Berkeley Tossups: Perpetual Motion IV January 1997 KAS - katy MB - Matt HE Haggai GCS me DW -David 1. The subject of variation eleven is the composer's bulldog Dan. Centered around a melancholy theme in G minor, each of the 14 variations is a portrait of someone known to the composer. The subjects are identified in the form of initials, codewords, or, in one case, a mysterious cipher. FTP, identify this famous work, Opus 36 of composer Edward Elgar. A: ENIGMA Variations (MB) 2. He was shot in the chest while campaigning in Milwaukee by a saloon keeper who objected to his pursuit of a third term as President. He actually completed the speech he was giving before seeking medical attention. He did live, but was not re-elected to a third term. FTP, identify this tough-as-a-moose third-party candidate. A: THEODORE (Teddy) ROOSEVELT (MB) 3. Geographical features include the Ruacana Falls in the north, the Fish River in the south, and the 250-mile long Caprivi strip in the northeast corner, which juts out nearly all the way to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. FTP, what is this country, whose southern border is formed by the Orange River, and whose western coast features Walvis Bay? A: NAMIBIA (MB) 4. It first appeared in the US in the 1890's from Central America. Known scientifically as Anthonomus Grandis, it is 6mm long and still causes an estimated 200 million dollars of damage every year in the US, especially in the south. FTP, identify this troublesome little pest. A: BOLL WEEVIL (MB) 5. A "system" used for bounding class numbers. A "product" used for the zeta function. A "characteristic" used to classify topological spaces. A "constant" which appears in estimates for the harmonic series. A "formula" relating logarithmic and trigonometric functions. A "phi-function" used in number theory. And the number e. FTP, all of these things, and more, are named after what Swiss mathematician? A: Leonhard EULER (MB) 6. Born in Harlem, she began writing poetry at the age of seven. She still travels across America to read her poems and speak on the themes of her writing: politics in the street, Black women, child welfare, and education. Books include "Lyrical Campaigns", "Moving Towards Home", and "Haruko/Love Poetry". FTP, identify this UC Berkeley professor and founder of "Poetry for the People." A: June JORDAN (MB) 7. In physics, this principle states that the total effect of several waves moving simultaneously through a medium is determined by the vector sum of the displacements caused by the individual waves. FTP, name this principle which, when used in mathematics, states that the most general form the solution to a differential equation is a combination of all the linearly independent solutions of the equation. ANS: SUPERPOSITION (HE) 8. This mathematician's name is attached to the generalized notion of spatial dimension that allows one to assign fractional dimension values to "fractals" such as the Mandelbrot set. A topological space with the property that any two points are separated by distinct open sets also bears his name. FTP, name him. ANS: Felix HAUSDORFF (HE) 9. Characters in this 20th century novel include Anne Stanton, Tiny Duffy, Sadie Burke, and the narrator, Jack Burden. FTP, name this Robert Penn Warren novel which chronicles the meteoric ascendancy of Wille Stark to the governorship of his state. ANS: ALL THE KING'S MEN (HE) 10. The recent success of rookie NHL goalie Patrick LaLime resembles the auspicious 1971 debut of this legendary Montreal goalkeeper, who was named the Rookie of the Year in '71 despite playing in fewer than 20 games. FTP, name this player who penned a famous memoir of his hockey career that was simply titled "The Game". ANS: Ken DRYDEN (HE) 11. They were first reached by the Greeks but were named by Pliny the Elder. Now controlled by Spain, the principal islands of the group include Fuerteventura and Gomera but the human population of the islands now outnumbers that of the wild dogs for which they were named. FTP, name these islands off the north west coast of Africa. Ans: CANARY Islands (KAS) 12. An enthusiastic outdoorsman, he believed that people should enjoy wilderness areas as places for recreation while preserving those areas as much as possible. He pioneered the application of the principles of ecology to wildlife management and gained international fame with several books and articles including the textbook _Game Management_ and _Round River_. FTP, name this American naturalist perhaps best known as the author of _A Sand County Almanac. Ans: Aldo LEOPOLD (KAS) 13. It comes from the Arabic word for union and began in the 1600s as an organization to combat corruption and tyranny in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. Later, it's aims seemed to take an opposite turn with the requisite fidelity of members the only remaining similar characteristic and it is still associated with criminal elements and bloody vendettas. FTP, give the name of this Sicilian terrorist society. ANS: MAFIA (KAS) 14. He was famous as a muckraker, helping to organize the American Civil Liverties Union and the League for Industrial Democracy but primarily called attention to issues through his writing. Ultimately, the popularity of his works such as _The Metropolis_ and the Pulitzer prize-winning novel _Dragon's Teeth_ have made him one of the most-translated American authors. FTP, who was this author of _The Jungle? Ans: Upton SINCLAIR not Sinclair Lewis! (KAS) 15. A little-known Scottish marching tune known as "Colonel Bogey's March" became one of the most famous songs in the world after it was featured in this movie. FTP, what was this 1957 anti-war epic, which was directed by David Lean and based on a Pierre Boulet novel of the same name. ANS: THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI (HE) 16. In Roman mythology, she had a child by Ulysses named Latinus. She lived on the island Aeaea (eye eye a), but sometimes visited Italy. On one trip to Sicily she turned Scylla into a monster, and likewise she turned Picus into a woodpecker when he preferred Canens. FTP, who was this beautiful sorceress most famous for turning half of Odysseus' crew into swine? Ans: CIRCE (GCS) 17. According to Prof. Marvin Trachtenberg, the Pazzi (Pot si) Chapel in Florence was really designed by Michelozzo di Bartolomeo (Michael otz so di Bart ol oh may oh) in imitation of THIS artist's Old Sacristry. THIS artist died in 1446, only 4 years after the Pazzi Chapel was designed, and the Pazzi Chapel resembles earlier buildings from his career, before his full genius in works such as the Ospedale degli Innocenti was established. FTP, what great Florentine artist is usually attributed as the architect of the Pazzi chapel, as well as the dome of the Florence Cathedral? Ans: Filippo BRUNELLESCHI (GSC) 18. Because green algae chlorella can absorb carbon dioxide tagged with carbon 14, it was possible to investigate this cycle of reactions which form an important link in photosynthesis. Although the reaction occurs without benefit of light, by immersing cells in boiled alcohol until certain compounds could be extracted, it was possible to identify the path of what vital cycle of reactions, named for the Nobel prize winner who performed the experiment just described, thus earning the 1961 Nobel in Chem? Ans: CALVIN cycle (GCS) Accept DARK cycle on an early buzz, on a late buzz prompt on DARK 19. Those making fun of him referred to him as "squillhead." This is because he had some sort of birth defect which made him look a bit like a conehead. However, unlike Beldar from Remulak, he was of enormous intelligence and led his country in a Golden Age. Furthermore, statues of him always show him wearing a helmet to cover up his cone. FTP, who was this great Athenians statesman who led Athens into the Peloponnesian War? Ans: PERICLES (GCS) 20. This physicist born in 1904 suggested a genetic code of DNA, although he is primarily remembered for astronomic discoveries. It was he who worked out the theory of Red Giant stars, and along with Edward Teller, he made another proposal, popularized by Carl Sagan. FTP, who was this Russian-American who co-formulated the "Big Bang" theory? \George GAMOW\ (GCS) 21. When his elder son, Eustace, died, he had to give up hopes of founding a dynasty in England and came to terms with the Plantagenets by recognizing duke Henry as the official heir, even though he still had a son. His reign is considered a blight on English history, mostly wracked by civil war with the daughter of his predecessor. FTP, who was this only king from the house of Blois who ruled England from 1135-1154? ANs: STEPHEN (GCS) 22. This French city near the Mediterranean has a magnificent amphitheater which the locals call the arena. It was a Roman city and is close to Nimes and Avignon, towns with whom it is often compared. While its history is less impressive in the Middle ages than Avignon, it's claim to fame is that Van Gogh spent the last years of his life in a nearby institution for the possibly deranged. FTP, what is this French city which also boasts the world's oldest (documented) living person? Ans: ARLES (GCS) 23. Little Blues live in New Zealand. The Humboldts, amazingly enough, live in the coastal desert of Peru and Chile. The Magellanics, also called "Jack ass _____ (blank)s" live at the Southern extreme of South America, far closer to most others of this species. FTP, what is this flightless bird, most species of which live in Antarctica? Ans: PENGUINS (GCS) 24. This philosopher wrote _On the Rainbow, _On the Calculation of Chances, and _Treatise on the Improvement of Understanding. In conversations with fellow students, he claimed that the author of Pentateuch was no wiser in physics or theology than they were. He wrote an exposition of Descartes' _Principles of Philosophy, with an introduction stating that he disagreed with Descartes. Specifically, he rejected the transcendence of God, the substantial dualism of mind and body, and the ascription of free will to both God and humans. FTP name this author of _Ethics Demonstrated in Geometrical Order, who applied the axiomatic method to philosophy. A: Baruch or Benedict de SPINOZA (DW) 25. In his youth he was banished from court for his liberal tendencies, and his military career ended because he expressed sympathy for the French July Revolution. He advocated constitutional government and war with Austria in his newspaper _Il Risorgimento_. His policy of a free church in a free state failed to convince the pope to surrender Rome to the Kingdom of Italy. FTP name this prime minister of Sardinia who played a key role in the unification of Italy. A: Camillo Benso, count di CAVOUR (DW) 26. This statesman had wanted to be a priest. His father dissuaded him, but he applied his interest in morality to politics. His administration passed the Secret Ballot Act, abolished religious tests in universities, and disestablished the Irish church. Later in his career he tried to grant home rule to Ireland. He hurt his reputation by failing to rescue General Gordon at Khartoum. He criticized his rival Disraeli for indifference to Turkish atrocities in the Balkans. FTP name this four-time prime minister of Britain. A: William Ewart GLADSTONE (DW) 27. The father of this literary character is happy to be one of the undeserving poor, until he is recognized as the most original moralist in England, and delivered into the hands of middle-class morality. She says she will marry Freddy Eynsford Hill as soon as she can support him. Early in the play she regularly says "Garn!" and "Ah-ah-ah-ow-ow-ow-oo!", but later her speech is changed enough that the phonetician Nepommuck declares that she is Hungarian and or royal blood, and thus Colonel Pickering loses his bet with Henry Higgins. FTP name this Shavian character. A: ELIZA DOOLITTLE (DW) 28. The writings of the poet, dramatist, philosopher, and historian include _History of the Thirty Years' War_, _Words of Faith, and _Fiesco_. As a result of his upbringing in military school, several of his plays are concerned with the use and abuse of power. Influenced by Immanuel Kant, he developed his theory of the "beautiful soul" in which the conflicting elements of human nature are harmonized through self-control. Beethoven set one of his poems to music. FTP name this German who wrote _The Song of the Bell_, _Don Carlos_, and _Wilhelm Tell_. A: Johann Christoph Friedrich von SCHILLER (DW) 29. The phrase "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior" is a translation of the Greek "Iesous Christos Theou Uios Soter." (yay-soos krees-tos thay-oo hwee-ahss so-tair) The acronym for this phrase is a Greek word, which explains why this word, inside a stylized image of the thing it refers to, is often seen on the rear ends of cars. FTP give the English word for this object, an early symbol of Christianity. A: FISH (ask for English on ichthus) (DW) 30. C 20 H 24 O 2 N 2 is the chemical formula of this alkaloid obtained from the bark of the cinchona tree. As a drug it has largely been replaced by synthetics such as pyrimethamine and chloroquine, but it played an important role in the colonization of Africa by providing protection from Plasmodium, the microorganism that causes malaria. FTP name this substance used to make tonic water. A: QUININE (DW) 31. The American journalist and romantic poet wrote "The Prairies," "A Forest Hymn," and "The Death of Lincoln." Many of the Hudson River painters were his friends. His father encouraged him at an early age to rhyme in imitation of Alexander Pope, and published his satire of Jefferson, "The Embargo," when he was 13, but he later abandoned the neoclassical style. He fought the Tweed ring and defended free speech, free trade, and free soil during his fifty years as editor of the New York Evening Post. FTP name this author of "To a Waterfowl" and "Thanatopsis." A: William Cullen BRYANT (DW) Berkeley bonuses 1. In this infamous example of medical documented racism, 399 black men with VD were monitored by not treated, although a cure exists for the disease they had. This lasted for 40 years. For 10 points, name the disease, and for an additional 20, name the incident whose name comes from the location of the medical facility where they were monitored. 10 - SYPHILLIS 20 - TUSKEEGEE EXPERIMENT 2. Travels with Phil Flavius Huang: Last November, Gaius ex-consul of the Berkeley Academic Club got lost somewhere in time in the Roman Empire. Phil has gone in search of him using a time machine perfected by Partha up at Lawrence Berkeley Lab. Partha set Phil's chronometer to 107 BC and sent Phil to North Africa in search of Gaius. Of course, now Philip is lost, too. Please answer the following and help Phil out: (5) Phil lands near the site of Carthage. What modern country is this, OR by what name do Romans call this province? TUNISIA or AFRICA (10) Darn it! Phil has been spotted by Roman pickets. Luckily he is able to ask them in Latin to bring him to their leader, the consul of 107 BC. Phil recognizes this as what general, later the rival of Sulla? Gaius MARIUS (15) OOPS. Phil was about to disparage Sulla, when he remembers Sulla served under Marius in a campaign -- probably this one - in Africa against what local Numidian king who murdered his way to the throne and then killed a bunch of Roman merchants, to boot? JUGURTHA 3. Identify the following associated with horses from mythology for 5 points each with a bonus for all 5: A. She was Pegasus' mother MEDUSA B. This god created the first horse POSEIDON/NEPTUNE C. His horse, Xanthus, was immortal and talked ACHILLES D. This Thracian king had wild, man-eating horses DIOMEDES E. This famous twin was an excellent horse trainer; his brother is famous as a boxer. POLLUX/POLYDEUCES 4. Consider the election of 1860. Identify the following: (10) He got the 2nd most votes, but carried only Missouri and some electoral votes from New Jersey. Stephen DOUGLASS (5) He was Lincoln's running mate Hannibal HAMLIN (10) This candidate read the results of the Electoral College, as the constitution orders in January 1861. John BRECKENRIDGE (5) 1860 was the only appearance of this party which fielded John Bell. CONSTITUTIONAL UNION 5. Identify these Socialists from the WW I era (10 each) A. This French Socialist was assassinated at the outbreak of WW I. A major street in Paris is named for him, and he is remembered for his efforts to prevent war during the 1912 crisis. Jean JUARES B. This Russian leader helped bring down the Romanovs, and became the 2nd Prime Minister of the Provisional government in summer 1917. Alexander KERENSKY C. This German Socialist, along with Rosa Luxembourg, led a putsch in post-war 1919 Germany, which had to be suppressed by the army. He was executed mysteriously and without trial. Karl LIEBKNECHT 6. There are now 7 states with woman senators, two of which have 2 women as their senators. For 5 each, name any six of these 9 senators: Barbara BOXER (CA) Mary LANDRIEU (LA) Susan COLLINS (ME) Barbara MIKULSKI (MD) Dianne FEINSTEIN (CA) Carol MOSELY-BRAUN (IL) Kay Bailey HUTCHINSON (TX) Patty MURRAY (WA) Olympia SNOWE (ME) 7. During the Napoleonic Era, several dynasties lost territory - even their thrones - to French upstart Bonapartes and their in-laws. Given a place, identify the local dynasty which lost out to French incursion (5 each with bonus for all): Kingdom of the Two Sicilies BOURBONS Spain BOURBONS Lombardy in Italy HAPSBURGS Netherlands ORANGE Portugal BRAGANZA 8. 30-20-10, name the novelist. (30) He was born in Kiev in 1857, and his original surname was Korzeniowski. His first novel was 1895's "Almayer's Folly." (20) Some of his later novels were "Youth", "Typhoon", and "Chance." (10) He also wrote "Nostromo", "Lord Jim", and "Heart of Darkness." ANS: Joseph CONRAD 9. Having lived through the excessive hype surrounding the Super Bowl, you now have the chance to get some points by knowing about its history. (a) This receiver touched the ball only 4 times in Super Bowl X, but those catches were so spectacular that he was named the MVP of the game. FTP, name him. ANS: Lynn SWANN (b) Swann's heroics in that game occurred during the first Super Bowl meeting between two teams that have now met a record three times in the Super Bowl. For ten points each, name these teams, who played each other in Super Bowls X, XIII, and XXX. ANS: Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys 10. The following questions concern real people who were portrayed in Oscar-winning movie performances. You'll get ten points if you can name the actual person who was played by the Oscar winning actor in the given year, and you'll get five points if you need the name of the movie. (a) 10: Robert DeNiro won Best Actor in 1980 for playing this person. 5: The movie was "Raging Bull." ANS: Jake LAMOTTA (b) 10: F. Murray Abraham in 1984 5: "Amadeus" ANS: Antonio SALIERI (c) 10: Jeremy Irons in 1990 5: "Reversal of Fortune" ANS: Claus VON BULOW 11. Name these English novels published in the nineteenth century novels which are named after houses FTP each. A) Two houses are important in this novel. One of the major characters gains ownership of the title house by gambling with its owner, and gains the other house by bribing a lawyer not to visit a dying man who wants to change his will. A: WUTHERING HEIGHTS B) Much of this novel revolves around a court case concerning a disputed will. The case ends when court costs are found to have consumed the entire estate. A: BLEAK HOUSE C) The heroine of this novel visits Bath and finds a boyfriend, who invites her to stay at the title house. Under the influence of too many Gothic romances, she skulks around in places she doesn't belong and develops dark suspicions about his mother's death. A: NORTHANGER ABBEY 12. Name these types of differential equations for the stated number of points. In all of these equations, x is the independent variable and y is the dependent variable. (5 points) An equation of this type can be written in the form y prime equals f of x times g of y (y' = f(x)g(y)). A: SEPARABLE equation (10 points) An equation of this type can be written in the form M dx + N dy = 0, where the partial derivative of M with respect to y equals the partial derivative of N with respect to x. A: EXACT equation (15 points) An equation of this type can be written in the form a x squared y double prime plus b x y prime plus c y equals f of x (a(x^2)y'' + bxy' + cy = f(x)), and can be transformed to an equation with constant coefficients by the substitution x equals e to the t (x = e^t). A: (second order) CAUCHY-EULER equation or EQUIDIMENSIONAL equation or EULER equation or EULER-CAUCHY equation or CAUCHY equation 13. In 1864, Congress asked each state to contribute statues of outstanding citizens to display in the Capitol. Given the name of a person whose statue was contributed, identify the contributing state for the stated number of points. 5 Ethan Allen VERMONT 10 Nathanael Greene RHODE ISLAND 15 William Jennings Bryan NEBRASKA 14. Identify the mountain from a description for five points apiece. Highest peak in Washington State RAINIER Highest island peak in the world MAUNA KEA Highest peak in the western hemisphere ACONAGUA Highest peak in the Alps MONT BLANC Highest peak in Antarctica VINSON MASSIF Only active volcano on the mainland of Europe VESUVIUS 15. The sixth chapter of the New Testament describes the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Answer the following questions about these and other Four Horsemen for five points apiece. First, given the rider, identify the color of his horse. Conquest WHITE Death PALE or GREENISH-YELLOW War RED Famine BLACK Now name the school with a football team whose backfield was known as "The Four Horsemen" in the 1920s. NOTRE DAME 16. Identify the "a" term from astronomy for ten points each. The point farthest from the moon in the orbit of a lunar satellite APOCYNTHION The point farthest from the earth in the orbit of an earth satellite APOGEE The point farthest from the sun in the orbit of a solar satellite APHELION 17. Name the author from works 30-20-10. 30 Vile Bodies, Black Magic, The Loved One 20 Officers and Gentlemen, Men At Arms, Unconditional Surrender 10 A Handful of Dust, Brideshead Revisited Evelyn WAUGH 18. For 15 points each, name these scientific "effects": a) When a current-carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field, a voltage is generated in a direction perpendicular to both the current and the magnetic field. ANS: Hall effect b) When an external magnetic field induces splitting of the spectral lines emitted by an atom. ANS: Zeeman effect 19. FTP each, identify the reserved word from C++ from the given clues: a) This word precedes the declaration of a function that doesn't return a value. It's the equivalent of a "subroutine" in Pascal and Fortran. ANS: VOID b) A class or function which has access to the private members of another class is identified by this word. ANS: FRIEND c) This keyword allows one to create a function or a class that can assume any kind of pre-defined or user-defined type. Ans: TEMPLATE 20. Identify the artists who painted or photographed the following works, for ten points each. 1. "Migrant Mother, California", 1936 A: Dorothea LANGE 2. "Ochre and Red on Red", 1954 A: Mark ROTHKO 3. "Twittering Machine", 1922 A: Paul KLEE 21. This bonus will test your knowledge of American cities with funny names. Ten points each for identifying the state in which each of the following cities is located, or five points if you need another, more ordinary sounding city. 1. First Clue: Port Sulphur Second Clue: Lake Charles A: LOUISIANA 2. First Clue: Medicine Lodge Second Clue: Dodge City A: KANSAS 3. First Clue: The cities Spanish Fork and Mexican Hat Second Clue: Ogden A: UTAH 22. 30-20-10, identify the composer from works. 30: Children's Corner 20: Suite Bergamasque 10: La Mer A: Claude DEBUSSY 23. Identify each of the following political "firsts", FTP each: 1. Lyndon Johnson's first attorney general A: Robert _Kennedy_ 2. First woman elected to the US Senate A: Hattie _Caraway_ 3. First speaker of the house A: Frederick _Muhlenburg_ 24. Give the names of the five epochs in the Tertiary period. You will get five points for each one you name, with an extra five for getting them in the correct order from MOST RECENT to MOST DISTANT. A: Pliocene, Miocene, Oligocene, Eocene, Paleocene 25. For 5 points each, name these contemporary female writers given a list of works. A) Cry to Heaven, The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, Lasher A: Anne RICE B) A Garden of Earthly Delights, You Must Remember This, Black Water A: Joyce Carol OATES C) Saint Maybe, Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant, Morgan's Passing A: Anne TYLER D) Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center, A Woman's Mourning Song A: bell HOOKS or Gloria WATKINS E) China Man, The Woman Warrior A: Maxine Hong KINGSTON F) Sula, Song of Solomon, Tar Baby A: Toni MORRISON 26. Given the beginning of a poem, give its last line, for 5 points each. (Moderator: It's okay if they get a word or two wrong in the long ones, if it's clear that they're not confusing it with some other line.) 1) O what can ail thee, Knight at arms, Alone and palely loitering? A: AND NO BIRDS SING (John Keats, "La Belle Dame Sans Merci") 2) Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate. A: SO LONG LIVES THIS, AND THIS GIVES LIFE TO THEE. (William Shakespeare) 3) O wild West Wind, thou breath or Autumn's being A: IF WINTER COMES, CAN SPRING BE FAR BEHIND? (Percy Shelley, "Ode to the West Wind") 4) It little profits that an idle king, By this still hearth, among these barren crags A: TO STRIVE, TO SEEK, TO FIND, AND NOT TO YIELD. (Alfred Tennyson, "Ulysses") 5) Whose woods these are I think I know. His house is in the village, though. A: AND MILES TO GO BEFORE I SLEEP. (Robert Frost, "Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening") 6) Why so pale and wan, fond lover? Prithee, why so pale? A: THE DEVIL TAKE HER! (John Suckling) 27. This bonus test your knowledge of Bartlett's _Familiar Quotations_. Name the authors of the following for five points each. 1) We are healed of a suffering only by experiencing it to the full. A: Marcel PROUST 2) We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men and women are created equal. A: Elizabeth Cady STANTON 3) Man's inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn. A: Robert (or Bobby) BURNS 4) The country needs and, unless I mistake its temper, the country demands bold, persistent experimentation. It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something. A: FRANKLIN Delano ROOSEVELT 5) I am in earnest--I will not equivocate--I will not excuse--I will not retreat a single inch, and I will be heard! A: William Lloyd GARRISON 6) Let us have wine and women, mirth and laughter, sermons and soda water the day after A: George GORDON or Lord BYRON 28. Name these defense mechanisms FTP each. 1) A person adopts a pattern of behavior that is the opposite of a repressed impulse. A: REACTION FORMATION 2) The energy of an unconscious impulse is channeled to a more acceptable activity. A: SUBLIMATION 3) A person avoids awareness of unacceptable impulses by inventing a safe and plausible explanation of the resulting behavior. A: RATIONALIZATION 29. Name these Supreme Court cases FTP each. 1) In this case the court ruled that a man can be exempted for the draft as a conscientious objector even if his objection to war is not based on religion. A: WELSH v. United States 2) This case was brought to court because Tennessee had not reapportioned its legislative districts for 50 years. The Supreme Court ruled that federal courts did have jurisdiction on the subject, and ordered the federal district court in Tennessee to hear the case. A: BAKER V. CARR 3) In this case, which came after Gideon v. Wainwright and before Miranda v. Arizona, the court ruled that if a suspect requests and is denied the opportunity to consult a lawyer during interrogation, nothing he says may be used against him. A: ESCOBEDO V. ILLINOIS 30. This bonus tests your knowledge of pop music. Name the artists that recorded the following lyrics FTP each. 1) Where it began, I can't begin to knowing But then I know it's growing strong Was in the spring Then spring became the summer Who'd have believed you'd come along A: Neil DIAMOND ("Sweet Caroline") 2) Into the distance, a ribbon of black Stretched to the point of no turning back A flight of fancy on a windswept field Standing alone my senses reeled A: PINK FLOYD ("Learning to Fly") 3) Come back home to the refinery Hiring man says, "Son if it was up to me." Went down to see my V.A. man He said, "Son, don't you understand now." A: Bruce SPRINGSTEEN ("Born in the U.S.A.") 31. Given the years that films have won Academy Awards, give the characteristic that the titles share for ten points each. 1930, 1949, 1950 THEY ALL BEGIN WITH "ALL" (All Quiet on the Western Front, All the King's Men, All About Eve) 1940, 1948, 1955, 1958, 1968, 1970, 1976 TITLES ARE ONE WORD NAMES (Rebecca, Hamlet, Marty, Gigi, Oliver!, Patton, Rocky) 1954, 1956, 1967 THEY ALL BEGIN WITH A PREPOSITION (On the Waterfront, Around the World in 80 Days, In the Heat of the Night) 32. identify the poem from lines 30-20-10. 30 With conquering limbs astride from land to land/ 20 "Keep ancient lands your storied pomp!" cried she/ 10 I lift my lamp beside the golden door THE NEW COLOSSUS 33. Identify the following figures in European history for 10 points each. 1. Though born in Italy, he gained fame as a French statesman and patron of the arts. His centralization of power and imposition of taxes provoked the revolts known as the Fronde, which he crushed decisively. A: Jules _Mazarin_ 2. He was exiled twice from Italy, once in 1831 and again in 1849 after becoming leader of the short-lived republic of Rome. The actual unification of Italy, in which he took little part, fell short of his popular republican ideals. A: Giuseppi _Mazzini_ 3. He was a Cossack chief who aided Charles XII of Sweden in vain against Peter the Great, hoping to win independence for his native Ukraine. Byron's poem of the same name immortalizes a youthful incident in which he is said to have been tied to a wild horse by a jealous Polish nobleman. A: Ivan _Mazepa_