1995 Guy Fawkes Eve Buzzer Explosion Packet by Iowa State University Tossups: 1) He was willing to forgo the six million dollars offered to him to star in Without Remorse in order to bolster his acting credentials by playing the troubled Dane Hamlet in Winnipeg. FTP, name this actor, star of such non-Shakespearean works as Point Break and Speed. ANS : Keanu _REEVES_ 2) It contains 1028 hymns to such deities as Indra, rider of the white elephant, Varuna and Surya. It was composed between 1500 and 1000 B.C. FTP, what is this religious work of the Aryans? ANS : _RIGVEDA_ [PROMPT on _VEDA_s] 3) The Mamertini -- disreputable Italian mercenaries -- controlled the city of Messana, but Syracuse and her powerful African naval ally sought to dislodge them. The Mamertini appealed to Rome for help and precipitated, FTP, what famous series of wars fought in the third century B.C.? ANS : _PUNIC_ Wars (Accept First Punic War) 4) He was born with the name Tafari Makonnen. Crowned emperor in 1930 he took a new name, meaning "Might of the Trinity." FTP, name this man who brought Ethiopia into the United Nations and was emperor of Ethiopia from 1930 to 1974. ANS : Haile _SELASSIE_ 5) A graduate of the Virginia Military Institute, where his memorial library is now located, he served with the First Army in France during WWI and later supervised allied strategy during World War II. FTP, name this five-star general, winner of the 1953 Nobel Peace Prize, who served the U.S. as secretary of both the State and Defense departments. George C. MARSHALL 6) Among the various territorial adjustments stipulated by the treaty were those awarding Alsace to France and West Pomerania to Sweden. It seriously weakened the Holy Roman Empire by recognizing the sovereignty of the individual German states within its domains, and also recognized the independence of the Netherlands and the Swiss Confederation. FTP, name this treaty signed on October 24, 1648, which ended the Thirty Year's War. ANS : Peace of _WESTPHALIA_ 7) He divided animals into four groups: vertebrates, articulates, mollusks and radiates and was the first to demonstrate that species had become extinct. FTP, who was this French anatomist, the chief rival of Jean-Baptiste Lamarck? ANS : Georges _CUVIER_ 8) The models for this painting were the artist's sister and the town dentist, who was a friend of the family, and, contrary to popular belief, the subjects were intended to be a father and daughter. FTP, name the classic piece of artwork by Iowan Grant Wood. ANS : _AMERICAN GOTHIC_ 9) "The Garden of Paradise", "Holger the Dane", "Hans Clodhopper", "The Little Match Girl", "The Ugly Duckling" and "The Emperor's New Clothes", are all, FTP, stories from which famous Danish collector of fairy tales? ANS : Hans Christian _ANDERSEN_ 10) A graduate of Harvard Law School, he helped found the Free Soil Party, advocated the civil rights of blacks in Massachusetts, and was U.S. senator from Massachusetts from 1851 until his death in 1874. An outspoken opponent of slavery, he sought repeal of the Fugitive Slave Act, and protested against the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854. FTP, name this influential senator, whose insulting remarks about Senator Butler of South Carolina led to an assault on him by Senator Brooks from which it took 3 1/2 years to recover. A: Charles SUMNER 11) A principle of least time, a set of primes, a little theorem and a last theorem all bear the name of a famous seventeenth century physicist and mathematician. For ten points, name him. ANS : Pierre de _FERMAT_ 12) This actress' godfather is Timothy Leary and she travels with a copy of "Catcher in the Rye." Currently, she is seeing David Pirner of Soul Asylum. FTP, name this actress who took her name from her Minnesota birthplace, and who can now be seen in the film "How to Make an American Quilt." ANS : Winona _RYDER_ ALTERNATE ANSWER : Winona _HOROWITZ_ 13) Thousands visit the chapel annually to do penance for war, just as ``Our Lady of the Rosary'' requested in 1917 when she appeared to three shephard girls. For ten points, near what small Portuguese town did this occur? ANS : _FATIMA_ 14) "I was so happy for a time" murmurs Mary as she reflects on her marriage to the actor James Tyrone even as her family collapses amid heroin addiction, alcoholism and Edward's tuberculosis. FTP, in which autobiographical Eugene O'Neill play does this occur? ANS : _LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT_ 15) Founded in 1841 by the Unitarian minister George Ripley, it was based on the principles of transcendentalism and cooperative living. FTP, name this famous experimental farm whose members and visitors included Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller, and Nathaniel Hawthorne. ANS : _BROOK_ Farm 16) This grandfather-grandson pair have more in common than a name. Both ran unsuccessfully for public office multiple times: the elder for vice-president in 1900 and governor of Illinois in 1908; the younger for president in 1952 and 1956. FTP, give the shared name. ANS : _ADLAI STEVENSON_ 17) Cities in this Asian nation include Moron, Darhan, and Hodrogo, and it contains Har Horin, which was once the capital of Karakorum. FTP, name this country, much of which is part of the Gobi desert, and which has its modern capital at Ulan Bator. ANS : _MONGOLIA_ 18) "True!--nervous--very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why will you say that I am mad?" For ten points, which Poe short story begings thusly, a tale of a man who hears the beating of a corpse's coeur (curr)? ANS : _THE TELL-TALE HEART_ 19) Living from 1886 to 1986, he made a significant contribution to the literature of South America. With a fantastical approach to writing, he helped to begin the school of Magical Realism which later authors such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez have continued. FTP, name this blind Argentinian whose works include Labyrinths, Fictions, and Other Inquistions. ANS : Jorge Luis _BORGES_ 20) It weighed 30 tons, was 80 feet long and 8 feet high. It had a half-million soldered connections, 70,000 resistors, and 18,000 vacuum tubes. Designed to calculate ballistic trajectories for the U.S. Army, it was developed at the University of Pennsylvania in the 1940's by J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly. For ten points, identify this computer. ANS : _ENIAC_ (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator) 21) Defined as "one half of e to x minus e to the minus x", its derivative is the same as its integral. For ten points, what is the name of this exaggerated function? ANS : _HYPERBOLIC SINE_ ALTERNATE ANSWER : _SINH_ (sinch) 22) He was czar from April through June of 1605 and was repeatedly challenged by a man claiming to be the true son of Ivan IV. For ten points, name this czar who took the throne at the death of his father Boris Godunov. ANS : _FYODOR II_ 23) She was born in Chicago in 1947, the daughter of Hugh and Dorothy. She has been active in the areas of children's rights and education reform, and twice was named one of the ``100 Most Influential Lawyers in America.'' For ten points, name this woman, whose husband is Bill and whose daughter is Chelsea. ANS : Hillary Rodham _CLINTON_ ALTERNATE ANSWER : Hilary _RODHAM_ Clinton 24) He discovered vaccines against encephalitis and dengue but is most famous for his 1961 improvement on the injection method of Dr. Jonas Salk. For ten points, who is doctor responsible for the oral polio vaccine? ANS : Albert Bruce _SABIN_ 25) It is equal to the percentage of isooctane in an isooctane- heptane mixture that has the same knock as a test fuel. For ten points, what is this measure of the efficiency of gasoline? ANS : _OCTANE NUMBER_ ALTERNATE ANSWER : _OCTANE RATING_ 26) Meaning "teacher," this title originally referred to members of the Sanhedrin. For ten points, what is this religious title awarded in Reform, Conservative and Orthodox flavors? ANS : _RABBI_ Bonus Questions by Iowa State University B1) (30) For five points each, tell me what number is associated to each of the following named symphonies. A) Prokofiev's Classical ANS : _1_ B) Shostakovich's Babi-Yar ANS : _13_ C) Mahler's Resurrection ANS : _2_ D) Beethoven's Pastorale ANS : _6_ E) Mendelsohn's Scottish ANS : _3_ F) Schubert's Great ANS : _9_ B2) (30) Between Bill Clinton's inauguration in January 1993 and Richard Nixon's death in April 1994, there were five living ex- presidents at one time, the most since the first year of Abraham Lincoln's presidency. For 5 points each and a 5 point bonus for all correct, name the five ex-presidents alive between 1861 and 1862. A: VAN BUREN, TYLER, FILLMORE, PIERCE, BUCHANAN B3) (30) A great deal of Stone Age art has been found in Europe and recently, a new collection was found in a cave in France. Answer these questions about ancient art for the stated number of points. A) First, for five points apiece, give the names of the two biggest earlier finds, one in France and one in Spain. ANS : _LASCAUX_, _ALTAMIRA_ B) Second, the new find in the Ardeche region of France has been named after its discoverer. For 20 points what is the name? ANS : _CHAUVET_ B4) (30) The novel as biography is a genre that has produced many great works of literature. Given a novel and its author, provide the name of the subject for the stated number of points. A) For five points, Robert Penn Warren's All the King's Men. ANS : Huey _LONG_ B)For ten points, W. Somerset Maugham's The Moon and Sixpence. ANS : Paul _GAUGUIN_ C) For fifteen, Hope Muntz's Golden Warrior. ANS : _HAROLD II_ of England B5) (30) For ten points each, given one of Hamlet's lines, tell me to whom it was intended. A) ``You are a fishmonger.'' ANS : _POLONIUS_ B) ``There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.'' ANS : _HORATIO_ C) ``I must be cruel if only to be kind.'' ANS : _GERTRUDE_ B6) (30) A major sports title is defined as a national or world championship in Major League Baseball, the NFL, the NBA, or the NHL. Now, given a city, tell me the last year that a sports team in that city won a major title. A) Chicago ANS : _1993_ (NBA) B) Los Angeles ANS : _1988_ (MLB, NBA) C)Cleveland ANS : _1964_ (NFL) D) Seattle ANS : _1979_ (NBA) E) St. Louis ANS : _1982_ (MLB) F) San Diego ANS : _NEVER_ B7) (30) Given a political party, name the presidential candidate which garnered the most popular votes in a single election for that party for the stated number of points. A) For five points, Republicans. ANS : Ronald _REAGAN_ B) For ten points, Democrats. ANS : William Jefferson _CLINTON_ C) For fifteen points, Whigs. ANS : Winfield _SCOTT_ B8) (30) Saint, antipope, both, or neither. Given a pope, tell whether he is regarded as a saint, antipope, both or neither for five points apiece. A) Pius X ANS : _SAINT_ B) Alexander VI ANS : _NEITHER_ C) Hippolytus ANS : _BOTH_ D) Sixtus IV ANS : _NEITHER_ E) Felix V ANS : _ANTIPOPE_ F) Linus ANS : _SAINT_ B9) (30) Given a mathematical achievement, identify the mathematician for ten points each. a. He proved that pi is transcendental and deduced that it is impossible to square the circle with straightedge and compass. ANS : Carl Louis Ferdinand von _LINDEMANN_ b. He provided the first correct proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra. ANS : Karl Friedrich _GAUSS_ c. He solved the famous problem of ``The Seven Bridges of Konigsberg''. ANS : Leonhard _EULER_ B10) (20) For the stated number of points, answer the following questions about Jimmy Carter. A) For five points, what animal did Carter once say attacked him on a rafting voyage? ANS : _RABBIT_ (accept bunny) B) For 10 points, which of the seven deadly sins did Carter admit to feeling "in his heart"? ANS : _LUST_ C) For 15 points: More seriously, what statistical value did Carter's campaign create to defeat Gerald Ford, a tactic which backfired as both portions skyrocketed during his term? ANS : _MISERY INDEX_ B11) (30) Given the painting, name the painter for the stated number of points. For 5: Christina's World ANS : Andrew _WYETH_ For 10: The Gross Clinic ANS : Thomas _EAKINS_ For 15: Miss Bowles and her Dog ANS : Sir Joshua _REYNOLDS_ B12) (30) Given a famous work, identify the Nobel Prize-winning author who penned it, for ten points each. If you need a nationality and the year the author won his/her Nobel Prize, you will earn five points. A) For 10: "Burgher's Daughter" For 5: 1991, South Africa ANS : Nadine _GORMIER_ B) For 10: "Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair" For 5: 1971, Chile ANS : Pablo _NERUDA_ C) For 10: "The Bridge on the Drina" For 5: 1961, Yugoslavia ANS : Ivo _ANDRIC_ B13) (30) 30-20-10; Name the historical figure. 30) This buccaneer was born in Llanrhymmy in Wales in 1635, but went to Barbados as a young man. 20) He settled in Jamaica, where his uncle was Deputy Governor, and he later held the post himself. 10) He was knighted in 1674, two years after being taken to England as a prisoner, and he shares his name with a brand of rum. ANS : Sir Henry _MORGAN_ B14) (30) Given a quote, identify the film for the stated number of points. For 5: "Bad dates." ANS : _RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK_ For 10: "I know a little German; he's sitting over there." ANS : _TOP_SECRET!_ For 15: "Promotional considerations paid for by Kelton Flamethrowers, Wainwright Electrical Launchers, and Hammen and Gates Chainsaws." ANS : _THE RUNNING MAN_ B15) (30) For ten points each, identify the "Theater" associated with the titles. A) Operation Double 007, Hercules vs. the Moon Men, The Home Economics Story. ANS : _MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000_ B) The Balcony, The Rhinoceros, Endgame ANS : _THEATER OF THE ABSURD_ C) "Jeeves and Wooster", "Upstairs, Downstairs", "Middlemarch" ANS : _MASTERPIECE THEATER_ B16) (30) Given the quotation form Louisa May Alcott's Little Women, name the character who speaks it FTP each : "It takes two flints to make a fire." ANS : _LAURIE_ "Talent isn't genius, and no amount of energy can make it so." ANS : _AMY_ March "Housekeeping ain't no joke." ANS : _HANNAH_ B17) (30) Scientists have postulated that the missing matter of the universe is made up of WIMPs and MACHOs. For fifteen points each, give the words that make up WIMP and MACHO. WIMP: ANS : _WEAK_ly _INTERACTING_ _MASSIVE_ _PARTICLE_s; MACHO: ANS : _MASSIVE_ _COMPACT_ _HALO_ _OBJECT_s B18) (30) Give the capital of each of the following eastern Canadian provinces for 10 points each. A) Prince Edward Island ANS : _CHARLOTTETOWN_ B) Newfoundland ANS : _ST. JOHN'S_ C) New Brunswick ANS : _FREDERICTON_ B19) (30) FTP each, given a recently-published book, name its author. A) Always a Reckoning ANS : James (Jimmy) Earl _CARTER_ B) Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas ANS : Tom _ROBBINS_ C) East, West ANS : Salman _RUSHDIE_ B20) (30) Place the following six Chinese governments in chronological order from earliest to latest. Eastern Chou, Ming, Shang, Tang, Three Kingdoms, Five Dynasties. ANS : _SHANG_, _EASTERN CHOU_, _THREE KINGDOMS_, _TANG_, _FIVE DYNASTIES_, _MING_ B21) (20) First, FTP, give the word used by biologists to indicate similar structures caused by similar environments. ANS : _ANALOGOUS_ Now, FTP, give the word biologists use to indicate similar structures caused by common ancestry. ANS : _HOMOLOGOUS_ B22) (20) Identify the following questions about theories of land form development. For ten points apiece. A) Proposed by James Hutton, it states that the earth has reached its current from through geologic processes still in action. ANS : _UNIFORMITARIANISM_ B) W. M. Davis' theory that the land is lifted above sea level and obtains its form through the wearing down of the surface. ANS : _EROSION CYCLE_ theory B23) (30) Given a description of a Sherlock Holmes' story, name it, for ten points each. A) Sherlock Holmes, long believed dead, returns to face Prof. Moriarty's henchman, Col. Moran, who's hiding across the street from 221B. ANS : The Adventure of _THE EMPTY HOUSE_ B) A woman believes her husband has been killed, and the prime suspect is one of London's most successful beggars. Holmes, however, thinks the answer is not so straightforward. ANS : _THE CROOKED MAN_ C) Someone is killing people for the sake of cheap knickknacks, and it's up to Holmes to figure out why. ANS : The Adventure of _THE SIX NAPOLEONS_ B24) (30) Time to play TV molding. For ten points, given the description of a combination of two shows, give the title. Example: A vampire cop hangs out with Suzanne Pleshette and a bunch of student nurses on "Forever Knightingales." A) Harvey Korman and his wife Valerie Perrine try to adjust to their new neighborhood, as does the other new family in town, which includes twins Shannen Doherty and Jason Priestley. ANS : _LEO AND LIZ IN BEVERLY HILLS 90210_ B) A confused teenager with odd hair tries to cope with the arrival of her wacky grandmother, played by one of the funniest women in television history. ANS : _MY SO-CALLED LIFE WITH LUCY_ C) Robert Young deals with his three daughters and with Greg Kinnear, who keeps showing clips of really bad stuff. ANS : _FATHER KNOWS BEST OF THE WORST_