Perpetual Motion IV January 1997 Packet by Iowa State University Toss-Ups 1. Begin by standardizing notation - here, the symbols generally used are U, D, R, L, F, and B. Next, choose a color. Then, align the edge pieces so that the face with the chosen color at its center now displays a "plus" constructed from the color. After the edges are correct, move the corner pieces such that one face shows only the previously chosen color. FTP, this describes the beginning to the solution of what eighties toy craze? Answer: _Rubik's cube_ 2. Part of the eastern border of this U.S. state follows the flow of the Tug Fork of the Big Sandy River. Home to such historical places as Fort Boonesborough and the Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey History, this state was the 15th to enter the Union. FTP, name this state nicknamed "The Bluegrass State". Answer: _Kentucky_ 3. Usually made from diodes arranged in such a way that current flows in one direction only, this type of switch is needed in all electronic equipment plugged into an alternating current power supply. FTP, name this device, used to convert alternating current to direct current. Answer: _Rectifier_ 4. First used widely in the early 1700's by a Cambridge, Massachusetts farmer to express the idea of excellence, no one is entirely certain of its origin. Some think it is derived from a Scottish word meaning a sharp and clever woman while others believe that it has a Dutch origin, coming from the common Dutch names Jan and Cornelis. FTP, what is this word which is used by Europeans as a name for American soldiers and identifies the 1996 World Series champions. Answer: _Yankee_ 5. It is a design cut into stone or other material, or etched or engraved in a metal plate, producing a concave effect that is the reverse of cameo. FTP, name this printing technique. Answer: _intaglio_ 6. A physician by profession, he gained infamous notoriety after his switch to politics. First elected president in 1957 with the backing of the army, he declared himself president for life in 1964 and his regime became known as a brutal reign of terror. Upon his death in 1971, he was succeeded by his son Jean-Claude, also known as "Baby Doc". FTP, name this Haitian dictator. Answer: Francois "Papa Doc" _Duvalier_ 7. As a professor at the University of Gottingen, he devised a method for isolating aluminum that he also used to isolate beryllium and yttrium. He also made significant contributions to the understanding of the chemistry of metabolism but is best known for his synthesis of urea from inorganic reagents. FTP, name this German chemist. Answer: Friedrich _Wohler_ 8. It supposedly had no color, no odor, no taste and no weight and was hypothesized by Johann Becher to be present in all flammable materials until its existence was refuted by Antoine Lavoisier in the late 18th century. FTP, name this fictitious substance. Answer: _phlogiston_ 9. Of the eleven most recently discovered, ten were found by Landon Curt Noll, David Slowinski, John Brown, Sergio Zarantonello, Paul Gage, and each of their various research assistants. The latest, discovered by a T90 series supercomputer during one of its shakedown tests, can be expressed as two raised to the one million, two hundred fifty seven thousand, seven hundred eighty-seventh power - minus one. The special form of this 378,632-digit number also allowed researchers to find the thirty-fourth known perfect number. FTP, what special kinds of numbers are being referred to, some less-great examples of which are 2, 3, and 5? Answer: Mersenne _prime_ numbers 10. It began from a suggestion by Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., and its first organizing meeting, in March, 1919, was called the Paris Caucus. One of its greatest accomplishments came during the depressions of the early 1920's and 30's, when over 1,000 posts received certificates of honor for helping keep local schools running despite budget cuts. Today, this group sponsors youth baseball leagues and Boys State, and its auxiliary sponsors Girls State. FTP, name this veterans' organization with almost 3 million members. Answer: _American Legion_ 11. This organization, founded in 1971, initially contained the Peace Corps, but the Peace Corps became independent in 1982. Today, its largest program is the Retired Senior Volunteer Program, which coordinates the work of elderly volunteers. Other programs include Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA), Student Service Learning, and the Volunteer Drug Abuse Prevention Program. FTP, name this governmental agency charged with directing the efforts of over 400,000 people in the volunteer programs of the US government. Answer: _ACTION_ 12. It measures anywhere from 7 to 12 feet in length and is made of long wooden staves tightly bound with birchbark strips to create an airtight tube. It is played with a cup-shaped wooden mouthpiece and its crude construction causes an irregular pitch. FTP, identify this instrument, included by Rossini in the opera "William Tell" and featured in a Ricola commercial. Answer: _alpenhorn_ (_alphorn_) 13. His early poetic works, including 1917's "Over the Barriers" and 1922's "My Sister Life" reflected his Symbolist influences. Unable to publish from 1933-43 due to Soviet censors, he was saved from the purges of the 30's only because he had translated poems from Stalin's native Georgia. His most famous work was not formally published in his homeland for 29 years because "it represented in a libelous manner the October Revolution [and] the people who made it", but won him the Nobel Prize anyway. FTP, identify the author of "Doctor Zhivago". Answer: Boris Leonidovich _Pasternak_ 14. The earliest ones were performed in France and Flanders and based on a non-dramatic narrative poem of the 13th century, and by 1501, performances were often so elaborate that one in Mons took over a week to perform. Later in the 16th century however, they had degraded so much into cheap buffoonery and crude slapstick that ecclesiastical authorities forbid their production in many areas. Today, a modern version by Jacques Scheurs is given every five years in Tegelen, The Netherlands, a Catalan play is performed by villagers every Lent, and the decennial one in Oberammergau is criticized for anti-Semitic overtones. FTP, identify this type of play dealing with the death and Resurrection of Jesus. Answer: _Passion_ play 15. Also known as the Battle of Elkhorn Tavern, it was fought between 11,000 Union troops under General Curtis and 16,000 Confederates under Generals Van Dorn, Price, and McCulloch. Although the Confederate troops initially held the upper hand, they were ultimately forced to retreat and abandon hopes of regaining Arkansas. FTP, identify the March, 1862, battle in Arkansas. Answer: Battle of _Pea Ridge_ 16. This novel ends with the question, "Po-tee-weet?" Among the people to die in this book are Roland Weary, Edgar Derby, and a forty-year-old hobo, and "So it goes." The 1966 work, sub-subtitled "A Duty-Dance with Death," centers on lead character's stay in a Tralmafadorian zoo, his career as an optometrist in Illium, New York, and his time as a chaplain's assistant in the U.S. Army during World War II. FTP, name this Kurt Vonnegut novel which focuses on Billy Pilgrim and describes the fire-bombing of Dresden. Answer: _"Slaughterhouse-Five"_ 17. Recently, this country started "The Food Culture Improvement Campaign" designed to reduce food waste, which may account for as much as half of all the garbage in this Asian nation. Efforts include tax breaks for restaurants meeting certain goals, prizes to employees cleaning their plates in company cafeterias, and the introduction of doggie bags. FTP, identify this nation, with capital at Seoul. Answer: _South Korea_ 18. Although a scientist, he won Pulitzer, Emmy, and Peabody awards. Working with James Pollack and Richard Goldstein in the 1960's, he showed that the dark lines on Mars were due to extremely violent winds and not vegetation growth, and that the temperature of Venus was around 800 degrees Fahrenheit. FTP, identify this astronomer who died in December, 1996, whose name is probably known by "billions and billions" of people. Answer: Carl Edward _Sagan_ 19. The chapters are divided into 4 sections titled "Feathers from a Thousand Li Away", "The Twenty-Six Malignant Gates", "American Translation", and "Queen Mother of the Western Skies" and though the novel is about lives of 8 women, only 7 are narrators. FTP, name this Amy Tan novel. Answer: "The _Joy Luck Club"_ 20. He portrayed Aaron Stempel in the TV series "Here Come the Brides" and appeared in the movie "The Greatest Story Ever Told", but it was for his work on Star Trek where he portrayed all three major alien races, Romulan, Klingon, and Vulcan, that he gained his greatest fame. Leonard Nimoy said of him: "We're not far apart in age, so it says something about his strength of character that he could play my father." FTP, identify this actor noted for his role as Sarek, Spock's father. Answer: Mark _Lenard_ 21. Erik's torture chamber, the decision making tools of bronze grasshopper or scorpion, and the characters of the Persian and Comte Philippe de Chagny all occur in the Gaston Leroux novel but not in the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical version. FTP, identify this work. Answer: "The _Phantom of the Opera"_ 22. The name of this religion means "the way of the kami," with no precise English equivalent of kami. It has three modern types: Shrine, Sect, and Folk, which cover different areas. FTP, name this loose system of beliefs and attitudes, the national religion of Japan. Answer: _Shinto_ 23. "On January evening of the early seventies, Christine Nilsson was singing in "Faust" at the Academy of Music in New York," begins this novel which goes on to describe the life of Newland Archer as he falls in love with Countess Ellen Olenska as he marries May Welland. FTP, name this 1921 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Edith Wharton. Answer: "The _Age of Innocence_" 24. Elected pope in 1503, he personally led armies in the conquest of Perugia and Bologna. An important patron of the arts, he commissioned Donato Bramante to design the new St. Peter's Church and also employed Raphael. FTP, name this pope, who also commissioned Michelangelo to decorate the Sistine Chapel with frescoes. Answer: _Julius II_ or Giuliano della _Rovere_ 25. Greek poet Christos Halazias said about him, "Though [he] cares little about British literature, his works are what T.S. Eliot meant about poetry--a second sight, a prophecy." A psychiatrist by profession, his collection of poems, "Of Unmentioned Years and Other Poems", was a top-seller in Greece this Christmas. His literary side probably seems strange to many Americans as he has twice been indicted for crimes against humanity by the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal. FTP, identify this man, the leader of the Bosnian Serbs accused of presiding over some the worst atrocities in history. answer: Radovan _Karadzic_ Bonuses 1. For five points each, name the founders of following religious groups. A. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Answer: Joseph _Smith_ B. Hasidism Answer: _Ba'al Shem Tov_ C. Church of Jesus Christ, Scientist Answer: Mary Baker _Eddy_ D. Presbyterianism Answer: John _Knox_ E. Sikhism Answer: Guru _Nanak_ F. Society of Friends Answer: George _Fox_ 2. "Star Trek: First Contact" brings back the Borg as the bad guys. FTP each, name these characters from the show who weren't in the movie, but were involved with the Borg. A. He brought the Borg into the Alpha Quadrent. Answer: _Q_ B. A member of the Borg who was used by the crew to implant a computer virus to disrupt the Borg collective and named by the crew. Answer: _Hugh_ C. Data's brother who took control of the disrupted Borg after Hugh was returned and briefly gave Data emotions. Answer: _Lore_ 3. FTP each, name these islands of the East Indies from a brief description. A. It contains the Indonesian provinces of Sarawak and Sabah and the sultanate of Brunei. Answer: _Borneo_ B. The western half of this island contains the Indonesian province of Irian Jaya. Answer: _New Guinea_ (DO NOT accept "Papua New Guinea") C. The city of Makassar is located on this very unusually shaped island located just east of Borneo. Answer: _Celebes_ (_Sulawesi_) 4. 30-20-10, name the collection of stories from the stories contained within it. 30: "The Story of the Husband and the Parrot" 20: "The Story of the Merchant and the Jinni" 10: "The Story of Es-Sindibad of the Sea and Es-Sindibad of the Land" Answer: "The _Thousand and One Nights"_ (_"Thousand and One Arabian Nights"_) (_"Arabian Nights"_) 5. Given a Cabinet post, identify both the holder of that post on Election Day, 1996 and the person nominated by Clinton in December, 1996 to replace the current holder for five points each. Please specify which is which. A. Secretary of State Answer: Warren _Christopher_ (holder); Madeleine _Albright_ (nominated) B. Secretary of Transportation Answer: Federico _Pena_ (holder); Rodney _Slater_ (nominated) C. Secretary of Energy Answer: Hazel _O'Leary_ (holder); Federico _Pena_ (nominated) 6. In one of the Sherlock Holmes stories, Dr. Watson mentioned other literary detectives. Answer the following questions FTP each. A. The novel in which this incident occurred, the same where Holmes and Watson are introduced. Answer: _"A Study in Scarlet"_ B. Edgar Allen Poe's detective, whose three short stories created the detective fiction genre. Answer: C. Auguste _Dupin_ C. Emile Gaboriau's detective creation who appeared in _L'Affaire Leronge_ and four other novels. Answer: Monsieur _Lecoq_ 7. FTP each, given a capital city, name the country. A. Bamako Answer: _Mali_ or _R‚publique du Mali_ B. Doha Answer: _Qatar_ or _Dawlet al-Qatar_ C. Freetown Answer: _Sierra Leone_ 8. FTP each--given three characters, name the book in which they appear: A. Victor, Elizabeth Lavenza, Justine Moritz Answer: _"Frankenstein"_ ("The _Modern Prometheus"_) B. Alan Breck Stewart, Ebenezer Balfour, David Balfour Answer: _"Kidnapped"_ C. Kelly Riker, Bruiser Stone, Rudy Baylor Answer: _"The Rainmaker"_ 9. Identify the following works from composer Alban Berg FTP each. A. His first opera, it was based on a Gerog Buchner drama and first performed in 1925. It led one reviewer to write, "I had the sensation of having been not in a public theatre but in an insane asylum." Answer: _"Wozzeck"_ B. His only other opera, it was left incomplete upon his death and was not performed until 1979. Answer: _"Lulu"_ C. A work for a string quartet in the 12-tone system, all of the metronome markings and measure totals for each movement are multiples of either 23 or 10. Answer: _"Lyric Suite"_ 10. Given a statistical category, identify the Division I-A football player who led the nation in that category in 1996. You will receive five points for correctly identifying the player and an additional five points for naming his school. A. Rushing yards per game Answer: Troy _Davis_, _Iowa State_ University of Science and Technology B. Passing efficiency Answer: Steve _Sarkisian_, _Brigham Young_ University (_BYU_) C. Interceptions Answer: Dre' _Bly_, University of _North Carolina_-Chapel Hill 11. Given a current or former Cabinet post, identify the first person to hold that post FTP each. A. Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, 1953 Answer: Oveta Culp _Hobby_ B. Secretary of Defense, 1947 Answer: James V. _Forrestal_ C. Attorney General, 1789 Answer: Edmund _Randolph_ 12. Given a description, identify the type of gait that a horse uses when moving FTP each. A. A four-beat gait, the horse lifts one foot after another and puts it down in the same order. Answer: _walk_ B. Used in harness racing, in this gait the horse moves the legs on the same side of its body at the same time. Answer: _pace_ C. A three-beat gait, in which a forefoot strikes the ground on the first beat, the other forefoot and opposite hind leg strike on the second beat, and the other hind leg strikes on the third beat. With done fast with a leap in the middle, it is called a gallop. Answer: _canter_ 13. Answer the following questions about historians and the study of history for the stated number of points. A. (5 pts) Often called the "Father of History", he wrote his account of the Greek-Persian Wars based on interviews of the participants. Answer: _Herodotus_ B. (10 pts) Often called the "Father of Modern History", this German of the 19th century introduced the use of seminars to teach future historians and developed methods to analyze documents. Answer: Leopold von _Ranke_ C. (10 pts) The uses of statistical methods to interpret data from sources such as old censuses or account books is referred to by this name. Answer: _cliometrics_ D. (5 pts) The writing of history comprises this field. Answer: _historiography_ 14. Identify the following composer 30-20-10. (30 pts) Among the books on music that he authored are "Grand Treatise on Modern Instrumentation and Orchestration" and "The Conductor: The Theory of His Art". (20 pts) Among his operas are "The Trojans" and "Beatrice and Benedict". (10 pts) His more famous symphonies include "Romeo and Juliet" and "Symphonie fantastique". Answer: Louis-Hector _Berlioz_ 15. Given a brief description of the body part of an ant, identify it FTP each. A. The large end part of an ant, it contains the crop, stomach, and stinger. Answer: _gaster_ B. Located behind the head and trunk, it consists of the waist and the gaster. Answer: _metasoma_ C. Tiny openings along the side of the body through which the any breathes. Answer: _spiracles_ 16. Answer the following questions about Hitler's Cabinet as chancellor in last days of the Weimar Republic FTP each. A. Formerly president of the Reichstag, he became minister of the interior for Prussia upon Hitler's rise to chancellor. Answer: Hermann _Goring_ (_Goering_) B. As national minister of the interior, he and Goring were the only Nazis in Hitler's original Cabinet. Answer: Wilhelm _Frick_ C. A former chancellor, from June 1 to December 4, 1932, he served as vice chancellor. Answer: Franz von _Papen_ 17. FTP each, given a hormone, identify the gland from which it is secreted. A. glucagon Answer: _pancreas_ B. follicle stimulating hormone Answer: _pituitary_ gland C. calcitonin Answer: _thyroid_ gland 18. FTP apiece, given an event, name the book of the Bible in which it takes place. A. Lot's two daughters have sex with him on successive nights Answer: _Genesis _ B. David slays Goliath Answer: _1 Samuel_ C. The Holy Ghost appears in the form of tongues of flame above the heads of the disciples Answer: _Acts_ of the Apostles 19. FTP each, name the three grandsons of Charlemagne, who in 843 divided up his kingdom in the Treaty of Verdun. Answer: _Charles I_ (_Charles the Bald_), _Lothair I_, _Louis the German_ 20. 30-20-10, name the artist from works. (30 pts) "The Mall" (20 pts) "Perdita" (10 pts) "The Blue Boy" Answer: Thomas _Gainsborough_ 21. FTP each, given an election year, identify the candidate that received the second most electoral votes in that election. A. 1884 Answer: James G. _Blaine_ B. 1860 Answer: John C. _Breckinridge_ C. 1824 Answer: John _Q_uincy _Adams_