1995 Guy Fawkes Eve Buzzer Explosion Questions by the Commonwealth of Independent Schools (Utah) Tossups: 1. He had no name, or more appropriately, the name of "no-one". He wandered the seas, wreaking havoc on ships carrying munitions. He was a savior in his second novel, "The Mysterious Island", but had been more of a villain in his first appeance, in "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea". FTP, name this captain of the "Nautilus". Capt. NEMO 2. Today, the comercial types of this alloy have a third metal, such as lead, zinc, phosphorus, manganese, or aluminum , added to the original two metals. Additionally, many alloys called by this name have zinc instead of tin. FTP, what is this alloy that gave its name to the first "Metal Age", and is traditionally composed of copper and tin? BRONZE 3. This Englishman was a highly successful in business and retired a multi-millionaire at age 42. At his leisure he composed a work on economic theory that became the basic text of the classical school of English political economy. FTP who wrote the depressing "On the Principles of Political Economy and Taxation" in which he devised the first purely abstract theory of the operation of economic "laws", which earned him the title of "father of the gloomy science?" David RICARDO 4. You probably think that World War I ended in 1918; in fact, however, it continued for two decades more, as the Treaty of Versailles neglected this country's fate. This country, whose motto is "Touch me if you dare", continued to fight against Germany, despite the handicap of not bordering on it. On September 25, 1939, this tiny country signed a peace treaty with Germany, bringing peace to Europe (except for the fact that World War II had just started). FTP, name this Pyrenean state, which fought Germany for so long. ANDORRA 5. "The pale Usher--threadbare in coat, heart, body, and brain; I see him now". This not-so-famous passage begins the section "Etymology". Following this section is "Extracts". Finally, the first chapter, "Loomings", appears, opening with the famous phrase involving nomenclature and the oldest son of Abraham. FTP, name this famous Herman Melville book about a white whale. MOBY-DICK 6. It's been said that you can't legislate morality; it's even harder to legislate mathematics. In 1897, however, the General Assembly of Indiana passed a law fixing the value of this constant to be an integer. Though it wasn't shown to be transcendental until 1882, even Archimedes knew it wasn't an integer. FTP, what is this mathematical constant, equal to half the circumference of the unit circle? PI 7. He spent most of his long life as a tutor and companion to the Cavendish family, though he once tutored Charles II in mathematics. A forceful writer and pioneer of modern political science, his works include "Elements of Law" and "Philosophical Rudiments". But his most famous work is a 1651 defense of secular monarchy subtitled "The Matter, Form, and Power of a Commonwealth, Ecclesiastical and Civil". FTP, name this writer and thinker, who stated that self-interest and egoism was the root of all social conflict, and that life was "nasty, brutish, and short". A: Thomas HOBBES 8. When he died, e e cummings said of him, "The only man, woman, or child who wrote a simple declarative sentance with seven gramatical errors is dead". His death also had controversy attached to it--it was widely rumored that he had been poisoned, but his wife would not allow an autopsy, and had the body cremated. Consequently, the truth of this president's involvement in the Teapot Dome scandal could not be positively established. FTP, who was this president, whose successor was Calvin Coolidge? Warren G. HARDING 9. This opera, which premiered in Dresden in 1843, is based on a legend by Heine. In it, a sea captain is condemned to sail the seas until he finds a maiden, faithful unto death. Unfortunately, he can only land once every seven years. Ultimately, this sets up a love triangle between the captain, Senta, and Eric. FTP, name this Wagner opera, which in German is called "Der Fliegende (FLEE gendah) Hollander". The FLYING DUTCHMAN 10. In Arabic, the name for it is (DEEK al Room). Literally, that means "Roman rooster". However, to the early Arabs, Rome was Constantinople, so the name is actually quite close to what Americans call it. FTP, what is this large bird, that will be served nationwide in about 3 weeks? TURKEY 11. After the heavy casualties at Breed's Hill, the British high command decided to find an alternate source of cannon fodder. King George III turned to his German connections to hire these mercenaries who came from all over Germany, but were given this generic single name since many of them came from a single principality. FTP, what is the name for these German troops, some of whom were captured at Princeton and Trenton? HESSIANS 12. This mineral is unique in that it can be spun and carded, like wool or cotton. This, combined with its near indestructability, led to its use in countless applications. Unfortunately, its indestructability also contributed to the fact that its dust is carcinogenic. FTP, name this fireproof material that is being removed from buildings by highly trained personel in full-body respirators. ASBESTOS 13. His Baker Electric is in a museum, which is a testament to how well built the car was, as the double seat was taken up by his bulk, which was in excess of 330 pounds. Despite his size, however, he got elected president, but lost his bid for re- election, thanks to a Moose. FTP, who was this president, who later served on the Supreme Court? William Howard TAFT 14. In 1929, at the age of 30, he was inaugurated president of the Universityof Chicago. In 1939 he unilaterally cancelled the football program at the University of Chicago, saying that to win at college football you had to cheat, and the University of Chicago would not cheat. For ten points who is this preeminient US educator, a founder of the Great Books program? Robert Maynard HUTCHINS 15. Most instruments in this mucial group produce sound by the vibration of a reed, amplified by a column of air within a pipe that has holes along its length. FTP, name this family, the instruments of which are not necessarily made of wood. WOODWINDS 16. His magazine sent him to cover the Gulf War in 1991. But he had a hard time getting any respect in the journalist pool because the name of his magazine meant "a large rock that moves around". FTP, who is this American humorist, whose books include "Parliament of Whores" and "Give War a Chance?" P J O'ROURKE 17. In 1898 he became head of a commission that identified the common housefly as a typhoid carrier. In 1900 he went to Cuba as head of a medical commission investigating the transmission of a tropical disease. FTP, who was the US surgeon and bacteriologist whose experiments on soldier volunteers demonstrated that yellow fever is propagated through the bite of a mosquito? Walter REED 18. Sometimes, you just have to make sure someone is really dead. In this man's case, however, it was understandable--he had already survived several attempts on his life, and was widely beleived to be immortal. On the final night of his life, he ate several poisoned cakes, and drank several glasses of poisoned wine. When he still did not die, he was shot. However, he got up, choked Felix, one of his would-be assassins, and ran outside. He was then shot again, and brought back inside. Felix then proceeded to bludgeon him, just to make sure. Finally, his body was weighted down, and thrown in a frozen river. FTP, who was this monk, who wielded considerable power in the Romanov's court, in the last days of the Empire? Gregory RASPUTIN 19. Sometimes, you have to resort to desperate measures to survive a seige. In this 1759 satire, "The Old Woman", as she was later known, had to lose a buttock to feed the defenders of a fort. She survived the attack, however, and, despite being the daughter of Urban X, ended up in the service of Cunegonde. FTP, Cunegonde was the beloved of the title character in what famous Voltaire work? CANDIDE 20. In 1917, 50 members of the House of Representatives voted against US entry into World War I. In 1941, only 1 voted against entry into World War II. This made her the only member of Congress to vote against both World Wars. That she would have voted against the wars is not odd, as she was a pacifist; what is odd is that she only served 2 terms in Congress. FTP, name this Montana Congresswoman, the first woman to be elected to Congress. Jeanette RANKIN 21. This title character was born just a few miles north and west of the most easterly point in the British Isles. Blunderstone exists today, but the "E" has been dropped. Even so, Barkis would still recognize the place. Yarmouth also exists today, but it has become "Great", and engulfs Gorelston. It is still far from Yarmouth to London, but a lad today could make it, especially if he had help from Betsy Trotwood. FTP, who is this character, who can be seen as largely autobiographical for Charles Dickens? DAVID COPPERFIELD 22. This African country was settled by former slaves of British loyalists after the American Revolution. Liberia, its neighbor, was comprised of slaves freed in the early 19th Century. FTP, name this country whose capital is Freetown. SIERRA LEONE 23. This unit was created so that force in the MKS system could be defined independent of weight. It is defined as the force that will give a mass of one kilogram an acceleration of one meter per second per second. In practical terms, this means that a kilogram of mass weighs about 9.8 of these units. FTP, name this unit, which is named after the 17th century physicist and mathematician who developed the basic laws of motion. the NEWTON 24. "Aaagh!!! Hot potato, apple cores, and that will make ammends". With the appropriate hand guestures, this is suppposed to ward away the bad luck that actors feel accompanies every mention of this play. Since the play includes bloody murder and moving forests, bad luck just might accompany it. FTP, name this Shakespearean work that is always referred to as "the Scottish Play". MACBETH 25. He was making $100,000 an episode , yet he quit 1994's most successful TV drama to make movies. FTP who played NYPD Blue's detective John Kelley? David CARUSO BONUSES: 1. (30) The image of hot lead being thrown to kill may cause you to think of the Old West. However, think back to the old East to answer these questions, for the stated number of points. 1. For 10 points, what monster was killed by its own heat, when a spear with lead on its end was thrown into its open mouth? The CHIMERA 2. For 5 points, who killed the Chimera? BELLERPHON 3. For 15 points, who was Bellerphon's father, also father of the Sphinx, who warred against the gods and was banished by Zeus to Tartarus? TYPHON 2. (30) Given the creator or creators, name the programming language, for 10 points each. 1. John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz BASIC 2. John Backus and a team at IBM FORTRAN 3. Niklaus Wirth PASCAL 3. (30) After World War I, the treaty of Varsailles was drawn up to settle affairs with Germany. There were, however, several other treaties after the war which settled accounts with other European countries. Identify the country involved given the name of the treaty. 1. Neuilly BULGARIA 2. Trianon PalaceHUNGARY 3. Sevres TURKEY 4. Identify the cities in which you could find the following airports, for 5 points each. 1. McCarron Int'l LAS VEGAS 2. Kimpo Int'l SEOUL 3. Schiphol AMSTERDAM 4. Fiumicino ROME 5. Barajas MADRID 6. Chiang Kai-Shek Int'l TAIPEI 5. Identify the directors of the following blockbuster films, for 5 points each. 1. Ghostbusters Ivan REITMAN 2. Mrs. Doubtfire Chris COLUMBUS 3. Nat'l Lampoon's Animal House John LANDIS 4. Beverly Hills Cop Martin BREST 5. The Fugitive Alan DAVIS 6. Saturday Night Fever John Badham 6. For ten points each, identify the following boxers who had famous bouts with Muhammed Ali, the self-proclaimed greatest fighter of all time. 1. He delivered Ali his first professional loss. George FRAZIER 2. Still around, this man fought Ali in a historic match in Kinshasa, Zaire. George FOREMAN 3. After being stripped of his title for draft evasion, Ali regained it from George Foreman, and then lost it again for the final time to this man. LEON SPINKS 7. (30) Given a work in a trilogy and its author, for five points each, give the other two works. 1. "The Count of Monte Cristo" - Dumas The COUNTESS OF MONTE CRISTO; The SON OF MONTE CRISTO. 2. "The Financier" - Dresier The TITAN, The STOIC 3. "The Hamlet" - Faulkner The TOWN, The MANSION 8. (30) How well do you remember your trig identities? Let's find out. For ten points each, I'll give you an expression, and you give me a simplified answer in terms of either sin(nx) for some n, or cos(nx) for some n. 1. 2sin(x)cos(x) A: sin(2x) 2. 4cos^3(x) - 3cos(x)A: cos(3x) 3. sin^2(2x) + cos^2(2x) [Remember to give your answer in the form sin(nx) or cos(nx)]. A: cos(0x) or cos(0) . 9. (30) Sometimes, inspiration comes at unusual times, and sometimes it is just as easily lost. Answer the following questions about one such incident for the stated number ofpoints. 1. 54 lines of this 300 line poem exist; the rest were never put to paper. For 5 points, name this great English poem. KUBLA KHAN 2. For 10 points, in the poem "Kubla Khan", what was the name of the sacred river that ran "in caverns measureless to man"? ALPH 3. Coleridge was detained for over an hour by some trivial business; when he resumed work on "Kubla Khan", he had completely forgotten the dream he had had. For 15 points, how is the man who interupted Coleridge commonly known? The Man from PORLOCK 10. Tanks have always proved tricky to destroy. In World War 2, the "Big Three" and the two foes they all fought came up with some unique anti-tank weapons. Given below are descriptions of three of these weapons. FTP each, tell me who used each of them. 1. The No. 74 (ST) hand grenade, known as the "sticky bomb", had a special feature -- an adhesive coating which enabled it to stick to the side of an enemy tank. It also enabled it to stick to the thrower, which was generally what happened. Once stuck, the soldier then had a considerate 5-second delay in which to free himself. Even if he succeeded, only a practised shot putter could hope to lob the one-third stone bomb far enough away to ensure his own safety. It was soon discontinued. Great BRITAIN or ENGLAND. 2. Next, we have the Lunge Bomb, which comprised a long pole with a grenade and three spikes attached. To use it the infantry man approached the tank, rammed the spike through its side, and retired to a safe distance. However, since the safety pin had to be removed before this operation could begin, the ramming action almost invariably caused the bomb to detonate before the soldier had time to run away. JAPAN 3. Lastly, we have the dog mine. The idea was to train the dogs to associate food with the underneath of tanks, in the hope that they would run hungrily beneath advancing Panzer divisions. Bombs were then strapped to their backs. However, they associated food only with their own tanks, and forced an entire division into retreat. The plan was abandonded on the second day of this country's involvement in the war. USSR or RUSSIA. 11. 30-20-10. Name the composer from works. 30: "The Apostles" and "The Kingdom" 20: "The Dream of Gerontius" 10: "The Enigma Variations" and "Pomp and Circumstance" 12. (30) How's your folklore? Let's find out, as you answer these questions for 10 points apiece. 1. Legend states that the bells of this city can still be heard, ringing their alarm. This is not too surprising, since the bulk of the city was washed into the sea, in 1347 and 1570. Name this city. DUNWICH 2. Another legend states "As (blank) is, Dunwich once was...". What major city, not too far from it, could be called "today's Dunwich"? LONDON 3. That last legend concludes, "and (blank) shall be". What is the other city, near Dunwich, that is supposed to be fated to take its place? NORWICH 13. (30) Given a Nobel citation in Chemistry, identify the prize winner, for 10 points each. 1. In 1921, for his "contributions to our knowledge of the chemistry of radioactive substances, and his investigations into the origin and nature of isotopes." Frederick SODDY 2. In 1944, for his "discovery of the fission of heavy nuclei." Otto HAHN 3. In 1958, for his "work on the structure of proteins, especially that of insulin." Frederick SANGER 14. (30). Answer the following questions about the works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, for 10 points each. 1. Washington Irvings "Sketchbook" provided the major influence for which of his works? "OUTRE_MER" 2. The "Canterbury Tales" inspired which Longfellow book? "Tales of a WAYSIDE INN" 3. Name the meter in which "Evangeline" and "The Courtship of Miles Standish" are written. DACTYLIC Hexameter 15. (30) In 1869, Wyoming became the first state in the US to give women the right to vote. For 10 points each, give the next three states to enfranchise women. UTAH, COLORADO, IDAHO. 16. (30) Name the author by his works, 30-20-10-5 for 30 : Underwoods; The Silverado Squatters for 20 : The Master of Ballantrae; Father Damien for 10 : The Black Arrow for 5 : Treasure Island; Kidnapped A: Robert Louis STEVENSON 17. (30) Landlocked Afghanistan is surrounded by 7 countries. For 5 pts each name six of them. IRAN; TURKEMNISTAN; UZBEKISTAN; TAJIKISTAN; CHINA; PAKISTAN; INDIA. 18. (30) Identify the following religious texts, for 10 points each. 1. The text read aloud at a Passover Seder. HAGADAH 2. The "Song of the Blessed One", from the Vedas. BHAGAVAD-GITA 3. The 3rd century B.C. Jewish translation of the Old Testament into Greek. SEPTUAGINT 19. (30) 30-20-10. Name the city. 30: This city on the Baltic Sea was seized by the Soviets during World War II. Some 40,000 German inhabitants who failed to escape to the west were either shipped to the steppes or executed. Impoverished Russians, dislocated by the war, came to take their place. 20: The city and the surrounding region were renamed after Stalin's titular president, a member of the Politburo from 1925. 10: Formerly called Konigsberg, it is now completely separated from the rest of the Russian republic. There is a conflict between Lithuania and Russia over control of this embattled area. KALININGRAD 20. (30). Michaelangelo portrayed him as a naked youth about to do battle in a work completed in 1504. About 50 years earlier another artist had portrayed him in bronze, naked, except for a hat and sword. For 5 points, give the name these two sculptures share. DAVID For 10 points, give the name of the earlier artist. DONATELLO For 15 points if exact, 10 if within 5 years, or 5 if within 15 years, give the date in which Michelangelo finished his statue of David. 1504 21. (30) Missouri is bounded by 8 states. For five points apiece name 6 of them. One wrong answer will stop you. ARKANSAS; ILLINOIS; IOWA; KANSAS; KENTUCKY; NEBRASKA; OKLAHOMA; TENNESEE 22. (30) Israel has fought four major wars with its Arab neighbors. FTP each, given the name of one these wars, give the year in which it was fought. Six Days War ======== 1967 Suez War============ 1956 Yom Kippur War ====== 1973 23. (30) Four well know actors failed to win an Oscar for acting, but they did win for directing. For 5 points each, name any six of the directing thespians and their award-winning movies. Robert REDFORD ============= Ordinary people Warren BEATTY ============== Reds Kevin KOSTNER ============== Dances with Wolves Clint EASTWOOD ============== Unforgiven 24. (30) We all know that Hydro-Carbons pollute; how well do you know Hydrogen and Carbon? For Five points each, what are the three isotopes of Hyrdogen? PROTIUM, DEUTIRIUM, TRITIUM. For another five points each, What are the three allotropes of Carbon? GRAPHITE; DIAMOND; BUCKMINSTERFULLERINE (OR) BUCKYBALLS 25. Egypt has had three presidents since the revolution. Given what the chauffeur said about each one's navigation of an intersection, for 10 points each, give the president. "He signalled left, but went right" Anwar al-SADAT "He signalled left, then pulled over on the right side of the street" Hosni MUBARAK "He signalled right, then went left" Gamal ab-al NASSER 26. (30) Europe can be classified as a peninsula of Asia. Europe, too, has its peninsulas. Given a list of the measurements of Europe's six major peninsulas, list the peninsula that goes with the measurement. If only one measurement is given, the peninsula is longer than it is wide. 1,150 miles long; 800 miles wide by 650 miles long; 600 miles long; 610 miles wide by 560 miles long; 250 miles long; and 120 miles long by 200 miles wide. SCANDINAVIAN; BALKAN; ITALIAN; IBERIAN; JUTLAND (or CIMBRIC); CRIMEAN (note to this question--I will provide the visual aid) 27. (30) OK, time for the obligatory junk question. In the OJ Simpson trial--OOOOPs, that should be junk, as in food, not trash. Bakers make doughnut holes, and Life Savers recently started selling the holes. Given the candy bar, give, for 5 points apiece, what the pieces are called when they are sold in their own package. Heath Bar ================ Heath SENSATIONs Nestle Crunch ============ BUNCHA Crunch Butterfinger Bar ========== Butterfinger BB's. Now, given three samples, test them, and identify, for 5 points each, which package contains which product. If you wish, you may share with the other team. Package Product A Buncha Crunch B Heath Sensation C Butterfinger bb's 28. (30) As this is the "Guy Fawkes Buzzer Explosion", how about a few questions about the Guy himself, for 5 points apiece? 1. In which year did the Gunpowder plot occur? 1605 2. Who was warned in advance of the plot? Lord MONTEAGLE 3. Who is generally credited with warning Monteagle? Lord TRESHAM 4. Who hired the cellar under Parliment where the gunpowder was stored? Lord PERCY (of Northumberland) 5. Which king was the intended target? JAMES I 6. Who was the chief investigator into the plot and secretary of state? (Hint: he shares his name with a kind of steak) Lord SALISBURY