</font> <p><font size="2">Subject: Alabama State packet Tossups 1. Much of its economy is based on forestry, particularly the export of mahogany. Settled by British colonists from Jamaica in the 1600's, it had been claimed periodically by Guatemala until 1991, 10 years after it was made an independent commonwealth. FTP, name this only Central American country not to border the Pacific Ocean _Belize_ 2. The son of a factory owner, this author and philosopher spent much of his later life in England managing his family's factory there. Greatly influenced by this exposure to industrialism, in 1884 he wrote Origins of the Family, Private Property, and the State which linked patriarchy with the development of materialism. FTP, name this German author and collaborator with Karl Marx. Friedrich _Engels_ 3. He is known for his paintings of animal life, particularly horses, as &quot;The Derby at Epsom&quot; depicts. His notoriety, however, comes from his masterpiece, known both for its realistic style and its scandalous political implications. FTP, identify this artist who depicted a group of sailors left to drown in &quot;The Raft of the Medusa.&quot; Theodore _Gericault_ 4. This compound is a lipid consisting primarily of nitrogen and phosphorous, which forms a vital part of the cell membranes of plant and animal cells. FTP, identify this lipid whose name comes from the Greek for &quot;egg yolk&quot; and whose primary source is eggs. _Lecithin_ 5. One of their main tenets was &quot;let your own happiness be your only law.&quot; Operating mainly during the 19th century, they saw change as being possible only through the destruction of morailty, justice, marraige, property, and the concept of God. FTP, name this Russian philosophical movement ultimately responsible for the death of Czar Alexander II. _Nihilists_ 6. The original name for this group of chemical elements has been mostly abandoned since 1962, when Neil Bartlett discovered that the ionization energy of one of its members was lower than that of oxygen. Since then, several compounds including these elements have been formed, dispelling the idea that they would never react. FTP, identify this group of chemical elements, located on the far right of the periodic table. _Inert (Noble) gases_ 7. This Catholic doctrine was one of the first rejected by early Protestants during the Reformation, though it was reaffirmed at the Council of Trent. Martin Luther rejected this thory and instead described Christ as &quot;under or with the elements of bread and wine&quot; rather than becoming them. FTP, identify this Catholic doctrine whereby the members of the Eucharist are converted to the body and blood of Christ. _Transubstantiation_ 8. He served two terms as the chairman of the English Interplanetary Society, and his extensive background in physics and mathematics allowed him to hypothesize the possibility of satellites in geosynchronous orbit. Later, he moved to Sri Lanka to pursue the hobby of scuba diving and to continue his writing career. FTP, identify this science fiction author of such works as Childhood's End, The Sentinel, and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Arthur C. _Clarke_ 9. When its power was dissolved in 1395, it subsequently divided into the provinces of Crimea, Kazan, and Astrakhan. Including such cities as Kiev and Moscow, the Russian rulers they overthrew were forced to pay heavy taxes to their Muslim conquerors. FTP, identify this Mongol khanate formed by Batu Khan and eventually defeated by Tamurlane and Ivan the Great. _Golden Horde_ 10. Not known primarily as an author, she wrote such works as The G-String Murders and Mother Finds a Body. Born Louis Hovick in 1914, she performed for a while with her sister June and later appeared for the first time under her more famous stage name in the 1936 Ziegfield Follies. FTP, name this elegant lady, most famous for her striptease act. Gypsy Rose _Lee_ 11. He was assistant director of the New York City Ballet Company with George Balanchine from 1949-1963 and later formed his own company, Ballet's U.S.A. FTP, identify this American choreographer, known for such musicals as &quot;The King and I,&quot; &quot;Fiddler on the Roof,&quot; and &quot;West Side Story.&quot; Jerome _Robbins_ 12. This city, founded in 1536, was occupied by Sir Francis Drake and John Hawkins during their expiditions for England. On April 4, 1884, the treaty ending the War of the Pacific was signed here by the governments of Chile and Bolivia. FTP, name this Chilean port city. _Valparaiso_ 13. He helped with the negotiations to end the Iran-Iraq War during his term, and also assisted Namibia in its bid for independence. Suspicions that this former secretary-general would run for his country's presidency in 1994 proved to be false. FTP, name this Peruvian diplomat who headed the United Nations from 1982-1991. Javier _Perez du Cuellar_ 14. His &quot;Selected Poems&quot; won the 1930 Pulitzer Prize and showed the influence of psychoanalytic theory on his work. A pioneer of the stream of consciousness, his other works were noted for their musicality. FTP, identify this American poet and novelist whose works include The Jig of Forslin, A Letter from Li Po, and The Kid. Conrad _Aiken_ 15. It is the supreme evil spirit, the lord of darkness and death, and constantly wages war against its counterpart Ormuzd until a time when humans choose to abandon wrongdoing and lead pious lives. FTP, identify this major deity of Zorostrianism. _Ahriman_ 16. This game is played with 22 balls, including 15 red, one yellow, one green, one brown, one blue, one black, and the cue. The red balls are worth one point each, and the other balls range in value from 2 to 7 points. FTP, name this variation of billiards. _Snooker_ 17. His writings, unlike most of his day, were noted for their impressive detail and affinity for accuracy. After failing to defend Amphipolis from the Spartans, he was exiled from Athens for 20 years. FTP, name this Athenian who authored The History of the Peloponnesian Wars during his exile. _Thucydides_ 18. For air over water this value is approximately 53 degrees. Given the indices of refraction of two substances, one can calculate this value for their plane of intersection by calculating the arctangent of the ratio of the two indices, with the value for the incident material on the bottom. FTP, identify this angle at which reflected light will be completely plane-polarized. _Brewster_ angle 19 Pieces from these suites include Anitra's Dance, Morning Mood, and Solveig's Song. The most famous portion of it portrays dancing creatures of darkness and is called In The Hall of the Mountain King. FTP, name this pair of orchestral suites by Edward Grieg based on a play by Henrik Ibsen. _Peer Gynt_ 20. It arose out of the economic distress and mass unemployment of the winter of 1893-94. Its leader, from Massilon, Ohio, called upon the unemployed to march on Washington. FTP, name this movement which collapsed when its leader and others were arrested for trespassing on Capitol ground. _Coxey's Army_ 21. He attempted to revive poetry as an oral art form, and in so doing he wandered the United States reciting poems for food and shelter. In 1913 _Poetry_ magazine published his first poem, about the founder of the Salvation Army. FTP, name the poet, best known for _Rhymes to be Traded for Bread_ and _General William Booth Enters into Heaven_ Vachel _Lindsay_ Boni 1. FTP each answer the following questions about various &quot;scientific&quot; instruments. a. Invented in 1730 by John Hadley, it is used to measure the angle between a heavenly body and the horizon. ANSWER: Sextant b. Named for the material out of which it was first constructed, it was used for intensive calculations. ANSWER: _Napiers' Bones_ c. This first mechanical calculator was initially more expensive than hiring a person to perform calculations. ANSWER: _Pascaline_ or _Calculating engine_ 2. Many people know Shakespeare's comedies, however, FTPE name his three &quot;dark&quot; comedies. _Troilus and Cressida,_ All's Well That End's Well,_ and Measure for Measure 3. Answer the following questions about Nazi organizations. a. This&quot;protective squadron&quot; was established by Himmler in 1925 and eventually served as the secret police. ANSWER: _SS_ or _Schutz Staffel_ b. Founded by G`ring and run by Himmler, this division of the SS ran the concentration camps. ANSWER: _Gestapo_ or _Geheimnisstaatspolizei_ c. Run by Baldur von Scgirach, this organization was used to train teenagers for the military. ANSWER: _Hitler Youth_ 4. Answer the following questions on Greek politics for the stated number of points. 5- He was Prime Minister from 1981-1989 and again from 1993 until his death in 1996. ANSWER: Andreas _Papandreou_ 10- Which party did Papandreou represent? ANSWER: _Pan-Hellistic Socialist Movement_ or _PASOK_ 15- Who is the current Prime Minister of Greece? ANSWER: Costas _Simitis_ 5. Answer the following about a particular Greek god FTSNOP: 5- Name the half-man, half-goat god of flocks and herds. _Pan_ 10- By what name did the Romans know Pan? _Sylvanus_ 15- What is the proper name for the pipes of Pan, the name of a nymph who was turned into a reed as she fled from Pan? _Syrinx_ 6. Identify the artist from given works, 30-20-10. 30: Illustrations for &quot;Dead Souls&quot; (1948) and &quot;Fables of la Fontaine&quot; (1952) 20: 12 stained glass panels for Jerusalem's Hadassa Medical Center. 10: _I and the Village_ and _The Praying Jew_ Marc _Chagall_ 7. Answer the following about the brain for the stated number of points. A. (15 points) This brain structure is twice as large in women as in men. (5 points) It connects the hemispheres of the brain. _corpus colossum_ B. This 19th century American railroad worker had a rod driven through his skull, severing his corpus colossum but not killing him. For 15 points, name him. Finneas _Gage_ 8. Identify the American authors from works, 10-5: A. (10) &quot;Up in Michigan&quot; (5) _The Sun Also Rises_ Ernest _Hemingway_ B. (10) _To a God Unknown_ (5) _The Grapes of Wrath_ John _Steinbeck_ C. (10) _Goodbye Columbus_ (5) _Portnoy's Complaint_ Philip _Roth_ 9. Since knowing the planets in the solar system is passe, instead identify the five largest satellites in the solar system, with a five point bonus for all 5 correct. Ganymede, Titan, Callisto, Io, Earth's Moon (Luna) 10. Identify the English poet from a list of works, 30-20-10: 30: &quot;Break, Break, Break&quot; 20: &quot;The Lotus Eaters&quot; 10: &quot;The Lady of Shalott&quot; Alfred, Lord _Tennyson_ 11. Answer the following about Eastern mystics FTP each. A. This technique involves the focusing of the mind, in which each individual is given a mantra. _Transcendental Meditation_ B. FTP, who introduced transcendental meditation to the West? _Maharishi (Mahesh) Yogi_ 12. All good Dork Bowl matches should feature at least one question on Russian geography, soooo.... Given a former Soviet republic, identify its capital FTP each. A. Turkmenistan _Ashkhabad_ B. Uzbekistan _Tashkent_ C. Kyrgyzstan _Bishkek_ 13. FTSNOP, identify the following saints from a brief description. 5- He was martyred at Patras on an X-shaped cross. St. _Andrew_ 10- He was the son of a prince of Dyfed and uncle of King Arthur. St. _David_ 15- His emblem is a winged lion, and he accompanied Paul and Barnabas on their first missionary journey. St. _Mark_ 14. Identify the author from a list of works, 30-20-10: 30. One Man's Initiation (1919) 20. Three Soldiers (1921) 10. U.S.A. Trilogy (1930-1936) John _Dos Passos_ 15. Answer the following about the Heisman Trophy winners FTP each. A. He was the first Heisman winner in 1935. Jay _Berwanger_ B. This 1974-75 winner is the only two-time recipient. Archie _Griffin_ C. This 1963 winner had a successful career with the Dallas Cowboys Roger _Staubach_ 16. Identify the Romantic poet from works 30-20-10: 30: &quot;This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison&quot; and &quot;To Asra&quot; 20: &quot;Frost at Midnight&quot; and &quot;Christabel&quot; 10: &quot;Kublai Khan&quot; and &quot;The Rime of the Ancient Mariner&quot; Samuel Taylor _Coleridge_ 17. Identify follwoing about an astronomical term from information supplied FTP each. A. Requiring approximately 26000 years, this effect is responsible for the periodic changing of the pole star. _Procession_ B. What star, the brightest in the constellation Lyra, will be the next major pole star? _Vega_ C. This star was the last major pole star. _Thuban_ 18. Identify the historical figure from clues, 30-15: 30. The High King of Ireland in 976, he conquered Munster, Lenster, and Connacht to become ruler of Ireland. 15. He went on to defeat the Norse at Clontart, thus ending Norse control of Dublin, though he himself was killed at the battle. Brian _Boru_ 19. Foreign movie questions usually give students nightmares. Prove your worth and name the foreign actor from a list of his appearances on a 30-20-10 basis. 30. The Moon in the Gutter 20. Cyrano de Bergerac 10. Green Card Gerard _Depardieu_ 20. Identify the following concerning types of physical measurement FTSNOP. A (5) What general type of measurement includes mass, temperature, and pressure? _Scalar_ B (5) What type of measurement includes velocity and acceleration? _Vector_ C(10) Scalars and vectors are, respectively, zeroeth and first order what? _Tensors_ D (10) Finally, what general property defines the different types of tensors? _Rotational Transformation_