Date: Thu, 2 Nov 1995 15:48:20 -0800 (PST) From: "Matthew H. Baker" <> To: Content-Description: 1995 Guy Fawkes Eve Buzzer Explosion Questions by MIT Tossups: 1. The name of this language means "of the coast" in Arabic. Today it is the mother tongue of about six million people, most of them living near the Indian Ocean, but it is also spoken by about forty million others as a common language in east Africa. FTP, identify this Bantu language with the largest number of speakers, that is an official language of Kenya and Tanzania. Answer: _Swahili_ (or _Kiswahili_) 2. George Kaufman, Harpo Marx, Alexander Woolcott, Herman Mankiewicz and Dorothy Parker were all regular attendees at this daily lunch meeting of intellectuals known for their witty conversation. FTP, what was this group which met during the 1920s and '30s in a New York hotel? Answer: _Algonquin_ Round _Table_ 3. A flower, a woman holding a lamp, a mother with a dead child, a dying horse, a severed arm clutching a broken sword, a modern crucifixion and a human- headed bull are all depicted in, FTP, what stark painting expressing the horrors of the Spanish Civil War, painted by Pablo Picasso? Answer: _Guernica_ 4. He commanded Hitler's headquarters guard during the Austrian, Sudetenland, and Czech occupations and throughout the Polish campaign. Returning home wounded in 1944, his condoning of the plot against Hitler brought him the choice between the firing squad and suicide. He is best known for his series of campaigns which led to his capturing of Tobruk and his defeat at El Alamein. FTP, name this commander of the Afrika Corps, nicknamed "Desert Fox". Answer: Erwin _Rommel_ 5. A ward of Pericles and a pupil of Socrates, he aided Agis I of Sparta before fleeing to Persia in 413. Recalled to Athens, he won a brilliant naval victory in 410 and recovered Byzantium in 408, but he was blamed unjustly for the Athenian defeat of Notium in 406 and Lysander had him killed. FTP, name this Athenian general who led the Sicilian campaign before being falsely accused of sacrilege. Answer: _Alcibiades_ 6. When his tomb was opened in 1941, five hundred and thirty-six years after his death, Soviet archeologists found the skeleton of a man who was of powerful physique but was disabled in his two right limbs. Despite his physical handicap, he established an empire that stretched from the Mediterranean to Mongolia and was ruled from his capital of Samarkand. FTP, name this great Uzbek conqueror, known for his cruelty. Answer: _Tamerlane_ or _Timur_ the lame, or _Timur_lenk 7. Thousands have died in a recent outbreak of this highly contagious disease in war-torn Tadjikistan. It is caused by the Klebs-Loeffler bacillus, which secretes a toxin that destroys tissue and forms a leathery membrane that can clog the air passages and cause asphyxiation. FTP, name this respiratory disease that you should have been vaccinated against via the "d" in your "dpt" shot. Answer: _diphtheria_ 8. Its most stable isotope has an atomic weight of 97 and a half- life of 2.6 billion years. It was discovered at the University of California in 1937, in a sample of molybdenum that had been bombarded with deuterons. FTP, name this element with atomic number 43, that was the first element to be artificially produced. Answer: _technetium_ 9. In Latin, this word means a female animal used for breeding. It was first used in English in the 16th century to refer to the uterus or womb. In biology, it is the intercellular substance of a tissue, and in geology it is the natural material surrounding a metal or gem or fossil embedded in the earth. FTP give this term that in mathematics refers to a rectangular array of numbers. Answer: _matrix_ 10. After its Vienna premiere, this opera was banned in Paris and Vienna for its ridicule of the upper class and its slapstick comedy. Its two main themes are duty and love, reflected in the characters of Antonio, the garderer; Cherubino, the page; Count Almaviva; and the middle-class valet whose name the opera bears. FTP, name this famous work by Mozart. Answer: the _Marriage of Figaro_, or le _Nozze di Figaro_ 11. It is said that Immanuel Kant deviated from his rigid daily schedule only once, when he stayed in for a few days to read this book that was published in 1762. The work describes an attempt to educate the title character for life in a world from which social man is estranged. FTP, name this influential work of naturalist educational philosophy by Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Answer: _Emile_ : or, On Education (_Emile_, ou de l'education) 12. A Russian economist who co-founded the revolutionary Northern Society which staged the 1825 Decembrist uprising in St. Petersburg and the Russian author of such works as "A Sportsman's Sketches" and _A Month in the Country_ share a name. FTP, what is the common surname, most commonly associated with _Fathers and Sons_? Answer: _Turgenev_ (Nikolay Ivanovich and Ivan Sergeyevich) 13. Though not an organized group, its recognized members included George Herbert, Richard Crashaw, and Henry Vaughan. Their style revolved around the literary device known as the conceit, and the word used to describe them was coined in _The Lives of the Poets_ by Samuel Johnson. FTP, what was this group of poets whose most famous members were Andrew Marvell and John Donne? Answer: _Metaphysical_ school 14. When the Nazi occupying forces announced that all Jews would have to wear a yellow star, this country's king announced that he, too, would wear a yellow star, and he displayed it proudly on his daily horseback rides around the capital. As the Final Solution gained momentum elsewhere in Europe, thousands of citizens mobilized on a single night in 1943 to ferry the country's entire Jewish population across the Sound to safety in Sweden. FTP name this nation that has the longest continuous monarchy in Europe. Answer: _Denmark_ 15. The son of Bor by the giantess Bestla, he gave one of his eyes to Mimir as payment for a drink from Odherir, the potion of wisdom. His ring is called Draupnir, his sword is called Gungnir, his ravens are Hugin and Munin, and his horse is Sleipnir. FTP, who is this god, the greatest of the Aesir? Answer: _Odin_ or Woden, etc. 16. It contains outstanding national parks such as Jasper, Waterton Lakes, and Wood Buffalo. It is believed to have some of the richest oil deposits in the world--notably in the tar beds of the Athabasca River--and its coal beds contain about half of Canada's known reserves. FTP, what is this Canadian province, lying between Saskatchewan and British Columbia? Answer: _Alberta_ 17. He first contributed to periodicals in San Francisco in the 1860s before going to London for three years. After moving back to San Francisco to work at William Randolph Hearst's Examiner, where he wrote his column "The Prattler", he moved to Washington, D.C., where his most famous works were published. In 1914 he disappeared mysteriously in Mexico. FTP, who was this author of _In the Midst of Life_, "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge", and _The Devil's Dictionary_? Answer: Ambrose Gwinett _Bierce_ 18. This rapidly approaching red dwarf has the largest proper motion of any known star, and is thought to have planets because of periodic deviation in that motion. It is second only to the Alpha Centauri system in proximity to the sun. FTP, identify this star named after its 20th-century American discoverer. Answer: _Barnard's Star_ 19. Founded in Jackson, Michigan, by disillusioned Whigs, Democrats, and Free-soilers who shared an opposition to the Kansas- Nebraska Act, its first platform insisted on the abolition of slavery in United States territories. In 1856, its first presidential candidate captured 11 states, but it wasn't until 1860 that it finally won the presidency. FTP, what was this party of Lincoln? Answer: _Republican_ Party 20. He rides through the sky on a wooden horse called Clavileno and is named governor of the island of Barataria. Originally named Alonso Quijano, he changes his name, takes Aldonza Lorenzo as his lady love, and roams the countryside on his horse Rocinante. FTP, who is this title character, a native of La Mancha? Answer: Don _Quixote_ 21. After wandering around naked for twelve years, he sat under a sala tree on the bank of the Rijupalika and, in deep meditation, reached supreme knowledge and intuition. He spent the rest of his life preaching the three doctrines that there are no absolutes, that every deliberate action has its own consequence, and that all life is sacred and inviolable -- including that of insects. FTP, name this founder of Jainism. Answer: Vardhama _Mahavira_ 22. Because the speed of light must remain constant in all frames of reference, the only way that the observations of two people moving at different velocities can be reconciled is if time is slower for one than for the other. FTP, name this basic principle of the Special Theory of Relativity. Answer: _TIME DILATION_ or _TIME DILATATION_ 23. The formal idioms in the author's English textbook inspired the senseless platitudes that fill this theatre of the absurd play. In its most famous scene, two strangers exchanging banalities discover that they are husband and wife. FTP, what is this 1950 play by Eugene Ionesco? Answer: the _BALD SOPRANO_ (or, La _CANTATRICE CHAUVE_) 24. This government department assumed tremendous powers to regulate the British economy, including the power to limit profits, settle trade disputes, and tie workers to jobs considered essential. Created in July, 1915, and led by David Lloyd George, it was intended to oversee the war effort on Britain's home front. FTP name this ministry named after the wartime industry it regulated. Answer: Ministry of _MUNITIONS_ 25. In philosophy, this Latin phrase is used to mean that some cause is brought in to provide an explanation, while in ancient theater it was a device for bringing a god to the stage to resolve a plot. FTP, what is this three-word phrase? Answer: _DEUX EX MACHINA_ There were originally nine of them. They were offered for sale by Amalthaea of Cumae, but when the offer was rejected, she burned six of them and was able to sell the remaining three at the same price she had asked for the original nine. Tarquinius Superbus kept them in the temple of Jupiter on the Capitoline Hill, and until they were destroyed by fire in the first century A.D., they were often consulted by the Romans in times of crisis. FTP name these prophetic books. Answer: the _SIBYLLINE_ books At 16 she represented Washington, D.C., in the 1921 Atlantic City Bathing Beauty Contest, which she won. FTP, name this first Miss America. Answer: Margaret _Gorman_ Cahill Some of its most prominent members were tried as part of the Chicago Seven, and it promoted Pigasus for president in 1968. FTP, name this '60s movement led by Abbie Hoffman, with its members known as "Yippies". Answer: _Youth International Party_ (prompt on early buzz with "Yippies") It literally means "a session", and in its present form it dates from the twelfth century. The national one is held in August, and local ones are held throughout the year. It includes contests in arts and crafts with special emphasis on music and poetry. FTP, name this annual festival of bards and minstrels in Wales. Answer: _EISTEDDFOD_ ["ay-STETH-vohd"] Boni: 1. For ten points each, name the architect who designed... 1. the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo Answer: Frank Lloyd _Wright_ 2. Basilica of the Assumption in Baltimore Answer: Benjamin Henry _Latrobe_ 3. The Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C. Answer: Maya Ying _Lin_ 2. For 10 points apiece, expand the following computer abbreviations that refer to codes for digital representation of text. 1. BCD, an early 6-bit binary code Answer: _Binary Coded Decimal_ 2. EBCDIC, a later 8-bit binary code built upon Binary Coded Decimal by IBM Answer: _Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code_ 3. ASCII, a 7-bit code in most widespread use Answer: _American Standard Code for Information Interchange_ 3. For ten points apiece, name each mammalian order from some of its members. 1. Bats Answer: _Chiroptera_ 2. Rhinoceri Answer: _Perissodactyla_ 3. Hedgehog Answer: _Insectivora_ 4. Identify these offices in the Roman Republic for the stated number of points. 1. For 5 points: there were two of these joint chief magistrates. Answer: _consul_ 2. For 10 points: there were eight of these officials who were next to the consuls in rank and adjudicated legal disputes. Answer: _praetor_ 3. For 15 points: there were four of these magistrates who supervised police, markets, festivals, and the care of temples and public buildings. Answer: Curulian _Aedile_ 5. Identify each character from Beowulf from a description, 5-10- 15. 1. 5 pts: The monster who attacks the mead-hall of the Danes. Answer: _Grendel_ 2. 10 pts: The king of the Danes whose mead-hall Grendel attacks. Answer: _Hrothgar_ 3. 15 pts: The king of the Geats ["YEA-ats"] at the beginning of the poem, of whom Beowulf is a thane. Answer: _Hygelac_ 6. 30-20-10, name the year in which all of the following events occurred. 1. The Mexican Empire collapses and Emperor Maximilian is killed. 2. A constitutional agreement among three British North American colonies establishes the Dominion of Canada as a confederation. 3. The United States purchases Alaska from Russia. Answer: _1867_ 7. The first U.S. census in 1790 counted a total population of 3.9 million, including both whites and blacks. Six states had populations of more than three hundred thousand. For five points for each correct position, list these 6 states in order from largest to smallest populations in 1790. Answers: _Virginia_ (692,000), _Pennsylvania_ (434,000), _North Carolina_ (394,000), _Massachusetts_ (379,000) _New York_ (340,000), _Maryland_ (320,000) 8. Identify these classes of particles, 10 points each. 1. What is the term used for a subatomic particle composed of an even number of quarks and antiquarks? Answer: _meson_ 2. Name the lightest of the mesons, that are responsible for the longest-range portion of the strong nuclear force. Answer: _pion_s or _pi_ mesons 3. What other important class of mesons can decay into two or three pions or a muon and neutrino? Answer: _kaon_ or _k_ meson 9. In religious art, the four Evangelists are often depicted with their winged symbols. First for 5 points each, name the Evangelist from his symbol. 1. an eagle Answer: _John_ 2. a lion Answer: _Mark_ 3. a man Answer: _Matthew_ 4. an ox Answer: _Luke_ These symbols are believed to derive from the four beasts in a vision described by an Old Testament prophet, and another vision related in a book of the New Testament. For five points each, name these two books of the Bible. Answers: _Ezekiel_ and _Revelation_ 10. For five points each, name the king who was the first English monarch in each of the following royal houses. 1. Plantagenet Answer: _Henry II_ 2. Lancaster Answer: _Henry IV_ 3. York Answer: _Edward IV_ 4. Tudor Answer: _Henry VII_ 5. Stuart Answer: _James I_ 6. Saxe-Coburg Answer: _Edward VII_ 11. 30-20-10, identify the composer. 1. Some of his concerti have nicknames such as "Alla Rustica", "La Tempesta di Mare", and "La Caccia". 2. Known as "il prete rosso" because of his bright red hair, he was the music teacher at a Venetian girls' orphanage in the early 18th century. 3. The first four concerti of his "Tests of Harmony" are collectively known as "The Four Seasons". Answer: Antonio _Vivaldi_ 12. For ten points apiece, identify the American author who created each fictional town. 1. Spoon River Answer: Edgar Lee _Masters_ 2. Altamont Answer: _Thomas Wolfe_ 3. Jefferson Answer: William _Faulkner_ 13. For ten points each, identify the poem from an excerpt. 1. "But at my back I always hear Time's wing-ed chariot hurrying near" Answer: _To His Coy Mistress_, by Andrew Marvell 2. "O Attic shape! Fair attitude! with brede Of marble men and maidens overwrought," Answer: _Ode on a Grecian Urn_, by Keats 3. "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, Old time is still a-flying; And this same flower that smiles today, Tomorrow will be dying." Answer: _To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time_, by Robert Herrick 14. Answer the following about Delaware for the stated number of points. 1. For five points each, name Delaware's three counties. Answers: _Kent_, _Sussex_, _New Castle_ 2. For 5 points, what is the state bird? Answer: _Blue hen_ chicken 3. For 10 points, in 1631, the first settlers arrived in what is now Delaware. What was their country of origin? Answer: The _Netherlands_ or _Holland_ 15. For 10 points each, name the president who appointed each justice to the Supreme Court. 1. Earl Warren Answer: Dwight David _Eisenhower_ 2. Oliver Wendell Holmes Answer: _Theodore _Roosevelt_ 3. Roger Taney Answer: Andrew _Jackson_ 16. Feeling bright? For 5 points each, name the next six brightest stars in the earth's sky after the sun, in any order. Count systems with multiple stars as a single entry in the list. Answers: _Sirius_, _Canopus_, _Arcturus_, _Alpha Centauri_, _Vega_, _Capella_ 17. What tournament would be complete without an existentialist writers bonus? I'm feeling a bit existential myself today, so for ten points each, identify the existentialist writer given the circumstances of his death or funeral, or given a work for 5. 1. 10 pts: Died in an automobile wreck in southern France in 1960. 5 pts: _The Plague_ Answer: Albert _Camus_ 2. 10 pts: After a brief final stay in Prague with his mistress Dora Dymant, he died of tuberculosis in a Vienna clinic in 1924. 5 pts: _Amerika_ Answer: Franz _Kafka_ 3. 10 pts: At his Jerusalem funeral in 1965, a delegation of the Arab Students Organization placed a wreath on the grave of this Jewish theologian. 5 pts: _I and Thou_ Answer: Martin _Buber_ 18. For ten points each, given a work by an author and a relation to another famous person, name the author. 1. Ex-father-in-law of Geraldo Rivera, wrote "Galapagos" Answer: Kurt _Vonnegut_, Jr. 2. Daughter of Sir Leslie Stephen, wrote "A Room of One's Own" Answer: Virginia _Woolf_ 3. Great-nephew of Robert Louis Stevenson, wrote "The Power and the Glory" Answer: Graham _Greene_ 19. Answer the following random college basketball trivia questions, 10 points each. 1. Who holds the record for most points in an NCAA tournament game, with 61? Answer: Austin _Carr_ 2. Until he is passed by Dean Smith, what longtime Kentucky coach holds the record for Division I victories? Answer: Adolph _Rupp_ 3. In 1988 he tied his own record with 13 steals in a game. Who is this Oklahoma star? Answer: Mookie _Blaylock_ 20. For 10 points apiece, name the major city served by each of the following world airports. If you need another clue about the city, you'll only get 5. 1. 10 pts: Kingsford Smith 5 pts: This city will host the 2000 Olympics. Answer: _Sydney_ 2. 10 pts: Ben Gurion International 5 pts: It is the second largest city in Israel, and is the heart of Israel's business economy. Answer: _Tel Aviv_ 3. 10 pts: Presidente Stroessner 5 pts: It is the capital of Paraguay. Answer: _Asuncion_ 21. In the early 1970s, a sociolinguist conducted a famous experiment on the effect of "social prestige" on different pronunciations of English in New York City. The experiment involved going to three different department stores and in each one, asking for directions to a department on a particular floor. 1. For 5 points, what floor did he ask directions to? Answer: the _FOUR_th floor (also pronounced "FOH-ath floh-a") 2. For 10 points, who was the sociolinguist who conducted this experiment? Answer: William _LABOV_ 3. In the high-prestige store, Labov was usually directed to the "fourth floor", in the low-prestige store, he was usually sent to the "foh-ath floh-a", and in the middle-ranked store, answers were mixed. For 5 points each, name the three stores. Answers: _SAKS_ Fifth Avenue, _MACY'S_, S. _KLEIN_'s 22. For ten points each, given a description, name the American utopian community. 1. Founded by Robert Owen in 1825 in Indiana, this cooperative community sponsored the first kindergarten, the first trade school, the first free library and the first community-supported public school in the U.S. Answer: _NEW HARMONY_ 2. This experiment in socialist communal living was led by George Ripley in Massachusetts. The main building burned to the ground just as its completion was being celebrated. As a result of this and other disasters, the community lasted only 6 years. Answer: the _BROOK FARM_ institute of agriculture and education 3. John Humphrey Noyes founded this commune in Vermont in 1841. Its most distinctive feature was the practice of "complex marriage" in which all husbands and wives were shared. Answer: _ONEIDA_ Community, or _PERFECTIONISTS_, or _BIBLE COMMUNISTS_ 23. For ten points each, identify these World War I generals. 1. He was supreme commander of the allied forces during the final months of the war. Answer: Ferdinand _FOCH_ 2. He was the general in charge of the 1916 British offensive at the Somme. Answer: Sir Douglas _HAIG_ 3. He was the Russian general responsible for the 1916 eastern front breakthrough that forced Germany to divert forces from Verdun, Austria to give up its campaign in northern Italy, and prompted Romania to enter the war on the side of the allies. Answer: Alexei Alekseyevich _BRUSILOV_ 24. Answer the following questions about group theory. For ten points apiece, what is the size of the smallest group that is... 1. ... not cyclic? Answer: _4_ 2. ... not abelian? Answer: _6_ 3. ... not simple? Answer: _4_ [The groups in question are (1) the Klein 4-group, (2) the symmetric group on 3 letters, and (3) the Klein 4-group again.] 25. In Buddhism there are five moral precepts that must be observed by monks and lay people alike. For five points each, plus a bonus five for getting all of them, name the five things that the Buddhist undertakes to REFRAIN from doing. ANSWERS: 1. _INJURING LIVING_ things (accept synonyms) 2. _TAKING WHAT IS NOT GIVEN_, or _STEAL_ing, or _THEFT_ 3. _SEX_ual immorality 4. _FALSEHOOD_, or _LY_ing 5. use of _ALCOHOL_ or mind-clouding _DRUGS_