Subject: Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 07:24:49 -0700 From: David Matthew Levinson <dmlevins> To: WIT 4: "Where's Gaius?" Questions by BYU A BYU A Tossups-- 1. He ruled Si-Fan with an iron hand for 45 years, although as time wore on, he was gradually transformed from a self-serving criminal mastermind to a dedicated anti-communist, as the sentiments of his author, Sax Rohmer changed. Thanks to dozens of radio shows and movie serials, he is remembered today for his long fingernails and drooping black mustache. FTP name this Mandarin master of crime. ANSWER: _Fu Manchu_ 2. This composer lived from 1681 to 1767, and was a remarkably prolific, skillful, and forward-thinking German composer, one of the foremost of his day, who wrote a great many sacred and secular vocal works as well as orchestral, chamber, and keyboard music. A contemporary of J.S. Bach and George Frederic Handel, he shared many of their musical techniques and wrote for many of the same genres; and though his music is overshadowed by theirs, it has many charms. FTP name the composer of the Hamburg Tides, a Suite in A for Flute & Strings, and the Paris Quartets. ANSWER: Georg Philipp _Telemann_ 3. This young French royalist was living with an aunt in Caen when it became the center of a passionate federalist movement. In 1793 she moved to Paris to work for the Girondin cause, and on July 13 secured an interview with prominent newspaper editor Jean-Paul Marat and showed up with a knife under her dress. FTP name the woman later guillotined for Marat's murder. ANSWER: Charlotte _Corday_ 4. Born in Auxerre France and living from 1768 to 1830, this mathematician, accompanied Napoleon to Egypt, and on his return was made prefect of the department of Grenoble. He then took up his first interest, applied mathematics, and while working on the flow of heat discovered the equation for which it now bears his name, To solve it, he showed that many functions of a single variable can be expanded in a series of combinations of sines and cosines. FTP, name the man and you will name the series that is named for him. ANSWER: Jean Baptiste _Fourier_ 5. Aeneas is warned of this "second Achilles", so-called because he too was the son of a goddess. Originally betrothed to Lavinia, he was supplanted by Aeneas and subsequently driven to become a personification of furor by Juno in her hatred for the Trojans. FTP, who was this Rutulian prince who as Aeneas' rival was slain in the final lines of the _Aeneid_? ANSWER: _Turnus_ 6. His screen debut came in 1939 when he shared the first scene of _Gone With the Wind_ with Vivian Leigh; 20 years later he was dead of a gunshot wound to the head. The coroner ruled his death a suicide, but his TV co-stars Noel Neill, who played Lois, and Jack Larson, who played Jimmy, later visited the crime scene and said they suspected murder. FTP name the actor best known for portraying a "mild-mannered reporter." ANSWER: George _Reeves_ 7. Although it's spelled the same as a word meaning "wide open," it's actually a Greek word first used to describe a charitable meal held for the poor, and later came to refer more generally to all forms of Christian charity. FTP identify this Biblical term for Christian love. ANSWER: _Agape_ 8. "Idiot. Above her head was the only stable place in the cosmos, the only refuge from the damnation of the panta rei ... A moment later the couple went off...both oblivious of the awesomeness of their encounter -- their first and last encounter -- with the One, the Ein-Sof, the Ineffable." The preceding fragment concerns a couple in a museum looking up at a device whose behavior proves that the earth rotates. The Umberto Eco novel from which this fragment was taken, has a title which is eponymous with said device. FTP, name the novel. ANSWER: _Foucault's Pendulum_ 9. This actress was born on December 8, the same day that John Lennon died, was once a San Francisco 49ers cheerleader, starred in "The Big Picture" and Soapdish, will star in "Heaven's Prisoners," and appeared on Seinfeld in a now-famous episode. FTP, name this actress, whose image is reported to be downloaded the most often on the Internet, female star of Lois and Clark. ANSWER: Teri _Hatcher_ 10. Born in Messkirch, Germany, and living from 1889 to 1976, this philosopher became professor of philosophy at Marburg and Freiburg, when he was retired for his connections with the Nazi regime. In his incomplete main work, he presents an exhaustive ontological classification of 'being'. Though often termed an existentialist, he denied the distinction since he was concerned with the ontological problem in general. FTP name this man, whose incomplete main work is titled Sein und Zeit or Being and Time. ANSWER: Martin _Heidegger_ 11. This French-American designed New York's Federal Hall, where Congress met, in 1787, but he had been dead for 75 years when his detailed city plans were pulled out of mothballs and used as the basis for the development of modern Washington, D.C., after having been shelved 110 years earlier. FTP name this Revolutionary War hero and early American engineer and architect. ANSWER: Pierre Charles _L'Enfant_ 12. He recently told _Newsweek_ that he's planning a major lawsuit against the U.S.government if he can prove that crack cocaine was first introduced into African-American neighborhoods by the CIA. He has just returned from a controversial world tour that included Libya, Iran and Iraq. FTP, name this religious leader, who gave the keynote speech at the Million Man March. ANSWER: Louis _Farrakhan_ 13. It began as an amateur rugby championship, but in 1935 it became a strictly professional affair and was won by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. In years since, it's been won by teams like the Edmonton Eskimos, the Ottawa Rough Riders and last season's first-ever American winners, the Baltimore Stallions. FTP name the trophy awarded to the champions of the Canadian Football League. ANSWER The _Grey Cup_ 14. A group of eight annual and perennial weeding flowering plant species of the spurge family, a series of manned space flights conducted by the U.S. from 1961-1963, a theater formed in 1937 by Orson Welles and John Houseman, and a Roman god of merchandise and merchants all share, FTP, what name? ANSWER: _Mercury_ 15. Following both Husserl and Heidegger this philosopher used the phenomenological method to defend his central thesis that human beings are essentially free, free to choose (though not free not to choose) and free to negate the given features of the world. He claimed that the heart of existentialism is not gloom or hopelessness, but a renewed confidence in the significance of being human. FTP, name this twentieth century philosopher whose perhaps most famous work is Huis Clos or in English, No Exit. ANSWER: Jean Paul _Sartre_ 16. First coined by Martin Esslin, this class of literature consists of a pessimistic view of humanity struggling vainly to find a purpose and to control its fate. There is little dramatic action: however frantically the characters perform, their business serves to underscore the fact that nothing happens to change their existence . Language in such works is full of cliches, puns, repetitions, and non sequitur. FTP name this movement whose main figures include Jean Genet, Arthur Adamov, Harold Pinter, Eugene Ionesco, and Samuel Beckett. ANSWER: _Theater of the Absurd_ 17. As an adjective its first syllable is accented. As a verb, its last syllable is accented. In botany, referring to a flower, it means having all four types of a whorl. In music it means absolute, as in pitch. In math it denotes a number that is the sum of its proper divisors. In grammar it denotes a completed action or event in the past. FTP what is this word? ANSWER: _Perfect_ 18. He appears in Moliere's _La Festin de Pierre_, in Merimee's _Les Ames du Purgatoire_, and in George Bernard Shaw's _Man and Superman_. It is also the name of a Richard Strauss tone poem and a work by Byron. FTP name this character first given literary popularity in _El burlador de Sevilla_ by Tirso de Molina. ANSWER: _Don Juan_ 19. Half-woman and half-serpent, her parents were either the sea deities Phorcys and Ceto or Chrysaor (son of Medusa) and Callirrhoe (daughter of Oceanus). Her progeny included the dragons of the Golden Fleece, the Hydra, the goatlike Chimera, the infernal hounds Orthus and Cerberus, the Sphinx, and the Nemean lion. FTP name this monster of Greek mythology who shares a name with an Australian egg-laying mammal. ANSWER: _Echidna_ 20. This naturalist was a major precursor to Darwin. He provided a method for the origin of new species based on the laws of use and disuse of organs. This was expanded into his law of acquired characteristics. FTP, name this naturalist, whose theories have since been discredited. ANSWER: Jean Baptiste Pierre Antoinette de Monet de _LAMARCK_ 21. Farmers know that alternating their regular crops with years of planting soybeans, alfalfa, and other legumes replenishes nitrogen in the soil and keeps their land fertile. FTP name the genus of bacteria responsible for nitrogen fixation that is found in the roots of many leguminous plants. ANSWER: _Rhizobium_ or _rhizobacter_ 22. Author of as many as 1800 plays, this dramatist mastered the comedy, the historical drama, and the cloak and sword plays. He considered the "pundonor" (poon-dohn-OHR) or point of honor, to be the greatest theme of all. Cervantes called him "the prodigy of nature" since this playwright was reported to have written an average of 20 sheets a day. FTP name this Spanish Golden Age dramatist, author of _Fuenteovejuna_. ANSWER: _Lope de Vega_ 23. Concerning its aftermath, John Adams said, "I desire no other inscription over my gravestone than: 'Here lies John Adams, who took upon himself the responsibility of the peace with France in the year 1800.'" Adams had sent a diplomatic mission to France to arrange a treaty. There the diplomats were visited by three agents of the French foreign minister Talleyrand. These agents, asked for a bribe of $240,000. When news of this incident reached America, it caused an uproar and led to an undeclared war between the United States and France, which supposed conflict Adams helped to resolved and peace was achieved by the Convention of 1800. FTP give the name that is usually given to the incident that caused this uproar. ANSWER: _XYZ_ Affair 24. This composer was a bold experimenter in harmony and a master of orchestration who introduced new effects, especially in the choruses of his "operas" of his day. Some of his compositions include "Les Indes Galantes," "Castor & Pollux," and "Dardanus." This composer lived from (1683 - 1764) and was a French theoretician who synthesized the current rules of harmonic practice and suggested others in "New System of Musical Theory" and "Treatise on Harmony." ANSWER: Jean-Philippe _Rameau_ 25. This 1962 Nobel Prize in Literature recipient's first novel _Cup of Gold_ was not greeted with overwhelming public acclaim. It wasn't until _Tortilla Flat_ hit the shelves that people began talking about this author. FTP name this man famous for his novels such as _East of Eden_, _Of Mice and Men_, and _The Grapes of Wrath_. ANSWER: John _Steinbeck_ BYU A Boni-- 1. (30) It seems like each week, a new beta for a Internet browser appears at Answer the following questions concerning this browser war mostly between Netscape and Microsoft. FTP Give the name of the programming language that helps to power Navigator. ANSWER: _Java_ FTP Tell what company owns the rights to Java, home of the JavaSoft division? ANSWER: _Sun_ Microsystems For a final ten points give the name of the rival language that Microsoft used in Internet Explorer 3.0, considered to be a direct attack against Java, Microsoft's architecture for writing small, interactive applications that run over the Net or with desktop applications? ANSWER: _ActiveX_ 2. (30) Given a part of a T.S. Eliot work, name the work. For five points, "Here we go round the prickly pear at five o'clock in the morning." ANSWER: _The Hollow Men_ FTP "Here I am, an old man in a dry month, being read to by a boy, waiting for rain." ANSWER: _Gerontion_ And lastly, for fifteen points "Words move, music moves only in time; but that which is only living can only die. Words after speech, reach into the silence." ANSWER: _Burnt Norton_ 3. If a state has voted Democratic in 5 or more of the last 7 presidential elections, we call it Democratic. If it has voted Republican in 5 or more of the last 7, we call it Republican. Otherwise, we call it split. Classify the following states on that basis F5PE. a. Vermont REPUBLICAN b. Texas REPUBLICAN c. Connecticut SPLIT d. West Virginia DEMOCRAT e. Virginia REPUBLICAN f. Maryland DEMOCRAT 4. (30) Name the composer 30-20-10. 30--In 1829, He conducted the first performance of _St. Matthew's Passion_ since Bach's death, thus inaugurating the Bach revival of the 19th and 20th centuries. 20--Although German, his main reputation was made in England. His Third, or Scottish, Symphony is dedicated to Queen Victoria. 10--The tradition of playing his "Wedding March" from _A Midsummer Night's Dream_ comes from a performance of the piece at the wedding of the British Princess Royal. ANSWER: Felix _Mendelssohn_ Bartholdy 5. (30) This question should be elementary for Sherlock Holmes fans--FTP apiece identify the characters from the Sherlock Holmes mythos from the description given. A. Called by Holmes, "the second most dangerous man in London." this former big-game hunter was Professor Moriarty's chief of staff. ANSWER: Colonel Sebastian _Moran_ B. She was Holmes and Watson's landlady at 221B Baker Street ANSWER: _Mrs. Hudson_ C. Described by Watson as "little, sallow, rat-faced and dark-eyed," he was Holmes' Scotland Yard liaison. ANSWER: _Lestrade_ 6. (30) A few weeks ago before a Monday Night Football game, a current NFL assistant coach and former NFL head coach and college coach, while giving an autograph, accidentally gave away the first fifteen or so plays that were scripted for the upcoming game. The plays ended up at the Green Bay Packers' main offices, but it is not known how much the plays were used by the Packers. After those fifteen plays, the Packers' opponents were up 17-6, so the script must not have helped too much. FTP name the coach who gave away the plays. ANSWER: _Walsh_ FTP name the backup quarterback of Walsh's team, which quarterback has been described as "in the building" by many announcers. ANSWER: Elvis _Grbac_ Along the lines of trick plays, this college team pretended to have twelve men on the field and had teammates yell at the supposed twelfth player to run off the field. No one on the defensive team covered the supposed twelfth man and when the ball was snapped he was wide open to catch the pass that was thrown to him. FTP name the team. ANSWER: _Kansas_ 7. The 1996 Nobel Peace prize honors two men who have worked to resist the oppression of the rulers of their homeland, despite general silence from the rest of the world. For the stated number of points, answer the following: a. (15) Name the two 1996 Nobel Peace Prize winners (5 points for one) ANSWER: Monsignor Carlos Filipe Ximenos BELO and Jose RAMOS-HORTA b. (5) The plight of what oppressed homeland are Belo and Ramos-Horta working to publicize? ANSWER: EAST TIMOR c. (5) What nation violently annexed East Timor? ANSWER: INDONESIA d. (5) In what year did Indonesia invade? ANSWER: 1975 8. (30) FTP apiece, identify the legal terms, taken from Latin, given the following clues: A. A finding that a defendant is mentally competent to stand trial. ANSWER: _Compos mentis_ B. Any object upon which a crime has been committed, especially in a murder trial. ANSWER: _Corpus delicti_ C. A defendant's statement that the charges in a case will not be contested. ANSWER: _Nolo contendere_ 9. It's time, once again, for Travels with Gaius! After these misadventures, Gaius has given up on ever seeing Rome. Now he just wants to find a witch who can teleport him back to the 20th century. Since he is already in Greece, he is going to take after the examples in "The Golden Ass" and go to Thessaly. Answer the following for the stated number of points: a. (10) In what province north of Achaea will Gaius be once he reaches Thessaly? ANSWER: _Macedonia_ b. (5) On his way to Thessaly, Gaius stops to consult what famous oracle dedicated to Apollo? ANSWER: _Delphi_ c. (15) The Oracle's advice was for Gaius to be initiated in the Eleusinian (el-you-SIN-ee-en) mysteries. For 15 points, to what major city will Gaius have to journey to do this? ANSWER: _Athens_ 10. (30) Given the description of the following well-known 20th century paintings, give the name of the painting for 5 points and the artist for another 5 points. A. A small American flag, superimposed on a larger American flag, superimposed on an even larger American flag. ANSWER: _Three Flags_ by Jasper _Johns_ B. Three somber customers seen through the plate-glass window of a lonely all-night diner. ANSWER: _Nighthawks_ by Edward _Hopper_ C. Three watch faces melt on the corner of a tabletop and over a tree branch. ANSWER: _The Persistence of Memory_ by Salvador _Dali_ 11. Although Maine is a small and remote state, it has produced some important politicians. Identify the following Maine senators on a 10/5 basis. a. (10) Carter's secretary of state, 1979-81. (5) He was also the 1968 Democratic VP candidate. ANSWER: Edwin MUSKIE b. (10) Republican senator who opposed McCarthy in a heroic early stand. (5) She was the first woman senator from Maine. ANSWER: MARGARET CHASE SMITH c. (10) This Democrat's seat is now occupied by a woman Republican. (5) He retired as Senate Majority Leader in 1995. ANSWER: George MITCHELL 12. (30) The Oscars seem to love actors who play military officers. Given an actor and the name of the character for which he/she was nominated, name the movie FTSNOP. A. (5) Louis Gossett, Jr. won an academy award for playing Sgt. Emil Foly in this movie. ANSWER: _An Officer and a Gentleman_ B. (10) Robert Duvall was nominated for a supporting actor Oscar for playing Lt. Colonel Kilgore in this war movie. ANSWER: _Apocalypse Nov_ C. (15) Eileen Brennan was nominated for a supporting actress Oscar for playing Captain Doreen Lewis in this film. ANSWER: _Private Benjamin_ 13. (30) Many of the screen's most classic moments of horror were directed by Alfred Hitchcock. FTP apiece identify the film given a gripping scene it contains. A. Farley Granger grapples with Robert Walker on a merry-go-round whirling out of control. ANSWER: _Strangers on a Train_ B. Martin Balsam is stabbed and topples down a flight of stairs. ANSWER: _Psycho_ C. Martin Landau steps on Cary Grant's fingers, almost causing him to plummet to his death. ANSWER: _North by Northwest_ 14. (30) Answer the following questions about the heart, for the stated number of points: A. For five points each, to what do the two numbers of a blood pressure correspond? ANSWER: _Systole_ or _Systolic_ and _Diastole_ or _Diastolic_ B. For ten points each, name the two nodes that are essential for the pumping of the heart. ANSWER: _AV_ or _atrioventricular_ and _SA_ or _sinoatrial_ 15. (30) Given a description, name the South American wars, F15P each. A. Chile defeated Peru and Bolivia, causing Bolivia to become landlocked. ANSWER: War of the _Pacific_ B. This war pitted Paraguay against Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil and resulted in the near destruction of Paraguay. ANSWER: The War of the _Triple Alliance_ or the _Paraguayan_ War 16. (30) Name the museum given some of its works FTP each. A. _Children's Games_ and _Tower of Babel_ by Brueghel, _Carrying of the Cross_ by Bosch, _Adoration of the Trinity_ by Durer. ANSWER: _Kunsthistorisches_ Museum, Vienna B. _Marriage a la Mode_ by Hogarth, _Crossing the Brook_ by Turner. ANSWER: The _Tate Gallery_, London C. _Les Demoiselles d'Avingon_ by Picasso, _The Persistence of Memory_ by Dali ANSWER: The _Museum of Modern Art_ or _MOMA_, New York 17. (30) Name the following famous dogs FTP each. A. Eskimo dog that led a dog team with diphtheria serum 600 miles through a blizzard from Nemanito to Nome, Alaska in 1925. ANSWER: _Balto_ B. Bob Dole's schnauzer. ANSWER: _Leader_ C. Bill Sykes' dog in Dickens' _Oliver Twist_ ANSWER: _Bull's-eye_ 18. (30) Given a definition from College Algebra, name the described conic section, for ten points each. A. This conic section is the set of all points, the sum of whose distance from two distinct fixed points is constant. ANSWER: _Ellipse_ B. This conic section is the set of all points that are equidistant from a fixed line and a fixed point. ANSWER: _Parabola_ C. This conic section is the set of all points, the difference of whose distances from two distinct points is constant. ANSWER: _Hyperbola_ 19. (30) Identify the scientist 30-20-10 30--Shared the 1965 Nobel Prize for Physics with Julian Schwinger and Tomonaga Shinichiro for reinventing quantum electrodynamics. 20--Wrote a best-selling autobiography recounting his love for bongo-playing and his days cracking safes at the high-security Los Alamos nuclear test site. 10--As a Caltech professor, he gained fame in 1986 for dropping a rubber O-ring into ice water on national television to help explain why the Challenger exploded. ANSWER: Richard _Feynman_ 20. (30) Given the following British monarchs, for 5 points apiece name the royal house to which they belonged. A. Edward I ANSWER: _Plantagenet_ B. Charles I ANSWER: _Stuart_ C. George I ANSWER: _Hanover_ D. Elizabeth I ANSWER: _Tudor_ E. William I ANSWER: _Normandy_ or _Norman_ F: James I ANSWER: _Stuart_ 21. (30) From the description name the French diacritical symbol FTP each. A. An upward-right-pointing accent. ANSWER: Accent _Acute_ B. An upward-left-pointing accent. ANSWER: Accent _Grave_ C. A carat or arrow over a letter. ANSWER: _Circumflex_ 22. (30) Do not adjust your TV set: those were actual Yankee pinstripes in this year's World Series. For 5 points who did the Yankee's defeat in this year's series? ANSWER: The Atlanta _Braves_ FTP, in what year did the Yanks last appear in a World Series? ANSWER: 19_81_ And for 15 more points, which team defeated the Yankees lose to in that '81 series? ANSWER: The Los Angeles _Dodgers_ 23. (30) "I am sending you my Sonata in B-flat Opus 106 as a present on your birthday." This statement was written by a composer to his sister, also considered a composer by some. The male composer wrote four to six sonatas for piano depending on how one counts, though the sonatas are now seldom heard and recorded. FTP name the male composer, who also composed Songs Without Words, which songs are often ironically given words for titles. ANSWER: Felix _Mendelssohn_ Also, FTP give the name of the male composer's sister. ANSWER: _Fanny_ Mendelssohn For a final ten points, to whose Sonata, which shares the same key, B-flat, and opus number, 106, written several years before was Mendelssohn paying homage, which composer died in 1827, the year Mendelssohn's sonata was completed. ANSWER: Ludwig van _Beethoven_ --------------1EC0AB3BE6--