Subject: Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 07:26:06 -0700 From: David Matthew Levinson <dmlevins> To: 1 The general title was not adopted until 1842, although 1829 was the date of release of the first volume, _Le Dernier Chouan_ (le DEHR-nee-yer SHOO-on). The stories were divided according to place and professions of the characters, and as a whole they were meant to represent a panorama of 19th-century French culture. Major titles include _Cesar Birotteau_ (say-zar bee-rot-toe), _Eugenie Grandet_ (you-gen-nee gron-day), and _Le Pere Goirot_ (le pair gwa-row). FTP, name this series of nearly 100 A: La COMEDIE HUMAINE or The HUMAN COMEDY 2 At the age of 12 he studied with Felix Para. Later he received a grant to go to Spain, where he studied Goya and Velasquez and befriended revolutionaries. In France he met Picasso and in England he first read Marx. He returned to his country as an artist, but after a second trip to Europe, this time paying attention to Giotto's frescoes, he gave up easel painting, though not painting altogether. His depiction of Lenin on the walls of Rockefeller Center caused quite a controversy and was even A: Diego RIVERA 3 Discovered by a Hungarian in 1872, it was originally considered a rare form of cancer found primarily among older men. It is characterized by red-purple and blue-brown macules, plaques, and nodules both on the skin and on certain internal organs. Despite the original scarcity, a large number of new cases began to be discovered around 1980. There is no known cure, but complete remissions have been accomplished. FTP, name this disease, also known as idiopathic multiple pigmented hemorrahic sar A: KAPOSI'S sarcoma (prompt on KS) 4 She was born in Germany and moved to France while still young. Her original notoriety came as a model and she had a bit part in _La Dolce Vita_. In the mid-60s she moved to New York where she entered Andy Warhol's circle. After some tiem with a band she continued with a solo career. Her most notable solo album was probably _Chelsea Girl_; the rest of her career was rather lackluster, filled with grim experimental music and a good deal of heroin. FTP, name this single-named star, born as Chr A: NICO 5 Thomas Pynchon described it as an Irish proletarian version of Godel's Incompleteness Theorem, and it gets its name from the ill-fated star of 1950s naval instructional films. FTP, name this oft-quoted maxim, which in its simplest form states that whenever something can go wrong it will. A: MURPHY'S LAW 6 He was an Air Force officer in WWII; this helped to make him an authority on defense issues in the Senate, where he served for all but four years from 1953 to 1987. His writings include _Why Not Victory?_ and _The Conscience of a Conservative_. FTP, name this Arizonan who carried only six states when he opposed LBJ in 1964. A: Barry GOLDWATER 7 Born of the union of cousins, he was educated at Oxford and served as sub-editor of the London Times in the late 1920s. He traveled in the US and Mexico, and went on to become a film critic for the Spectator. He converted to Roman Catholicism and this heavily influenced his writings. FTP, name this author of _The Confidential Agent_, _It's a Battlefield_, _The Man Within_, _The Power and the Glory_, and _Travels with my Aunt_. A: Graham GREENE 8 He became the economic head of his country in 1936 and three years later became the deputy to the government's chief. He commanded the Luftwaffe and organized the blitzkrieg campaigns. He organized the storm troopers, but lost power when he failed to stop the Allied air attacks. After being convicted at Nuremberg he committed suicide. FTP, name this Nazi, the founder of the Gestapo. A: Hermann Wilhelm GOERING 9 Its members live in communes, abstaining from illicit sex, gambling, meat, and alcohol. They believe that one can attain unity with a godhead through simple chanting, moving, and banging of cymbals. The group first appeared in the U.S. in 1965, after it had been brought here by its founder, Swami Prabhupada. FTP, name this offshoot of Hinduism whose memebrs are recognized by their shaved heads and saffron robes. A: HARE KRISHNA or INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS 10 A member of a musical family, he wrote a famous instructional book, The Art of Playing the Clavecin, and hundreds of pieces for the hapsichord. His sonatas include The Sultan and The Superb, and his songs include "Oh My! All is Lost!" and "Epitaph of an Idler." FTP, name this early 18th-century French composer whose tomb became a musical subject for Maurice Ravel. A: Francois COUPERIN 11 It has infinite storage space for data in a finite language. It has a scanning or reading device which makes only finitely many different moves and can overprint at a given point in the memory device. It has only finitely many internal states and a set of instructions, each specifying an initial state, and element of the memory language, an action, and a new state. In terms of the computations it can perform, however, it is at least as good as any computer ever built. FTP, name this theoreti A: TURING MACHINE 12 As a child he aspired ot be a movie star, and he cliams to have had his dream fulfilled in old age with cameos in films such as _Bob Roberts_ and _With Honors_. His greatest fame has come as an author, though, penning such works as _Williwaw_, _In a Yellow Wood_, _Julian_, _The City and the Pillar_, and _Myra Breckinbridge_. FTP, name this outspoken American author of _Lincoln_ and _Burr_. A: Gore VIDAL 13 It is white or faintly yellow and almost odorless. It contains 27 carbon atoms, 46 hydrogen atoms, and one oxygen atom, with four rings and only one double bond. It is the most common animal sterol, and often esterifies with fats in the blood stream. In the laboratory it is extracted from beef, and many people are concerned with having too much of it from eating such red meats. FTP, name this chemical associated with heart disease. A: CHOLESTEROL 14 Founded in 428, this dynasty's first major ruler was Clovis, who united most of the country. The kingdom was later partitioned but largely reunited under Clotaire II. After Dagobert I, the kings became known as do-nothings, and power passed to local mayors such as Charles Martell. FTP, name this Frankish dynasty which ruled France until its last ruler, Childeric III, was deposed by Pepin in 751. A: MEROVINGIANS 15 Althought his mother was a devout Christian, he was not baptized until age 32. He was a father by the age of 18, and around this time he turned to the study of philosophy and theology, become most interested in Manichaeism. He took teaching positions in Rome and Milan, and in the latter had his moment of conversion when he heard a child's voice while reading Romans. He soon returned to Northern Africa, where he grew up, and eventually became Bishop of Hippo. FTP, name this saint whose feast A: AUGUSTINE 16 The most prominent poets of the era were Li Po and Tu Fu, and advances in the arts were accompanied by advances in the sciences and military expansion, with Chinese armies moving into Central Asia. The apex of all of these advances came with the reign of Hsuan Tsung. FTP, name this dynasty, cofounded by Li Yuan and Tai Tsung, which brought an end to chaos and invasion when it began to rule China in the early 7th century. A: TANG dynasty 17 According to some he is the poet most read in contemporary America. Of course, this statement usually comes from those bent on the spread of a certain brand of Islamic mysticism. The poet lived from 1207 to 1273 and his greatest work is an exposition of Sufi wisdom in some 50,000 lines. FTP, name this Persian poet of the Mathnawi. A: Jalal-ad-din RUMI 18 It is thought to be composed of partially molten periodotite, and it is capable of prolonged plastic defomration Located from 50 to 240 km beneath the surface, it si considered to be the site of movement between the lithosphere and the mesosphere. FTP, name this zone within the earth's upper mantle in which the velocity of seismic waves is considerably reduced. A: ASTHENOSOPHERE 19 This nation has no ethnic majority, but substantial populations of Oromo, Tigre, and Sidamo peoples. Its cities include Dire Dawa, Gonder, Jima, and Kelafo and over half of the nation's export income comes from coffee. FTP, name this country, the world's most populous landlocked nation, which has its own orthodox church and which has Amharic as its official language. A: ETHIOPIA 20 Peace; Plutus; The Knights; The Archanians; Lysistrata; The Clouds; The Frogs; The Wasps; The Birds. FAQTP, these are all works by what Athenian dramatist of the 4th and 5th centuries BC? A: ARISTOPHANES 21 When he came to England as a 17-year-old in 1947 he worked as a train porter. Now he is a US citizen and he had made several billion dollars. Much of this has gone to philanthropic endeavors, including the establishment of the Central European University and monetary aid to encourage democracy in the former Soviet bloc. He recently made headlines when he pledged $50 million to help immigrants hurt by the recent welfare overhaul. FTP, name this Hungarian-born international financier. A: George SOROS 22 Family, Life with Lucy, The Heights, Nightingales, Vegas, The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, and Dynasty. These are all offerings from the same man who said of himself, "I'm not a T-and-A producer." Keeping this in mind, identify the man who brought the world Models,Inc., Malibu Shores, Savannah, Melrose Place, and 90210. A: Aaron SPELLING 23 Lafayette, Henando, De Soto, Suwannee, Dixie, Okaloosa, Gulf, Broward, and Dade. FAQTP, these are all counties in which southern state? A: FLORIDA 24 While television was still in its nascent stage he argued that this medium was transforming the way we think, as the content of the television message was influenced by the means of transmission. In his famous 1964 book, subtitled "The Extensions of Man," he offered his famous aphorism: The medium is the message. FTP, name this Canadian author of _Understanding Media_. A: (Herbert) Marshall MCLUHAN BONUSES 1 Identify the following cities through which the author of this question passed as he traveled from Philadelphia to Los Angeles this summer. 5 points each. 2200 people died in the 1889 flood in this Pennsylvania town. A: JOHNSTOWN While in this city, your author took a tip from a famous movie character by visiting the Art Institute and walking right throught the Oktoberfest parade (really!) A: CHICAGO This city on the Arkansas river was notorious for its wild frontier life. It is the county seat of Ford County, Kansas A: DODGE CITY This New Mexico city got its name because a sign painter found the original spelling too cumbersome A: ALBUQUERQUE In the Eagles' song "Take It Easy," the narrator is standing on a corner in this Arizona town A: WINSLOW This desert town in southeast California is home to Spike in the Peanuts comic strip A: NEEDLES 2 This is the only sports question in the packet, so why focus on a single sport? Answer these unrelated questions FTP each This basketball coach has the most NCAA tournament game wins, but only two championships A: Dean SMITH Where did Terry Bradshaw play college football? A: LOUISIANA TECH Hayes Jenkins, Sergei Yolkov, and Beatrix Schuba have all been champions in what sport? A: FIGURE SKATING 3 Identify the author from his works on a 30-20-10 basis 30: John Marr; The Encantadas or Enchanted Isles 20: The Piazza; Benito Cereno; Jimmy Rose 10: Bartleby, the Scrivener; Billy Budd, Sailor A: Herman MELVILLE 4 At last count, there were more than 7 seas. You only need to name three FTP each. This sea is surrounded by the islands of Borneo, Celebes, Java, and Sumatra. A: JAVA sea This sea is bound by Sardinia, Sicily, and the southern part of the Italian peninsula A: TYRRHENIAN sea This is the sea which lies on the north side of the Bering strait A: CHUKCHI sea 5 Given the mammal, identify its order for 5 points each Shrew A: INSECTIVORA Sloth A: EDENTATA Hare A: LAGOMORPHA Bat A: CHIROPTERA Horse A: PERISSODACTYLA Lemur A: PRIMATES 6 Name these Civil War battles from descriptions FTP each Fought on April 5, 1864, it marked a significant break for Farragut A: MOBILE BAY It was fought between the armies of Rosecrans and Bragg in September of 1863 A: CHICKAMAUGA General Sherman made a frontal attack here on June 27, 1864. His forces, initially repulsed, eventually outflanked the Confederates, who were forced to withdraw. A: KENESAW MOUNTAIN 7 For this bonus, you are Agamemnon, and it's time to make war on Troy. >From the following list of kings, select the three former suitors for the hand of Helen who must now assist you, according to their oath: Ajax, Pandarus, Glaucus, Diomedes, Idomenus, Memnon. A: AJAX, DIOMEDES, IDOMENUS 8 Identify the composer from his works on a 30-20-10 basis. 30: As it Fell upon a Day, a chamber piece for soprano, flute and clarinet 20: Film scores for The City; Of Mice and Men; Our Town; and the Red Pony. Also, _Grohg_, a choreographic fantasy in one act 10: Billy the Kid; Appalachian Spring A: Aaron COPLAND 9 Given a noted work in psychology, name its author FTP Psychology of the Unconscious A: Carl JUNG Childhood and Society A: Erik ERIKSON The Neurotic Personality of Our Time A: Karen HORNEY 10 Identify these classes of subatomic particles FTP each This class includes the electron and the muon neutrino A: LEPTONS The strong interaction in atomic nuclei are between these particles. They include the neutron, the proton, and the pion. They show signs of an inner structure and are thought to be composed of quarks A: HADRONS The fermionic hadrons are known as baryons. The rest are known by this designation A: MESONS 11 Have you been reading the papers lately? Identify these things you might have learned FTP each This hurricane ravaged Cuba in mid-October A: Hurricane LILI This is the name of the group of Islamic fundamentalists which currently controls two thirds of Afghanistan but is being violently opposed by General Dostum A: TALIBAN This spiritual organization recently took out a full-page ad in the NY Times accusing the German government of Nazi-like discrimination against its members A: Church of SCIENTOLOGY 12 Idenitfy these rulers of Zaire FTP each He negotiated the Congo's independence from Belgium and served as the first prime minister in 1960. He was ousted and died under mysterious circumstances A: Patrice Emergy LUMUMBA He took power in 1965 and held it for decades, creating a national consciousness among tribal divisions, but corruptly amassing a personal fortune of billions of dollars A: Joseph Desire MOBUTU Sese Seko 13 Identify these really old poems FTP each Begun by Guillaume de Lorris (ghee-yome de lorree) around 1240, this poem of 22000 lines was finished by Jean de Meun (zhawn de moo-ann) A: le ROMAN DE LA ROSE or the ROMANCE OF THE ROSE Written slightly earlier than the Romance of the Rose, this saga by Snorri Sturluson tells the vivid history of Norway's kings A: HEIMSKRINGLA or ORB OF THE WORLD This poem starring Rodrigo Dias de Vivar is even older than the Heimskringla A: la POEMA DEL CID or the POEM/SONG OF THE CID or EL CID 14 Identify the work on a 30-20-10 basis 30: It was first published in 1781, with a substantially different second edition appearing a few years later. The most standard English translation is by Norman Kemp Smith 20: Sections of the work include The Transcendental Aestheitc and the Transcendental Deduction of the Categoires. One of its chief goals is to explain synthetic a priori knowledge 10: It was the first book in Kant's great trilogy, with the other books being works on Practical Reason and Judgment A: CRITIQUE OF PURE REASON 15 Sure, you probably took calculus, but how much do you remember? Identify the following FTP each This rule allows one to calculate the limit of a quotient by taking derivatives A: L'HOPITAL's rule This theorem is a special case of the mena value theorem. It applies when a function takes the same value at the endpoints of some interval A: ROLLE's theorem This method of estimating integrals effectively fits a curve with parabolas. A: SIMPSON'S rule 16 Name the artists from his works on a 30-20-10 basis 30: Epsom Derby 20: Officer of the Imperial Guard and The Wounded Cuirassier 10: The Raft of the Medusa A: Jean Louis Andre Theodore GERICAULT 17 Given a film, name the director who won an Oscar for directing it. 5 points each Laurence of Arabia A: David LEAN The Last Emperor A: Bernardo BERTOLUCCI Oliver! A: Sir Carol REED Casablanca A: Michael CURTIZ Letter to three Wives A: Joseph MANKIEWICZ The Divine Lady A: Frank LLOYD 18 Given a brief description, identify the wife of Henry VIII FTP each She was the mother of Edward VI and is buried beside Henry A: JANE SEYMOUR She is believed to have had an affair with Thomas Culpepper, and for this she was executed in 1542 A: CATHERINE HOWARD (prompt on Catherine) She wrote a devotional work "The Lamentations or Complaint of a Sinner." Henry was her third husband and she did much to restrain the severity of the persecutions conducted under the Act of the Six Articles A: CATHERINE PARR (again, prompt) 19 Identify the Shakespearean play from lines on a 30-20-10 basis 30: Night hangs upon mine eyes, my bones would rest, That have but labor'd to attain this hour 20: And when the fit was upon him, I did mark How he did shake-- 'tis true, this god did shake 10: The evil that men do lives after them, The good is oft interred with their bones A: JULIUS CAESAR 20 Given a work, identify the writer. All of these writers are Chilean. Ten points each. The House of the Spirits A: Isabel ALLENDE Death and the Maiden A: Ariel DORFMAN Sonnets of Death A: Gabriela MISTRAL 21 Given an event from Russian history, identify the year in which it occurred FTP. You'll get 5 consolation points if you are within 5 years. Fighting in the Crimena War ends and the Treaty of Paris is signed A: 1856 (5 pts: 1851-55, 57-61) Alexander II is assassinated A: 1881 (5 pts.: 1876-80, 82-86) Ivan the Terrible become Tsar A: 1547 (5 pts: 1542-46, 48-52) 22 If you ask me a lot of airtime was wasted this summer in San Diego and Chicago. Given a party, name the city where it helds its not-so-televised convention this year. Reform Party A: VALLEY FORGE (accpet Philadelphia) Green Party A: LOS ANGELES (at the UCLA campus!) Libertarian Party A: WASHINGTON 23 Given the star identify the constellation in which it can be found FTP each Antares A: SCORPIO Deneb A: CYGNUS Aldebaran A: TAURUS 24 Idenitfy the following books of the New Testament for the stated number of points FTP, the epistles written to this church is the one with the most disputed authorship A: HEBREWS FTP, this, the first epistles after Hebrews and the Pauline letters, was called "an epistle of straw" by Luther A: JAMES For 5 points each, these are the only two books of the Bible with traditionally attributed to gentile authorship A: LUKE and ACTS of the Apostles (both by Luke) 25 Given a few works, identify their Polish author FTP each The Peasants; The Promised Land A: Wladyslaw REYMONT Solaris; The Futurological Congress; Memoirs of a Space Traveler A: Stanislaw LEM In Vain; With Fire and Sword; Quo Vadis A: Henryk SIEKIEWICZ