Auburn University Montgomery Toss-up Questions by Tom Michael, Bonus Questions by Tom Michael and Michael Baldwin (NOTE TO MODERATORS: PRONUNCIATION WARNING FOR TOSS-UP 1, PREMATCH REVIEW SUGGESTED) Toss-ups (Literature) Kono michi ma Yuku hito nashi ni Aki no kure (pronounce the vowels "a" as if it were in the word "gnaw," "e" as if it were the "a" in "may", "i" as if it were the "e" in "me,""o" as in "no," "u" as if it were the "ou" in "you.") is one by Matsuo Basho, a 17th Century wanderer who developed this verse form. FTP, name this poetic form of 17 syllables and three lines. _haiku_ (pron: HIGH-coo) (History) After shooting himself in the chest failed to off him, American doctors patiently nursed him back to health so that he could be hanged. Born of a samurai family, he taught at a military staff college until assigned to the garrisons in Manchuria. Becoming Chief of Staff of the army in China in 1937, he later became Minister of War and finally premier. FTP, who was this Japanese leader who resigned in disgrace after the Allies captured Saipan? Hideki _Tojo_ (Any of two categories above) In his desire to become King of the Moon, he imposed a backbreaking labor on his subjects. He ignored the complaints until Mack, the lowliest of his underlings, brought the whole enterprise back to Earth with a "plain little" burp. FTP name this subject of a political allegory by Dr. Seuss, the "king of the pond" "on the far-away Island of Sala-ma-Sond." _Yertle_ the Turtle (Science) 13.5 times heavier than water, this substance freezes at -40 fahrenheit. Combined with chlorine, it can be a calomel or an antiseptic. As an amalgam it's been used for gold and silver extraction, and as a fulminate it forms an explosive used in detonators. FTP, what is this element whose chief ore is cinnabar? _mercury_ (History) Molino del Rey, San Antonio, Chapultepec, Palo Alto, Resaca de la Palma, Monterrey, Cerro Gordo, and Veracruz were among the battles of, ftp, what war ended by the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo? _Mexican_ - American War (Religion/Philosophy/Mythology) This King of Phrygia was condemned for various crimes: betrayal of Zeus, theft of a golden dog, serving ambrosia without a license, and feeding his son Pelops to the gods at a banquet. FTP, who was this father of Niobe and Broteas who spends eternity in Hades with the food and drink he craves just out of reach? _Tantalus_ (Literature) The fifth book was published posthumously, and may not entirely be the work of the author. The work's title characters are a father who was sued for stealing the bells of Notre Dame, and a son who journeys to the Oracle of the Holy Bottle to have a question answered. FTP, identify this satire mostly by Francois Rabelais. _Gargantua and Pantagruel_ (History) This title of this nation's King can be translated as "Lord of Life and Possessor of the Twenty-Four Golden Umbrellas." The first King founded the city of Ayuthia, and its current capital was founded by King Rama I. The nation joined Japan in declaring war on the United States, but the Allies ignored it. FTP, what is this Southeast Asian country whose current King is the longest reigning living monarch? _Thailand_ (Science) While working at the Norman Bridge Laboratory of Physics at Cal Tech, he helped plan the building and installation of a 200 inch telescope. Using delicate detectors called electroscopes, he proved that cosmic rays originated in outer space. FTP, identify this 1923 Nobel laureate for physics who also first measured the charge of the electron. Robert Andrews _Millikan_ (Sports) The Reign, the Rage, the Quest, and the Lasers represent Seattle, Richmond, Columbus, and San Jose respectively in, ftp, what women's professional basketball league that started in the Fall of 1996? _American Basketball League_ (Acc: ABL) (Pop Culture) The first American performer allowed to tour the Soviet Union, the U.S. government used him as a courier for secret messages on his return voyage. He once explained his membership in the Algonquin Round table by saying that he functioned as the listener. On _I Love Lucy_ he recreated the "mirror scene" from _Duck Soup_ that he had performed with his brother Groucho. FTP, name this Marx Brother who communicated a lot while never saying anything? _Harpo_ Marx (Science) Fritz Opel tried to develop them as a propellant method for trains and cars, while William Congreve had advocated their use in war a century earlier. Their name is derived from an old Italian word for a small staff. FTP, what is this device that can be dry- or liquid-fueled, and was developed in modern times by Robert Goddard? _rocket_ (Music/Dance/Performing Arts) Some of the sets were designed by Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall, and the music for some of the productions was composed by Ravel, Debussy, and Stravinsky. Opened in Paris in 1909, George Balanchine was one of the choreographers. FTP, identify this dance company founded by Sergei Diaghilev. _Ballets Russes_ (pron: ba-LAY ROOS) (History) Isabella II of Spain in 1870, Richard II of England in 1399, Carol II of Rumania in 1940, Diocletian in 305, and Charles X of France in 1830 did what all the German kings and princesses did in 1918 and Napoleon did twice. FTP, what is this sometimes involuntary act that in England requires the consent of Parliament? _abdication_ (acc: very close equivalents) (Painting/Sculpture/Architecture/Film) A pupil of Bellini, Giorgione was one of his fellow students. He painted himself kneeling before Christ and Mary in his _Pieta_, and also created the allegory _Scared and Profane Love_. Charles V was so pleased with this artist created that he named him "Knight of the Golden Spur and Count Palatine." FTP, who is this Venetian artist who has lent his name to a shade of blue? _Titian_ (pron: TEE-shun) (Acc: Tiziano Vecelli) (Religion/Philosophy/Mythology) This son of a banker abandoned medical school to study philosophy. Borrowing from the Buddhists that "life is suffering," he felt that the intellect must suppress desire in order to diminish suffering. FTP, name this notorious pessimist and author of 1819's _The World as Will and Idea_. Arthur _Schopenhauer_ (Geography) Mount Betty Gustafson, Roosevelt Island, Adelie Land. the Beardmore Glacier, the Rockefeller Plateau, Elephant Island, Victoria Land, the Bay of Whales, the Weddell Sea, the Ross Sea, the Amundsen Glacier, the Ross Ice Shelf, and Mount Erebus are all, ftp, part of what continent surrounded by drift ice? _Antarctica_ (Literature) About Fame, this poet said: "She comes unlook'd for, if she comes at all." He called London a "Dear, damn'd, distracting town;" and talked about "The Right Divine of Kings to govern wrong." Those lines come from "The Temple of Fame," "A Farewell to London," and _The Dunciad_. FTP, identify this English neoclassicist and wit who also wrote _An Essay on Criticism_ and _The Rape of the Lock_. Alexander _Pope_ (Current Events) Bob Dornan has called her "an inarticulate, flaky, non-qualified person." Those are strong words to use against a person who's just defeated you by 900 votes. FTP, name this Hispanic-American Californian whose recent election to the House of Representatives is still being contested. Linda _Sanchez_ (Non-trash miscellaneous) Andrew Jackson appointed him Attorney General in 1831, and in 1833 moved him to Secretary of the Treasury.; but the Senate refused to confirm him. After a brief retirement, this Marylander was appointed to the Supreme Court in 1836 as the Chief Justice to succeed John Marshall. FTP, name this jurist most remembered for his opinion in _Scott v. Sanford_. Roger Brooke _Taney_ (pron: TAW nih) (Science) A cholecystectomy (pron: Ko-la-sis-tect-to-me) is often necessary to remove these small hard pebbles of cholesterol. They cause pain if they get caught in the cystic or the bile duct. FTP, what are these hard objects which usually form in a bladder? _gallstones_ (Acc: "gall bladder" as clear and precise knowledge if the buzz comes on "cholecystectomy) (Do not acc: kidney stones) (Literature) He wrote "There is no joy but calm" in the poem "Choric Song," and "The last great Englishman is low" in "Ode on the Death of the Duke of Wellington." FTP, who is this Victorian poet who wrote of "Believing where we cannot prove" in the prologue to "In Memoriam." Alfred, Lord _Tennyson_ (Geography) Its top thousand feet, including the volcanic crater, had probably eroded away centuries before man ever set eyes on it. A river named for it begins a few miles away and flows west to the Pacific, and Uspallata (pron: US-pah-YAW-tah) Pass is just to the south. FTP, name this highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere which is near the Chilean-Argentinean border in the Andes. Mount _Aconcagua_ (pron: AH-kon-KAH-gwah) (Literature) His own poems were published in _Pictures of the Gone World_ and _A Coney Island of the Mind_; but he's also known for publishing Ginsberg's _Howl_ and the works of other Beat Poets. FTP, name this proprietor of San Francisco's _City Lights_ bookstore. Lawrence _Ferlinghetti_ (Science) After its first encounter with the asteroid Gaspara succeeded, NASA stopped worrying about the loss of the high gain antenna and developed software patches to use the surviving technology. The improved software has sent back astounding images of Ganymede, Europa, and the primary target of Jupiter. FTP, identify this interplanetary spaceprobe named for an Italian scientist. _Galileo_ (Social Science) Flooding, aversion therapy, systematic desensitization, extinction, conditioning, and reinforcement are all techniques used in, ftp, what psychotherapy theory advocated by Wolpe, Watson, and Skinner? _behaviorism_ (acc: behavioral therapy) (Non-trash miscellaneous) A common name for a group of compounds containing a common element, it's caustic if the formula contains a hydroxide. Usually manufactured from a common salt, you can also use it to wash or bake. FTP, what is this four letter word that can be found in a fountain or a vending machine? _soda_ (History) The Salians lived near the sea, while the Ripuarians lived on the banks of the Middle Rhine. Cemeteries yin Northern France reveal that their soldiers were buried fully armed. Crossing the Rhine about 250 A.D., King Clovis established an Empire in the early 6th Century. FTP, name these Germanic people who have leant their name to a nation. _Franks_ Bonuses 30-20-10 Points (Literature) 30-20-10, name the author from his works: 30: The poetry collection _The Carpentered Hen and Other Tame Creatures_ 20: The play _Buchanan Dying_ 10: The novel _The Witches of Eastwick_ John _Updike_ 30 Points (Music/Dance/Performing Arts) A triad chord may be built on each of the seven degrees of a C major scale. For 5 points each, give me the name of the triad: 1. 1st degree, c-e-g _tonic_ 2. 2nd degree, d-f-a _supertonic_ 3. 6th degree, a-c-e _submediant_ 4. 4th degree, f-a-c _subdominant_ 5. 5th degree, g-b-d _dominant_ 6. 3rd degree. e-g-b _mediant_ 30 Points (History) Remember the Alamo and for ten points each answer these questions about the Texas War for Independence: 1. What self-proclaimed "Napoleon of the West" commanded the Mexican troops in the war? Juan Antonio Lopez de _Santa Ana_ 2. At what battle did the Texans ultimately defeat and capture Santa Ana? _San Jacinto_ (pron: ja-SIN-to or ha-SEEN-to) 3. What was the nickname, popularized in song, of the woman Santa Ana was bedding while the Texans annihilated his army around him? the _Yellow Rose_ of Texas 25 Points (Religion/Philosophy/Mythology) For five points each, identify the Christian apostle: 1. The apostle who was the brother of Peter and patron saint of Russia. _Andrew_ 2. The apostle chosen by lot to take the place of Judas Iscariot. _Matthias_ 3. The two apostle brothers Jesus called "sons of thunder." _James_ the Greater and _John_ the Divine 4. Also called "Didymus," his apocryphal Acts tell of his Mission to India. _Thomas_ (Acc: Doubting Thomas) 30 Points (Pop Culture) For five points each, give me the name of the music group given the "last names" of its personnel: Baker, Bruce, Clapton _Cream_ Anastasio, Fishman, Gordon, McConnell _Phish_ Berry, Buck, Mills, Zevon _Hindu Love Gods_ (note: "Berry, Buck, Mills, *Stipe* is REM) Allison, Holly, Mauldin, Sullivan The _Crickets_ (Acc: Buddy Holly and the Crickets) Kato, O, Roeser _Urge Overkill_ Cease, Colt, Gorman, Robinson, Robinson The _Black Crowes_ 30 Points (History) For ten points each, answer the following about the history of Australia: 1. When James Cook claimed Australia for England in 1770, what name did he give the tract of land he had explored; a name still used by an Australian state? _New South Wales_ 2. The first penal colony was established By Captain Arthur Phillip in 1788 at what site near present day Sydney? _Botany Bay_ 3. Within five years, in what year did the states of Australia formally unite into a federated Commonwealth? _1901_ (Acc: 1896-1906) 20 Points (Painting/Sculpture Architecture/Film) United Artists Studios began in 1923 as the joint venture of three silent film stars and one director. For five points each, name the screen giants who began the film studio. Charlie _Chaplin_ Douglas _Fairbanks_ Sr. D. W. (David Lewelyn Wark) _Griffith_ Mary _Pickford_ 25 Points (History) For five points each identify the five members of the Tudor dynasty in England. _Henry VII_ _Henry VIII_ _Edward VI_ _Mary I_ _Elizabeth I_ (Do not accept Lady Jane Grey. Technically she would not have been a Tudor) 30 Points (Science) Chemists in the 1990's have used a tool known as STM to create a battery about a millionth of an inch across, and to position individual atoms into the formation to spell out "IBM." For ten points per word, what is the full name of the tool known by its acronym S-T-M? _scanning_ _tunneling_ _microscope_ 30 Points (Literature) You'll get 10 points if you can identify the poet from some of his poetry, or five points if you need the name of the poem the lines are from: 10: "All I could see from where I stood/Was three long mountains and a wood." 5: "Renascence" Edna St. Vincent _Millay_ 10: "So on we worked, and waited for the light,/And went without the meat, and cursed the bread" 5: "Richard Cory" Edwin Arlington _Robinson_ 10: "April is the cruellest month, breeding/Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing/Memory and desire, stirring/Dull roots with spring rain." 5: "The Waste Land" _T_homas _S_tearns _Eliot_ 30 Points (Religion/Philosophy/Mythology) A Thessalian king will die unless someone agrees to take his place. His parents refuse, but his wife volunteers and descends to Hades. Heracles then rescues her and she returns to life. For fifteen points each, identify this mythological couple who appear in a play by Euripides and an opera by Gluck. _Alcestis_ and _Admetus_ 30 Points (Geography) For 10 points each, identify the former Soviet Republic from a list of some of its geographical features: 1. Mount Goverla, the Kerch Peninsula, the city of Poltava _Ukraine_ 2. Mount Aragats, Lake Sevan, the city of Yerevan _Armenia_ 3. Mount Tengri, Lake Balkhash, the mouth of the Ural River, the city of Karaganda _Kazakhstan_ 20 Points (Current Events) Kansas lost a lot of seniority in the Senate with the 1996 retirements of Senators Dole and Kassebaum. For 10 points each, which two Republicans won Kansas' Senate seats in November, 1996? Sam _Brownback_ Pat _Roberts_ 20 Points (History) Germany lost its four African colonies as a result of World War I, and each is now an independent nation. For five points each, identify: 1. The nation once divided between the British and the French; it achieved independence in 1960 while a portion of it joined Nigeria in 1961. _Cameroon_ 2. Also divided by the British and French, the British portion became part of Ghana after the French portion achieved independence. _Togo_ 3. After coming under the trusteeship of Britain, the former German colony was linked with a British island protectorate to become a new nation in 1964. _Tanzania_ 4. After years of guerrilla fighting led by a group known as SWAPO, this nation finally achieved independence in 1990. _Namibia_ 30 Points (Science) Art and optics follow different rules; for instance the three primary colors of optics are Red, Green, and Blue. For ten points each, name the three secondary light colors. _Cyan_ _Magenta_ _Yellow_ (Accept only these precise answers - no equivalents) 30 Points (Non-trash miscellaneous) For ten points each, answer these questions about the Missouri Compromise: 1: What was the free state contemporaneously admitted to the U.S. that allowed the compromise to be possible? _Maine_ 2. The Missouri Compromise was repealed by what 1854 Congressional act? The _Kansas-Nebraska_ Bill (acc: Kansas-Nebraska Act) 3. After all the complications were worked out, in what year did Congress finally admit Missouri to the Union? _1831_ 20 Points (Literature) Ka-RAM-a-zov or Ka-ra-MA-zov, how to pronounce the last name of four fictional brothers is the subject of some disagreement. The pronunciations of the first names are just slightly more straightforward. For five points each, give me the first names of the four sons of Fyodor Pavlovich Karamazov. _Dmitry_ (Acc: Mitya) _Ivan_ (Acc: Vanya) _Aleksey_ (Acc: Alyosha) _Smerdyakov_ 30 Points (Non-trash miscellaneous) 1996 was the tenth anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion. For 5 points each, name any 6 of the 7 astronauts who died serving their country that day so cold the O-rings froze. Gregory B. _Jarvis_ Christa _McAuliffe_ Ronald E. _McNair_ Ellison S. _Onizuka_ Judith A. _Resnik_ Francis R. "Dick" _Scobee_ Michael J. _Smith_ (note to editor: it's been three years since I last submitted a form of this question. It's due.) 30 Points (Social Science) For ten points each, identify: 1. The psychotherapist who defined a collective unconscious with archetypes, personas, and shadows hanging around it. Carl _Jung_ (Pron: YUNG) 2. This therapist first called his therapy "Rational Therapy," then "Rational Emotive Therapy;" now he prefers "Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy." Albert _Ellis_ 3. The psychotherapist who wrote _Game People Play_ in part to explain his theories of transactional analysis. Eric Lennard _Berne_ 30 Points (Science) Are you wimp or are you macho? If you're an astronomer, the distinction is important if you're going to be one of the speculated sources for dark matter in the universe. For fifteen points each, tell me the words that astronomers combine for the acronym: 1. WIMP _weakly interacting massive particles_ 2. MACHO _massive compact halo objects_ 30 Points (Any of two cats above) Rock music and movies are occasionally based on great works of literature. For fifteen points each, name the original author whose writings the following works were based upon: 1. Alan Parsons Project produced _Tales of Mystery and Imagination_ based on the writings of this author. Edgar Allan _Poe_ 2. In the film _Eddie and the Cruisers_, the fictional band's last lost album is based on the work of what French poet who produced the collection _A Season in Hell_? Arthur _Rimbaud_ (Pron: RAM-bow) 30 Points (Literature) For 10 points each, identify these epic poems from the clues: 1. Written in imitation of the _Lay of the Nibelungs_, this early 13th Century Austrian epic concerns Hagen, King of Ireland; his daughter Hilde and her husband Hetel, and his granddaughter - the title character - who is abducted by Hartmut of Normandy. _Gudrun_ 2. This inspiration for _Hiawatha_ was composed in the 19th Century by Elias Lonnrott from Finnish songs and oral traditions. The _Kalevala_ 3. A warrior from the south coast of Sweden kills a monster and the monster's mother, then becomes King of the Geats before he is mortally wounded while slaying a dragon. _Beowulf_ 30 Points (Geography) Up in Montana three rivers unite to form the Missouri. One is named for a Secretary of the Treasury; the other two for Presidents who were good friends. For ten points each, name these three headwaters of the Missouri River. _Gallatin_ River _Jefferson River_ _Madison River_ 20 Points (Sports) The U.S. Post Office in 1997 will issue the "Legendary Football Coaches" series. For five points each name the coaches to be honored in the series: two best known for collegiate victories and two best known for NFL achievements. Paul "Bear" _Bryant_ George _Halas_ Vince _Lombardi_ Pop _Warner_ 20 Points (Science) Alchemists called it "aqua regia" because it the combination of acids could dissolve gold or platinum. For ten points each, what two acids in combination form "aqua regia?" _Hydrochloric_ acid (Acc: HCl) _Nitric_ acid (Acc: HNO3) 25 Points (Literature) In the Arthurian literature of T. Malory and T. H. White, Queen Margawse is credited with having one illegitimate and four legitimate sons. One son killed his father at Camlann, one beheaded his mother after finding her with a lover, one is more famous for a bizarre encounter with the Green Knight, and one was unwittingly killed by Lancelot. For five points each, name these five knights of Orkney. Sir _Agravaine_, Sir _Gaheris_, Sir _Gareth_, Sir _Gawain_, Sir _Mordred_ 30 Points (Science) For years physicists have been wondering why neutrino detectors find fewer neutrinos than theory says the Sun should be producing. One possible explanation is that neutrino detectors have usually been constructed to find only one of the three types of neutrinos. For ten points each, identify the three types of neutrinos. _electron_ neutrino _muon_ neutrino _tau_ neutrino 30 Points (History) For the stated number of points answer the following about Alexander the Great: 5: What was the name of his favorite horse? _Bucephalus_ 10: At what 331 B.C. battle near Nineveh did Alexander decisively defeat Darius III? _Arbela_ 15: In what may be Alexander's greatest single military achievement, Alexander had his troops build a causeway over the sea in order to conquer what island city on Phoenicia? _Tyre_