Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 22:00:59 -0800 (PST) From: Brad Harris <harrisb@leland.Stanford.EDU> For Berkeley Western Invitational Tournament IV, Nov 1,2 1996. edited by David Levinson Toss-ups 1. Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23 governs this type of lawsuit, which may include hundreds or even millions of parties. Examples of these suits are the Dalkon Shield litigation, asbestos litigation, and most recently, tobacco litigation. FTP, give the two-word name for the type of lawsuit in which many individuals join their claims against a particular defendant into one suit. Answer: CLASS ACTION 2. Her story begins when she leaves Ms. Pinkerton's school at Chiswick with her friend Amelia Sedley. After a secret marriage, she moves her way up in society by schemes and machinations. Her travels take her to Belgium during the Battle of Waterloo, and to France, Italy, and Germany during the course of the novel. She is finally cast out of her position in society by a scandalous affair with Lord Steyne, to end her days as an exile. FTP, name this hero of Thackery's novel Vanity Fair. Answer: Becky (or Rebecca) SHARP 3. Dorothy Parker, Lillian Hellman, John LaTouche, Richard Wilbur, and Stephen Sondheim all worked on its lyrics, coming up with such lines as "Though war may seem a bloody curse/ It is a blessing in reverse,/ When cannons roar/ Both rich and poor/ By daner are united/ 'Til every wrong is righted." FTP, name this optimistic musical by Leonard Bernstein, based on a story by Voltaire satirizing Leibniz. Answer: CANDIDE 4. It is well known that the stars are not fixed in their positions in the sky; the appearance of the constellations several thousand years from now could be much different than today. Navigators need not fear, however- while Polaris will no longer be the North Star, another star will take its place and always show the way to north. FTP What fairly young, blue star will that be that currently is the brightest point in the constellation Lyra the Lyre? Answer: VEGA 5. His victims include Caleb Cole, Simon Killian, Lucas Kasan, and Lyman Kerlow, to name just a few. Each of these men died by decapitation, but even stranger, their deaths spanned some 400 years. FTP, name the swordsman born in the Scottish Highlands in 1592 who killed these fellow Immortals. Answer: Duncan MACLEOD (prompt if "the Highlander" is answered) 6. This man's sons were Ephraim and Menachem, and the two boys got along fine. This was quite remarkable, because each of the preceding generations had been scarred by sibling rivalry. For example, his father had stolen his uncle's birthrights, and his brothers had tossed him into a pit and sold him into slavery. FTP, name this man, whose dreams and many-colored coat aroused his brothers' wrath. Answer: JOSEPH 7. Sponsored by Senator Don Nickles of Oklahoma, Senate Bill 1740 was approved by the Senate with only 14 dissenting votes this past September. Its overwhelming support in Congress met with outrage from such groups as the Human Rights Campaign Fund, Lambda, and the National Lesbian Rights Task Force, who saw the bill as an embodiment of anti-gay hostility. FTP name this bill which was signed into law by President Clinton in a late-night ceremony designed to keep media attention away. Answer: The DEFENSE of MARRIAGE Act (Prompt for more if "DOMA" is answered.) 8. It tells the story of a group of individuals trapped in the port city of Oran Algeria sometime during the latter stages of the French colonization. It explores from an existential point of view the trials of a group of individuals trapped together with the specter of death all around them. FTP Name this Albert Camus work which describes an outbreak of disease in a small port city and the quarantined natives' responses. Answer: "The PLAGUE" 9. Often people judge the actions of others and attribute them to personality quirks or certain facets of the individual's make-up rather than to external situations. This tendency, in psychology, has a name which describes this common mistake of incorrectly classifying the cause of a person's reactions as something due to the idiosynchracies in a person's personality rather than that person's reaction to an individual scenario totally unrelated to his or her personality type. FTP, name this psychology principle. Answer: Fundamental ERROR of ATTRIBUTION 10. The first battle here was fought between the Roman Emperor Constantine and the pretender Licinius. In the second battle here Emperor Valens was soundly defeated by the Goths. Three later battles here were fought by the Bulgars trying to take Constantinople and the 14th and 15th battle here were fought between the Ottoman Turks and the Serbs and Bulgars. FTP, name this Asia minor city, perhaps the most fought over city in history. Answer: ADRIANOPLE 11. It is a theorem in discrete mathematics which becomes very useful for computer scientists in the analysis of the running times of their algorithms. It allows them to solve many seemingly complicated recurrence relations in recursive programs which permits a statement about the number of operations in terms of N that are required to complete the algorithm. FTP Name this theorem, which gives methods for solving divide and conquer recurrence relations. Answer: the MASTER Theorem 12. Some say he became emperor of Rome after smothering his predecessor at his island retreat on Capri. His four-year reign was marred by evidence of his insanity, including the murder of his own sister after an incestuous relationship with her. A less gruesome example is his promotion of his horse, Incitatus, to the rank of Senator. FTP, name this third emperor of Rome, who was succeeded by his uncle Claudius. Answer: CALIGULA (or Gaius) 13. In the late eighteenth century, he was the first scientist to make a distinction between animals based on the presence or lack of a backbone; however, he was most known for his erroneous theory of evolution based on a direct response by animals to their environment. FTP Who is this French biologist who was appointed the royal botanist of France in 1781? Answer: Jean Baptiste LAMARCK 14. Passions, A Ball, Scene in the Fields, March to Execution, and Dream of a Sabbath Night are the five movements of this work titled Episodes in the life of an Artist. Supposedly, this work chronicles a love affair that the composer had with an English actress. FTP, name this work opus 14 by Hector Berlioz. Answer: SYMPHONIE FANTASTIQUE 15. It is partly autobiographical and deals with the story of young club footed orphan who struggles to become an artist and a doctor. He becomes involved in a love affair with a waitress which nearly destroys his medical ambitions. FTP, name this work dealing with the trials of Philip Carey written by Somerset Maugham. Answer: OF HUMAN BONDAGE 16. It has a total of 20 component parts in assorted shapes and sizes formed in a triptych with two hinged wings. Including many schemes such as the Adoration of the Lamb, Adam, Eve, plus the Lord between St. John and the Virgin Mary, this work was initially begun by the brother Hubert in 1425 and was completed over a 7 year span. FTP, name this work by Hubert and Jan Van Eyck, a piece considered the greatest monument of early Flemish painting. Answer: GHENT ALTARPIECE 17. He did his most famous work around the year 320 BCE, but he is most well known for being a follower of a more famous countryman. FTP, give the name of this philosopher who thought that people were basically good by nature, and had "sprouts" of morality as part of their nature, and was the most well-known disciple in the tradition of Confucius? Answer: MENCIUS (also accept Meng-Tzu or Master Meng) 18. Statistically, it is often difficult to prove whether or not one's experimental results are due to a real statistical difference or to random error. In fact, there is a hypothesis in statistics which claims that all differences are due to random error in sampling and measuring. It is the job of the experimenter to disprove this hypothesis by demonstrating that the measured differences are of a sufficient magnitude to account for random error. FTP Name this hypothesis which is the baseline explanation in statistical analysis. Answer: NULL Hypothesis 19. They were officially created in 1867 by an act of Congress. The 9th and 10th Cavalry served in many engagements in the western plains and the 10th Cavalry was the first to have a black commander. FTP, give the common name for soldiers of these 4 black regiments. Answer: BUFFALO SOLDIERS 20. A fan of Gilbert and Sullivan- whose works appeared on several occasions in his writing- he once won both major science-fiction writing awards, the Hugo and Nebula, for the same book. He was also a tenured professor of biochemistry at Boston University, but he was known far more for his science fiction, including the more than 20,000 page Foundation series. FTP Who is this author, born in Russia, who was known as one of the "Big Three" of science fiction? Answer: Isaac ASIMOV 21. Perhaps the first influential Renaissance artist to come from Venice, this precocious artist was capable of executing his own commissions by the age of 17. His close association with learned humanist is echoed in his devotion to the antiquities but at the same time his tense, firmly constructed figures reminds one of Donatello. Known for his engraving, his works influenced many Venetians including his brothers in law, the Bellinis. FTP, name the artist of St. Sebastian and the Martyrdom o Answer: Andrea MANTEGNA 22. He was supported financially by a wealthy widow, Nadezhda von Meck, although he never actually met her. His compositions include six symphonies, numerous operas, and several ballet scores. FTP, name the composer of Capriccio Italien, Symphony Pathetique, the Nutcracker Suite, and the 1812 Overture. Answer: Pyotr Ilyich TCHAIKOVSKY 23. The main character, an old man, ridicules the ambitions and passions of his youth because they have been unfulfilled.. In his old age, hope and optimism seem absurd and our awareness of this are made more acute by the recorded tape monologues of his youth that the old man plays. FTP, name this one act play about the futility and meaningless of life by Samuel Beckett. Answer: KRAPP'S LAST TAPE 24. He was a lieutenant for the 11th Infantry Brigade of the Americal Division under the command of General Gettys. His name became a hot topic when he marched his unit into the Batangan Peninsula on 16 March 1968. FTP, name this man who order the execution of about 100 Vietnamese citizens on that day. Answer: William CALLEY 25. Born in Russia in 1905, she moved to the United States and originated the personal and political philosophy known as Objectivism. What author opined that rational self-interest should be the basis of action, and that altruism is a personal and political weakness, in such books as the Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged? Answer: Ayn RAND 26. This city hosted the conservatory at which Remskikorsakov, Tchaikofski, and Prokofiev among others studied. It, as with many other Soviet cities, underwent a name change to celebrate the success of Communism. FTP Name this city, home of the Hermitage. Answer: SAINT PETERSBURG (prompt for more information on Petrograd, Leningrad) 27. Spiro Agnew was one of only two standing vice presidents to resign from that post. FTP, name the only other standing veep to resign - a states right and nullification advocate who resigned on December 28, 1832 and took a seat in the Senate for his state of South Carolina. Answer: John C. CALHOUN 28. In 1889 this territory was opened up for settlers and land was in many cases given away in large quantities. It became a state a mere 18 years later, one of the most rapid transitions from territory to state ever. It is one of the few states which contains a pan-handle, and includes cities such as Bow-legs, Bigsbee, and Norman. FTP Name this state perhaps most famous for it's rich oil reserves, or for the bombing of a federal building just over a year ago. Answer: OKLAHOMA 29. Seventy-two such institutions have been established since this act of Congress took effect. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology was one of the few private universities to be designated by it; many public schools were so designated as well. FTP what is the this act to aid education in mid-19th Century America? Answer: LAND GRANT Act of 1862 or MORRILL Act 30. The year 1972 saw what was perhaps the most significant achievement in Cold War arms negotiation as a treaty between the United States and the Soviet Union was enacted which limited defense against inter-continental weapons of mass destruction. Specifically, it addressed the defenses against such weapons. FTP Name this milestone in defense negotiations which, among other things, raises questions about space-based defenses as it may give one side an incentive for a first strike. Answer: ABM (Anti-Ballistic Missile) Treaty 31. This man is described in the first line of the novel as being "an inch, maybe two, under six feet." As a young sailor caught in a storm at sea, he commits an act of cowardice which will haunt him the rest of his life. He spends the rest of the novel trying to compensate for his mistake, living out his life in a Pacific Island village, where he is treated as a god by the natives, until finally, they turn against him, and he takes his own life. FTP, name this Joseph Conrad anti-hero. Answer: LORD JIM 32. He was appointed to the Supreme Court by President Nixon, and was expected to be a virtual clone of fellow Minnesotan Warren Burger. The Republicans were sorely disappointed, however, when this man wrote the majority opinion in Roe v. Wade, which created a constitutional right to abortion. He remained on the Court for 24 years, from 1970 - 1994. FTP, name this Justice, who was replaced on the court in 1994 by Justice Stephen Breyer. Answer: Harry A. BLACKMUN 33. This man was an avid abolitionist in the 1830s, and has been called the first martyr to freedom of the press in the United States. The reaction to his anti-slavery publications drove him from the slave state of Missouri to what he hoped would be a more tolerant community, the town of Alton, in the free state of Illinois. His hopes were dashed, however, as his abolitionist views met the same reaction in Illinois that they had received in Missouri. After four of his printing presses were destroyed. Answer: Elijah LOVEJOY Bonuses 1. BONUS 30-20-10 Identify the man: (30) If you saw the recent movie "Babe," you might have thought that the soundtrack sounded familiar, since it was adapted from the final movement of this man's third symphony, Symphony with Organ. (20) If you were at a classically-inclined Halloween party last Thursday, you might have heard his much spookier musical description of a wild dance in a graveyard, led by the Devil playing a violin. (10) He is the French composer of Danse Macabre. Answer: Camille SAINT-SAENS 2: BONUS We all know the good ol' diatomic elements, or do we? You will receive five points for each one you can name. Although there are seven answers, we are only looking for six, and we will take the first six answers given Answer: bromine, iodine, nitrogen, chlorine, oxygen, fluorine, hydrogen 3: BONUS Here are a few simple questions about artists and their motifs. If you can identify the most famous French artist known for each motif, you'll receive ten points. If you need an additional clue, you'll get five. (10): Ballet dancers. (5): The Drinker of Absenth was one of this French impressionist's many works. Answer: Edgar DEGAS (10): Heroes of the French Revolution. (5): The Death of Marat is arguably his most famous work. Along with George Ingres he defined neoclassicism. Answer: Jacques Lewis DAVID (10): decapitated heads (5): He's probably best known for his The Wrath of the Medusa Answer: GERRICAULT 4. BONUS Name the historical figure, 30 - 20 - 10. (30). He was born in Dumferline, Scotland, on November 19, 1600, but left his native country 5 years later to join his father in England. (20). The state of Maryland was named after his wife, the daughter of Henri IV of France. (10). He was executed on January 30, 1649, some say by Oliver Cromwell himself. Answer: CHARLES I (the first) of England 5: BONUS Answer the following three questions about the brain for their respective point values. (A) (5) This branch of the central nervous system controls our involuntary actions such as breathing and circulation. At its center is the medula oblongata. Answer: autonomic nervous system or ANS (B) (10): These gleal cells provide the means for propagation of neurotransmitters along the axon. They are the cells which apparently produce the myalin sheath, which seems to be in reality nothing more than the membranes of these cells. Answer: SCHWAN cells or oligodendrocites (C) (15): Associated with the ANS, it is this small area of the brain which seems to play an important role in biorythmic and Sercadian paterns. It is abreviated SCN; name it. Answer: the SUPRACHIASMATIC NUCLEUS 6: BONUS 1996 being an election year, you're bound to see a lot of Presidential trivia floating around. So, being the conformists that we are, we thought we'd jump on the bandwagon with some of our own. (A) (10): This President of Dutch descent was one of four Presidents to have been Governor of New York. He worked in the political machine known as the Albany Reigency, was Secretary of State, and, after the panic of 1837, devised a system which would later evolve into the Federal Reserve. Answer: Martin VAN BUREN (B) (10): This Democrat made Presidential history when he became the first incumbant President not to receive the nomination of his party in the next election. Instead, the nomination, and the election, went to a bachelor, setting yet more Presidential history. Answer: Franklyn PIERCE (C) (10) : This President was the first to travel abroad, taking a steamer to Britain in 1819. Answer: James MONROE 7. BONUS Given the newspaper moniker, give the city in which the newspaper can be found, five points each: a. Courier Journal Answer: Louisville, KT b. Post Dispatch Answer: St. Louis, MO c. Globe & Mail Answer: Toronto, ON d. Pioneer Press Answer: St. Paul, MN e. Star-Ledgar Answer: Newark, NJ f. Times Picayune Answer: New Orleans, LA 8. BONUS Answer the following questions about 1940's films with city names in the title, for ten points each. (A) This 1940 MGM feature was bassed on a play by Phillip Barry. It is a comedy about high society and the escapades of Tracy Lord with her ex-husband C.K.Dexter Haven and a couple of reporters. Answer: THE PHILADEPLHIA STORY (B) This 1941 film featured Don Ameche and Betty Grable. The plot revolves around a pair of Texas sisters and their aunt who travel to Florida in search of wealthy husbands. FTP, name this comedic musical. Answer: MOON OVER MIAMI (C) This classic Paramount film was directed by the inimicable Preston Sturges.. A wild momentous spoof of the idle rich, the story follows the Tom and Gerry Jeffers, a young couple, in their search for happiness in a sort of comedic Gift of The Magi plot. Answer: THE PALM BEACH STORY 9.BONUS 30-20-10 Name the writer of the following lines. (30) The vividness of transient impressions must not make us forget that such truth they maintain is of a lesser stamp. (20) No one starts a war, or rather no one in his senses should do so without first being clear in his mind what he intends to achieve by that war and how he intends to achieve it. (10) war is the continuation of political intercourse with the intermixing of other means. Answer: Carl von CLAUSEWITZ 10. BONUS Three regions of southeast Asia united to form one in 1802, uniting as the Vietnamese Empire. FTP each name these three regions of Vietnam Answer: TONGKING (TONKIN), ANNAM, COCHIN-CHINA 11. BONUS Answer the following questions about Italian art in the 15th and 16th century FTP each. (A) Also known for his design of the Palazzo Rucellai in Florence and the gothic church of San, Francesco in Rimini, he was known for his art treatises including On Painting (decicated to Brunelleschi) and On Architecture. Answer: Leone Battista ALBERTI (B) A painter, historian, and architect, this man desinged the Pallazo degli Uffizi in Florene. However he is best known for his artists' Lives which provides the first coherent account of Itlaian Renaissance art. Answer: Girogio VASARI (1511-1574) (C) Perhaps the greatest architect of the later 16th century, this man stands in the tradition of Alberti and his architectural treastises share Alberti's basic outlook and faith in the cosmic significance of numerical ratio. Famous for his desifn of the Villa Rotonda and the S. Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, this native of Vicenza centered much of his career about his home town. Andrea PALLADIO (1518-1580) 12. BONUS Here's a little test of how well you know your 60's pop music. Identify the Beatles album by the songs on it (five points apiece): (a) I'm Happy Just To Dance With You Answer: A Hard Day's Night (b) Fixing A Hole Answer: Sargeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (c) Because Answer Abbey Road (d) The Word Answer: Rubber Soul (e) I'm So Tired Answer: The Beatles (or accept the "white album") (f) And Your Bird Can Sing Answer: Revolver 13. BONUS FTP each, what is the angular frequency w (omega) of a) a pendulum of length l, given that the acceleration due to gravity is g Answer: the square root of the quantity g over l b) a mass m on a spring with spring constant k Answer: the square root of the quantity k over m c) a photon with energy E Answer: E divided by H bar (prompt for more if "E" is answered) 14. BONUS When we think of our favorite novels, we generally have no trouble remembering the names of the main characters. But remembering the names of the narrators can be more difficult, despite the fact that the stories couldn't have been told without them. I'll name three works, and you'll earn ten points apiece by telling me the name of the narrator. a. The Great Gatsby Answer: Nick CARRAWAY b. Wuthering Heights Answer: Mr. LOCKWOOD c. Rebecca Answer: the narrator is ANONYMOUS; no name is ever given (accept equivalents) 15. BONUS Many Christian feasts are considered immovable, for instance, Christmas will fall on December 25, this year, as in all others. For ten points each, on what day are the following feasts in the Gregorian calander of the Catholic Church: a. Epiphany Answer: January 6 b. All Saints Day Answer: November 1 c. All Souls Day Answer: November 2 16. BONUS Although one wouldn't expect men of the cloth to spend their time as detectives, several mystery writers have created religious sleuths, who perhaps derive some special insight from their holy lifestyles. For ten points apiece, name the fictional religious detective given a brief description. 5 points if you need the author. a. (10) A 12th century Benedictine monk, known for keeping an herb garden. (5) Creator: Ellis Peters Answer: Brother CADFAEL b. (10) A Catholic priest in late 19th century England. (5) Creator: G.K. Chesterton Answer: Father BROWN c. (10) A medieval Franciscan monk who solves a series of diabolical murders in a Benedictine monastery. (5) Creator: Umberto Eco Answer: Brother WILLIAM OF BASKERVILLE. 17. BONUS Answer the following questions about computers and telecommunications (A) (5) For what does the abbreviation �MODEM� stand? Answer: MOdulator DEModulator (B) (10) When sending a command to a �Hayes-compatable� modem in command mode, what two letters do you use to get the attention of the modem, telling it a command is coming Answer: AT (C) (15) To interrupt a stream of text which is being sent and regain command of the modem, what basic mathematical symbol is repeated three times in a true �Hayes-compatable� modem Answer: �+�, i.e. �+++� 18. BONUS Many authors use as the titles of their own works quotations from other famous works. I'll give you the title of a work, and you will tell me the author of that work, and the original source of the title, for 5 points apiece. For example, if I say, The Sound and the Fury, you will say "Faulkner, fromMacbeth." a. Brave New World Answer: Aldous HUXLEY, from The TEMPEST (by Shakespeare) b. A Raisin in the Sun Answer: Lorraine HANSBERRY, from A DREAM DEFERRED (by Langston Hughes) c. Vanity Fair Answer: William Makepeace THACKERY, from PILGRIM�S PROGRESS (by John Bunyan) 19. BONUS Identify the order of the following insects and insect-like creatures for five points each: a. Cicadas, aphids Answer: Homoptera b. Cockroaches Answer: Blattaria c. Butterflies Answer: Lepidoptera d. Ants, Bees, Wasps Answer: Hymenoptera e. True Flies Answer: Diptera f. Termites, White Ants Answer: Isoptera 20. BONUS Answer the following question about Eugene O'Neill for ten points each (A) First published in 1956, O'Neill had written this autobiographical drama in 1941 but had expressly forbid it publication until 10 years after his death. It deals with the Tyrone family - Mary, James Sr, and their two sons. Answer: LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT (B) In essence a sequel to Long Day's Journey Into Night, this work deals with James Tyrone and the tenants of one of his properties after the death of his mother and father. FTP, name this work. Answer: A MOON FOR THE MISBEGOTTEN (C) Considered by some to be O'Neill only real comedy, it is the story of the midwestern Miller family, focusing particularly on the trials of the adolescent Tommy Miller on one fateful July 4th. Answer: AH WILDERNESS 21. Your second grade teacher will be proud of you if you get all 30 points on this bonus. (a) First, for 5 points each, name the 4 states capitals that are named after U.S. Presidents. Jefferson City, MO; Lincoln, NE; Jackson, MS; Madison, WI (b) In addition to Jefferson City and Salt Lake City, only two other states capitals contain the word "city." For 5 points each, name them. Oklahoma City, OK; Carson City, NV 22: BONUS About three months ago, true computer nerds celebrated the fifteenth annaversary of the introduction of the IBM PC. In honor of that historic occasion, answer the following questions about the x86 platform. (5): What does the acronym PC stand for? Answer: personal computer (10): With the introduction of the 386, the 640K barrier in DOS was cracked partially. Including the high memory area, how much RAM, in Kilobytes, was available for TSRs and device drivers? Answer: 1088 (15): Within the Pentium processor, there is a sub-unit responsible for implementing pipe-lining within the CPU by attempting to determine what section of the CPU should receive an instruction and by managing and scheduling the execution of multiple instructions. Name this unit, responsible for internal decision-making within the Pentium. Answer: the Branch Predictor Unit 23: BONUS After the break-up of the Soviet Union, four nuclear states emerged as significantly dangerous powers. Russia was, of course, one, but, for ten points each, name the other three. Answer: Ukraine, Bielo-Russia (Byelorussia), and Kosakstan (Kazakhstan) 24. Bonus (A) I'm sure you can list the 5 modern Romance languages, but can you list the 4 modern Celtic languages? You'll get 5 points for each one you can name. Answer: Welsh, Irish Gaelic (Erse), Scottish Gaelic, and Breton (prompt for more if Gaelic is answered) (read the answers aloud before going on) (B) Now, for 5 points, which one would you be likely to speak if you lived in Inverness? Answer: Scottish Gaelic (C) And finally, for 5 points, which one would you be likely to speak if you lived in Swansea? Answer: Welsh 25. BONUS This bonus will demonstrate to you how I spent my youth. Given a list of characters, identify the police or detective TV series from the 70s and 80s. a. Huggy Bear, Captain Dobey, Ken Hutchinson Answer: STARSKY AND HUTCH b. Rick, A.J., Downtown Brown Answer: SIMON AND SIMON c. Bates, Renko, Furillo Answer: HILL STREET BLUES 26. BONUS 30-20-10 Name the literary figure. (30) Charles Demuth,a member of the Stieglitz group and a friend of this figure, based his painting "I saw the Figure 5 in Gold" on a poem written by him. (20) Though mostly known as a poet, he also wrote novels such as A Voyage to Pagany and The White Mule, In the Money, The Build Up ("Steche" trilogy) and the plays in Many Loves and Other Plays. (10) His poems often dealt with everyday American life and he won the Pulitzer Proze for his Pitures from Brueghel and Other Poems. He also wrote Paterson. Answer: William Carlos WILLIAMS 27. BONUS Given the first line of a poem, name its author, FTP each. If you need the title of the poem, you get 5 points. a. (10) "Let us go then, you and I, while the evening is spread out against the sky, like a patient etherized upon a table" (5) title: The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock Answer: T.S. ELIOT b. (10) "It was many and many a year ago, in a kingdom by the sea" (5) title: Annabel Lee Answer: Edgar Allen POE c. (10) "There are strange things done in the midnight sun by the men who moil for gold" (5) title: The Cremation of Sam McGee Answer: Robert SERVICE 28. BONUS FTP each, identify the king's pawn opening given its moves: a. e4 e5 f4 exf4 Answer: King's Gamibt Accepted e4, e5, f4, e takes f4 b. e4 e5 Nf3 Nc6 Bc4 Answer: Giuoco Piano (or "the quiet game") e4, e5, Knight f3, Knight c6, Bishop c4 c. e4 e5 Nf3 Nf6 Answer: Petroff Defense ("e4, e5, Knight f3, Knight f6") 29. BONUS Time for the obligatory national park bonus. FTP each, I'll name a national park, and you give me the closest state capital to that park. a. Hot Springs National Park Answer: Little Rock (AR) b. Acadia National Park Answer: Augusta (ME) c. Gates of the Arctic National Park Answer: Juneau (AK)