Subject: Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 07:25:45 -0700 From: David Matthew Levinson <dmlevins> To: WIT 4: "Where's Gaius?" Questions scrounged from multiple sources by Nick and Gaius TOSSUPS 1. Born in 1907 in London, she moved to Paris at an early age. After being schooled in France, she returned to England where she began to write, mainly period romances and novels set in the West Country. FTP, identify this author whose most famous work is Rebecca. Answer: Daphne _du Maurier_ 2. In 1972, the U.S. Army reversed its 66 year old decision, and ruled that the discharge of 167 men from the 1st Battalion, 25th Infantry, Company B had been honorable. At the time, the men were found guilty without trial, and President Roosevelt referred to the incident as a "conspiracy of silence". The only evidence found against them was 40 spent cartridges, which led the army to conclude that the company was responsible for a shooting spree which wounded two white men. This only known mass punishment in U.S. Army history, which affected a company of African-American soldiers, occurred in, FTP, what Texas city? Answer: _Brownsville_ 3. Born in 1936, this author of plays and poetry was involved with the Committee to Defend the Unjustly Prosecuted. His works deal with topics such as human relations and communication. Arrested on political grounds twice, he tells the story of one of his imprisonments in Letters to Olga. FTP, who is this Czech, author of The Memorandum, The Increased Difficulty of Concentra- tion, and The Garden Party, and the leader of his country? Answer: Vaclav _Havel_ 4. He thwarted three attacks by Hannibal on Nola in 216 B.C. He had earlier celebrated the _spolia opima_ for slaying a Gallic chief. He is most famous, however, for his successful siege of Syracuse in spite of Archimedes' defenses. FTP, name this man, nicknamed the Sword of Rome. Answer: Marcus Claudius _Marcellus_ 5. In 1957, the dictator of the Dominican Republic, ordered the slaughter of black Haitians who could not pronounce the "r" in the Spanish word for parsley. An American poet created a work based on that subject, told from both the perspective of the people and the tyrant. She studied at both Miami of Ohio and The University of Tubingen. FTP, who is this author of The Yellow House on the Corner, Thomas and Beulah, Museum, and Grace Notes, named U.S. Poet Laureate in 1993? Answer: Rita _Dove_ 6. He first trained as a lawyer in Russia and was a brilliant and persuasive man. However, when he was in his thirties, he decided to go to Munich and study art. By the time The Blue Rider was established, he was already "abstracting" from the image, using it as a creative springboard. FTP, name this artist, a member of The Blue Rider group, whose works include Heavy Circles, The Gray, Cossacks, and Improvisation 31. Answer: Wassily _Kandinsky_ 7. Educated at Hamilton College and Harvard, this psychologist argued that mass conditioning was a proper form of social control in his book _Beyond Freedom and Dignity_. He developed a method of teaching known as programmed instruction where a student was fed bits of information and had to demonstrate knowledge of those facts before proceeding to the next level. Gaining a reputation while teaching at the Universities of Minnesota and Indiana, he joined the faculty of Harvard in 1948 and became the leading spokesman for behaviorism. FTP, name this author of _Walden Two_. Answer: Burrhus Frederic _Skinner_ 8. He entered Harvard at age 16 and was interested in both writing and engineering. Upon graduation he entered the army with the hope of writing the "great war novel," and his service in the Pacific theater during World War II became the basis for that work, one of his best known. FTP, identify this author of such works as _The White Negro_, _The Deer Park_, _Armies of the Night_, and _The Naked and the Dead_. Answer: Norman _Mailer_ 9. The name is almost the same. The student of Daedalus also known as Perdix who was killed for his invention of the saw, the 'yron man' attendant to Sir Artegal in The Faerie Queen who was 'swift as a swallow and as lion strong', the bronze giant of Greek myth which protected Crete and was destroyed by the magic of Medea, and the planetary system visited by the Enterprise in the Star Trek pilot "The Cage". FTP, give the common name. Answer: _Talus_ or _Talos_ 10. The putative subject of this book is a fable of three brothers and the coats that their father left to them; however, it is the numerous digressions that appear in it that carry the main satiric force of the work. Among the subjects that the author attacks in his digressions are pedantry, scientific credulity and quackery, madness, and religious fanaticism. FTP, name this Jonathan Swift work whose title can refer either to flim-flam or to a nautical method of scaring whales away from ships. Answer: A _Tale of a Tub_ 11. Named in 1852 after the Earldom held by Sir Francis Egerton, its northernmost point, Cape Columbia, was finally reached by Charles Francis Hall in 1871 who passed through the Nares Strait which separates it from Greenland. FTP, name this northernmost of the Canadian islands, the ninth largest in the world and the second largest in Canada. Answer: _Ellesmere_ Island 12. The grandson of Cretheus and Tyro and brother of Bias, as a small boy, he chanced upon a dead female serpent which he gave a solemn funeral and whose young he looked after. He discovered how to cure the sexual impotence of Iphiclus, and cured the mad daughters of Proteus, for which he was given one of the daughters and two-thirds of the kingdom of Argos. FTP, who was this ancestor of Polyidus (poli-eye-dus) who could heal the sick and understood the language of animals after the young snakes purified his ears? Answer: _Melampus_ 13. He first suggested the idea of non-directed or client-centered psychotherapy in 1945's "Counseling and Psychotherapy." Along with Maslow he is considered a father of humanistic psychology. FTP, identify this famous psychologist, best known for his 1961 work "On Becoming A Person." Answer: Carl _Rogers_ 14. This novel ends as a young man hitchhikes across America still seeking the place where the American dream of riches and fame will be fulfilled. Sketches of real people like Henry Ford, Isadora Duncan, and the Wright brothers intrude on the main story of Charley Anderson, a returned war hero, who marries an heiress, has an affair, becomes involved in land fraud, and dies in an accident. FTP, what is this novel by John Dos Passos, the third book in the USA trilogy? Answer: _The Big Money_ 15. They can be broadly classified as globular or fibrous; the globular variety have compact rounded molecules and are usually water- soluble, while the fibrous variety are generally insoluble in water and consist of long coiled strands or flat sheets which co nfer strength and elasticity. They are comprised of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, and most also contain sulfur, and molecular weights range from 6000 to several million. When heated over 50 degrees Celsius or subjected to strong acids or alkali s, they lose their specific tertiary structure and may form insoluble coagulates. FTP, name this organic compounds, found in all living organisms, examples of which include myosin, keratin, antibodies, and enzymes. Answer: _protein_s 16. After losing all his money when the South Seas Bubble collapsed, he got a job as Secretary to the Duchess of Monmouth, but never was able to solve his financial difficulties, dying nearly penniless in 1732. Buried in Westminster Abbey, the epitaph he wrote reads, "Life is a jest, and all things show it, I thought it once and now I know it." FTP, name this British poet and playwright of Polly, the sequel to The Beggar's Opera. Answer: John _Gay_ 17. "A Simple Inquiry" and "The Undefeated" are two of the works in this short story collection. Another story, concerning Ole Anderson, who is to be killed by a duo of gunmen, also features Nick Anderson. Along with "The Killers," the collection also features "Fifty Grand" and "Hills Like White Elephants." FTP, what is this 1927 Ernest Hemmingway collection? Answer: _Men Without Women_ 18. Resistance or disregard for affirmative action takes different forms. At this public university, an administrator gave 49 of 54 scholarships earmarked for minority students to white students in a fraternity with which he was associated. When exposed, David Deuillier was forced to resign from this southern university, whose mascot is the Tigers. FTP, name it. Answer: _LSU_ or _Louisiana State_ University 19. 54 inches long with a 500-yard range, it inspired the German Panzerschrek. Officially known as the M-1 rocket launcher, it is operated by a 2-man team. It fires a thin stabilized projectile with a shaped warhead. FTP, what is this weapon, originally designed to be used against tanks? Answer: _Bazooka_ 20. It is about 1370 watts per square meter at the top of the earth's atmosphere. According to satellite instruments, this value varies by about 0.1% over the course of a sunspot cycle, with short-term variations of as much as 0.2%. FTP, what is this ironically misnamed astronomical term? Answer: _Solar constant_ 21. Speaking of the incident, James Monroe said southerners could no longer "count with certainty" on the slaves' "tranquil submission." Several hundred slaves armed with axes, pikes, and rusty muskets made a six mile march on Richmond and may have succeeded in taking the city were it not for the weather conditions. FTP, name this Oct. 7, 1800 insurrection which was thwarted by the flooding of the James River. Answer: _Prosser_'s Rebellion (or Gabriel's Insurrection) WIT 4: "Where's Gaius?" Questions scrounged from multiple sources by Nick and Gaius BONUSES 1. Give the Russian authors of these works for five points each, and an additional 5 for all correct. 1. Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka Answer: Nikolai _Gogol_ 2. The Captive of the Caucasus Answer: Aleksandr _Pushkin_ 3. Youth Answer: Leo _Tolstoi_ 4. A Month in the Country Answer: Ivan _Turgenev_ 5. A Hero of our Time Answer: Mikhail _Lermontov_ 2. Identify these ancient dynasties of various empires, FTP each. 1. This Chinese "dynasty" had only one real Emperor, Shih Huang-Ti, but he was very important, since he was the first to unify the whole of China and oversaw the construction of the Great Wall. Answer: The _Ch'in_ Dynasty 2. This dynasty ruled much of India from the state of Magadha from the early fourth to the late sixth century. Answer: The _Gupta_ Dynasty 3. This Babylonian dynasty's most famous emperor was Nebuchadnezzar II, who built the famous Hanging Gardens. Answer: The _Chaldean_ Dynasty 3. Given works, name the artists, 5-10-15 1. Electric Chair and Campbell's Soup Answer: Andy Warhol 2. At the Cafe, Primitive Tales, and The Vision After the Sermon Answer: Paul Gauguin 3. Bacchanal of the Andrians, Venus of Urbino, and The Rape of Europa Answer: _Titian_ 4. Identify these terms associated with samurai FTSNOP. 1 (5) . From the Japanese for "way of the warrior," it was the elaborate code of conduct for the samurai class. Answer: _bushido_ 3. (10) Meaning "way of the sword," it is a style of fencing using a two-handed wooden sword and is still practiced in Japan and around the world. Answer: _kendo_ 3. (15) Meaning "large private land," this term referred to large feudal landholders who were patrons of samurai. Answer: _daimyo_ 5. Identify the authors from works, 15-10-5 1. 15 pts. Life and Adventures of Mr. Duncan Campbell 10 pts. The History of Peter the Great and Tour through the Whole Island of Great Britain. 5 pts. Moll Flanders Answer: Daniel _Defoe_ 2. 15 pts. King of Alaska and One for the Road 10 pts. The Birthday Party and The Room 5 pts. The Caretaker and The Homecoming Answer: Harold _Pinter_ 6. Identify the American political figure, 30-20-10. 1. A Princeton alumnus and a Harvard law graduate, his first job was as a consultant to the U.S. Department of Labor. 2. More responsible than anyone else for the passage of California's Proposition 103, his latest book is titled _No Contest_. 3. One of his previous books, _Unsafe At Any Speed_, started a revolution in safety regulations. Answer: Ralph _Nader_ 7. Given the name of a musical work by P.D.Q. Bach, identify the name of the composer whose work is being parodied by the title. 1. Five points. Sneaky Pete and the Wolf. Answer: Sergei _Prokofiev_ 2. Ten points. Royal Firewater Music. Answer: George _Handel_ 3. Fifteen points. The Preachers of Crimetheus. Answer: Ludwig van _Beethoven_ 8. Identify the politician on a 30-20-10 basis. 1. Thirty points. Sited as a respondent in a divorce suit by William O'Shea in 1890, he was ostracized by his party and forced to retire. 2. Twenty points. He had previously survived another scandal and was awarded 500 pounds in damages when as leader of the Irish nationalists, he was accused by the London Times of participating in the Phoenix Park murders. 3. Ten points. Elected president of the Irish National Land League, this Irish Member of Parliament became noted for his obstructionist tactics in trying to bring Home Rule bills before the House of Commons. Answer: Charles Stewart _Parnell_ 9. 30-20-10 Name the historical figure. 1. He was imprisoned during WWII for aiding the Germans against the British. He was imprisoned after the war for acts of terror- ism, but was acquitted and returned to the military. 2. He served in the new regime's Revolutionary Command Council and held the posts of minister of state, chairman of the national assembly and editor of the newspaper al-Jumhuriya. 3. He became President of Egypt in 1970, helped launch the Arab-Israeli War, and signed the Israeli-Egyptian Peace Treaty with Menachem Begin in 1979. Answer: Anwar _Sadat_ 10. 30-20-10, identify the author. 1. He was awarded the Legion of Honor in 1983 for his work, which includes The Aleph. 2. His eyesight began to go bad in the 1950s, leaving almost totally blind by the 70s. 3. His other works include Nine Dantesque Essays and Ficciones. Answer: Jorge Luis _Borges_ 11. FTP each, given a brief description, name the historical conflict. 1. Caused by conflicts of territorial claims, tensions were further aggravated by the discovery of gold in the region in 1886 and the subsequent influx of prospectors and settlers, mainly British subjects. Answer: _Boer_ War 2. It was an uprising against foreigners and foreign influence. Increased domination led to the rise of a nationalist, secret organization that by 1898 had the support of Dowager Empress Cixi. Answer: _Boxer_ Rebellion 3. Lasting from 1857-1858, it brought about the transfer of authority in India from the British East India Company to the British crown. Answer: _Sepoy_ Rebellion (or _Indian Mutiny_) 12. Identify the poet from a list of works, 30-20-10. 1. Gubbinal, The Sense of the Sleight-of-Hand Man 2. Asides on the Oboe, Anecdote of the Jar 3. Sunday Morning, Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird Answer: Wallace _Stevens_ 13. For the stated number of points, identify the authors of these works often associated with the "Angry Young Men" of 1950's British literature. 1. 5 pts: The play _Look Back In Anger_ Answer: John _Osborne_ 2. 5 pts: The novel _Lucky Jim_ Answer: _K_ingsley _Amis_ 3. 10 pts: The novel _Saturday Night and Sunday Morning_ Answer: Alan _Sillitoe_ 4. 10 pts: The autobiography _Angry Young Man_ Answer: Leslie Allen _Paul_ 14. Identify the poet, 30-20-10 1. While he was serving in France, his fiance married another after a false report of his death. 2. After being imprisoned in 1648, he prepared Lucasta: Epodes, Odes, Sonnets, Songes etc. for press. 3. While in prison for presenting a "Kentish Petition" to the House of Commons, he wrote "To Althea." Answer: Richard _Lovelace_ 15. Identify the schools of philosophy on a 15-5 basis. 1. 15 pts. This view point exists in three types: psychological, ethical, and a combination of the two. 5 pts. Briefly stated, this is the view that pleasure is the only intrinsic good. Answer: _hedonism_ 2. 15 pts. Most of the work surviving today by members of this school comes from Chrysippus, the third head of the movement. 5 pts. This movement was founded by Zeno of Citium. Answer: _Stoicism_ 16. Identify the invertebrate phyla given a description of some of their unique traits, 15 points each. 1. Named for the transverse rings of the body, most of these coelomate animals have bristles, or setae. Answer: _Annelida_ or _Annelids_ 2. Usually possessing pentaradial symmetry, these vertebrates have calcite skeletons and generally have advanced nervous systems. Answer: _Echinodermata_ or _Echinoderms_ 17. 30-20-10, identify the playwright from a list of works. 1. "The Archbishop's Celing" and "The Misfits" 2. "The Price" and "After The Fall" 3. "All My Sons" and "The Crucible" Answer: Arthur _Miller_ 18. Identify the following effects in psychology relating to the influence the performer of the experiment has on the experiment. 1. Ten points. The best known example of the experimenter effect is this effect named after a Western Electric Company factory where it was realized that worker performance had been improved not because of changes in lighting conditions but because of the interest shown by the experimenters. Answer: _Hawthorne_ effect 2. Twenty points. In parapsychology this is the effect where those who accept the possibilities of paranormal abilities tend to produce better results in laboratory tests than those who do not. Answer: _Sheep-goat_ effect 19. Identify the architect of the following works for the stated number of points. 1. Five points. The interior of the St. Stephen Walbrook church, 1672. Answer: Christopher _Wren_ 2. Ten points. The Palazzo Medici-Riccardi in Florence, 1444. Answer: _Michelozzo_ or Michelozzo _di Bartolommeo_ 3. Fifteen points. The Smithsonian Institution building and St. Patrick~s Cathedral in New York City Answer: James _Renwick_ 20. Identify the following characters created by Nathaniel Hawthorne from a description for ten points each. 1. He is the discoverer of the fountain of youth, whose waters he administers to four friends in an effort to cheat time. He is said to be "a very strange old gentleman whose eccentricity had become the nucleus for a thousand fables." Answer: _Dr. Heidegger_ 2. Said to look like the Faun of Praxiteles, he longs after Miriam and kills her lover Antonio. His act of murder is said to be his introduction to the human condition. Answer: _Donatello_ 3. This man who tended to a limekiln in his native villagere turns and destroys himself in the kiln. His successor finds a whitened human skeleton with a marble heart. Answer: Ethan _Brand_ 21. Name these figures from Mesopotamian mythology FTPE. 1. This legendary sage from Eridu was offered the bread and water of eternal life by Anu, but he unwisely took the advice of a jealous Ea and refused to accept them. Answer: Adapa 2. With the form of a fish concealing the head and feet of a man, this amphibian came up to the shore during the day to teach art and science to humans. Answer: Oannes 3. This god, whose merging with Apsu created Anshar, was ultimately slain by one of AnsharUs subjects in an epic battle. Answer: Tiamat 22. Identify the number on a 30-20-10 basis. 1. Thirty points. This Haydn symphony was known as the Lamentation symphony. 2. Twenty points. This American bomber was known as the Marauder. 3. Ten points. This is the atomic number of iron. Answer: _Twenty-six_ 23. FTPE, give the literary term. 1. The juxtaposition of main clauses. Answer: parataxis 2. The concept, derived from Aristotle's _Poetics_, that poetry is essentially an imitation of nature. Answer: mimesis 3. The repetition of words or phrases at the ends of consecutive lines of verse. Answer: _epipher_ or _epiphora_ 24. For five points each and a five point bonus for all correct, identify the following men associated with the idea of ancient elements. 1. This Greek from Miletos suggested that the basic element of the universe was water. Answer: _Thales_ 2. This Greek also from Miletos felt that Thales had the right idea, but that air was the primary form of matter, not water. Answer: _Anaximenes_ 3. This philosopher from Ephesus held that fire was the primary element of the universe. Answer: _Heraclitus_ 4. This Greek from Sicily unified the thoughts of the previous philosophers in his book On Nature and held that water, air and fire were all basic elements and added earth to the list. Answer: _Empedocles_ 5. This famous teacher of Alexander the Great added ether to the list which after that remained unchanged for two thousand years. Answer: _Aristotle_