Subject: Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 07:24:42 -0700 From: David Matthew Levinson <dmlevins> To: 1996 WIT 4: "Where's Gaius?" TOSS-UPS BY BYU B -- JESSIE DAVE PAUL DARRELL 1. The son and father of sculptors, he was the first to humanize the gods and goddesses. His most famous work, which exists only in copies, is Aphrodite of Cnidus. FTP, name this 4th century BC Greek sculptor also known for Hermes and Dionysus. A. Praxiteles. 2. His first published short story was "The Vengeance of Nitocris" which appeared in Weird Tales in 1928. Known more for his plays than his short stories, he has given us Amanda, Tom, and Laura Wingfield, Brick, and Big Daddy. FTP, who is the author of The Glass Menagerie and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof? Tennessee WILLIAMS 3. Located in the northeastern Barents Sea, this archipelago comprises 191 uninhabited islands. It was discovered in 1873 and comprises the northernmost territory of Russia. FTP what is this island group, frozen most of the time, which was named for the man who was emperor of Austria at the time of its discovery? A. FRANZ JOSEPH LAND 4. Sir Carol Reed's 1949 classic _The Third Man_ is noteworthy for many things, including its stark portrait of the post-war black market and its famous chase through the sewers of Vienna, but, FTP, what instrument was featured in the Anton Crackus score? ZITHER 5. Endemic to the Mediterranean by 1492 and common to the rest of Europe, infection could not be avoided by such common measures as avoiding rodents or repusling the poor, and its cure would be discovered half a world away. FTP, name this disease treated with an alkaloid bound in certain tree bark and named for the "bad air" believed to cause it. MALARIA 6. This word originally meant "a lidded cork used on naval vessels to hold the crew's drinking water." Because sailors gathered there to drink and chat, we now know the word as a synonym for gossip. FTP, name this eleven-letter word. SCUTTLEBUTT 7. Children have always been fascinated by the "magic" of rising bread, and know that it has something to do with the yeast their mother adds to the dough. FTP, what cereal protein found in wheat traps the gases given off by the yeast that literally gets a rise out of bread? GLUTEN 8. The charge? Heresy. The evidence? She wore male attire. The verdict? Guilty. The sentence? To be burned at the stake on 5 Aug. 1431. The REAL crime? Leading the liberation of her country from a foreign invader. FTP, what woman was this, who was sainted in 1920, an the subject of a G.B. Shaw play? SAINT JOAN or JOAN OF ARC 9. A critic of bilingual education, he claims that advocates "misunderstand the nature of schooling and trivialize the nature of intimate life." FTP, name this author of the essay "Aria: A Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood" and the book Hunger of Memory. A. Richard RODRIGUEZ 10. "Better that none rule than the cruel rule" was the moral these creatures learned the hard way. A group of this animal, according to Aesop, desired a king, so they asked Zeus to send them one. First he sent a log, but they asked for a REAL king. Then they got a crocodile. FTP, identify this foolish animal, also known to fans of Aristophanes, which today seem more interested in getting a Bud. FROGS 11. Timothy Dwight, president of Yale, warned that if this man were elected president, "We may see our wives and daughters the victims of prostitution, soberly dishonored, speciously polluted." It might sound like today, but this charge was made in the 19th century against the author of "The Necessity of Taking Up Arms". FTP, who was this president also famed for inventions, his donation of a library, and his talent for words? Thomas JEFFERSON 12. Inspired by Ingmar Bergman's Smiles of Summer Night, this musical set in turn-of-the-century Sweden explores the problems of the leisure class. FTP, what is this Stephen Sondheim work that shares its name with a composition by Mozart? EINE KLEINE NACHTMUSIK 13. Talk about betrayal! In 1927, his son performed an experiment demonstrating electron diffraction, which gave key evidence supporting the theory of the wave nature of matter. This would not be so bad, except that this man was one of the first to demonstrate the *particulate* nature of matter through his use of cathode ray tubes. FTP, name this man whose son won a Nobel Prize in 1937 and who won one himself in 1906. Joseph John THOMSON 14. His first published short story was "The Vengeance of Nitocris" which appeared in Weird Tales in 1928. Known more for his plays than his short stories, he has given us Amanda, Tom, and Laura Wingfield, Brick, and Big Daddy. FTP, who is the author of The Glass Menagerie and _Cat on a Hot Tin Roof_? Tennessee WILLIAMS 15. Its chief industries are light manufacturing and tourism, bolstered mainly by its gambling casinos. Lying at the mouth of the Chu Chiang or Pearl River, FTP, what is this territory that will revert to China in 1999, but for now remains under Portuguese rule. MACAO 16. His 1834 law arises as a consequence of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. FAQTP, name the man whose law states that the electric current in a wire induced by its own magnetic field must be opposite in direction to the original current. A. Heinrich LENZ. 17. His challenger, Loretta Sanchez has a real shot at defeating this congressman whose heavily Latino district is becoming dissatisfied with him for his 1996 presidential run which was a failure. Among other incendiary remarks, he has accused Pres. Clinton of taking cocaine. FTP, who is this ultra right wing Orange County Congressman, famous - or infamous - for calling Clinton a draft dodger on the floor of Congress? \Robert DORNAN\ 18. In 1987 he set the Division I record for interceptions in a season when he picked off 12 passes for Princeton -- where he also dated Brooke Shields. He is better known nowadays for his acting career, however. FTP, name this footballer turned Teri Hatcher's co-star -- the latest "Man of Steel". A. Dean CAIN 19. Academy voters named Katina Paxinou best supporting actress; s tars Gary Cooper and Ingrid Bergman had to settle for the cheers of their fans. FTP, name this Best picture nominated film based on Ernest Hemingway's story of the Spanish Civil War. A. For Whom the Bell Tolls. 20. The throne of France fell to him when his predecessor died an ignominious death. However, his religion was a problem so he agreed to convert, saying "Paris is worth a mass." All the same, he was assassinated by a Catholic fanatic named Ravaillac (Rav aye yak) in 1610. FTP, who was this first Bourbon king of France, whose accession ended the wars of Religion? \HENRY IV\ (on Henry Bourbon, prompt for more) 21. Animals studied in this field have lower rates of metabolism, heartbeat, and blood flow than do ordinary animals. FTP, what term describes the study of animals raised in a germ-free environment? A. Gnotobiotics. 22. Often the scene of John Grishams's novels, this city shares its name with one of ancient Egypt's capitals. FTP, name this Tennessee city which saw the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. A. Memphis. 23. Before the 1960s, most American children caught the measles at one time or another. In 1963 a team of virologists developed a vaccine that practically eliminated the disease by 1982. FTP, name the man who headed that team and who shared the Nobel Prize for Medicine with Robbins and Weller in 1954. A. John F. Enders. 24. Her first major publication came in 1909, when she was just seventeen and she won a Pulitzer Prize winner in 1923. FTP, name this Maine born author of The Harp-Weaver. A. Edna St. Vincent Millay. BONUSES 1. 30-20-10, name the composer from clues. 30 - Works include the unfinished opera Moses and Aaron and choral pieces A Survivor from Warsaw and the unfinished Jacob's Ladder. 20 - His symphonic poem Transfigured Night caused a scandal in 1899, and in 1910 he turned to painting, becoming friends with Kandinsky. 10 - He invented serialism, or the 12-tone system, and Pierot Lunaire is probably his most famous work. A. Arnold _Schoenberg_. 2. FFPE, name the second-largest city in each of these states. Base your answers on city limit population and not metro area. 1. Arkansas - Fort Smith. 2. Florida - Miami. 3. Illinois - Rockford. 4. Idaho - Pocatello. 5. Ohio - Cleveland. 6. West Virginia - Huntington. 3. The first crowned king of all England was the Saxon Egbert in 828. Of the 14 following Saxon kings prior to Danish rule in 1016, only Alfred and Athelstan had names that didn't start with "E". FFPE, give any six of the nine different names of the Saxon rulers. A. Ethelwulf, Ethelbald, Ethulbert, Ethelred, Edmund, Edward, Edred, Edwy, Edgar 4. 30-20-10, identify the author from works. 30 - Searching for Caleb, Morgan's Passing, The Tin Can Tree. 20 - Celestial Navigations, Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant, Earthly Possessions. 10 - The Accidental Tourist, Breathing Lessons. A. Anne TYLER 5. For an easy TPE, name the three authors that have twice won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. A.Booth Tarkington. William Faulkner. John Updike. 6. It's colonial America time. FTPE, name the state, given its first permanent settlement (10 each) 1. Bergen NEW JERSEY 2. Saint Mary's City MARYLAND 3. Windsor CONNECTICUT 7. FFPE and a 10 point bonus for all four, for each of the organ stops listed, state wheter it belongs to the flute, principal, string, or reed family. 1. Fugara - String. 2. Melodia - Flute. 3. Regal - Reed. 4. Dulciana - Principal. 8. How well were you paying attention in your Greek architecture class? Find out by answering these questions, TPE. What name is given to: 1. A column carved in the form of a draped woman. A. Caryatid. 2. A temple surrounded by a colonnade on all sides. A. Peripteral. 3. The stepped platform that supports a temple floor. A. Stereobate 9. Identify the following geologic laws from their description, 15 PE: 1. In a sequence of fossil organisms in a rock layer, the oldest are the youngest. A. Law of Faunal _succession_. 2. Similar assemblages of fossil organisms are of similar age, and the rocks containing them are of similar age, no matter where they occur. A. Law of Faunal _assemblage_. 10. 30-20-10, name the American author from works: 30 - Friday, We Also Walk Dogs, Tunnel in the Sky. 20 - Methuselah's Children, Job, Time Enough for Love. 10 - The Puppet Masters, Stranger in a Strange Land. Robert HEINLEIN 11. You probably know there are six quarks. Well, there are also six leptons, just as symmetry suggests. FFPE, name the six leptons recognized by the standard particle theory of matter. A. Electron, muon, tau (or tauon), neutrino (electron neutrino), muon neutrino, tau neutrino. 12. How much do you know aboiut tiny countries and principalities? Given a mini-country, give it official language - or languages. (5) Vatican City LATIN (5) San Marino ITALIAN (5) Liechtenstein GERMAN (5) Monaco FRENCH (10) Andorra CATALAN (others are not official) 13. Identify the following about the Persian Wars, TPE: 1. 480 BC Naval battle where the Greeks under Themistocles defeated the Persians and caused Xerxes to return home. SALAMIS 2. It was not Salamis, but this crucial land battle in 479 where the Greek allies under Pausanias defeated the Persian army and killed its general, thus ending the Persian threat. PLATAEA 3. After the victory at Plataea, the Greek allies formed this defensive league which took the offensive against Persia immediately by sailing East to attack her. A. DELIAN League 14. FFPE and a bonus of 5 for all 5, identify these elements: 1. The noble gas with atomic mass of slightly less than 40 and atomic number 18. ARGON 2. An element with 30 more protons than rhodium, its name also begins with "rh." RHENIUM 3. This element is necessary to prevent goiter. IODINE 4. This radioactive element can be found in gaseous form combined with six fluorine atoms. URANIUM 5. This element occurs naturally in rings of six atoms and is mined using the Frasch process. SULFUR 15. Identify these artists from paintings on a 10-5 basis. 1. 10 - Puberty. 5 - The Scream. A. Edvard MUNCH 2. 10 - The Return of the Hunters. 5 - The Blind Leading the Blind. A. Pieter BRUEGHEL the Elder. 3. 10 - First Row Orchestra. 5. - Nighthawks A. Edward HOPPER 16. Given the year and a brief description, identify the Oscar-winning films FTPE. 1. 1984; the rivalry of two composers. A. Amadeus. 2. 1974; the only sequel to win Best Picture. A. The Godfather, Part II. 3. 1966; based on a Robert Bolt play. A. A Man for All Seasons. 17. Given the approximate value of a physical constant, identify the constant, TPE. 1. 1.60210 x 10(-19) coulombs A. Charge of an electron. 2. 6.670 x 10(-11) newton meters squared per kilogram squared. A. Gravitational constant. 3. 1.38054 x 10(-23) joules per Kelvin. A. Boltzmann constant. 18. Gravity is theorized to be transmitted by particles called gravitons, but so far no such particles have been found to exist. FTPE, name the particles that transmit these other forces: 1. Strong nuclear - Gluon. 2. Weak nuclear - W and Z particles. 3. Electromagnetic - photon. 19. Here's a question for all you almanac browsers. Given a city, name the river that runs through it, F5PE: 1. Kiev - Dnieper. 2. Paris - Seine. 3. Warsaw - Vistula. 4. Adelaide - Murray-Darling (Accept: Murray). 5. Budapest - Danube. 6. San Angelo, Texas - Concho. 20. I will list the 5 states with the most votes in the electoral college. Given the state, tell me how many votes it has. Five points each. a. California 54 b. New York 33 c. Texas 32 d. Florida 25 e. Pennsylvania 23 f. Illinois 22