Subject: Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 07:24:55 -0700 From: David Matthew Levinson <dmlevins> To: CALTECH Packet written by Richard Mason, Daniel Gottesman, and Chris Nolte. TOSSUPS: 1. His friends were Chibiabos, the musician, and the very strong man Kwasind. His wife was Laughing Water, Minnehaha, and he lived on the shores of Gitche-Gumee. For ten points, name this Longfellow hero based on Native American tales. ANSWER: _HIAWATHA_ 2. His first movie was _For Me and My Gal_, but he also appeared in such hits as _Cover Girl_, _Anchors Aweigh_, and _On the Town._ For ten points, name this man, who died early in 1996, and is best known for _Singin' in the Rain._ ANSWER: Gene _KELLY__ 3. Although he was a diplomat like his father, this man is remembered for his painting. He was taught by van Noort and van Veen, and himself taught van Dyck. His style combined Flemish and Italian traditions in such works as "Daniel in the Lion's Den", "Triumphal Entry of Henry IV into Paris", and "The Descent From the Cross". For ten points, name him. ANSWER: Peter Paul _REUBENS__ 4. After he conquered the Kalinga country, he felt such remorse at the hardships inflicted by the war that he disavowed violent conquest altogether. He practiced strict religious tolerance, although he was himself a devout Buddhist. For ten points, name this enlightened Indian emperor. ANSWER: _ASOKA_ or _ASHOKA_ 5. This god was the husband of Nanna and the son of Odin and Frigga. Both he and his (clearly fraternal) twin Hodur died before Ragnarok. Hodur was slain as punishment for his murder after Loki tricked Hodur into shooting him with mistletoe, the only thing that had not sworn not to hurt him. For ten points, name this Norse god of light. ANSWER: _BALDER_ 6. Coastal cities on this peninsula have some of the longest continuous records of sea level, which are interesting to scientists studying the effect of global warming. However, the data are somewhat skewed because, whatever the global sea level is doing, the land mass is very slowly rising. For ten points, name this European peninsula which is springing back up now that it is no longer pressed down under a gigantic mass of ice. ANSWER: _SCANDINAVIA_ 7. He predicted that there would be a war between blacks and whites in America, and that blacks would win. All white people would be killed except for himself and his followers, who would be hiding in a cave in Death Valley. After the war, the blacks would be unable to govern themselves, and would turn to him for leadership. The grisly murders conducted under his direction were intended to spark the great race war. For ten points, name this prophet, who referred to the coming apocalypse by the code name "Helter Skelter." ANSWER: Charles _MANSON_ 8. He has decried Western secular influences in his country, and has promised to create Islamic counterparts to NATO and the European Union. His recent state visit to Libya led to controversy when its leader, Moammar Ghadafi, expressed support for the establishment of a Kurdish state. For 10 points, name this leader of the Welfare Party, the first Islamist prime minister of Turkey. ANSWER: Necmettin _ERBAKAN_ 9. Currently located in the constellation Ophiuchus, it cannot be seen by the naked eye, but in the year 11,800 AD, this red dwarf will be the closest star to the Sun. For ten points, identify this star which is speeding towards us at over a hundred kilometers per second and which appears to cross one degree of arc in the sky every 350 years. ANSWER: _BARNARD'S STAR_ 10. Give up on President Dole, but 100 years ago there WAS a President Dole in this country after a military coup whereby the local sovereign was deposed because she threatened American business interests. When the first treaty to annex this nation to the U.S. was killed by President Cleveland, a republic was established. In 1897, a second treaty for annexation was adopted. FTP, this describes the history of what state, whose last native ruler was Lililuokalani (lil-luke-oo-lan-ee)? ANSWER: HAWAII 11. "Doctor Invincibilis" may sound like a character from Marvel Comics, but it was the actual nickname of this fourteenth-century Franciscan theologian, who was excommunicated after fighting with Pope John XXII over whether Christ and the apostles renounced the ownership of property. He is best remembered for advocating the principle that "non sunt multiplicanda entia praeter necessitatem," that is, entities are not to be multiplied beyond necessity. For ten points, name him. ANSWER: William (of) _OCKHAM_ 12. This alkaloid is a powerful insecticide, which is why some plants manufacture it. It kills insects by disrupting their nervous systems; on the human nervous system it can act as either a stimulant or a relaxant, depending on dosage. Natives in the New World used it exntensively for medicinal purposes. For ten points, name this addictive drug. ANSWER: _NICOTINE_ 13. "Explanada Fortunata Is Not My Real Name," "If Osmosis, Who Are You?", "The Staplegunners," "Fold, Spindle, Mutilate," and "What a Future!" were some of the alternative titles suggested for this movie by Universal Studios, who also fought with the director over the ending and the musical score. The director finally got his way after his version of the movie began winning critical awards even though it had not been released in America. For ten points, name this dystopian film by Terry Gilliam. ANSWER: _BRAZIL_ 14. Ruth Wilcox deeply loves the farm on which she has spent her entire life, but her husband and children do not appreciate it as she does. On her deathbed, she writes a note leaving the farm to a young friend, Margaret Schlegel, but her family hides the note and keeps the farm. Ironically, her husband later marries Margaret Schlegel and she comes into possession of the farm anyway. For ten points, identify this book by E.M. Forster. ANSWER: _HOWARD'S END__ 15. Recipes for this traditional European confection can be found in the first known printed cookbook, published in Italy in 1485. Analogous to praline, it can be used as a filling in pastries and candies, and is also sometimes olded into fanciful shapes. For 10 points, name this confection, particularly popular at Christmas, made from sugar, egg whites, and almond paste. ANSWER: _MARZIPAN_ 16. He commanded a Union brigade in the disastrous First Battle of Bull Run and the experience convinced him that he was unfit for independent command. As a nervous brigadier general, he requested so many reinforcements from his superiors that newspapers described him as insane. However, he distinguished himself under Grant at Shiloh and Vicksburg, and eventually became commander of the military division of the Mississippi, whereupon he invaded Georgia. For ten points, identify the man who observed that "war is hell". ANSWER: William Tecumseh _SHERMAN_ 17. The Digambara or "naked" sect of this religion holds that believers should own nothing, not even clothes, and that salvation is not possible for women. The Svetambara or "white-robed" sect differs on these points, but all adherents of this religion attempt to refrain from harming any living being, according to the principle of ahimsa. For ten points, identify this religion which was founded in the 6th century BC, perhaps in protest against the animal sacrifice prevalent in orthodox Vedic religion. ANSWER: _JAINISM_ 18. In 1386 he attempted to become king of Castile, but the expedition was a military failure. He was never king of England either, although both his father and his son were English kings. However, he did effectively rule England while his young nephew, Richard II, sat on the throne. For ten points, name this Duke of Lancaster, father of Henry Bolingbroke. ANSWER: _JOHN OF GAUNT_ 19. His book, "The Mind of Primitive Man," was often used in the 1920s by those who opposed U.S. immigration restrictions based on race. In the 1930s the Nazis burned the book and rescinded his Ph.D. from Kiel University. For ten points, identify this man who founded the "cultural relativist" school which ultimately came to dominate 20th century anthropology, and whose students included Ruth Benedict and Margaret Mead. ANSWER: Franz _BOAS_ 20. During World War II, the physicist I.I. Rabi was asked to join the Manhattan Project, but he declined, saying that he preferred to devote his efforts to something that would help win the war. For a quick ten points, what development, made possible by the British invention of the magnetron, did Rabi spend the war working on at the MIT Radiation Laboratory? ANSWER: Microwave _RADAR_ 21. This psychologist's earliest research used word association tests to discover that people had emotionally charged clusters of associated words, which he called complexes. He spent a time collaborating closely with Freud, but after a few years broke with him completely. He later suggested classifying people as extroverted or introverted. For ten points, name this man, best known for his theory of archetypes and the collective unconscious. ANSWER: _JUNG_ 22. In this lyrical drama, the mysterious power known as Demogorgon overthrows Jupiter. Through his love for Asia, a spiritual ideal which transcends humanity, the title character resists the temptation to become a replacement tyrant on Jupiter's throne and does not seek revenge for the wrongs inflicted on him. For ten points, identify this inversion by Percy Shelley of a lost play by Aeschylus. ANSWER: _PROMETHEUS UNBOUND_ 23. Suppose a gas is dissolved in a liquid. For sufficiently dilute solutions and low gas pressures, the solubility of the gas in the liquid is proportional to the partial pressure of the gas on the liquid. For ten points, identify this law, named after the English chemist who discovered it in 1803. ANSWER: _HENRY'S_ Law 24. "Joe the Hotel Boy," "Tattered Tom," "Ragged Dick," "Struggling Upward," and "The Errand Boy: or, How Phil Brent Won Success," and over a hundred other books which are all almost the same except for the name of the main character, were all written by, for ten points, what man, one of the most popular American authors in the last 30 years of the nineteenth century? ANSWER: Horatio _ALGER_, Jr. 25. "Moses," "Elizabeth, Queen of England," "The Lady of the Lake," "The Siege of Corinth," "The Turk in Italy," "The Thieving Magpie," "Semiramide," "William Tell," and "The Barber of Seville" are all operas by this Italian composer. For ten points, name him. ANSWER: Gioacchino Antonio _ROSSINI_ CALTECH Packet written by Richard Mason, Daniel Gottesman, and Chris Nolte. BONUSES: 1. Answer these questions about symmetry and particle physics for ten points each: 1) Name the subfield of algebra useful for describing the symmetries of a system. ANSWER: _GROUP_ theory or _REPRESENTATION_ theory 2) Name the hypothetical symmetry that relates bosons and fermions. ANSWER: _SUPERSYMMETRY_ 3) Name the symmetry group by which the charges of the strong force transform. ANSWER: _SU(3)_ (S-U-three) 2. Characters in TV sitcoms spend a fair amount of time chatting in coffeehouses. For ten points each, given a sitcom, name the restaurant or coffeehouse most consistently frequented by the major characters. 1) "Friends" ANSWER: _CENTRAL PERK_ 2) "Seinfeld" ANSWER: _MONK'S_ Restaurant or _MONK'S_ Cafe 3) "Happy Days" ANSWER: _ARNOLD'S_ 3. Identify the following characters from Mark Twain's classic _The Adventures of Tom Sawyer_ for the stated number of points. 1) Tom's girlfriend, the daughter of the local judge. (5 points) ANSWER: _BECKY THATCHER__ 2) The first name of Tom's hated half-brother, who rats on him. (10 points) ANSWER: _SID_ 3) Tom's bosom friend, who is presumed dead along with Tom and Huck. (15 pts) ANSWER: _JOE HARPER_ 4. Identify the mathematician 30/20/10: 30- With Roch, he proved a famous theorem in algebraic geometry about the number and degree of the poles of a rational function. 20- The function: sum over n of (1/n^s) (one over N to the S) bears his name and his conjecture on the zeros of its analytic continuation is one of the most important unsolved problems in mathematics. 10- He is responsible for much of differential geometry, which is often given his name. ANSWER: Bernhard _RIEMANN_ 5. Identify the person involved in the Watergate investigation for the stated number of points. 1) For 5 points, name the chief judge of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, who presided over the original trial and continued to be involved. ANSWER: John J. _SIRICA_ 2) For 5 points, name the original special prosecutor eventually fired by Robert Bork in the Saturday Night Massacre. ANSWER: Archibald _COX_ 3) For 10 points, name the man who succeeded Cox as special prosecutor. ANSWER: Leon _JAWORSKI_ 4) For a final 10 points, name the chair of the Senate committee investigating Watergate. ANSWER: Sam J. _ERVIN_ 6. Nominees for the Nobel Prize must be alive, but the prize can be awarded posthumously if the recipient dies after being nominated. After this year, this will have happened three times. Identify the following posthumous award winners for the stated number of points. 1) For 5 points, name the winner of the 1996 Economics prize for "contributions to the economic theory of incentives under asymmetric information," who died just three days after his award was announced. ANSWER: William _VICKREY_ 2) For 10 points, name the U.N. Secretary-General who won the Peace prize in 1961 after dying in a plane crash in Northern Rhodesia. ANSWER: Dag _HAMMARSKJOLD_ 3) For 15 points, name the Swedish poet who was awarded the Literature prize posthumously in 1931 after refusing it in 1918. His poems were very traditional but highly popular in Sweden. ANSWER: Erik Axel _KARLFELDT_ 7. The Narnia books are probably C.S. Lewis' best known fantasies, but he also wrote a trilogy of science fiction books. 1) First, for five points each, name the three books in that trilogy. ANSWER: _OUT OF THE SILENT PLANET_, _PERELANDRA_, _THAT HIDEOUS STRENGTH_ 2) For an additional fifteen points, which planet was the Silent Planet? ANSWER: _EARTH_ 8. Identify the K-initialed artists from their works for 10 points each. 1) The Beethoven Frieze; Danae; The Kiss. ANSWER: Gustav _KLIMT_ 2) Composition VIII; Improvisation 31 (Sea Battle). ANSWER: Wassily _KANDINSKY_ 3) Red and White Domes; The Golden Fish. ANSWER: Paul _KLEE_ 9. Identify the following pairs of feuding groups, real or fictional. You get 5 points for each group, so 10 points for each pair. 1) The major feuding ethnic factions in Rwanda and Burundi. ANSWER: _HUTUS_ and _TUTSI_ 2) The two feuding gangs in _West Side Story_ ANSWER: _JETS_ and _SHARKS_ 3) These two parties fought over control of many of the city-states of Medieval and Renaissance Italy, particularly Florence. ANSWER: _GUELPHS_ (or _GUELFS_) and _GHIBELLINES_ 10. Answer these Napoleonic questions for ten points each. 1) The coup d'etat that installed Napoleon as first consul of France occurred on this day of the year in the revolutionary calendar. ANSWER: _18 BRUMAIRE_ 2) This was the name given to the blockade designed by Napoleon to paralyze Great Britain through the destruction of British commerce. ANSWER: the _CONTINENTAL SYSTEM_ 3) These 1807 agreements following Napoleon's victories at Jena and Friedland substantially reduced the size of Prussia and established an alliance between France and Russia. ANSWER: Treaties of _TILSIT_ 11. Name the following terms from chemistry for the stated number of points each. 1) For five points, name the simple process in which volatile substances are separated from a mixture by evaporation and subsequent condensation. ANSWER: _DISTILLATION_ 2) Some substances, such as alcohol and water, form a mixture which can not be further separated by distillation. The components of the mixture evaporate together such that the composition of the vapor is the same as that of the liquid. Name this type of mixture for ten points. ANSWER: _AZEOTROPE_ 3) For fifteen points, name the type of reaction in which an ester is heated with an alkali, producing a free alcohol and an acid salt. ANSWER: _SAPONIFICATION_ 12. Imagine you are Zeus, and you have just been served a class action paternity/child support suit. FTP each, identify the plaintiffs from the following description. 1) She says you seduced her in the form of a swan, and impregnated her with a baby girl, Helen, and at least one other child. ANSWER: LEDA 2) She says you seduced her disguised as her husband, Amphitrion, and you owe child support for her baby Heracles. ANSWER: ALCMENA or ALCMENE 3) Her relatives (at least those who are not in Tartarus) say you owe child support for her baby Athena, and they want compensation or an explanation for her mysterious disappearance. ANSWER: METIS 13. Given a brief description, identify the Supreme Court decision for ten points each. 1) In this 1965 case the Court overturned a Connecticut law that made it illegal to use any contraceptive device. ANSWER: _GRISWOLD_ v. Connecticut 2) In this 1962 case the Court ruled that state officials may not require that a daily prayer be recited in public schools, even if the prayer is nondenominational and pupils may remain silent or be excused. ANSWER: _ENGEL_ v. _VITALE_ 3) According to this 1964 case, a public official who is the subject of a defamatory falsehood cannot receive damages unless he proves actual malice, i.e. that the statement was made with knowledge of falsehood or with reckless disregard for the truth. ANSWER: _NEW YORK TIMES_ Co. v. _SULLIVAN_ 14. Identify the poet from poems, 30/20/10: 30- "Of the Terrible Doubt of Appearances", "Eidolons" 20- "A Noiseless Patient Spider", "When I heard the Learn'd Astronomer", 10- "I Sing the Body Electric", "When Lilacs Last in the Door-yard Bloom'd" ANSWER: Walt _WHITMAN_ 15. Medusa was the only one of the Gorgons who was mortal. 1) For ten points each, name the two immortal Gorgons. ANSWER: _STHENO_, _EURYALE_ 2) The three Gorgons had three other sisters, who were forced by Perseus to give him the necessary tools to kill Medusa. For ten points, give the collective name for this triplet. ANSWER: The _GRAIAE_ 16. Identify the painter from paintings, 30/20/10: 30- "Burning of the Houses of Parliament" 20- "Dido and Aeneas, Leaving Carthage on the Morning of the Chase" 10- "The Fighting Temeraire Tugged to Her Last Berth About to be Broken Up, 1838" ANSWER: Joseph Mallord William _TURNER_ 17. It's another one of those damn glacier bonuses. For ten points each: 1) Give the term for an accumulation of rock, sand, and clay riding on the ice or left on the ground after the ice melts. ANSWER: _MORAINE_ 2) Give the term for long, narrow ridges of sand and gravel which form from meltwater streams flowing in tunnels along the bottom of a melting glacier. ANSWER: _ESKERS_ 3) Give the term for the dense kind of snow which has been lying on the ground for a year or more, and which if compressed still further will become solid glacial ice. ANSWER: _FIRN_ (or _NEVE_) 18. Of course you have all been closely following the Whitewater investigation. For ten points each, name the following: 1) The governor of Arkansas who was convicted on two counts of conspiracy and fraud charges. ANSWER: Jim Guy _TUCKER_ 2) The former president of Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan, who was convicted on 18 counts. ANSWER: James _MCDOUGAL_ 3) The former Little Rock municipal judge who was the prosecution's key witness in the trial. ANSWER: David _HALE_ 19. Identify the author from works, 30/20/10. 30- "Summer", "The Reef" 20- "The Touchstone", "The House of Mirth" 10- "Madame de Treymes", "The Age of Innocence" ANSWER: Edith _WHARTON_ 20. Identify the philosopher from works, 30/20/10: 30- "Examination of Sir William Hamilton's Philosophy," "Considerations on Representative Government" 20- "On Liberty", "On the Subjection of Women" 10- "Essays on Some Unsettled Questions in Political Economy," "Utilitarianism" ANSWER: John Stuart _MILL_ 21. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries was founded in 1961 by five nations. For five points each, and a five point bonus for all correct, name these five founding members. ANSWER: _IRAN_, _IRAQ_, _KUWAIT_, _SAUDI ARABIA_, _VENEZUELA_ 22. Solve the following standard definite integrals for 15 points each. 1) The integral from -1 to 1 of dx/(1+ x^2) [say: D X over one plus x-squared]. ANSWER: _PI OVER 2_ 2) The integral from 0 to 2 pi of (sin^2 x) dx / 2 pi [say: sine squared X D X over 2 pi]. ANSWER: _1/2_ 23. America, or at least certain segments of Southern California, is going wild over a new drug, the first diet pill approved by the FDA in twenty-three years. Answer these questions about this drug for the stated number of points each. 1) For five points, give the brand name of the new weight-loss drug marketed by Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories, which is touted in the title of a bestselling book by diet doctor Sheldon Levine. ANSWER: REDUX 2) For five points, give the commonly used abbreviation for the generic names of the two drugs usually used in combination. One of them is an earlier version of Redux, and the other acts to minimize drowsiness sometimes caused by the first. ANSWER: FEN/PHEN 3) Fen/phen and Redux work by stimulating the production and availability of, for ten points, what neurotransmitter in the brain? ANSWER: SEROTONIN 4) Now, for ten points, spell the full (unabbreviated) chemical name of either of the drugs in fen/phen. ANSWER: F-E-N-F-L-U-R-A-M-I-N-E or P-H-E-N-T-E-R-A-M-I-N-E (also accept: dexfenfluramine)