1995 Guy Fawkes Eve Buzzer Explosion Questions by University of Illinois Tossups: 1. Following the cavalry charges came the tear gas attack, routing them from Pennsylvania Avenue and chasing them across the Eleventh Street Bridge. After nightfall, the tanks and cavalry leveled their camp, driving them out of Washington entirely. This ignominous defeat put an end to, FTP, which group of veterans assembled in 1932, trying to claim a bonus due them in 1945? ANS : _BONUS ARMY_ ALTERNATE ANSWER : _BONUS EXPEDITIONARY FORCE_ 2. Ben Stein, Charlie Sheen, Edie McClurg, Jennifer Grey, Mia Sara, Jeffrey Jones as Ed Rooney, Alan Ruck as Cameron Frye, and Matthew Broderick all appeared in, for ten points, which 1986 movie about a high-school student who decides to skip school for a day? ANS : _FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF_ 3. This author's true identity is unknown, and some speculate that more than one person wrote under this name during the early fourth century B.C. Identity aside, his most famous work still exists, and is often cited even to this day, as it contains much that still applies to military strategy and tactics. FTP, name this author of The Art of War. ANS : _SUN-TZU_ 4. "No, I am not a spook like those who haunted Edgar Allan Poe, nor am I one of your Hollywood movie ectoplasms. I am a man of substance, of flesh and bone, fiber and liquids --- and I might even be said to possess a mind." FTP, from which 1958 book by Ralph Ellison are these words taken? ANS : _INVISIBLE MAN_ 5. Bruce Hornsby's album Harbor Lights features this artist's 1951 painting Rooms by the Sea as its cover artwork. Other paintings of his include Early Sunday Morning, Pennsylvania Coal Town, Cape Cod Afternoon, and Ground Swell. FTP, name this American painter, most famous for his 1942 painting Nighthawks . ANS : Edward _HOPPER_ 6. The name of this science is credited to Ragnar Frisch, the 1969 Nobel Prize Winner in economics and one of the pioneers in this field. FTP, name this science, which deals with applying mathematical models and statistical techniques to economic data. ANS : _ECONOMETRICS_ 7. On November 17, 1968, NBC was broadcasting a football game between the New York Jets and the Oakland Raiders. With 65 seconds left in the game, the Jets took a 32-29 lead. This lead didn't hold, as Oakland promptly scored two touchdowns in the final seconds. TV viewers didn't to see this happen as NBC cut off the end of the telecast to begin a movie. FTP, give the nickname of this game, taken from the movie to which NBC cut away. ANS : The _HEIDI_ game 8. The sixties had the Beatles, the fifties had Elvis, and the forties had this man --- the 1840's, that is. Women screamed and swooned at his concerts, and guards had to be posted to keep away fans trying to cut off a lock of his hair while performing. For ten points, name the composer, famous for Consolations, Liebestraum, and Hungarian Rhapsodies numbers 1 and 2. ANS : Franz _LISZT_ 9. In 1972, Presidential candidate George McGovern stood behind him "1,000 percent" --- and then promptly replaced him on the ticket with Sargent Shriver. For ten points, name this Missouri senator who was removed from consideration when McGovern found out that he had received electroshock treatment for depression. ANS : Thomas _EAGLETON_ 10. He began as a writer of westerns publishing his first novel, The Bounty Hunters, in 1953. However, in 1968 he switched to writing contemporary novels with The Big Bounce, followed by such novels as Fifty-Two Pickup and his latest novel, Riding the Rap. FTP, name this author known for Freaky Deaky, Maximum Bob, and Get Shorty. ANS : Elmore _LEONARD_ 11. The Japanese claimed the Chinese fired first; the Chinese claimed the Japanese did. In either case, this July 7, 1937 incident which occured near Beijing gave the Japanese an excuse to invade central China, plunging both sides into what was to become World War II. For ten points, name this incident, named after the bridge near where it happened. ANS : The _MARCO POLO_ Bridge incident 12. He said, "It is not enough to cater to the nation's whims---you must also serve the nation's needs." FTP, name this former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, perhaps better known for calling television a "vast wasteland." ANS : Newton _MINOW_ 13. Max was a distinguished mathematician in his own right, achieving respect for being one of the leaders in algebraic geometry in the 19th century. However, he was overshadowed by the work of his daughter Emmy for her work in abstract algebra. FTP, give the common surname of these two mathematicians. ANS : _NOETHER_ 14. Among this author's earliest successes were the one-act plays The American Dream and The Sandbox. He later went on to write the full-length work Tiny Alice in 1964, followed by the Pulitzer prize-winning A Delicate Balance in 1966 and Seascape in 1975. FTP, name this American dramatist most famous for the play Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? ANS : Edward _ALBEE_ 15. This structure, designed by Eero Saarinen and completed in 1965, is the major landmark at the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. FTP, identify this 630-foot tall stainless steel parabolic arch located in St. Louis. ANS : _GATEWAY ARCH_ 16. This chemical element forms two known oxides, both of which are explosive when dry, and also forms several fluorides and salts, going against the rule that noble gases aren't supposed to react with anything. For ten points, name this element, isolated by Ramsay and Travers in 1898 by repeated fractional distillation of krypton. ANS : _XENON_ 17. On August 11, 1965 a policeman pulled over and arrested a young man on suspicion of drunk driving. A crowd started to gather, at first joking and taunting, then growing larger and angrier. The policeman called for reinforcements, who were greeted with thrown rocks, bottles, and chunks of concrete. This was the start of six days of mayhem and destruction in, FTP, which section of Los Angeles? ANS : _WATTS_ 18. The earliest record of this language is a version of the Anglican _Book of Common Prayer_, translated into this Celtic language by a Welsh bishop in 1610. An offshoot of Irish Gaelic, this now-extinct language was still spoken until the 19th century, when it was displaced by English. FTP, name this language once spoken by a majority of the inhabitants of the Isle of Man. ANS : _MANX_ 19. This broke out as the result of the struggle among Edward III's descendants for the control of the English throne, resulting from Henry VI's inadequacy and the opposition of his rival Richard, duke of York. FTP, name this series of wars between the House of Lancaster and the House of York. ANS : _WAR_s _OF THE ROSES_ 20. In Greek legend, he was a favorite of Apollo, and some poets even described him as Apollo's son. More conventional accounts list him as the son of the Trojan king Priam and his wife Hecuba. FTP, name this figure from Greek mythology, renowned for his exploits during the Trojan War who was slain by Achilles. ANS : _HECTOR_ 21. This author graduated from the University of Massachusetts in 1963, going on to teach English all over the world until the early 1970's, at which point he turned to writing. His later novels include _Saint Jack_ in 1973, and a 1982 book made into a 1986 movie starring Harrison Ford as Allie Fox. FTP, name the author of the book, _The Mosquito Coast_. ANS : Paul _THEROUX_ 22. A bookkeeper by training, he was once hired to look into the investment promise of oil; he told his employers it had no potential, and then went on to invest in it himself. He formed the South Improvement Company, and when it was forced out of business, went on to form Standard Oil of Cleveland. For ten points, name this "robber baron" of the late 1800's. ANS : John D. _ROCKEFELLER_ 23. This composer started studying at the age of 12 under the composer Frank Bridge, going on to later write Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge. Among his other compositions are the operas A Midsummer Night's Dream and Death in Venice. For ten points, name this composer of Peter Grimes and Billy Budd. ANS : Benjamin _BRITTEN_ 24. Born in New York City in 1930, this composer and lyricist made his first mark on Broadway as the lyricist for West Side Story. Later, he went on to write the music and lyrics for the musical Assassins. FTP, name this man, perhaps better known for Sweeney Todd and Passion. ANS : Stephen _SONDHEIM_ 25. This device permitted the development in the early twentieth century of radio broadcasting, television, and long-distance telephony. It also allowed for the development of the first electronic digital computers. However, these devices were phased out of comon usage in the 1960's in favor of transistors. For ten points, name this device, a form of the electron tube. ANS : _VACUUM TUBE_ (Prompt on ELECTRON TUBE) 26. The solubility of nitrogen and oxygen in blood increases with pressure. Because of this, if a scuba diver ascends to the surface too rapidly, these dissolved gases will form bubbles in the tissues. This painful - and sometimes fatal - condition is, for ten points, known as what? ANS : The _BENDS_ ALTERNATE ANSWERS : _DECOMPRESSION SICKNESS_, _CAISSON DISEASE_ 27. It's not about the card game from Parker Brothers and it's not the story of a Monopoly property. This is a story of Martin Pemberton's search for his father in 1870's New York and a scientist's quest for eternal youth. FTP, name this 1994 book written by E.L. Doctorow. ANS : The _WATERWORKS_ 28. He stepped down from the dictatorship he had ran since 1974, allowing free elections in 1990. However, he never would have taken power in the first place had he not led the military coup that toppled Salvador Allende (aye-enn-day) in 1971. For ten points, name this former military strongman of Chile. ANS : Augusto _PINOCHET_ 29. As of July 17, 1994, this musical had played on Broadway 3,005 times, and it is still running. Technically unique for its rotating stage, this show contains an expansive cast of characters, including the Thenardiers, and Gavroche. For ten points, name this Boubil and Schoenberg musical based on a 19th century novel by Victor Hugo. ANS : _LES MISERABLES_ Bonus Questions by Illinois 1. (30) Rocks are often classified as igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic. For five points each, identify the type each of the following rocks belongs to. Gneiss [nice] ANS : _METAMORPHIC_ Slate ANS : _METAMORPHIC_ Shale ANS : _SEDIMENTARY_ Schist ANS : _METAMORPHIC_ Rhyolite ANS : _IGNEOUS_ Hornfels ANS : _METAMORPHIC_ 2. (30) Given a work of American fiction by a Pulitzer prize- winning author, identify the work for which he/she won a Pulitzer prize, for 5 points each. For example, if I said "The Natural", you would reply "The Fixer", since that is the work for which Bernard Malamud received a Pulitzer prize. 1. Temple of My Familiar Ans: _The Color Purple_ 2. The Bluest Eye Ans: _Beloved_ 3. Saint Maybe Ans: _Breathing Lessons_ 4. Moo Ans: _A Thousand Acres_ 5. Billy Phelan's Greatest Game Ans: _Ironweed_ 6. The Neon Bible Ans: _A Confederacy of Dunces_ 3. (30) Okay, let's see how much you know about the past (and present) governors of New York. For 5 points, who is currently Governor of New York? ANS : George _PATAKI_ For 10 points, this former Governor of New York lost a landslide election to Herbert Hoover in 1928. ANS : _AL_fred SMITH_ For 15 points, this former governor lost in two Presidential elections, the first time to FDR. ANS : Thomas _DEWEY_ 4. (30) William Rhenquist is the current Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. For five points each, and a five point bonus for putting them in correct order, most recent to earliest -- name the five men who preceded him in this position. ANS : Warren _BERGER_, Earl _WARREN_, Frederick _VINSON_, Harlan _STONE_, Charles _HUGHES 5. (30) From 1964 to 1966, three movies were released that were the archetype for the "spaghetti western" - The Man with No Name trilogy. So... For 5 points, who directed these three movies starring Clint Eastwood? ANS : Sergio _LEONE_ For 5 points each, what are the titles of the three films? (In English, please, not Italian.) ANS : A _FISTFUL OF DOLLARS_, _FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE_, _THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY_ Clint Eastwood's character is based on that of a samurai bodyguard in the movie Yojimbo, which was remade by Leone into A Fistful of Dollars. For ten points, name the director of Yojimbo. ANS : Akira _KUROSAWA_ 6. (30) For the stated number of points, identify each of the physical effects from the description given. For 5: It is the apparent difference between the frequency of light or sound waves leaving a source compared to their frequency when they reach an observer. ANS : _DOPPLER_ effect For 10: Photoconductivity and the photovoltaic effect are two facets of this effect discovered by Heinrich Hertz in 1887. ANS : _PHOTOELECTRIC_ effect For 15: This effect is the diffusion of light by large molecules and dust, and yields a simple test for telling the difference between a colloid and a solution. ANS : _TYNDALL_ effect 7. (30) And now, a bonus on the Korean War. For five points, in which year did it begin? ANS : _1950_ For ten points, who was the President of South Korea when it began? ANS : Syngman _RHEE_ And finally, for 15 points, which river separates North Korea from China? ANS : The _YALU_ river 8. (30) Father-son pairs seem to be almost common in baseball. For the stated number of points, give the shared last name of each father-son duo. For 5 points, they became the first father-son pair to play in the same major league lineup on August 31, 1990. ANS : _GRIFFEY_ For 10 points, Bob is the manager for the Kansas City Royals and caught for 19 seasons with the Phillies, Angels, and Royals. His son, Bret, is a second baseman for the Cincinnati Reds. ANS : _BOONE_ For 15 points, the father, Diego, was known as the "Ancient Mariner." His son, David, played first base for Montreal in 1995. ANS : _SEGUI_ 9. (30) 30-20-10, Identify the author from characters in his stories. 30) Jabez Wilson and Birdy Edwards 20) Charles Augustus Milverton and Sebastian Moran 10) Irene Adler and Sir Henry Baskerville ANS : Sir Arthur Conan _DOYLE_ 10. (30) 30-20-10, Identify the year. 30) Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow and Erica Jong's Fear of Flying are published. 20) Billie Jean King defeats Bobby Riggs in tennis's "Battle of the Sexes." 10) Vice President Spiro Agnew resigns. ANS : _1973_ 11. (30) Answer these questions about Beethoven for the statstated number of points. First, for five points, upon whose poem did Beethoven draw text for his 9th Symphony? ANS : Friedrich von _SCHILLER_ Next, for ten points, what is the name of Beethoven's only completed opera? ANS : _FIDELIO_ For a final 15 points, by what name is his Mass in D Minor commonly known? ANS : _MISSA SOLEMNIS_ 12. (30) 30-20-10, identify the musical group from some of their songs. 30) Voice of Harold, Endgame 20) Driver 8, World Leader Pretend 10) Man on the Moon, Stand ANS : _R.E.M._ 13. (30) 30-20-10, identify the author from the clues given. 30: On the eve of World War I, he was taken from his homeland to Geneva, Switzerland, which he left in 1919. 20: Works of his include _The Garden of Forking Paths_, _The Aleph_, and _A Universal History of Infamy_. 10: He returned to his native Argentina in 1921, where he worked as a librarian until removed from the job when Juan Peron came to power in 1946. ANS : Jorge Luis _BORGES_ 14. (30) You may know that the first four books of the New Testament are the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John; but, for 5 points each, name the next six books after the four gospels in the New Testament. ANS : _ACTS_, _ROMANS_, _1 CORINTHIANS_, _2 CORINTHIANS_, _GALATIANS_, _EPHESIANS_ 15. (30) Given some clues about a World War II figure, name them for 10 points each. This British officer believed in saturation, or area, bombing instead of precision bombing, earning him the nickname "Bomber". ANS : Arthur _HARRIS_ ALTERNATE ANSWER : Sir Arthur _TRAVERS_ Shortly before the outbreak of World War II, he was picked as the Soviet commissar of foreign affairs. He is known for negotiating a non-aggression pact with Germany. ANS : Vyacheslav _MOLOTOV_ The commander of the German 6th Army, he was captured along with his entire army at Stalingrad. ANS : Friedrich _PAULUS_ 16. (30) For 5 points each, given the title of a couple of paintings, name the artist. Absinthe, The Dance Class ANS : Edgar _DEGAS_ Portrait of Paul Eluard, Persistence of Memory ANS : Salvador _DALI_ Saint-Lazare Station, Water Lilies ANS : Claude _MONET_ Belvidere, Climbing and Descending ANS : M.C. _ESCHER_ The Betrayal of Images, Time Transfixed ANS : Rene _MAGRITTE_ Dancers on a Plane, Racing Thoughts ANS : Jasper _JOHNS_ 17. (30) For 5 points each, given the country, name the longest river flowing through the country. Egypt ANS : _NILE_ River China ANS : _YANGTZE_ River France ANS : _LOIRE_ River Ireland ANS : _SHANNON_ River Italy ANS : _PO_ River Scotland ANS : _TAY_ River 18. (30) When viewed through a spectroscope, the electromagnetic radiation from hydrogen forms a set of five series of spectral lines - one in the visible light spectrum, one in ultraviolet, and three in infrared. For 5 points each, and another 5 for all correct, give the names of these five spectral line series for hydrogen. ANS : _LYMAN_, _BALMER_, _BRACKETT_, _PASCHEN_, _PFUND_ 19. (30) For ten points apiece, name the actor from one of his roles. If you need another role, you'll receive five points instead. 10) Bruce in Bang the Drum Slowly 5) Jack Walsh in Midnight Run ANS : Robert _De NIRO_ 10) Jimmy Piersall in Fear Strikes Out 5) Chaplin Tappman in Catch-22 ANS : Anthony _PERKINS_ 10) Graham Marshall in A Shock to the System 5) Milo Tindle in Sleuth ANS : Michael _CAINE_ 20. (30) Given a brief description of a book by Kurt Vonnegut, give its title for ten points. At the novel's end, the world is destroyed by a substance known as Ice-Nine. ANS: _CAT'S CRADLE_ His first novel, it describes a completely mechanized and automated society and its effects on a New York factory town. ANS : _PLAYER PIANO_ This book describes the Allied bombing of Dresden during World War II. ANS : _SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE_ 21. (30) For 5 points each, given the city or state, name the NHL team which plays there. Detroit ANS : _RED WINGS_ Boston ANS : _BRUINS_ Ottawa ANS : _SENATORS_ Dallas ANS : _STARS_ Calgary ANS : _FLAMES_ Colorado ANS : _AVALANCHE_ 22. (30) How much do you know about Iraq and its leader, Saddam Hussein? First, for 5 points, what is the capital of Iraq? ANS : _BAGHDAD_ Second, Iraq is bordered by 6 other nations. Name three of them for 5 points, and any 5 of them for 10 points. ANS : _SYRIA_, _IRAN_, _JORDAN_, _KUWAIT_, _SAUDI ARABIA_, _TURKEY_ Finally, for 15 points, what does Saddam Hussein's first name mean in Arabic? ANS : The _ONE WHO CONFRONTS_ 23. (30) Neil Simon has left his indelible mark on both Broadway and television. Let's see what you know about one of his first successes, _The Odd Couple_. First, for 5 points each, give the full names of the two members of the Odd Couple. ANS : _OSCAR MADISON_, _FELIX UNGER_ Second, for 5 points each, name the two actors who portrayed Oscar Madison and Felix Unger in the movie _The Odd Couple_. ANS : Jack _LEMMON_ (as Felix) and Walter _MATTHAU_ (as Oscar) Finally, for 5 points each, name the two actors who played Oscar and Felix in the long-running television series. ANS : Jack _KLUGMAN_ (as Oscar) and Tony _RANDALL_ (as Felix)