Subject: Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 07:25:54 -0700 From: David Matthew Levinson <dmlevins> To: Berkeley team KATY TUs and boni 1. When nominated for Secretary of Treasury, this Marylander was rejected. Andrew Jackson was disatisifed with this so he renominated him - this time for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. As Chief Justice, he presided for 29 years and was famous in his own time as a legal expert, but now is infamous for his ruling in the Dred Scott Case. FTP, who was this long lasting 5th Chief Justice of the Court who served until 1864? \Roger B. TANEY\ reader note: pronounced Tawney 2. With an area of 535 miles and a population of 922,800, this province's industries include metal work and chemical engineering and boasts a 14th centure cathedral along with several canals and a moat. FTP, name this Dutch province which gave its name to the treaties ending the War of the Spanish Succession. \UTRECHT\ KS 3. One of the few mortals to receive immortality, he was married to Eos and fathered Memnon, the ebony warrior. However, Eos forgot to ask for eternal youth and he gradually shrivelled up with age until Eos could stand him no longer and locked him in a chest. FTP, what man slowly turned into a cricket as age consumed him? \TITHONEUS\ 4. Its name comes from the Greek for moon which may be related to its illumination which varies in intensity with its electric resistance. Due to these properties, it is used in its crystalline form in the photocelectric cell. FTP, name this by-product of copper rerefining, element number 34. \SELENIUM\ KS 5. The eponymous founder of this firm was a mechanical genius, designing items as varied as the early prototype of the Volkswagen "Beetle" and the Tiger tank. Interned by the French after the war, he was released and began producing a sports car, the 356, as well as the 550 Spyder in which James Dean was killed. His son, also named Ferdinand now runs the firm, and it was he who designed the firm's longest-lived product, a rear-engined, air-cooled sports car which would have been called the 901, had not a legal challenge from a French automaker caused him to renumber it the 911. FTP, name this illustrious producer of very fast and very expensive vehicles. \PORSCHE\ 6. Honored by the French government with the decoration Officier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, she has also received the modern literature Association Award, the Bennett award and was co-winner of the Booker prize for _The Conservationist_. FTP, name this author of _Burger's Daughter_. \Nadine GORDIMER\ KS 7. The origin of its use dates back to WWII when computers at Harvard used relay switches. Grace Hopper, one of the first programmers, was faced with a computer failure. She solved the problem, affixed the culprit to her lab manual and used this term to refer to the procedure. FTP, give the term Grace used to described the removal of a crushed moth which had caused the computer failure. \DE-BUGGING (accept BUG if before FTP) \ 8. Upon Munghey Khan's death in 1259, Arighbukha was supposed to succeed. This man thought differently, however, and defeated Arigbukha in 1264. Rather than continue expansion westward, he directed it south, subjugating China, Burma, and Korea, and moving his capital successively from Karakorum to Shangdu and then Jungdu. His attempt to invade Japan failed, but he founded a new Chinese dynasty, the Yuen, which ruled until 1368. It is not known whether he built any stately pleasure-domes or not, but Coleridge attributed this and many other lovely features of Shangdu to him, and was even kind enough to name a poem after what Mongol Khan? \KUBILAI KHAN\ 9. It first appeared on the scene about two years ago, in the aftermath of President Najibullah's ouster from power. Since then, it has fought against the government of Burhanuddin Rabbani, advancing rapidly from the south of the country and imposing its version of Islamic law as it goes, a version so severe that Iran called it "mediaeval". FTP what is this militia composed ostensibly of Islamic university students which recently captured Kabul and may yet pacify all of Afghanistan? \TALIBAN\ 10. It is a period of time that lasted from 1645-1715 and it coincides with the most severe part of the Little Ice Age. Sun spot activity was very low, or even nonexistant, a phenomenon revelaed by the very low Auroral activity and the high 14C level. FTP, what is this 70 year period, named for the astronomer who studied it? \E. Walter MAUNDER MINIMUM\ 11. At 167 letters, this capital has an official name longer than any other in the world. It also boasts a temple with a five and a half-ton gold Buddha, arguably the worst traffic in Asia, and the residence f His Majesty, King Bhumibol Adulyadej, also known as Rama IX. FTP can you name this city, built in the late 18th century after the previous capital was destroyed by armies from neighbouring Burma? \BANGKOK\ 12. Until this man's work, Max Planck's quantum theory could not be proved. Missing was the particle of light _he_ discovered. In 1923, at the age of 31, this US physicist confirmed Max Planck's theory by discovering the photon. He also proved cosmic rays are particles. FTP, these two discoveries garnered the 1927 Nobel prize in physics for what physicist? \Arthur COMPTON\ 13. Published in 1627, it is the story of a voyage to the island of Bensalem and an account of its government and its people. Its description of the Bensalem for scientific study, Solomon's House, later inspired the founding of the Royal Society but it was published incomletely after its author's death. FTP, name this Utopian fable by Francis Bacon whose title mentions a RlostS civilization. \THE NEW ATLANTIS\ 14. As of October 29th, 1996, the record of this man as Chancellor of Germany - the longest since Otto von Bismarck - will be broken. Hitler placed third behind this man, holding the office for twelve years and ninety days. Before the war, he was mayor of Cologne and he founded Germany's Christian Democratic Union. FTP who was the first chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany from 1949 until 1963, a man whose longevity in office is about to be surpassed byt he current occupant? \Konrad ADENAUER\ 15. It used to be that when you heard Ebola, you thought Zaire, and then ran in the opposite direction as fast as possible. Times have changed. Twice in the last two years, Ebola has struck this other African nation. The government kept it under wraps the first time, but the 2nd outbreak in summer 96 was too widespread to keep quiet. FTP, in what Francophone nation whose capital is Libreville has Ebola occurred deep in the jungle? \GABON\ 16. Its definition refers to a privilege or right usually granted by a government charter to a person to perform an exclusive service or to form a company to do so. However, it has come to refer to the full rights of citizenship. FTP, give this term generally considered as the right to vote in public elections. \FRANCHISE\ KS 17. His published works include more than a hundred books as well as articles and lectures on biology, sociology, philosophy, and epistemology but he's best known for his work in psychology and the study of human development-especially that of his own children. FTP, name this Swiss psychologist and analyst of children's learning processes. \Jean PIAGET\ KS 18. They disbanded on Valentine's Day, 1972, after a seven-year string of hit singles and top-selling albums. One of the most popular groups of the 1960s, their music was featured prominently in the film "Easy Rider", and one of their most famous songs is credited with the invention of the term "heavy metal". FTP can you name this group, fronted by German-born singer John Kay and named for a Hermann Hesse novel? \STEPPENWOLF\ 19. For the second time in a row, this State's senate contest is one of the most watched in the nation. Last time, an aged veteran beat back the challenge of an alleged rising Republican star - the son of a former governor of Michigan. This time, the state's junior Senator is challenged by the governor, who will stay in office for 2 more years if he loses. FTP, what state is this where Gov. Weld has a real chance of becoming the first Republican senator for 18 years? \MASSACHUSETTS\ 20. Francisco de Orellana, while searching for gold, set off down a stream with too strong a current to return. After travelling 1800 leagues, he emerged at the riverUs mouth, but only after several battles with local Indians whose women joined the battle, hence the riverUs name. FTP, what river did Orellana navigate, the largest in South America? \AMAZON\ 21. Born in 1889, this artist opposed abstract art because it was distinct from American tradition. He was a regionalist, specializing in mythic potrayals of American rural life in works such as _July Hay_. He is also famous for the murals in the Harry S. Truman Library, in his home state. FTP who was this Missouri artist who also painted _Cotton Days_? \Thomas Hart BENTON\ 22. Perhaps remembering a legendary watchmen of earlier times, Odysseus gave this puppy a famous name, hoping the puppy would grow to be a good watchdog. When Odysseus finally returned after 20 years, the dog was the first mortal creature to recognize him, and died after yelping a welcome. FTP, who was "Ol' Yeller" of myth - remembered from one of the Odyssey's most famous scenes? \ARGUS\ 23. Full name needed here. Not Aaron Burr, this Vice President was the only one so far not have been elected by the Electoral College, because the electors of VA refused to participate in his certification, thus throwing the matter to the Senate. Who was this 9th VP, duly elected to serve under Martin Van Buren -- FTP - the first of three VPs to bear the same last name? \RICHARD JOHNSON\ 24. Born in 1863, she was the first woman to earn an honorary doctorate from Oxford. She catalogued and classified over 400,000 astronomical objects for which she is known as the census taker of the sky. FTP, who was this Delaware native with an explosive last name? \Annie Jump CANON\ 25. Like everyone else, Hemingway was an ambulance driver during WW I, but this Hemingway character was also an ambulance driver in Italy during the war. After being wounded, he meets Catherine Barkeley, and English nurse, and deserts the army to be with her, but she dies in childbirth. FTP, who is this protagonist of _A Farewell to Arms_ with a common first name for a last name? Frederic HENRY BONUSES 1. The closing months of World War II saw Germany introduce an amazing variety of terrifying new weapons, none of which appeared in sufficient quantity to affect the outcome of the war. One of these was the world's first ballistic missile, which could send a ton of high explosive launched from Germany to the edge of space, then down again onto London, where it would arrive totally without warning. (5) Give the German code name for this weapon, short for "Revenge Weapon Number Two". _V-2_ (10) For ten more points, name the young German scientist who was the genius behind the V-2, and who later placed his talents in the service of NASA: Wernher VON BRAUN (15) Finally, for fifteen points name the Thomas Pynchon novel which revolves around Lt. Tyrone Slothrop and his uncanny ability to attract German rockets: _Gravity's Rainbow_ 2. 30-20-10, name the director by works: (30) Hangmen Also Die (with Bertolt Brecht), Scarlet Street, Ministry of Fear (20) The Big Heat, The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (10) Metropolis, Fritz LANG 3. At 25 degrees C, most metals have either body centered cubic, or cubic close packed crystalline structures. However 4 metals have Trigonal crystalline structures, and one has Orthorhombic. For five poitns each, identify those 4 Trigonal crystalline structures: MERCURY, ARSENIC, ANTIMONY, BISMUTH Now for 5 more points, and a 5 point bonus if you correctly answer the entire bonus, what element has the Orthorhombic crystalline structure? GALLIUM 4. Answer these questions about Lewis Carroll's writing techniques for the stated number of points. 10 pts This term refers to words like slithy and mimsy which Carroll introduced in _Through the Looking Glass_. It is a completely new word combining parts of two words so that the new word contains of combination of meanings of the two words. PORTMANTEAU Now, for five points each and a total of twenty points, give the component words of slithy and mimsy. LITHE and SLIMY; MISERABLE and FLIMSY 5. Travels with Gaius: Your favorite Classicist has been magically teleported back in time to the Roman Empire and wants to go to Rome, but he has never been as good at directions as he is at history. Somehow Gaius got lost. He thought all roads lead to Rome and followed a sign pointing to Italica and now finds himself in Hispania. Please help Gaius get to Rome by answering the following for the stated number of points: (5) By AD 1, into how many provinces was the Iberian Peninsula (Hispania) divided THREE (Lusitania, Baetica, Tarraconnensis) (10) Gaius wanders close to the border of Lusitania. What modern country constitutes most of the province of Lustiania? PORTUGAL (15) Trajan the Spanish-born emperor currently reigns in Rome. When Gaius arrives in Trajan's hometown of Italica, and learns this, he is especially eager to get to Rome for an autograph. He rushes to New Carthage, an important port city to catch a ship. By what modern name is the Spanish port city New Carthage known today? CARTAGENA 6. Up to 1800, the monarch of Great Britain claimed sovereignty over 5 realms in his title. For 5 points each, name those 5 realms, aside from Wales with a 5 point bonus for all. ENGLAND FRANCE HANNOVER IRELAND SCOTLAND 7. In an unprecedented gender breakthrough, in summer of 1996 there were four women Republican senators. For 5 points, name one, for 10 name two, and for 20 name three, and for 30 name all 4. Olympia SNOWE (Maine) Kay Bailey HUTCHINSON (Texas) Nancy KASSELBAUM (Kansas) Sheila FRAHM (Kansas) 8. Answer these questions about the Royal Society for the stated number of points. (5) identify the man admitted in 1665 who later became president and recorded the Society's meetings and experiments in his rather famous diary. Samuel PEPYS (5 each) identify the men who presented the original plans for the academy- one was known for his achievements in chemistry; the other was known as the originator of the English Pindaric Ode. Robert BOYLE and Abraham COWLEY (15) give the full name of the Royal Society. THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF LONDON FOR IMPROVING NATURAL KNOWLEDGE 9. 30-20-10 Identify the common surname 30) Geneva Stratton was an American writer of sentimental romances; Hal wrote a number of short stories and autobiographical works including _The Paper Chase_. 20) Eleanor Hodgman wrote Pollyanna; William Sydney was the pseudonym of O. Henry. 10) Katherine Anne wrote _Ship of Fools_; Cole composed "Kiss Me Kate". PORTER 10. Answer these questions about some computing pioneers for the stated # of points. (5 pts) He created a nineteenth-century forerunner of the caluculator- the Analytical Engine. Charles BABBAGE (15 pts) The daughter of Lord Byron, she was the first programmer of Babbage's Analytical Engine. The defense department's standard algorithmic language is named after her. Ada LOVELACE (5 each) This swiss scientist named the language he invented for the French mathematician and philosopher who invented the first hand-held calculator. For five points each, name the inventor and the language for five points each. Nicholas WIRTH and PASCAL 11. Identify these countries/colonies from a non-capital city for fifteen points or five points if you need the capital city as well. 15 Limon 5 San Jose COSTA RICA 15 Paget 5 Hamilton BERMUDA 12. Name the humorous Shakespearean charcters for ten points apiece. 1. In _Much Ado About Nothing_ he is a constable with the habit of confusing his words. His garbled explanation of events almost allows Don John's plot against Hero and Claudio to succeed. DOGBERRY 2. The uncle of Olivia in _Twelfth Night_, his plotting with Maria and Sir Andrew Aguecheek contributes to the comic undoing of Malvolio. Sir Toby BELCH 3. In _As You Like It_, he accompanies Rosalind to the forest of Arden where he lists the seven degrees of affront in a famous speech. TOUCHSTONE 13. San Francisco astronomers, Geoffrey Marcy and Paul Butler have announced the discovery of two planets in June 1996. For 15 points, identify in full the star around which each of the two planets orbits, or for 10 each if you need a clue. If you can only identify the constellation, you will earn 5 points each. (10) With a mass 4 times that of Jupiter, one planet orbits a star in a constellation named for an obscure Argonaut every 3.3 days. TAU BOOTES (10) The star around which this planet orbits every 4.6 days is in a constellation named for a princess. The planet is 60% of Jupiter's mass. UPSILON ANDROMEDA 14. Give the authors of the following works for five points apiece. 1. The 39 Steps John BUCHAN 2. The Crying of Lot 49 Thomas PYNCHON 3. Two Kinds Amy TAN 4. Three Tall Women Edward ALBEE 5. Eight Men Richard WRIGHT 6. Twenty Years After Alexandre DUMAS 15. Identify the following illnesses by their more common name (5) Rubella GERMAN MEASLES (10) consuption TUBERCULOSIS (15) conjunctivitis PINK EYE 16. Everyone knows that Queens is part of New York City, or, closer to home, that the Tenderloin is in San Francisco. How well do you know your foreign cities? I'll give you the name of a district in a foreign city and you name the city for ten each. Montmartre PARIS Spandau BERLIN Ginza TOKYO 17. October 1996 saw the release of the third volume of the Beatles' anthology of unreleased and outtake versions of songs recorded over their nearly ten-year career. For five points apiece, name the Beatles song from the lyrics provided +5 for all correct. 1) "Woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head" _A Day In The Life_ 2) "Plasticine porters with looking-glass ties" _Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds_ 3) "No-one, I think is in my tree/ I mean it must be high or low" _Strawberry Fields Forever_ 4) "I told her I didn't and crawled off to sleep in the bath" _Norwegian Wood_ 5) "Show me round your sloping mountains way down south/Tkae me to your daddy's farm" _Back In The USSR_ 18. Everyone who partakes in ACF-style tourneys has surely grown to love those composite bonus questions--you know, the ones where I'll name two things and you give the composite phrase they make up. For example, "George WASHINGTON Irving" 5) Germany's longest-serving postwar chancellor PLUS the American composer and lyricist behind "Anything Goes", "High Society", and "Kiss Me Kate": HELMUT KOHL PORTER 10) The 1958 Samuel Beckett work in which the title character listens as an old man to recordings of his younger hopes and desires, mocking them from his decrepit old age PLUS a ribbon-shaped intestinal parasite of the subclass Cestoda: KRAPP'S LAST TAPEWORM 15) The George Orwell work examining the lives of coal workers in northern England PLUS the last name of the Italian playwright and author of "Six Characters in Search of an Author", winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1934: THE ROAD TO WIGAN PIRANDELLO 19. With an election coming up, principles have been hard to find among politicians, but physics is full of them. FTP apiece, identify the following physical principles: a) In thermal equilibrium, the amount of energy in each possible mode of motion of a complex system will tend to have average value one-half times Boltzmann's constant times the temperature of the system A: the EQUIPARTITION principle b) No two fermions may occupy the same quantum state A: the PAULI EXCLUSION principle c) Physical systems evolve such that the integral of the Lagrangian of the system along its path in phase space is an extremum. A: the principle of LEAST ACTION (NOT "least time", that only holds for light) 20. Aside from Lithuania, several other nations held Oct. 1996 elections. Identify them based on a brief description: A) The LDP stayed in power JAPAN B) This one-time isolated nation is shaking off communism ALBANIA C) Voters say Communists mismanaged this other Balkan nation BULGARIA D) This small Mediterranean island nation had an upset victory MALTA E) This Central American nation still does not want the Sandinistas to return NICARAGUA 21. 30/20/10 Author (30) Born in 1564, he wrote "Hero and Leander," and _Tamerlaine (the Great)_. (20) He, not Shakespeare, wrote _Edward II_. (10) One of his best known works is _The Jew of Malta_. Christopher MARLOWE 22. The 1912 election saw the worst drubbing any incumbent President has ever received. Answer the following for the stated # of points: (5) What Republican suffered this embarassment? William Howard TAFT (5 each) What 2 states did Taft carry in 1912? UTAH and NEW HAMPSHIRE (10) How many electoral votes did Taft win? EIGHT (5) Within 2% what share of the popular vote did Taft receive? 23 (accept 21-25)