Subject: Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 07:25:03 -0700 From: David Matthew Levinson <dmlevins> To: 1996 WIT 4: "Where's Gaius?" Questions by Georgia Tech TOSSUPS 1. After attending theology seminary at the University of Tubingen, he moved to Jena, where he became a professor and began to edit The Critical Journal of Philosophy. After publishing his most difficult, and in his opinion his most important work, _Science of Logic_, he was offered a chair at Heidelberg, where he began publishing the _Encyclopedia of the Philosophical Sciences_. FTP, identify this influential thinker, author of _The Philosophy of Right_ and _The Phenomenology of Spirit_. Answer: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich _Hegel_ 2. An accomplished musician and poet, several of his works survive today, including "Pastyme with good companye." He is better known for marrying his brother Arthur's widow, joining Holy Roman Emperor Charles V in a war against Francis I of France, and his work _A Defense of the Seven Sacraments_, which caused Leo X to name him "Defender of the Faith". FTP, name this man, who ruled England from 1509 to 1547. Answer: _Henry VIII_ 3. Though many of those detained proved later to have nothing to do with radical politics, the hysteria that was caused reached into the New York State Assembly, where five duly elected socialist members were expelled. In all, nearly 4000 men and women were arrested and held incommunicado. Nevertheless, only three revolvers were found among the thousands and not a single bomb. FTP, name this New Year's Day 1920 event, named for the US Attorney General who initiated them. Answer: _Palmer_ Raids 4. It is often said that his position as a significant composer rests principally on the last two works he completed: a setting for solo voices and orchestra of a cycle of poems by the Chinese poet Li Po, entitled The Song of the Earth, and his Symphony No. 9. FTP, name this Austrian composer whose symphonies include the Resurrection Symphony and Symphony of a Thousand. Answer: Gustav _Mahler_ 5. One of these particles is emitted whenever a nucleon passes within range of another nuclear particle, as long as the collision energy was sufficient to create the particle's mass. Originally proposed as the basic mechanism for the strong force, these particles are composed of a quark and an antiquark. FTP, name these particles, postulated by Yukawa in 1935, examples of which include the K and the pi. Answer: _meson_s 6. In the last section of the poem, the dreamer goes on a summer- long quest, aided by Study, Thought, and Wit. In the main section, the poet that in a wilderness he comes upon the tower of Truth set on a hill, with the dungeon of Wrong in the valley below, as he sleeps in the Malvern Hills. FTP, name this 14th-century allitera- tive poem attributed to William Langland. Answer: The Vision of William Concerning _Piers Plowman_ 7. Its leader came from a poor peasant family and had hallucina- tions that he was the young brother of Jesus. It translates into Heavenly Kingdom of Great Peace, and as it advanced, officials, landlords, and the wealthy were put to death. In 1853, the movement centered in Nanking, which remained its capital until it was crushed in 1864. FTP, name this greatest peasant rising in China in the nineteenth century. Answer: _Taiping_ Tianguo rebellion 8. It took its name from a gallery opened in Paris in 1895 by the art dealer Siegfried Bing. Leading exponents of this artistic style include the architects Henry van de Velde, Victor Horta, and Louis Sullivan; glassware designer Louis Tiffany; illustrator Aubrey Beardsley; and Antonio Gaudi. FTP, name this art movement, whose ornamental characteristics distinguished it from Art Deco. Answer: _Art Nouveau_ 9. Originally written as one paragraph on a 250-foot roll of paper, with no punctuation, Truman Capote said of it, "This isn't writing; this is typing." Characters include Carlo Marx, Sal Paradise, and Dean Moriarty, drifters on a hitchhiking trip across the U.S. FTP, name this beat movement classic by Jack Kerouac. Answer: _On the Road_ 10. One of its hallmarks is brain lesions consisting in part of clums of protein called beta-amyloid. This protein is a breakdown product of an amyloid precursor protein, a structural component of neurons that is constantly made in normal brains. Bits of beta-amyloid form insoluble sheets, but it is not clear if they are a cause of or effect of this disease. FTP, what is this disease which afflicts some 4 million Americans, most notably Ronald Reagan? Answer: _Alzheimer_'s Disease 11. In 1933, as the leader of a small gang, he began a 12 month crime spree killing as many as twenty people and robbing numerous banks in the Midwest. He was captured twice, but escaped both times. It was a weakness for women that finally proved his undoing. FTP, name this famous criminal, shot dead by FBI agents in 1934 after they were tipped off as to his whereabouts by one of his companions for the night, and was also known as public enemy number one. Answer: John _Dillinger_ 12. The son of Hilkiah, he received his call to prophetic office around the time of the death of Ashurbanipal. After he denounced the sinning king and people in his Temple Sermon, King Jehoiakim banned him from the palace and the temple. In response, he got his scribe Baruch to read his sermons in the Temple for him. FTP, identify this second Major Prophet to whom the Lamentations are sometimes attributed. Answer: _Jeremiah_ 13. When John Minor Botts, a Whig representative from Virginia, proposed the appointment of a special committee to investigate this President's conduct in office, it was the first time presidential impeachment proceedings were introduced in Congress. He was also the first president to have a veto overridden. FTP, name this man, who was elected to the Confederate Congress and was the first vice president to become President by succession. Answer: John _Tyler_ 14. Elected to the Massachusetts Legislature in 1835, he helped found the Liberty Party in 1839. He is, however, better known as a poet, whose works, such as _Massachusetts to Virginia_ and _Telling the Bees_, often had abolitionist themes. FTP, who is this author, whose works include _Legends of New England_, _Among the Hills_, _Snowbound_, and "Barbara Frietchie"? Answer: John Greenleaf _Whittier_ 15. The only objective indication of the extraordinary event was a quiver on seismographs in the Siberian city of Irkutsk. In June of 1908, if you had been in Western Europe, you could have read newspapers at night without a lamp, due to an eerie orange glow in the sky. FTP, what is this event named for the region north of Siberia where it occurred? Answer: _Tunguska_ 16. The full name of this city in its native Spanish is "City of the Most Holy Trinity and Port of Our Lady the Virgin Mary of Good Winds." Founded in 1536, it had an uneasy relationship with Spain, and revolted more than once. FTP, what is this city, located on the Rio de la Plata, which was once the seat of Juan Peron's government? Answer: _Buenos Aires_ 17. Imprisoned in 1873 after shooting the person with whom he was having an affair, this poet produced the work _Confessions_ the year before he died. He was influenced by the Parnassians and associated with the symbolists, writing the works _Fetes galantes_ and _Saturnian Poems_. FTP, who is this poet whose life was greatly changed by his affair with Arthur Rimbaud? Answer: Paul _Verlaine_ 18. It looks like the Boston Red Sox might be extremely desperate to hire a manager for next season, considering the fact that they interviewed this ex-Yankee who was directly responsible for one of the most disappointing events in Red Sox history. FTP, name the former Yankee shortstop who was considered for the job in spite of his home run that beat the Red Sox in a 1978 playoff game for the division title. ANS: Bucky DENT 19. He went to London to become secretary to Lord Rockingham, a post he retained until Rockingham's death in 1782. He supported the Americans in their War of Independence and played a leading role in the impeachment of Warren Hastings. He was the first to argue the value of political parties in his _Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents_. FTP, who is this British politician who caused great surprise with his 1790 work _Reflections on the Revolution in France_. Answer: Edmund _Burke_ 20. In 1943, this assistant administrator of the Office of Price Administration resigned from his office to serve as an editor for Fortune Magazine for 5 years before returning to Harvard University to teach economics. The author of _The Anatomy of Power_, _The Great Crash_, and _The Liberal Hour_, this Canadian-born economist served as US ambassador to India. FTP, who was this author of _The Affluent Society_? Answer: John Kenneth _Galbraith_ 21. It was precipitated by the government's inability to check Japanese expansionism. Among the intellectuals it fostered a broad attack on traditional society and culture and helped to introduce Western ideologies. In 1919, the intellectual movement had turned into mass protests when the German concessions in the Shangtung province were transferred to Japan. FTP, name this Chinese movement that began when 3000-5000 students in Beijing began a series of mass protests against the transfer of concessions. Answer: The May Fourth Movement 22. It set forth three fundamental objectives and was named for the city in which it was issued. It was ignored, however, after the revolutionary General A. Iturbide became emperor of Mexico in 1822. FTP name this proclamation issued by General Iturbide on February 24, 1821 that set the goals in the drive for Mexican independence from Spain. Answer: Plan de Iguala or Plan of Three Guarantees 23. This literary movement, which possessed elements of naturalism in its descriptive method and subject matter, was set forth in two manifestos, written in 1929 and 1930. Its main writers were Andre Therive, Louis Guillox, Leon Lemonnier, and Eugene Dabit. FTP, what is this French movement? Answer: Populisme 1996 WIT 4: "Where's Gaius?" Questions by Georgia Tech BONUSES: 1. Edgar Allan Poe was, of course, one of the greatest writers of his age. Can you identify these poems given a line for 10 points each? 1. "Thy naiad airs have brought me home/ To the glory that was Greece/ And the grandeur that was Rome" Answer: _To Helen_ 2. "Of my darling- my darling- my life and my bride,/ In her sepulchre there by the sea-/ In her tomb by the sounding sea." Answer: _Annabel Lee_ 3. "In Heaven a spirit doth dwell/ Whose Heartstrings are a lute;/ None sing so wildly well" Answer: _Israfel_ 2. Identify the following about D-Day, ten points each: 1. It was only at this sector of the landing, where the Americans suffered heavy casualties before fighting, that the Nazis mustered any effective resistance. Answer: _Omaha_ Beach 2. This German Commander had over 2000 miles of coast to defend as the German Commander of the West. Answer: Gerd von _Rundstedt_ 3. When D-Day occurred, this general under Gerd von Rundstedt was in Berlin. As Inspector of Coastal Defenses, he was in charge of two German armies in northwest France. He is better known as the commander of the Afrika Korps from 1941 to 1943. Answer: Erwin _Rommel_ 3. Answer the following related questions for 5 points each. 1. He is the author of a five-book trilogy which includes _The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy_. For five points, name him. Answer: Douglas _Adams_ 2. In this 42 BC battle, Marcus Junius Brutus and Caius Cassius Longinus were defeated by Octavian, and both of them committed suicide. Answer: _Philippi_ 3. Name the winner of the 1942 World Series. Answer: St. Louis _Cardinals_ 4. It is the 42nd element, between Niobium and Technetium, and below Chromium and above Tungsten Answer: Molybednum 5. For 5 points each, give both solutions to the equation x^2- 11x=42. (give 10 seconds) Answer: _14_, _-3_ 4. It's Quarkin' time! 1. First for five points each, name the two scientists who independently developed the theory of quarks in 1963. Answer: Murray _Gell-Mann_ or George _Zweig_ 2. For five points each, name the three quarks that have positive charge. Answer: _up_, _charmed_, _top_ 3. For a final five points, name all three colors of quarks. Answer: _red, green, and blue_ 5. Identify these Revolutionary War figures for fifteen points each. 1. Although he died a broken and virtually forgotten man, he was once considered the richest man in the US. FTP, name this signer of the Declaration of Independence also known as the "financier of the Revolution". Answer: Robert _Morris_ (do not accept Gouverneur Morris) 2. He was one of the few Americans with solid soldiering experi- ence. When he was captured, he prepared a plan for ending American resistance, and historians are divided as to whether or not he was a traitor. Name this person who, by disobeying orders to attack, turned the Battle of Monmouth from an American victory to a bloody standoff. Answer: Charles _Lee_ 6. It's time, once again, for "Travels with Gaius!" After the pirates got caught near Greece, Gaius escaped imprisonment, because the local governor had a sense of humor and laughed at Gaius' letters. Now he has invited Gaius to be his houseguest and to enjoy a sumptuous Roman banquet. Answer the following banquet-related questions for 15 points each. a. To Gaius' surprise, a plateful of fish covered in smelly, salty, Roman fish sauce has been put before him. By what name do Romans call this fish sauce, which Gaius must eat rather than risk offending his host? Answer: _GARUM_ b. After Gaius forces down the garum, a more tasty dish arrives, glires (GLEE-raise). This Gaius eats happily -- until he discovers he has been eating rodent. Gaius got so sick he could not make it to the vomitorium, and ruined the rug. Since his host is mad at him, Gaius now finds himself saying "Mea culpa." For 15 points, what rodent did Gaius eat? Answer: stuffed _DORMICE_ 7. For 5 points each, identify the art movement given some artists. 1. John Sloan, George Bellows, Maurice Prendergast Answer: _Ashcan_ school (or The Eight) 2. Frederick Church, George Inness, Albert Bierstadt Answer: _Hudson River_ school 3. Georges Braque, Raoul Dufy, Andre Derain Answer: _Fauvism_ or _Fauves_ (prompt for more on Expressionism) 4. Giacomo Balla, Umberto Boccioni Answer: _Futurism_ 5. Piet Mondrian, Theo von Doesburg Answer: De _Stijl_ or the _Style_ 6. Jean Miro, Rene Magritte, Max Ernst Answer: _Surrealism_ 8. Identify these former Soviet republics by description with a moderately difficult clue for 10 pts. or with its capital for 5 pts. 1. 10 pts: The Baikonour Cosmodrome, the Soviet version of Cape Canaveral, is in this nation. Today, the country makes money by leasing its use to Russia. 5 pts: Almaty Answer: _Kazakhstan_ 2. 10 pts: This nation, before beginning wars with some of its Caucasus neighbors, became the first nation to adopt Christianity as its state religion, when it did so in the 4th century. 5 pts: Yerevan Answer: _Armenia_ 3. 10 pts: This nation, along with Russia and Ukraine, had its own membership in the United Nations from the start in 1945. Its capital was a capital of the Commonwealth of Independent States. 5 pts: Minsk Answer: _Belarus_ 9. Identify the following random terms from biology that start with the same letter, 5-10-15. 1. First for five points, the name of any bone of the fingers or toes Answer: _Phalange_ 2. The process by which a foreign substance of bacteria is engulfed so as to be destroyed Answer: _Phagocytosis_ 3. The fundamental tissue in higher plants, composed of living unspecialized cells. Most of the tissue in the softer parts of leaves, the pulp of fruits, and the pith of stems are examples. Answer: _Parenchyma_ 10. FTP each, name these Henry James works, given a brief description. 1. This work, the basis for a T.S. Eliot poem, concerns Isabel Archer and Gilbert Osmond, and was published in 1881. For five, name it. Answer: The _Portrait of a Lady_ 2. This 1886 work involves Olive Chancellor, and dealt with the topic of lesbianism. It caused a furor among the inhabitants of the city where it is set, as they felt it portrayed their town inaccurately. Answer: The _Bostonians_ 3. The main character of this novel hopes to marry Claire de Cintre, a widowed member of an aristocratic French family. Like many James works, it focuses on the contrast between simple Americans and sophisticated Europeans. Answer: The _American_ 11. Identify these idealists, for ten points each. 1. An English writer familiar with Enlightenment ideas, she extneded the principles of the Enlightenment to women in her 1792 _Vindication of the Rights of Woman_. Answer: Mary _Wollstonecraft_ 2. Calling torture "a criterion fit for a cannibal," this Italian found it an irrational way of determining guilt of innocence in his work _On Crimes and Punishment_. Answer: Cesare _Beccaria_ 3. In opposition to the Old Regime, he proposed a balanced system of government, and established his ideas in such works as _The Spirit of the Laws_. Answer: Baron de la Brede et de _Montesquieu_ 12. Translate these constellations from the English to its formal name given the English translation and a prominent star, 5 points each. For example, given "Twins, contains the star Castor" you would say Gemini. 1. Eagle, contains the star Altair Answer: _Aquilae_ 2. Serpent Bearer, contains BarnardAnswer: _Ophiuchus_ 3. Ship's Keel, contains Canopus Answer: _Carina_ 4. Herdsman, contains the star Arcturus Answer: _Bootes_ 5. Swan, contains the star Deneb Answer: _Cygnus_ 6. Charioteer, contains the star Capella Answer: _Auriga_ 13. For the stated number of points, answer the following concerning Ethiopian history. 1 (5). Name the former Italian colony which the UN joined with Ethiopia in a federation in 1952 that gained its independence in 1993. Answer: _Eritrea_ 2 (10). In March of 1896, the Italian invaded Ethiopia with 20,000 men, but were decisively defeated by over 110,000 Ethiopians in this battle. Answer: _Aduwa_ (or Adowa) 3 (15). Coming to power in 1889 with Italian help, he rebelled against the Italians by denouncing the Treaty of Ucciali. Answer: King _Menelik II_ 14. FTP each, identify the following about The Faerie Queen by Edmund Spenser. 1. Who is the hero of the poem? Answer: Prince _Arthur_ 2. What is the name of the Fairy Queen? Answer: _Gloriana_ 3. The plan for the Fairy Queen was borrowed from the Orlando Furioso, which was written by what Italian writer? Answer: Lodovico _Ariosto_ 15. FTP each, answer the following concerning John Brown. 1. Name the West Virginia town where Brown and 21 followers captured a U.S. arsenal in 1859. Answer: _Harpers Ferry_ 2. The arsenal was retaken the next day and Brown and his followers were captured by what man, who would later gain fame as a general? Answer: Robert E. _Lee_ 3. In 1856, in retaliation for the sack of this city, Brown led the murder of five proslavery settlers on the banks of the Pottawatamie. FTP, name the city. Answer: _Lawrence_, Kansas_ 16. Given characters of a opera, name that opera for 10 points, or five points if given the composer and the novelist whose work it is based: 1. 10 pts: Violetta Valery, Gaston, Alfredo Germont 5 pts: Giuseppe Verdi and Alexandre Dumas-fils Answer: La _Traviata_ 2. 10 pts: Xenia, Feodor, Prince Shuisky 5 pts: Modest Mussorgsky and Alexander Pushkin Answer: _Boris Godunov_ (do not accept Xena: Warrior Princess) 3. 10 pts: Herodias, Narraboth, Herod 5 pts: Richard Strauss, Oscar Wilde Answer: _Salome_ 17. Identify these students of the mathematician Karl Friedrich Gauss for 15 points each. 1. 15 pts: The most easily constructed non-orientable manifold-with-boundary is named for this mathematician. Answer: August Ferdinand _Mobius_ 2. 15 pts: Another German, he is best known for a method whereby real numbers can be defined in terms of rational numbers, which is known as his "cut". Answer: Richard _Dedekind_ 18. Identify the following Arthurian knights given a brief description for 10 points each. 1. He is the knight that returns Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake. Answer: Sir _Bedivere_ 2. This knight, usually the nephew of Arthur, mortally wounds him. Answer: Sir _Mordred_ 3. The son of King Pellinore, he was the original hero of the Grail quest. Answer: Sir _Percival_ 19. FTP each, given cities, name the South American country. 1. Guayaquil, Portoviejo, Esmeraldas Answer: _Ecuador_ 2. San Cristobal, Maracaibo, Valencia Answer: _Venezuela_ 3. Cordoba, Rosario, La Plata Answer: _Argentina_ 20. Now that Czechoslovakia has separated, will Italy be far behind? For the stated number of points, answer the following about Italy's separatist movement. a. (5) The Northern League, under this fiery leader, wishes to separate from Italy and form its own nation. Answer: Umberto _Bossi_ b. (10) If Bossi has his way, when the north secedes, it will set up its capital in this small town best known as Virgil's birthplace. Answer: _Mantua_ c. (15) This would be the name of the new North Italian nation, a name derived from the Po River. Answer: _Padania_ 21. Identify these mostly unrelated authors from works 5-10-15 1. Erewhon and The Way of All Flesh Answer: Samuel Butler 2. Clarissa and Pamela Answer: Samuel Richardson 3. Hudibras and "The Elephant in the Moon" Answer: Samuel Butler 22. Name these Goethe works for ten points each 1. His first large success, this story of a young mans love is said to have caused a number of suicides across Europe. Answer: The Sorrows of Young Werther 2. A classic bildungsroman, this 1796 work follows the growth of its protagonist under the influence of the Tower Society, into which he is eventually accepted. Answer: Wilhelm Meisters Apprenticeship (accept Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre) 3. Based on the life of an Italian poet, this play has a theme similar to that of The Sorrows of Young Werther, but does not end in suicide. Answer: Torquato Tasso 23. Give the American authors of these poems, for 5 points each. 1. The Prairies (1834) Answer: William Cullen Bryant 2. The River-Merchants Wife: A Letter (1915) Answer: Ezra Pound 3. Desert Places (1936) Answer: Robert Frost 4. The Negro Speaks of Rivers (1921) Answer: Langston Hughes 5. Parliament Hill Fields (1961) Answer: Sylvia Plath 6. Elegies for Paradise Valley (1978) Answer: Robert Hayden