcome the ir's resistance, a flow of electrons rushes toward the earth. FTP, name the term for this flow of electrons. _Stepped leader_ c) (15) After the downward flow of electrons meets the upward surge of positive charge, a strong electric current carries positive charge upward into the cloud. For fifteen points, name this electric current. _Return stroke_ 13) Given the recipient of the Academy Award for Best Director and the year, name the movie, for five points apiece. a) George Stevens, 1958 _Giant_ b) Robert Burton, 1979 _Kramer vs. Kramer_ c) Leo McCarey, 1937 _The Awful Truth_ d) Sir Carol Reed, 1968 _Oliver!_ e) John Ford, 1935 _The Informer_ f) Elia Kazan, 1947 _Gentlemen's Agreement_ 14) Give the common family name, 30-20-10 a) Sister Laura edited children's literature anthologies and wrote In Love With Time and The Hidden Valley. b) Brother William edited The Reader's Encyclopedia and won the Pulitzer for The Dust Which is God. c) Brother Stephen won two Pulitzers---one for Western Star and the other for an epic poem about the Civil War. _Benet_ 15) Oh, the wonderful world of literary devices! FTP each, give the term from a definition. a) a speech to someone absent as if he were present, not a punctuation mark. _Apostrophe_ b) pause indicated by a comma, period, or other punctuation mark. _Caesuna_ c) word that refers to two or more words in a sentence, when properly applying in sense to either one of them. _Zeugma_ 16) As we all know, the final battle of the Norse gods is called Ragnarok. However, knowing that Heimdall and Loki killed each other isn't going to help you here. FTP each, identify: a) Odin's avenger, who tore out Fenrir's throat _Vidar_ b) The Hound of Hell, who kills and is killed by Tyr. _Garm_ c) From the land of Muspell, he engulfed the world in flames _Surt_ 17) Name the director from works, 30-20-10. a) The Devil's Wanton b) Smiles of A Summer Night c) The Seventh Seal Ingmar _Bergman_ 18) Identify the apostle or apostles by the clues given: a) These two apostles were the sons of Zebedee. The Greek term for these two is "boanerges" or "sons of thunder", a reference to their fiery dispositions. Five points each, name them. _James_ and _John_ b) Also known as Levi, this apostle's symbol is an angel and his relics are supposedly found in Salerno, Italy. For five points, name him. _Matthew_ c) His Hebrew name translates to "Son of Talmai". He is a celebrated saint in Armenia, and served as a missionary to that country as well as Ethiopia. For five points, name him. _Bartholomew_ d) Also known as Thaddaeus and Lebbaeus, this apostle was the son of James and wrote a canonical letter attacking heretics. For ten points, name him. _Judas_ (do NOT accept Judas Iscariot) 19) Answer the following questions on series, ten each. a) consider a summation of X taken from n equals 1 to infinity. If the limit of X as n approaches infinity does not exist or is not equal to zero, does the series converge, diverge, or are you not able to tell? _Diverge_ b) consider the same summation. If the limit of X as n approaches infinity equals zero, does the series converge, diverge, or are you not able to tell? _Not able to tell_ (or similar wording) c) consider a summation of one over N to the P power from N=3D 1 to infinity. If P =3D 1/2, does the series converge, diverge, or are you not able to tell? _Diverge_ 20) Break out your leisure suits and platform shoes--it's time for disco-mania! For the given number of points, name the bands that recorded the following disco classics. a) (5) Night Fever, Jive Talkin' _The Bee Gees_ b) (10) Hot Stuff, MacArthur Park _Donna Summer_ c) (15) Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel, It Only Takes A Minute _Tavares_ 21) On a 10-5 basis name the following gemstones: a) (10) The birthstone of January (5) They are used as abrasives and are often colorless or a pale white. _Garnet_ b) (10) The gemstone associated with the Virgo sign, often mistaken for coral. (5) They are red-yellow, brown or green and are an opaque form of quartz. _Jasper_ c) (10) Its name comes from the Sanskrit for "gemstone" (5) The black kind is highly prized, but it is more common found in a yellow or deep red. _Opal_ 22) For ten points each, given the players on a NHL team, name the team. a) Robert Reichel, Theo (TAY-oh) Fleury, Jarome Iginla. _Calgary_ or _Flames_ b) Geoff Sanderson, Andrew Cassels, Keith Primeau _Hartford_ or _Whalers_ c) Jason Dawe, Dixon Ward, Matthew Barnaby _Buffalo_ or _Sabres_