1995 Guy Fawkes Eve Buzzer Explosion Packet by Western Michigan University - A Tossups 1) It's the common name for a species of low-growing cacti of the genus Lophophora. It takes its name from the Aztecs, who were the first to use it for its hallucinogenic properties. For ten points -- name this plant also called a Mescal Button. ANS : _PEYOTE_ 2) It can be used as a substitute for rennet in making cheese and to remove hair from hides in the leather industry. However, it is better known for its use in the gastric environment. For ten points -- name this enzyme, which with hydrochloric acid digests food in the stomach. ANS : _PEPSIN_ 3) Its entire northern border is formed by the African country of Guinea, although it appropriately borders Liberia as well. For ten points -- name this country formed by British abolitionists in 1787, whose capital was given the name of Freetown. ANS : _SIERRA LEONE_ 4) This lanthanide element and Technetium are the only two elements with atomic numbers less than 83 that have no stable isotopes. Salts of this rare earth metal are luminescent in the dark with a pale blue or green glow. For ten points -- name this element whose namesake stole fire from the gods. ANS : _PROMETHIUM_ 5) Benjy is a retarded man watched over by Luster. Quentin has lustful thoughts for his promiscuous sister. Jason is a thief and a sqanderer. For ten points -- these three brothers appear in what Faulkner novel, which may be a tale told by an idiot that signifies nothing. ANS : _The SOUND AND THE FURY_ 6) It was from the trader John Findley at the seige of Fort Duquesne that he first heard stories of the Warrior's Path and the Cumberland Gap, both leading to the "wonderful land" of Kentucky. For ten points -- name this man who then blazed the Wilderness Road through that state and into Missouri. ANS : Daniel _BOONE_ 7) His former wife, Lisa, will wed widower Jim Moody, a federal court judge in December. His former assistant raised eyebrows when she said he told her to put two notebooks in a White House safe shortly before his death. For ten points -- name this late deputy White House counsel. ANS : Vincent _FOSTER_ 8) Formed as an end product during metabolism of the amino acid tyrosine, it is surprisingly found in some internal membranes. For ten points -- name this biochrome, a dark biological pigment absent in those with albinism. ANS : _MELANIN_ 9) The last name's the same: Alexander was an American Ornithologist and rival of Audubon; Charles was a Scottish physicist who invented the original Cloud Chamber; Edmund wrote the "Memoirs of Hecate County"; and Woodrow proposed the fourteen points in 1918. For ten points -- give the shared name. ANS : _WILSON_ 10) It was undoubtedly suggested by Sauk Centre, Minnesota, where the author who created it was born. For ten points -- name this fictional town and home of Carol Kennicott in Sinclair Lewis's 1920 novel Main Street. ANS : _GOPHER PRAIRIE_ 11) They were born in Annonay, France in the 1740s. After observing smoke and hot air rising from a fire, Joseph was inspired to fill a cloth with hot air and watched it rise seventy feet. With his brother Jacques' help, they flew in the first successful balloon in front of Louis XVI. For ten points -- name these famous brothers. ANS : _MONTGOLFIER_ 12) Clara Marks, a mother of three, declared his company's ads "absolutely pornographic." Apparently, most of the country agreed as his controversial ads were pulled. For ten points -- name this designer who was accused of Kiddie Porn in his latest ad campaign. ANS : Calvin _KLEIN_ 13) This meeting took place from December 15, 1814 until January 5, 1815 and was held by the Federalist party to discuss their opposition to the War of 1812. For ten points, name this meeting held in Connecticut. ANS : _HARTFORD CONVENTION_ 14) Its name means "the resplendent land" in a native language and its the 24th largest island in the world. Moors, Sinhalese, and Tamils make up most of the population. For ten points -- name this country which was formerly known as Ceylon. ANS : _SRI LANKA_ 15) A great admirer of both Napoleon and Lord Byron, he participated in several campaigns of the Napoleonic Wars. For ten points -- name this Frenchman better known for his novels, including Lucien Leuwen, The Charterhouse of Parma, and The Red and the Black. ANS : _STENDHAL_ ALTERNATE ANSWER : Marie Henri _BEYLE_ 16) He was known as the French Newton, and if you're designing digital filters, you may think his contribution to mathematics more handy than the other guy's three laws. For ten points, name this French mathemetician, astronomer and chemist, whose transform is the bane of many electrical engineering students. ANS : Pierre Simone de _LaPLACE_ 17) Women's voting rights groups admired her stand in favor of allowing women to vote, but they rejected her candidacy because she also spoke for the right of women to have affairs, whether married or not. FTP, name this woman who ran for president of the United States in 1872. ANS : Victoria _WOODHULL_ 18) He stated at the beginning of his book _Theory of Harmony_ that, "This book I have learned from my pupils." That's quite an education, considering his pupils include the music greats Anton Webern and Alban Berg. For ten points -- name this Austrian- American innovator of the 12-tone music scale. ANS : Arnold _SCHOENBERG_ 19) Some motor nerves, such as the sciatic nerve, are quite long, stretching all the way from the spinal cord to the toe. Most of this length, however, is not the cell itself but a fibre which is usually enclosed in a myelin sheath. For ten points -- name this nerve extension which carries impulses away from the cell. ANS : _AXON_ 20) He was tricked by Seth into entering a coffin, which was thrown into the Nile. Seth later dismembered this son of Geb and Nut and spread the parts throughout the country. For ten points -- name this egyptian god of the dead. ANS : _OSIRIS_ 21) "People have been rejected from Tufts for far lesser things" were the words of the editor of a conservative journal at the university. For ten points -- name this girl whose admission to Harvard was withdrawn when they learned that she murdered her mother in 1990, who is now attempting to attend Tufts. ANS : Gina _GRANT_ 22) Harry Haller's inability to be a part of the world and the resulting loneliness and desolation of his existence causes him to think of himself as -- for ten points -- what title animal of a 1927 Herman Hesse work? ANS : _Steppenwolf_ 23) The U.S. constitution bans criminal laws of this type, though in English law they are legal. For ten points -- name this kind of retrospective law which attempts to make illegal actions which were legal when committed. ANS : _EX POST FACTO_ 24) It consists of a housing and a rotatable triangular rotor. It has half as many moving parts, runs quieter, and for equivalent horsepower weighs half as much as its piston-cylinder relative. For ten points --name this kind of internal combustion engine. ANS : _WANKEL_ Rotary Engine 25) This candy's sales rose from twenty million in 1991 to forty million in 1994, mostly due to the world's most annoying commercials. For ten points -- name this candy which even has its own World Wide Web page billing itself as the "freshmaker". ANS : _MENTOS_ 26) Her roles have included Joyce Whitman, Sue Ann Nivens, and Rose Nylund. Currently, this animal rights activist is back on the small screen in one of this season's new shows. For ten points -- name this veteran actress and star of "Maybe This Time." ANS : Betty _WHITE_ 27) Along with Roger Clemens, Mark Langston and Dennis Martinez, he is the only active major leaguer with 2,000 career strikeouts. His early years were spent with Boston and Cleveland, but as a reliever he's gained his greatest fame. For ten points, name this Oakland Athletics all time save leader. ANS : Dennis _ECKERSLEY_ 28) The Telephone, Iced Tea, Television and the Ice Cream cone. The Eiffel Tower, The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and the Space Needle. For ten points, all of these items, foods and builings were first seen at what event? ANS : _WORLD'S FAIR_ 29) He recently claimed that he dreams about Princess Diana, but it is way too kinky to go into. This actor will be playing an action/adventure role in his next film, quite a departure from the boyish charmer we are accustomed to seeing. For ten points, name this actor, the star of Nine Months and Four Weddings and a Funeral. ANS : Hugh _GRANT_ 30) The Syrinx, a musical pipe of seven reeds, was invented and played by this Greek mythological figure. For ten points, name this god of pastures, forests, flocks and herds who was half man and half goat. ANS : _PAN_ Bonus Questions by WMU A 1. (30) The Populist party, or the People's Party, was a relatively short-lived effort which reached its greatest strength in the 1890's. Throughout its lifespan, it nominated only two men for president, one in 1892 and the other in 1896. For ten points each -- name these two Populist candidates. ANS : James B. _WEAVER_ William Jennings _BRYAN_ Now for an additional ten points, 5 points apiece, name the respective states that James Weaver and William Jennings Bryan hailed from. ANS: Weaver - IOWA Bryan - NEBRASKA 2. (30) Answer the following questions about Nike for the stated number of points. For 5: Who starred as Mars Blackman, the Ultimate Michael Jordan fan, in a series of commercials? ANS : Spike _LEE_ For 10: Which NFL owner struck a deal with Nike that has angered the rest of the league? ANS : Jerry _JONES_ For 15: Who is the CEO of Nike? ANS : Phil _KNIGHT_ 3. (30) Given a brief description of a twentieth-century physicist, name him for the stated number of points. For 5: Among this Jewish physicist's papers was "The Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies." During World War II he warned Franklin Roosevelt about the dangers of the Nazis developing an atomic bomb. ANS : Albert _EINSTEIN_ For 10: He won the 1907 Nobel Prize for "his optical precision instruments and the spectroscopic and metrological investigations carried out with their aid", and was the first American to receive a Nobel Prize. ANS : Albert _MICHELSON_ For 15: He helped formulate the basis for quantum electrodynamics and shared the 1965 Nobel Prize with Tomonaga and Feynman. ANS : Julian _SCHWINGER_ 4. (30) For a varying number of points -- answer these questions about Mexico. For five, the body of water separating Baja California from the rest of Mexico. ANS : _GULF_ of _CALIFORNIA_ For ten, all or nothing, name the three countries that Mexico borders. ANS : _USA_, _GUATEMALA_, _BELIZE_ For 15, identify the name given to the land from the northern border to Mexico City that is bordered by mountains on the east, west, and south. ANS : _CENTRAL PLATEAU_ 5. (30) For the stated number of points, given a description of a famous person named George, give their full name. For 5: King of England from 1727 to 1760, he wasn't much of a statesman, but was wise enough to accept the word of his advisors. ANS : _GEORGE II_ For 10: He succeeded to the throne in 1936 after the abdication of his brother, Edward VIII. ANS : _GEORGE VI_ For 15: This American journalist, economist, and social philosopher published "Progress and Poverty" in 1879, which probably inspired more interest in economics than any other book. ANS : _HENRY GEORGE_ 6. (30) Answer the following questions about a recent political flap for the stated number of points. For 10 points, which presidential candidate recently returned a campaign contribution from a group because of the sexual orientation of its members. ANS : Bob _DOLE_ For 20 points, name the rebuffed organization. ANS : _LOG CABIN REPUBLICANS_ 7. (30) Given the definition of a term from chemistry, name it for the stated number of points. For 5 points, name the law stating that the volume of a gas at a constant pressure is directly proportional to temperature. ANS : _CHARLES'_ Law For 10 points, give the term for biological substances that are soluble in non-polar organic solvents, such as chloroform. ANS : _LIPIDS_ For 15 points, this term describes a substance that is weakly attracted by a magnetic field. ANS : _PARAMAGNETIC_ 8. (30) Answer the following questions about Adolf Hitler for ten points each. In what year was he named chancellor? ANS : _1933_ In what year did he lead the Beer Hall Putsch? ANS : _1923_ In what year did he send troops into the Rhineland? ANS : _1936_ 9. (25) Given a currently popular album, name the artist for five points each, with a five point bonus for all 5. "And Out Come the Wolves" ANS : _RANCID_ "Design of a Decade" ANS : _JANET JACKSON_ (Prompt on JACKSON) "Insomniac" ANS : _GREEN DAY_ "I Wish" ANS : _SKEE-LO_ "Jagged Little Pill" ANS : Alanis _MORRISSETTE_ 10. (30) The song of Roland seems to have appeared in France around the ninth century, and it inspired many other authors. For the stated number of points: For 10: By what other name, which also names a Virginia Woolfe novel, was Roland known? ANS : _ORLANDO_ For 20: Which Italian poet wrote a 1516 work about Roland entitled _Orlando Furioso_? ANS : Lodovico _ARIOSTO_ 11. (30) Answer the following about Herbert Hoover for ten points each. Who was his vice president? ANS : Charles _CURTIS_ What position did he hold in the Harding administration? ANS : Secretary of _COMMERCE_ In what state was he born? ANS : _IOWA_ 12. (30) Identify the year in which these events in Asian history occured. You'll get ten points for exactly right and five if you're within five years. The First Opium War begins ANS : _1839 _ (Accept 1834-1844 for 5 points) The Manchus seize power in China ANS : _1644 _ (Accept 1639-1649 for 5 points) Philippines become independent ANS : _1946_ (Accept 1941-1951 for 5 points) 13. (30) Name the musician on a 30-20-10 basis. 30) Under the guidance of his friend Balakirev, he found his first success with "Symphony in E flat" in 1867. 20) This Russian composer was also one of the foremost scientists of his day, and his professional life left little time for music. 10) He fell in love with the twelfth century epic "The song of Igor's Campaign", which led him to write "Prince Igor". ANS : Aleksandr _BORODIN_ 14. (30) Identify the author from works, 30-20-10. 30: Setting Free the Bears, The Water Method Man 20: The Cider House Rules, A Son of the Circus 10: The World According to Garp, The Hotel New Hampshire ANS: John _IRVING_ 15. (30) Given the network and the date it aired, give the heavily watched TV show or TV special being described, for 10 points each. If you need a second clue, you will receive 5 points. Hint: Each of the answers is in the top 25 of all time, by rating, and none of the answers is the Superbowl. 1. For 10: CBS, November 21, 1980. For 5: Over half the nation tuned in to find out that Kristin was the one who had done it. ANS: _DALLAS_ 2. For 10: NBC, May 20, 1993. For 5: It was the last episode of a long-running NBC sitcom. ANS: _CHEERS_ 3. For 10: ABC, August 29, 1977. For 5: The country learned the identity of the killer, but still went to see the 1993 movie version anyway. ANS: _The FUGITIVE_ 16. (30) Name the landmark on a 30-20-10 basis. 30: Discovered by Ernest Giles, it is called "Uluru" by the natives. 20: Composed of arkosic sandstone, it changes color according to the attitude of the sun. 10: This Australian landmark is the world's largest monolith. ANS : _AYER'S ROCK_ 17. (30) An incredible variety of living things reside in the ocean, but they are generally divided into three groups. For ten points each --which group: Consists of freely-swimming animals? ANS : _NEKTON_ Consists of plantlike organisms that drift with ocean currents? ANS : _PLANKTON_ Consists of organisms that live on or near the sea floor? ANS : _BENTHOS_ 18. (30) Identify the following accent, punctuation, and other manuscript marks, for 5 points each. 1. The double dots appearing over a vowel in German. _UMLAUT_ 2. The mark over a vowel to indicate a long sound. _MACRON_ 3. The mark over a vowel to indicate a short sound. _BREVE_ 4. The mark over an "n" in Spanish which makes a "ny" sound. _TILDE_ 5. The mark under a "c" in French. _CEDILLA_ 19. (30) Given some elements, name the common discoverer for a varying number of points. For 5: Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium ANS : Sir Humphrey _DAVY_ For 10: Thorium, Selenium, Silicon ANS : Jons _BERZELIUS_ For 15: Rhodium, Palladium ANS : William _WOLLASTON_ 20. (30) For a varying number of points, name the twentieth century artist from some works. For 5: "The Battle of Suze" and "Guernica" ANS : Pablo _PICASSO_ For 5: "Cathedral" and "Number 1, 1948" ANS : Jackson _POLLACK_ For 10: "Endless Column" and "Beginning of the World" ANS : Constantin _BRANCUSI_ For 10: "Oval Composition" and "Evolution Triptych" ANS : Piet _MONDRIAN_ 21. (30) For 15 points each, identify the Byron work. It complains that man is "half dust, half deity". When the title character calls upon the spirits, he realizes they are his equal because he created them. It symbolizes inner conflict of the ego. ANS : _MANFRED_ When the Devil takes him through the spiritual world, the title character realizes that even the gods may not be happy, and that the Tree of Knowledge may not be the tree of happiness. ANS : _CAIN_ 22. (30) We use foreign words and phrases every day without thinking about where they came from. Given a definition and a language, you give the common word or phrase for 5 points each, with a five point bonus for all 5. Full discretionary power, French. ANS : _CARTE BLANCHE_ Whatever will be, will be. Spanish. ANS : _QUE SERA, SERA_ Amazing nerve or arrogance. Yiddish. ANS : _CHUTZPAH_ Method of operation. Latin. ANS : _MODUS OPERANDI_ A Social Blunder. French. ANS : _FAUX PAS_