Subject: Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 07:26:30 -0700 From: David Matthew Levinson <dmlevins> To: 1996 WIT 4 "Where's Gaius?" Questions by Virginia B TOSSUPS: 1. Although he contends that free will does not exist, since all actions of man can be scientifically explained as some kind of motion, he does believe in the natural equality of all men, which drives them to protect their property. Sometimes called the father of materialism, he wrote _Elements of Law_ and _Philosophical Rudiments_, and he tutored Charles II in mathematics. FTP, name this author who sought to solve the problem of the "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short" life of man in his _Leviathan_? Answer: Thomas _Hobbes_ 2. During this period, the battles of Charleroi, Ligny, and Quatre Bras took place; Joachim Murat was defeated by an Austrian force at Tolentino, and the Bourbon king Ferdinand was restored to the Neapolitan throne. Shortly beforehand, King Louis XVIII had fled to Ghent, and European powers had contributed troops which were commanded by the duke of Wellington. FTP, name this period of French history which began when Napoleon Bonaparte entered Paris on May 20, 1815, and ended with his crushing loss at Waterloo? Answer: the _Hundred Days_ (or _Cent Jours_) 3. She was saved by the intervention of a man who interrogated each of her accusers separately, asking what kind of tree she had committed the act under. When each man named a different kind of tree, she was acquitted and the two men stoned to death instead. The wife of Joachim of Babylon, she was surprised by two elders while bathing in her garden one day; when she cried out for help, they claimed that they had caught her comitting adultery. This is the story, FTP, of what Biblical woman who appears in an apocryphal section of the book of Daniel? Answer: _Susanna_ 4. He was a historian by profession, his most famous historical work being _History of the Thirty Years' War_. Married to the writer Charlotte von Lengefeld, he is better known today for his plays, including _Wallenstein_, _The Robbers_, and _Mary Stuart_. FTP, name this leader of the Weimar classicism movement, who wrote "An die Freude". Answer: Friedrich von _Schiller_ 5. It sometimes appears as a weak, bluish-white glow in the pools of water shielding nuclear reactors. Electrons are emitted from the reactor at speeds greater than the speed of light in water, displacing atomic electrons in their path. The displaced electrons in turn generate an electromagnetic shock wave analogous to the wake of a boat traveling faster than the speed of the surrounding waves. FTP, identify this phenomenon, named for the Soviet physicist who first interpreted it. Answer: _Cherenkov_ radiation 6. "The History of England, From the reign of Henry the Fourth to the Death of Charles the First, by a Partial, Prejudiced and Ignorant Historian," the Gothic parody "Lesley Castle", dozens of letters to her sister Cassandra, and the epistolary novel "Lady Susan," are among her surviving writings. FTP, name this English novelist whose more famous works have recently been adapted for the screen by Douglas McGrath, Ang Lee, and Amy Heckerling. Answer: Jane _Austen_ 7. According to Bowen, olivine, orthopyroxene, clinopyroxene, amphibole, and biotite comprise the discontinuous stages of fractional crystallization occurring as it cools; a continuous series progresses from calcium-rich to sodium-rich plagioclase. Although carbonate and sulfide melts occur, it usually consists of silicate liquid. FTP, name this substance which, after being ejected through vents in the Earth's crust, cools to form igneous rock. Answer: _magma_ or _lava_ 8. Her husband Prasutagus (PRAS-soo-TOG-us) willed half his kingdom to the Roman Empire in the hopes of appeasement, but she saw the rest annexed and her family humiliated upon his death. Forming an alliance with the Trinovantes and Catevallauni, her Iceni (eye-SEE-nee) destroyed the Roman Ninth Legion and took Camulodunum, Verulamium, and the mart of Londinium. FTP, name this warrior queen of first-century Britain. Answer: _Boadicea_ or _Boudicca_ 9. Features of it include Diana Temple, Galahad Point, Bright Angel Point, and Walhalla Plateau. Supposedly discovered by the Spanish priests Francisco Garces and Silvestre Velez de Escalante, it stretches from the head of Marble Gorge to Grand Wash Cliffs. FTP, name this geographic feature which was made a National Park in 1919 and which can be explored on the traditional burro, or by boat or raft down the Colorado River. Answer: _Grand Canyon_ 10. She was also an accomplished musician and painted an allegory of herself choosing between the Arts of Music and Painting; eventually she chose painting and went to Rome. There she painted a portrait of Johann Joachim Winckelmann which helped make her reputation. She became friendly with Joshua Reynolds and may have had a romantic liaison with him; in any case, she imitated his style in portraits. FTP, name this Swiss rococo decorative painter, a founding member of the Royal Academy. Answer: Angelika _Kauffmann_ 11. In its more inclusive sense, this name applies to the indri, sifaka, aye-aye, and most of the other primitive primates. Ranging in length from about five inches for the dwarf variety to more than two feet, these slender, nocturnal primates have fox-like faces and monkey-like bodies with long hind limbs. The ring-tailed variety is common in zoos, but the wild habitat of these mostly endangered creatures is resricted to the Comoro Islands and Madagascar. FTP, name these large-eyed primates. Answer: _lemur_ 12. Joining the patriot army in 1776, he rose through the ranks but was replaced by Greene after the 1780 defeat at Camden. Congress investigated allegations against him for two years, but cleared him of any role in Thomas Conway's alleged plot to replace Washington. FTP, name this hero of the American Revolution, best known for leading the campaign that culminated in victory at Saratoga. Answer: Horatio _Gates_ 13. Like a few other characters associated with the Trojan War, he is known by two names. When Troy was burning, a circle of flames surrounded his head without harming him. This omen persuaded his grandfather Anchises to flee Troy. Later, his joke that "we are eating our tables" persuaded his father Aeneas that the Trojans had reached their new homeland. FTP, what founder of Alba Longa was this, from whom Julius Caesar claimed descent? Answer: ASCANIUS or IULUS 14. In materials whose permittivity approximates that of free space, it is roughly equal to the square root of the dielectric constant. With a value of about 1.5 in glass and 1.0003 in air, it is the ratio of the speed of light in a vacuum to the speed of light in matter. FTP, what is this physical quantity, symbolized by n, which appears in Snell's Law? Answer: _index_ of _refraction_ 15. It was made into a film in 1930 and was also the basis for a musical comedy, _New Girl in Town_, by George Abbott. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for drama in 1922, the plot concerns a girl who is sent to live in Minnesota, but falls in love with the sea and with Mat Burke. FTP, name this play about Chris Christopherson's daughter, which won Eugene O'Neill his second Pulitzer. Answer: _Anna Christie_ 16. A student of Liadov and Rimsky-Korsakov at the St. Petersburg Conservatory, he won the Rubinstein prize at age 23 with his first piano concerto. He died on the same day as Stalin, and his lesser- known works include _Sarcasms_ for piano and the _Scythian Suite_ for orchestra. FTP, name this composer of _The Prodigal Son_, _War and Peace_, _The Love for Three Oranges_, and _Peter and the Wolf_. Answer: Sergei _Prokofiev_ 17. The original moving-boundary method, in which a layer of pure fluid is placed over a layer of the same fluid containing colloidal particles, is today varied to include a supporting medium, typically a slab of agarose gel, through which particles of different size move at different rates. It was introduced circa 1930 by the Swedish chemist Arne Tiselius, and is used to analyze and separate colloids, particularly proteins. FTP, name this technique, a counterpart of electroosmosis. Answer: _electrophoresis_ 18. Exiled from his homeland in 1831, he founded an expatriate movement in Marseille, came under a death sentence for plotting a military expedition into territory of the house of Savoy, and was forced to flee to England. Returning to Italy in 1859, he refused a seat in Parliament and was imprisoned in 1870 when Victor Emmanuel II took Rome. FTP, name this Italian nationalist leader, associated with the Carbonari, and the founder of the Young Italy movement. Answer: Giuseppe _Mazzini_ 19. Julie Covington played this title role in the original London cast, and the role was played on Broadway by Patti LuPone. Songs sung by this character include "Rainbow High", "Another Suitcase in Another Hall", "I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You", and "Good Night and Thank You", with Che Guevara. FTP, name this character, who will be played by Madonna in an upcoming film. Answer: _Evita_ (reluctantly accept Eva Peron) 20. The daughter of a sharecropper, she was profoundly influenced by her mother's creativity, which she celebrated in the essay "In Search of Our Mother's Gardens." Her first collection of poems was published in 1968, and her first novel, _The Third Life of Grange Copeland_ in 1970, followed by _Meridian_ and _The Temple of My Familiar_. Her most famous novel, published in 1982, details Celie's struggle with society and sexuality in a series of letters. FTP, name this author of _The Color Purple_. Answer: Alice _Walker_ ----extras---- Houses are best placed on south-facing slopes, between hills of unequal size. Ideally, a river or stream should flow along one side of the house, then turn in front of it and disappear from view. The front entrance should not face a stairwell, nor have a view of the back door. A location at the end of a street is unfortunate, and the intersection of two streets, or of the extension of nearby flat building faces, is deadly, as any xiansheng will tell you, since flat surfaces deflect and channel sha while dissipating chi. These are some of the tenets of, FTP, what ancient Chinese art of geomancy? Answer: feng shui The motherless daughter of a wealthy New York physician, Catherine Sloper, is unappreciated and ignored by her father, but this lonely existence changes when she is courted by Morris Townsend and consents to marry him. When her father discovers that Town send is a penniless fortune-hunter, he threatens to disinherit her, and Townsend breaks off the engagement. After the death of her father, Catherine becomes a rich woman and Townsend returns, but, asserting her independence, she rejects him and settles d own to the life of a spinster. This is the plot of, FTP, what novel, named for the boyhood neighborhood of its author, Henry James? Answer: _Washington Square_ Like the other French humanist authors, he insisted upon faithful- ness to classical Greek and Roman ideals, but when he travelled to Rome in 1553 in the retinue of his cousin, a cardinal, the experience was disappointing. He would later write of this sejo urn as a time of exile and as a series of disappointments in his book of sonnets _Les Regrets_ (lay ruh-GRAY). FTP, name this poet who followed a Petrarchian model in _LUOlive_ and produced Horatian odes in _Vers Lyriques_, but is perhaps best known for a prose work in which he champions the usage of vernacular French over Latin, entitled _Defense and Illustration of the French Language_. Answer: Joachim (wa-keem) _du Bellay_ At a 1963 meeting in the Kremlin, Khrushchev called him a traitor who blamed the Soviet state for the death of his father, to which the puzzled writer replied that his father was still alive. A leader of the 1970s "youth prose" movement, he was exiled for editing the dissident journal "Metropole". FTP, name this author of _Crimea Island_, _Oranges for Morocco_, and _The Burn_, who recently pubished a second installment in his proposed trilogy, _Generations of Winter_. Answer: Vassily _Aksyonov_ (Ak -SYON- off) In the 1960s, she was a key contributor to the French journal _Tel Quel_. Now a psychoanalyst, in her work she analyzes the acquisi- tion of gender identity in language from the perspective of psychoanalysis. She also studies the representation of motherh ood in Western culture and her theory of the subject Rin pro- cessS--that is, the theory that subject identity is perpetually changing. FTP, name this Bulgarian linguist whose works include _Black Sun: Depression and Melancholy_, _Powers of Horror_, and _ Revolution in Poetic Language_. Answer: Julia _Kristeva_ He toured Belgium as a pianist at the age of 11, and went to Paris to study when he was 13. In 1858 he became organist at the church of Sainte-Clotilde there; his ability as an improvisationist drew many listeners and moved Lizst to compare his skill to that of Bach. However, his compositions were generally ignored. In his early works he was influenced by comic opera composers such as Gretry; his middle years had a strong religious character; and his late works take on a Rcyclic formS featuring a theme which recurs in each section of the work. FTP, name this Belgian composer whose works include the operas _The Farmhand_ and _Ghisle_, the symphony _The Damned Hunter_, and the oratorio _Beatitudes_. Answer: Cesar _Franck_ 1996 WIT 4: "Where's Gaius?" Questions by Virginia B BONUSES 1. Identify these amino acids from a description FTPE. 1. Dopamine is formed as a by-product of the metabolism of this phenol which combines with iodine to form the thyroid hormone thyroglobulin. If the enzyme which produces it from phenylalanine is absent, phenylketonuria results. Answer: _tyrosine_ 2. Proline and this amino acid are the major constituents of collagen. Also a nervous system inhibitor like GABA, it suppresses motor neurons in the spinal cord, medulla oblongata, and pons. Answer: _glycine_ 3. The carbon skeleton of this acid can be produced by photo- synthesis. Its monoamide is the most abundant amino acid in the brain, and a salt of this acid is commonly used to enhance the flavor of food. Answer: _glutamic acid_ 2. FTPE, name these works of twentieth century British literature. 1. Set in the year 632 AF, the title of this novel is taken from _The Tempest_. Answer: _Brave New World_ 2. First performed in 1956, this story of the love triangle between Jimmy Porter, Alison, and Helena, introduced a new kind of anti-hero and a new drama of social criticism to British theater. Answer: _Look Back in Anger_ 3. Beginning with the murder of newspaperman Fred Hale, this Graham Greene novel features Pinkie Brown, a psychotic teenage gangster. The title refers to a type of candy popular in a British resort town. Answer: _Brighton Rock_ 3. Identify these types of topological spaces FTPE. 1. A space having a countable dense subset. Answer: separable 2. A space for which every open covering contains a finite subcollection which is also a covering. Answer: compact 3. A space such that for any pair of distinct points in the space, there exist two disjoint neighborhoods each containing one of them. Answer: Hausdorff 4. FTPE, identify the Shakespearean play from a description. 1. Featuring an appearance by Jupiter, characters in this play include Iachimo, Posthumus Leonatus, and Imogen, who disguises herself as the boy Fidele. Answer: _Cymbeline_ 2. Some scholars doubt that Shakespeare wrote the first two acts of this play, which recounts the death of the hero's wife, Thaisa, in childbirth and the attempted murder of his daughter, Marina. Answer: _Pericles_, Prince of Tyre 3. Sicinius and Brutus are the treacherous consuls, Tullus Aufidius is the Volscian ruler, and Volumnia is the hero's forceful mother in this 1608 work. Answer: _Coriolanus_ 5. Answer these questions about electronics for the stated number of points. 1. 5 pts: This is the term for an incomplete circuit through which no current flows. Answer: _open_ circuit 2. 5 pts: This term describes a closed circuit with no impedance to reduce current flow. Answer: _short_ circuit 3. 10 pts: Often producing unwanted oscillations in capacitor circuits, this property can be deliberately added to a circuit through the use of "chokes". Answer: _inductance_ 4. 10 pts: This very high gain dc-coupled differential amplifier has a single-ended output and a pair of inputs held, to high accuracy, at the same voltage with no in-flowing current. Answer: _op amp_ or _operational amplifier_ 6. FTP each, given the years and the tennis tournament, name the singles winner. 1. 1974-75 and 1978-81, French Open, men Answer: Bjorn _Borg_ 2. 1927-1930, 1932-33, 1935, 1938, Wimbledon, women Answer: Helen Wills _Moody_ or Helen _Wills_ 3. 1985-1987, U.S. Open, men Answer: Ivan _Lendl_ 7. a. (10) Since Pyrrhus of Epirus was yet to be born, Herodotus used *this* term to describe a victory which cost the winner almost as much as the loser. As an adjective, it describes the royal house of Thebes, because two of its princes, in fighting for the throne, slew each other. Answer: _Cadmean_ b. FTP each, name the two sons of Oedipus described above. Answer: _Eteocles_ and _Polynices_ 8. Name these island groups from some of their constituents, for five points each and five more for all correct. 1. Kiribati, Palau, and Yap Answer: _Micronesia_ 2. Rarotonga, Mangaia, Atiu, and Mitiaro Answer: _Cook_ Islands 3. Saint Eustatius, Saint Maarten, and Curacao Answer: _Netherlands Antilles_ 4. Bougainville and Guadalcanal Answer: _Solomon_ Islands 5. Ibiza, Cabrera, and Minorca Answer: _Balearic_ Islands 9. FTPE, give the linguistics term defined. 1. A unit of sound that can change the meaning of a word when added or removed, it does not have meaning in itself. Answer: _phoneme_ 2. A consonant produced when air is passed through the teeth and lips, producing friction, such as the letter F or V. Answer: _fricative_ 3. The hypothesis, named after two of its proponents, that language does not only describe experience, it defines experience for us. Answer: _Sapir_-_Whorf_ Hypothesis 10. FTPE, name these diseases. 1. Characterized by a primary lesion, usually in the upper respiratory tract, consisting of a thick, leathery, grayish membrane, it causes death by asphyxiation or toxemia. It is caused by a bacillus first identified in Germany by Klebs and Loffler. Answer: _diphtheria_ 2. A hereditary metabolic disorder characterized by acute inflammation in the joints of the extremities, it results from the deposition, in and about the joints, of salts of uric acid. Answer: _gout_ 3. Caused by diets deficient in niacin, its symptoms include skin lesions and the so-called "three Ds": dermatitis, diarrhea, and dementia. Answer: _pellagra_ 11. FTPE, answer these questions about the kingdoms of Ancient Persia. 1. Founded by Arsaces in the 3rd century B. C., this kingdom's most famous rulers were the two Mithradates. In 53, B.C., they defeated Rome at the Battle of Carrhae, in which Crassus was killed. Answer: _Parthians_ 2. This empire, which supplanted the Parthians in the 3rd century A. D., was founded by Papak. Constantly at war with Rome, Emperor Shapur II began large scale persecutions of the Christians after Constantine's conversion. Answer: _Sasanians_ 3. After the fall of the Sasanian Empire, Persia was uled by two Arab dynasties, including the Umayyads in Damascus and this group, who ruled from Baghdad from 749 to 1258. Answer: _Abbasids_ 12. FTPE, identify the American novel from a plot description. 1. An automobile manufacturer leaves his home in Zenith for Europe with his childish, egotistical wife Fran. In France, she has a series of affairs, and the couple separates. Answer: _Dodsworth_ (by Sinclair Lewis) 2. In this 1852 novel about a transcendentalist community, Zenobia represents Margaret Fuller, and Miles Coverdale is a fictional portrait of the author. Answer: The _Blithedale Romance_ (Nathaniel Hawthorne) 3. Joel Knox, an unloved 13 year old boy, comes of age on a Louisiana plantation, and comes to grips with his homosexual identity. Answer: _Other Voices, Other Rooms_ (Truman Capote) 13. FTPE, name these Scandinavian rulers. 1. Known as "the good", this son of Harald Harfargi seized the Norwegian throne around 935, made his capital at Trondheim, and tried unsuccessfully to introduce Christianity. Answer: _Haakon I_ 2. He became king of Sweden at age 5. He invaded Russia in 1708 only to be crushingly defeated and captured in Turkey. Answer: _Charles XII_ 3. King of England from 1016, Denmark from 1018, and Norway from 1028, he defeated Edmund Ironside in England and Malcolm in Scotland, but his empire fell apart soon after his death. Answer: _Canute_ 14. Name the lobe of the brain from a description of its function FTPE, or for 5 if you need the location. 1. 10 pts: It is the primary target for auditory information and is affected by Kluver-Bucy syndrome. 5 pts: It is located on the side of each hemisphere of the brain. Answer: _temporal_ lobe 2. 10 pts: It is the main target for axons from thalamic nuclei receiving input from the visual pathways. 5 pts: It is located in the back of the brain directly above the cerebellum. Answer: _occipital_ lobe 3. 10 pts: It is specialized for dealing with including touch, muscle-stretch receptors, and joint receptors. 5 pts: It is located directly behind the central sulcus. Answer: _parietal_ lobe 15. Name the year from events in American history, 30-20-10. 1. The Force Bill, which is to provide supervision of federal elections in order to protect black voters in the south, passes the House but fails the Senate, and the Dependent Pension Act, which inaugurates the principle of the service pension, is passed. 2. Congressional elections in 39 states result in a Democratic landslide which is thought to be the result of public reaction against a McKinley tariff; William Dean Howells publishes _A Hazard of New Fortunes_. 3. The Sherman Antitrust Act is passed. Answer: _1890_ 16. Given a work of the early Renaissance, name the artist, FTP each. 1. frescoes in the Brancacci Chapel in Florence Answer: _Masaccio_ (or Tommaso di Giovanni) 2. the bronze equestrian statue of Gattemelata Answer: _Donatello_ (Donato di Niccolo di Betto Bardi) 3. scenes from the life of St. Lawrence in the Vatican Answer: Fra _Angelico_ (Guido di Pietro) 17. Name these anthropologists from works on a 10-5 basis. 1. 10 pts: _Keep Your Power Dry_ and _New Lives for Old_ 5 pts: _Coming of Age in Samoa_ Answer: Margaret _Mead 2. 10 pts: _Anthropology and Modern Life_ 5 pts: _The Mind of Primitive Man_ and _Race and Democratic Society_ Answer: Franz _Boas_ 3. 10 pts: _Visions in Plain Culture_ 5 pts: _The Chrysanthemum and the Sword_ and _Patterns of Culture_ Answer: Ruth _Benedict_ 18. For the stated number of points, answer these questions about famous assassinations. 1. 5 pts: In 1881, this man mortally wounded President Garfield. Answer: Charles _Guiteau_ 2. 10 pts: Prime minister from 1984-1989, he was assassinated by Tamil separatists in 1991. Answer: _R_ajiv _Gandhi_ 3. 15 pts: Balthasar Gerard ambushed this man in in his home in Delft on July 10, 1584. Answer: _William the Silent_ or _William of Orange_ or _William I_ 19. FTP each, identify these stars. 1. The first variable star to be discovered, other than novae, lying in the southern constellation Cetus. Answer: _Omicron Ceti_ or _Mira Ceti_ 2. This eclipsing binary is the second brightest star in Perseus. It shares its name with a programming language. Answer: _Algol_ or _Beta Persei_ 3. The brightest star in Canis Minor, with an apparent visual magnitude of 0.34, its name is from the Greek for "before the dog". Answer: _Procyon_ or _Alpha Canis Minoris_ 20. Given the invocation that begins it, name the poem FTP. You'll get 5 if you need the author. 1. (10) God of our fathers, known of old/ Lord of the far flung battle line/Beneath whose awesome gaze we hold/ Dominion over palm and pine. (5) Rudyard Kipling Answer: Recessional 2. (10) Strong son of god, immortal love/ whom we, who have not seen thy face/ by faith, and faith alone embrace/Believing what we cannot prove. (5) Alfred, Lord Tennyson Answer: _In Memoriam A. H. H._ 3. (10)O Goddess! hear these tuneless numbers, wrung/By sweet enforcement and remembrance dear/And pardon that thy secrets should be sung/ Even into thine own soft-conched ear (5) John Keats Answer: _Ode to Psyche_ ----Extras---- Several operas feature an opera (or play)-within-an-opera struc- ture; given the plot of one of these theatre-themed operas, name if for 10 points or for 5 if you need the composer. 1. (10) In this play, the clown Canio suspects his wife Nedda of carrying on with Tonio, another member of their acting troupe; Canio freaks out and stabs both of them onstage. (5) Ruggero Leoncavallo Answer: I _Pagliacci_ 2. (10) In this opera, set in Vienna, confusion reigns when a musical troupe are instructed to perform their classically-themed opera, which takes place on a beach, at the same time a bunch of comedians are clowning around. Remarkably, by the end of the opera, all the disjointed antics fuse together into a sublime harmony. (5) Richard Strauss Answer: _Ariadne auf Naxos_ or _Ariadne on Naxos_ 3. (10) In this opera an aging star actress vies with an even more aged Princess for the attentions of the young Maurizio, Count of Saxony. After losing and then regaining the attentions of her beau, the title heroine is killed by a poisoned posy sent by her rival. (5) Francesco Cilea Answer: _Adriana Lecouvreur_ Given the description of a work of art, name the title and artist for 5 points each part. 1. A mustache and beard are painted onto the Mona Lisa. Answer: _L.H.O.O.Q._, Marcel _Duchamp 2. This sculpture consists simply of the smooth golden head of a woman with her eyes closed, resting on a silk pillow. Answer: _Sleeping Muse_, Constantin _Brancusi_ 3. Three men with their arms raised reach out to a fourth man holding up three swords, while three women swoon nearby. Answer: The _Oath of the Horatii_, Jacques-Louis _David_ Name the composer from piano works 30-20-10. 1. RMinuet Antique,S ROiseaux TristesS 2. RLa Vallee des Cloches,S RMinuet sur le Nom de HaydnS 3. RPavane Pour une Infante Defunte,S RJeux dUeauS Answer: Maurice Ravel Identify these Supreme Court chief justices from clues on a 10-5 basis. 1. 10 pts: After serving as counsel for the Stevens Gas Commis- sion investigation utility practices in New York, he attained nationwide reputation as counsel for the Armstrong Commission which exposed abuses in the insurance field. 5 pts: Appointed associate justice in 1910, he resigned in 1916 to accept the Republican nomination for President and was defeated by Wilson. He became chief justice in 1930. Answer: Charles Evans _Hughes_ 2. 10 pts: He was governor of South Carolina, twice a delegate to the Continental Congress, and was a delegate to the Constitu- tional Convention. 5 pts: He was named the second chief justice in 1795, but the Senate rejected the nomination, and he served only five months. Answer: John _Rutledge_ 3. 10 pts: He was the lone dissenter in the _Jehovah's Witnesses Case_, opposing state legislation compelling belief or expression violating religious convictions. 5 pts: He was U.S. Attorney General in Coolidge's cabinet before being appointed to the Supreme Court in 1925 and then chief justice in 1941. Answer: Harlan Fiske _Stone_ Identify these fun French surrealists for the stated number of points. 1. 10 pts: Called the "Pope of Surrealism" because of his importance in the movement, he co-authored the first surrealist novel, _Magnetic Fields_, with Philippe Soupault. Answer: Andre _Breton_ 2. 20 pts: He founded the surrealist magazine _Litterature_ with Breton and Soupault and wrote the classic surrealist novel _Le Paysan de Paris_ (or _Nightwalker_), but broke with the movement after he became a fervent communist. Answer: Louis _Aragon_