Subject: Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 07:25:16 -0700 From: David Matthew Levinson <dmlevins> To: 1996 W.I.T. 4: "Where's Gaius?" Questions by Illinois TOSSUPS 1. The author said that the best outline he made for this novel was written on the back of a roll of wallpaper using his daughter's crayons. The climax point he chose was the trial and execution of Edgar Derby for stealing a teapot which Bernard O'Hare thought was a strange idea considering that 100,000 people died when Dresden was bombed. FTP, name this ~antiwar~ novel featuring Billy Pilgrim, written by Kurt Vonnegut. Answer: _Slaughter-House Five_, or The Children's Crusade: A Duty Dance with Death 2. This man married Isabella of Hainault, the last direct descentdant of the Carolingians, and gained Amiens through war against the Count of Flanders. In an attempt to gain the use of the Danish fleet, he agreed to marry Princess Ingeborg in 1193, but something happened on their wedding night which he refused to talk about and the next day he had the marriage annulled, thus losing the fleet for his war against Richard the Lion-Hearted. FTP, name this French Capetian king who had earlier gone on the Third Crusade with Richard I, and was known as "Augustus". Answer: _Philip II_ Accept on early buzz: _Philip Augustus_ 3. Circuit satisfiability, 3 conjunctive normal form satisfiability, the clique problem, vertex-covering, the subset-sum problem, the hamiltonian-cycle problem, the subgraph-isomorphism problem, and the traveling salesman problem are all, FTP, in what complexity class of languages whose members can be verified by a polynomial-time algorithm, but cannot not be solved in polynomial time? Answer: _NP-complete_ or _nondeterministic polynomial time complete_ 4. He was serving in the Marine Corps when his helicopter went down and he had to spend a year relearning how to walk. After a stint on Wall Street, he taught history at the US Naval Academy before returning to government service as acting Deputy Director of Intelligence for the CIA. He then served as National Security Advisor before moving up the government ladder again. FTP, name this man who has just finished rebuilding his government after a terrorist attack on Washington DC and is president of the US according to Tom Clancy. Answer: Jack _Ryan_ 5. Two answers required. One was killed after making a sexual advance to another prisoner, while the other made parole after 34 years and moved to Puerto Rico. Armand Deutsch was the intended victim, but instead the beating with an iron chisel, disrobing, disfiguration by hydrochloric acid and dumping in Wolf Lake occurred to Bobby Franks. FTP, name these Chicago Nietzcheists who were defended by Clarence Darrow. Answer: Richard _Loeb_ and Nathan _Leopold_ 6. This play takes place near a village on the coast of County Mayo on two autumn days. The protagonist wins a mule race and is promised marriage to Pegeen Mike, after being lionized by the villagers for having confessed to killing his father. Christy Mahon goes back with his father in the end, leaving Pegeen to grieve over her loss. FTP, this is a description of what play by John Millington Synge? Answer: The _Playboy of the Western World_ 7. The isotherm T equals zero and the isentrope S equals zero are the same, at absolute zero the entropy of every perfectly crystalline equilibrium compound is zero, the entropy of any equilibrium system is zero for the state in which the partial of U with respect to the partial of S at constant V is zero, and it is impossible to attain absolute zero by any process with a finite number of steps. FTP, these are different ways of stating which law of thermodynamics proposed by Walthar Nernst. Answer: _Third_ law of thermodynamics 8. In more bad news for President Yeltsin, an Afghan war hero and enemy of Yeltsin has won a governorship in the Kirsk region over a Yeltsin ally. He is no ordinary enemy, for in October 1993, this man -- then vice- president -- led a coup attempt and failed. Freed from the jailhouse in February 1994, what general, FTP, will now occupy a statehouse? Answer: Alexander _Rutskoi_ 9. Born in Fresno, this author left school at twelve to become a telegraph messenger. His autobiographical works include _Here Comes, There Goes You Know Who_, _Not Dying_ and _Short Drive, Sweet Chariot_.After works like _Inhale and Exhale_ and _The Trouble With Tigers_, he wrote a novel about a boy who delivered telegrams during World War II. FTP, who is this author of _The Human Comedy_, _The Time of Your Life_, and _The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze_? Answer: William _Saroyan_ 10. This naval officer was picked by James Cook as sailing master of the _Resolution_ on his third voyage. At the battle of Copenhagen he was given command of the _Glatton_, a ship directly behind Admiral Nelson's, and assisted in the capture of the Dutch flagship. As a reward he was appointed governor of New South Wales, but was overthrown by John MacArthur's Rum Rebellion. FTP, name this British naval officer who rose to the rank of Vice Admiral of the Blue, even though he had lost his ship the _Bounty_ to a mutiny. Answer: William _Bligh_ 11. Always very forgetful, he would often leave a cafe without paying his bill and at others times try to pay imaginary ones. A great admirer of Chopin, he nicknamed his Opus 25, No. 1 etude the "Aeolian Harp." His works include the _Poet's Love_ song cycle, Davidsbundler Dances, Flower-Music, and the Abegg variations, named after a dancing partner. FTP, name this German Romantic composer of Carnaval and Papillons, who was married to Clara Wieck. Answer: Robert _Schumann_ 12. Proposed by Johann Bernoulli as a challenge problem to the mathematicians of his day, solutions were soon found by Johann and Jakob Bernoulli, Isaac Newton, Gottfried Leibniz and the Marquis de L'Hopital to this problem of finding the curve along which a particle will slide without friction in the minimum time from one given point to another. FTP, name this problem whose answer is a cycloid. Answer: _Brachistochrone_ problem 13. While Lee preoccupied Grant in northern Virginia, Jubal Early's Corps slipped into Maryland and turned towards Washington DC. He was opposed by only 5,000 Union troops under this General who was able to delay the invading Confederates long enough for Grant to pull back and prevent the capture of the capital. His writings include _The Wooing of Malkatoon_ and _The Life of Benjamin Harrison_. FTP, name this Union general who also served as Governor of New Mexico and Indiana and was the author of _Ben-Hur_. Answer: Lew _Wallace_ 14. Known as the 'Indomitable Rhinoceros', he studied under Johannes Roscellinus and William of Champeaux, and wrote his most famous work for such students as John of Salisbury and Peter Lombard. The founder of the University of Paris, in his _The History of My Calamities_, he tells of the other famous part of his life in which he was castrated for fathering a child with one of his students. FTP, name this 12th century French theologian who wrote _Sic et Non_ and was the lover of Heloise. Answer: Peter _Abelard_ 15. Claiming descent from Achilles, he arrived at the head of four ships fleeing from the Persian suppression of the Ionian revolt. Immediately prosecuted for having ruled over Greek colonists as a tyrant, he was acquitted through the influence of Themistocles and was accepted for service against the invading Persians, even though he had served under Darius in the past. FTP, name this man who devised the Athenian strategy at the battle of Marathon. Answer: _Miltiades_ 16. Garcin is a coward who brought a mistress into his house and who is shot 12 times in the chest, Inez is a 'damned bitch' who sleeps with her married cousin and then is killed by his wife, and Estelle drowns the baby she had during her affair with Roger. FTP, these three people are all forced to live together in a Second Empire style furnished room in hell in what play by Jean-Paul Sartre? Answer: _No Exit_ or _Huis Clos_ 17. In 1896, this scientist was summoned to South Africa to study rinderpest and other cattle plagues. Despite suffering from severe myopia, his work on wounds, septicaemia, and splenic fever gained him a seat on the Imperial Board of Health in 1880. Three years later, he was the leader of a German expedition sent to Egypt and India, and received a large gift for discovering the cholera bacillus. FTP, who is this bacteriologist who won the 1905 Nobel Prize in Medicine and developed a set of postulates for proving that a particular microorganism is the cause of a disease? Answer: Heinrich Hermann Robert _Koch_ 18. This country has five main geographical regions: the Eastern Province; the Nejd, a vast, barren plateau in the center; the Hejaz and Asir along the Red Sea; and the Rub al-Khali occupying the entire south and southeast. Its principal port is Jidda, while most of its people adhere to the Wahhabi sect of Islam. FTP, name this country, ruled since 1982 by King Fahd. Answer: _Saudi Arabia_ 19. When his 74-year old mother was accused of being a witch and carried away in a laundry chest to a dungeon in Wurttemberg, he investigated the charges and after proving most of them false, she was allowed to go into exile and further trials based on so little evidence were outlawed. In his 1596 _Mysterium Cosmographium_, he conjectured that the distances from the Sun of the first six planets could be related to the five regular solids of geometry. FTP, name the German astronomer who in his _Astronomia Nova_ and _Harmonica Mundi_ derived his the three laws of planetary motion. Answer: Johannes _Kepler_ 20. This American artist was actually born in Florence while his wealthy parents were living abroad. He studied under the Parisian Emile Carolus-Duran, producing early works like _Luxembourg Gardens at Twilight_. While on a trip to Spain in 1879, he discovered the works of Velasquez and painted the popular _El Jaleo_ (Ha-lay-oh). FTP, who is this artist of works like _The Wyndham Sisters_ and a scandalous portait of Judith Gatreau, or _Madame X_? Answer: John Singer _Sargent_ 21. This Baroque sculptor had a brooding introspective nature which was the opposite of his contemporary easygoing rival Bernini. He worked obsessively on the details for the tiniest objects, rejecting many before finally settling on one, and then supervising every aspect of their execution. FTP, name this sculptor and architect responsible for such works as the interior and facade of the churches of Sant'Ivo della Sapienza and San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane. Answer: Francesco _Borromini_ Borromini rules! ------------Extras-------------- One of the most successful and influential members of the Utrecht school, he went to Rome when he was about 20 and soon became very successful with his night scenes. FTP, name this artist who executed works for King Charles such as Charles I and Henrietta Maria with Liberal Arts, for the decoration of Hampton court. Answer: Gerard van _Honthorst_ The first man to climb Mount Kenya, this man served as first reader in geography at Oxford for more than twenty years, was a Member of Parliament from 1909 to 22 and was director of the London School of Economics from 1904-8. FTP, name this Father of Geopolitics who put forth his 'heartland theory' which said that north central Eurasia would become the eventual center of the world's political power in his work The Geographical Pivot of History. Answer: Sir Halford John _MacKinder_ He considered freedom to be acting from self-determination according to universally valid rational principles and viewed history as a progression from The Oriental World where only the despot is free, to The Greek World where non-slaves are free, to The Germanic World where all are free. Both of these concepts are just small part of his overall philosophical system known as Absolute Idealism. FTP, name this German philosopher whose works include _The Philosophy of Right_ and _The Phenomenology of the Mind_. Answer: Georg Friedrich Wilhelm _Hegel_ 1996 Terrapin Invitational Questions by Illinois 1. Answer the following questions about colloid science. 1. Including such examples as milk and mayonnaise, this is a stable dispersion of one immiscible liquid in another liquid. Answer: _Emulsion_ 2. First suggested by Freundlich, this is the term for a substance which will readily form a colloid when added to a solvent. Hydrophilicity is a specific example pertaining to water. Answer: _Lyophilic_ or _Lyophilicity_ 3. Coming in cylindrical, bilayer and spherical forms, this is an aggregation of molecules in which the molecule's hydrophobic ends group together to form regions from which the solvent is excluded. Answer: _Micelles_ or _Association colloids_ 2. Identify the following French women writers from a description for the stated number of points. 1. 5) She wrote about her fifty-year relationship with Sartre in Adieux and about her affair with Algren in The Mandarins. Answer: Simone de _Beauvoir_ 2. 10) Sometimes called the 'pearl of pearls', the name which her brother King Francis I called her, this Queen of Navarre is best known for her work the Heptameron. Answer: _Margaret [Marguerite] of Navarre_ or Margaret [Margue- rite] de Valois_ 3. 15) Her 1678 _Le Princesse de Cleves_, is considered the first great French novel. Answer: Marie de La Vergne, comtesse de _La Fayette_ 3. Identify the military officer on a 30-20-10 basis. 30) Supervisor for the construction of the U.S. Navy's first diesel ship engines, he finished his career as UN commissioner for Kashmir. 20) The chief of the Bureau of Navigation when World War Two started, it was aboard his flagship, the USS Missouri, that the peace treaty was signed. 10) On December 31, 1941, he succeeded Husband Kimmel as commander-in-chief of the Pacific Fleet. Answer: Admiral Chester _Nimitz_ 4. Identify the man who has won the most Gold Gloves at each of the following positions. Five points each and a bonus five for all correct. 1. First base Answer: Keith _Hernandez_ 2. Third base Answer: Brooks _Robinson_ 3. Shortstop Answer: Ozzie _Smith_ 4. Catcher Answer: Johnny _Bench_ 5. Pitcher Answer: Jim _Kaat_ 5. FTP each, given characters, name the Willa Cather work. 1. Alexandra Bergson, Carl Linstrum Answer: _O Pioneers!_ 2. Claude Wheeler Answer: _One of Ours_ 3. Jean Latour, Joseph Vaillant Answer: _Death Comes for the Archbishop_ 6. Identify the scientist on a 30-20-10 basis. 1. Thirty points. He was the first man to attempt to calculate the age of the earth using the principle of uniformitarianism. He considered the saltiness of the sea and assumed the oceans were originally fresh water. Then by calculating how much salt the rivers washed into the ocean each year he arrived at the age of the earth as one billion years. 2. Twenty points. He discovered that stars move in space and are not fixed in place, and then calculated the distance to Sirius by assuming it to have the same luminosity as our sun. 3. Ten points. His famous comet appeared in the sky at Mark Twain's birth and death. Answer: Edmund _Halley 7. After the War of the Austrian Succession cavalry was essentially divided into three different types. Identify them from a descrip- tion. 1. Riding the largest type of horse, hence the name heavy cavalry, this group was only meant to deliver charges, thus they usually only carried swords. They received their name from the breast armor they wore. Answer: _Cuirassier_ or _Horse_ cavalry 2. Also known as the medium cavalry, this group received its name from the type of musket it carried. Riding on smaller steeds than the Cuirassiers, their job was to fight either on horseback or upon the ground. Answer: _Dragoons_ 3. Devised by the Hungarians and Croatians, this group also known as the light cavalry was primarily responsible for harassing the enemy while they were foraging and scouting. Answer: _Hussars_ 8. Identify the composers of the following ballets FTP each. 1. The Creatures of Prometheus Answer: Ludwig van _Beethoven_ 2. The Firebird Answer: Igor _Stravinsky_ 3. Coppelia Answer: Leo _Delibes_ 9. Identify the Shakespeare play from quotes on a 30-20-10 basis. 30) "The tiger now hath seized the gentle hind; Insulting tyranny begins to jut upon the innocent and aweless throne. Welcome destruction, blood and massacre! I see, as in a map, the end of all." 20) "God and your arms be praised, victorious friends! The day is ours; the bloody dog is dead." 10) "Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this sun of York." Answer: _Richard III_ 10. In the late 1930's numerous scientists realized the possibilities in a nuclear chain reaction. Three Hungarian refugees feared that Germany would develop the bomb first and they persuaded Albert Einstein to sign a letter urging President Roosevelt to develop one first. For ten points each name these three scientists whose letter galvanized the US effort. Answer: Leo _Szilard_, Edward _Teller_ and Paul _Wigner_ 11. Answer the following about the Dreyfus affair FTP each. 1. This military list used to indict Dreyfus with references to artillery formation and the promised delivery of a firing manual was known by what name? Answer: _bordereau_ 2. Mathieu, Dreyfus' brother, determined that the bordereau was in this man's handwriting. His guilt was uncovered but supressed by the military. He was acquitted by a military tribunal. Answer: Major Ferdinand Walsin-_Esterhazy_ 3. Dreyfus' original sentence was life imprisonment. Where was he sent to prison? Answer: _Devil's Island_ 12. Identify the ancient Greek artists of the following works FTP each. 1. Discobolos Answer: _Myron_ 2. Apoxyomenos Answer: _Lysippus_ 3. Hermes with the Infant Dionysus Answer: _Praxiteles_ 13. Identify the island on a 30-20-10 basis. 1. Thirty points. Separated from Navarino Island by the Beagle Channel, its highest point is Mount Darwin and one of its two capitals is Ushuaia. 2. Twenty points. Receiving its name from the fact that Magellan saw many watchfires upon it when he sailed by, its other capital is Punta Arenas. 3. Ten points. This South American island is split between Argentina and Chile. Answer: _Tierra del Fuego_ [Land of Fire] 14. Identify the British writers of the following works on a 10-5 basis. 1. 10 pts: The Progress of the Soul 5 pts: Valediction: Forbidden Mourning Answer: John _Donne_ 2. 10 pts: _Rites of Passage_ and _The Brass Butterfly_ 5 pts: _Lord of the Flies Answer: William _Golding_ 3. 10 pts: _The Ship of the Line_ and _Payment Deferred_ 5 pts: Horatio Hornblower series Answer: Cecil Scott _Forester_ 15. Identify the disease caused by the following pathogens for the stated number of points. 1. 5 pts: Clostridium botulinum. Answer: _Botulism_ 2. 10 pts: Treponema pallidium. Answer: _Syphilis_ 3. 15 pts: Borrelia burgdorferi. Answer: _Lyme's_ disease 16. Identify the president on a 30-20-10 basis. 1. Severely disappointed with his son George, when he announced that at the end of his presidency he would be returning home to take charge of his son's life, George drowned himself in Long Island Sound so that his father would not learn of the illegitimate child he had with a servant. 2. This man was also very bitter towards two of his grandsons, John who was expelled from Harvard, and Charles who became a noted statesman and scholar. 3. The only member of the family he was proud of was his son who also became president. Answer: _J_ohn _Adams_ 17. Identify the parents of the following mythological figures for five points each. 1. Artemis Answer: _Zeus_ and _Leto_ 2. Iphicles Answer: _Amphitryon_ and _Alcmena_ 3. Hel Answer: _Loki_ and _Angerboda_ 18. Identify the American authors of the following works for ten points apiece. 1. _The Confidence-Man: His Masquerade_ and _Israel Potter_ Answer: Herman _Melville_ 2. "The Beast in the Jungle" and _Roderick Hudson_ Answer: Henry _James_ 3. _Mildred Pierce_ and _Double Indemnity_ Answer: James _Cain_ 19. Identify the patron saint on a 30-20-10 basis. 1. He is the patron saint of pawnbrokers because he gave three golden balls to the daughters of a poor man so that they would not have to earn their dowries by prostitution. 2. He is the patron saint of young boys because he supposedly restored to life three little boys who had been cut up and pickled in a salting tub to serve as bacon. 3. The patron saint of Greece, Sicily, and Russia, he became associated with Christmas because of his benevolence. Answer: Saint _Nicholas_ 20. The Earth's geologic history is generally divided into three eons. One extending from the present to 590 million years ago, another back to 2.5 billion years ago and the final one which covers the remaining time. Name them for ten points each. Answer: _Phanerozoic_, _Proterozoic_ and _Archaean_ Eons ----------Extras------------- The world of financial derivatives has seen an explosion of growth in the past ten years. Identify these types of options from a description. 1. For five points what type of option cannot be exercised before the expiration date. Answer: _European_ option 2. For five points what type of option can be exercised at any point during the life of the option. Answer: _American_ option 3. For ten points name the type of option whose final payoff is based not on the underlying asset price at expiration but rather the average asset price over the life of the option. Answer: _Asian_ option 4. For ten points what is the name give to options that are options contracts for other options. Answer: _Compound_ options