Date: Thu, 2 Nov 1995 15:50:57 -0800 (PST) From: "Matthew H. Baker" <> To: Content-Description: 1995 Guy Fawkes Eve Buzzer Explosion Questions by Cornell University Author/Contact: Eric Tentarelli, Toss-ups: 1. This fictional character is hired by an elderly Wall Street lawyer, but one day, to the dismay of his colleagues Turkey, Nipper, and Ginger Nut, he suddenly stops working and refuses to eat or move out. Thrown out by the office's next occupant, he's arrested for vagrancy and dies in prison. For ten points, name this copyist and Herman Melville title character. Answer: _BARTLEBY_ the Scrivener 2. The hot new kinds of this class of materials are the nitrides, such as aluminum nitride, which are candidates to supplant other III-V [three-five] compounds such as indium phosphide and gallium arsenide. For ten points, name this electronically vital class of solids that also includes silicon. Answer: _SEMICONDUCTORS_ 3. This expression may have originated with American Indians or with a Hungarian custom of adorning one's headwear for every kill made in battle. Supposedly, Hungarian troops did this to count the number of Turks each had slain. FTP, what is this expression which appeared in _Tristram Shandy_ and is used to mean a minor distinguishment? Ans: _PUT A FEATHER IN ONE'S CAP_ (accept equivalents) 4. Despite a diameter only half that of Ceres, this is the brightest asteroid, partly because it's close to the Sun but mostly because of its high surface reflectivity of 38%. For ten points, the fourth asteroid discovered and the third largest one is what object, named for the Roman goddess of the hearth? Answer: _VESTA_ 5. His brother Allie died of leukemia, his brother D.B. writes scripts for Hollywood, and his younger sister Phoebe attends elementary school in New York City, where he visits her when expelled from Pencey Prep. For ten points, this foe of all things phony is what J. D. Salinger protagonist? Answer: _HOLDEN CAULFIELD_ (prompt on "Catcher in the Rye") 6. Fair Oaks, White Oak Swamp, Seven Pines, Mechanicsville, and Malvern Hill were among the battles waged by George McClellan from April to July, 1862. This series of battles resulted from Johnston's retreat from McClellan after the Siege of Yorktown. For ten points, McClellan's inland advance to Richmond between the York and James rivers is appropriately known as what campaign? Answer: the _PENINSULAR_ Campaign (prompt on early buzz of Seven Days' Battles) 7. His latest work centers on the travels and reflections of Theo Wuttke, and its title translates to "A Broad Field." Best known for his Danzig trilogy, he also wrote _Local Anaesthetic_ and _The Flounder_. For ten points, name this German author famous for creating the character of Oskar Matzerath in his novel _The Tin Drum_. Answer: Gunter _GRASS_ 8. When this type of substance is in the nematic state, its molecules are distributed randomly but tend to orient themselves in a particular direction, while in the smectic state, its molecules are arranged in layers and are more rigidly oriented. For ten points, name this type of substance, discovered by Friedrich Reinitzer, that almost occupies a distinct state of matter. Answer: _LIQUID CRYSTAL_ 9. It contains the story of Lemminkainen, who was cut into pieces and resurrected -- a legend that shows resemblance to the myths of the Near East. Another story is that of Wainamoinen, a character equivalent to Orpheus. The first edition was published in 1835, and contained twelve thousand verses of collected folktales and legends. Longfellow copied its form and style in his _Song of Hiawatha_. FTP, name this masterpiece of philologist Elias Lonnrott that is the national epic of Finland. Answer: _The Kalevala_ 10. A statue of him has finally been erected in front of the Tennessee Capitol, alongside Andrew Jackson and James Polk, as he's been forgiven for keeping his Senate seat when Tennessee seceded in 1862, the only Southern Senator to reject his state's secession. For ten points, name this man even more resented for his actions as president during Reconstruction. Answer: _ANDREW JOHNSON_ 11. In Germany and France it was primarily advocated by public officials and was known as cameralism and Colbertism respectively, while in Britain businessmen were the most vocal supporters of, for ten points, what school of economics advocating a positive trade balance in order to acquire gold at the expense of other nations? Answer: _MERCANTILISM_ 12. Characterized by erythema, or reddening, and preventable by applying benzophorenes or para-aminobenzoic acid, it's caused by exposure to radiation, between 260 and 320 nanometers in wavelength, too suddenly and intensely for the body to produce a protective layer of melanin. For ten points, identify this painful summer ailment. Answer: _SUNBURN_ 13. His biographer, Porphyry, relates that he refused to eat meat and that he attained a state of mystical union with God four times. Toward the end of his life, he wrote several Enneads, groups of nine treatises, in which expounded the philosophy handed down to him from Ammonius. He persuaded his friend the Emperor Gallienus to build a city for philosophers that would be governed according to the laws of Plato. FTP, name this third-century founder of Neoplatonism. Answer: _Plotinus_ 14. Born in Pergamum in Asia Minor around 130 A.D., his writings consist of 83 treatises and 15 commentaries of Hippocrates. A careful dissector of animals, he was the first to detect the pulse. He was chief physician to the gladiators at Pergamum until he moved to Rome, where he served as personal doctor to Marcus Aurelius, Commodus, and Septimius Severus. FTP, name this Greek physician, long regard as the standard authority on medical matters. Answer: _Galen_ 15. An attempted coup in this country began on February 26, 1936, as young extremists in the army tried to establish a military regime to set their country on an ambitious course of conquest. They seized much of the capital before being suppressed, and their suspected leaders, such as Ikki Kita, were executed. For ten points, identify the island nation that suppressed this coup to the great relief of Korea and China. Answer: _JAPAN_ 16. And you thought real-life Washington was corrupt--at least no Supreme Court justice is helping the President blackmail a Senator into covering up evidence that the nominee for Secretary of State used to be a Communist subversive--or at least, not as far as we know. But for ten points, that's the main plot of what Pulitzer Prize-winning 1959 novel by Allen Drury? Answer: _"ADVISE AND CONSENT"_ 17. A quiet, patient, and methodical commander, he waged a war of attrition or "nibbling". As chief of staff, he planned the victory at the Battle of the Marne. He resigned in 1916 after defeat at the Battle of Verdun, and was made a marshal of France, and later president of the Allied War Council. FTP, name this commander in chief of French armies from 1915-16. Answer: Joseph Jacques _Joffre_ 18. His songs included settings of texts written by Guillaume Apollinaire and Eluard, while some of his operas are based on plays by Cocteau. His first major success was _Les Biches_, composed for DiaghilevŐs Ballets Russes. In 1959, he completed _Voix Humaine_, and in 1957, _Dialogs of the Carmelites_. FTP, name this composer of _The Breasts of Tiresias_, the youngest of Les Six. Answer: Francis _Poulenc_ 19. From 1940-45, he was governor of the Bahamas. Hitler supposedly hatched a plot to kidnap him, but this was never carried out. In 1951, he wrote an autobiography, entitled "A King's Story". It might have been more accurately titled "A Duke of Windsor's Story", since that was the title he was given in 1936. FTP, name this son of George V who abdicated to marry Wallis Warfield Simpson. Answer: _Edward VIII_ 20. In 1644, it was demolished by the Puritans to make room for houses. Located on the Bankside south of the Thames, it was built in 1599 by Richard and Cuthbert Burbage, and rebuilt in 1614 after it was destroyed by a fire during a presentation of _Henry VIII_. FTP, name this octagonal playhouse, home theatre of the Lord Chamberlain's Men and their playwright, William Shakespeare. Answer: _The Globe_ 21. The characters of this dramatic poem include the Abbot of St. Maurice, the Witch of the Alps, Manuel, and Herman. The title character is wracked with remorse for committing incest with his sister Astarte, who has committed suicide. By rejecting an agreement with the powers of darkness, he sets himself up as a totally independent man, alone in his Alpine castle. FTP, name this poem by Lord Byron. Answer: _Manfred_ 22. In 1787, he completed the monument of Pope Clement XIV. After he finished his sculpture of Theseus in 1782, he was regarded as the founder of a new school of sculpture. Twenty years later, Pope Pius VII appointed him curator of works of art, and he was called to Paris to create a statue of Napoleon. FTP, name this Venetian sculptor, famous for his reclining nude of Pauline Borghese. Answer: Antonio _CANOVA_ Bonuses. 1. Identify the following novels from their subtitles, for 10 points each, or for 5 if you need the author. 1. "Or, Fifty Years of Exile" Author: Herman Melville A: "Israel Potter" 2. "Or Virtue Rewarded" Author: Samuel Richardson A: "Pamela" 3. "Or, The Wonderful One-Hoss Shay" Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes A: "The Deacon's Masterpiece" 2. Identify the following dialogues of Plato, 5-10-15: 1. For 5 points: Socrates addresses the Athenian jury and defends himself against the charge of corrupting the young which Meletus has brought against him, but it convicted anyway and sentenced to death. Answer: The _Apology_ 2. For 10 points: Socrates discusses the nature of forms and the theory of recollection in ethics, science and cosmology. The most dramatic point is the end of the dialogue, when he drinks the hemlock and speaks his final words, "Crito, I owe a cock to Asclepius. Remember to pay it." Answer: _Phaedo_ 3. For 15 points: Socrates accosts a young man who is on the way to bring murder charges against his own father. The discussion centers around a search for the essential definition of piety. Answer: _Euthyphro_ 3. (30) Given an equation in Cartesian coordinates, identify the type of curve being described, ten points each. 1. X squared equals four minus two Y squared. (x^2 = 4 - 2 y^2) Answer: _ELLIPSE_ 2. X squared minus X equals Y plus three. (x^2 - x = y + 3) Answer: _PARABOLA_ 3. Square root of the quantity X times Y equals five. (SQRT(xy) = 5) Answer: _HYPERBOLA_ 4. (30) I'll list three epithets used by different kings with the same first name, you give the shared first name; the kings may be from any country. The first set is worth five points, the second set ten, the third fifteen. 5: the Bald, the Simple, the Well-Served Answer: _CHARLES_ 10: the Fair, the Bold, the Magnanimous Answer: _PHILIP_ 15: the Pious, the Iron, the Winter King Answer: _FREDERICK_ 5. Identify these Charles Dickens title characters, for ten points each. 1. Assistant schoolmaster at an inhumane boarding school, this orphan is rescued by the benevolent Cheeryble brothers. Answer: _NICHOLAS NICKLEBY_ 2. After unsuccessful land speculation in the American West, this man is reconciled with his selfish grandfather and namesake, despite machinations of the hypocritical Pecksniff. Answer: _MARTIN CHUZZLEWIT_ 3. This feeble-minded son of a double murderer narrowly escapes the gallows for his alleged role in anti-Catholic riots. Answer: _BARNABY RUDGE_ 6. Identify the following scientists who invented devices for the study of subatomic particles, for 15 points each. 1. Fascinated by the clouds on top of Great Britain's highest mountain, Ben Nevis, this Scottish physicist conceived the idea that droplets form around charged particles, thus leading to the invention of the cloud chamber. He won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1927. Answer: Charles Thomson Rees _Wilson_ 2. While watching bubbles form in a glass of beer, this Berkeleyite conceived of ions causing a superheated liquid to boil, thus forming drops of gas in an ocean of liquid. The invention of the bubble chamber won him the Nobel Prize in physics in 1960. Answer: Donald _Glaser_ 7. Answer these questions about important editions and translations of the Bible, ten points each. 1. The work of William Whittingham, this English translation published in 1560 was the Bible of choice in Elizabethan England and is named for the Continental European city where it was made. Answer: the _GENEVA_ Bible 2. Probably printed at Mainz in 1455 by Fust and Schoffer, it is often called the 42-line bible, and is commonly named for the library in Paris where it was rediscovered in 1760. Answer: The _Mazarin_ Bible 3. Translated from Latin and German sources, it is based on Tyndale's translations of the New Testament and Pentateuch, and was published in 1535. It was the first complete English Bible to be printed. Answer: _Coverdale's_ Bible 8. Identify these parts of the human eye, 5-10-15. 5: This rounded structure of transparent fibers in front of the anterior chamber protects the lens. Answer: the _CORNEA_ 10: Located at the center of the retinal macula, this region of the retina has neither rods nor blood vessels, only cones. Answer: the _FOVEA_ (in full, the fovea centralis) 15: This fibrous tunic surrounding the retina and choroid is seen as the white of the eye. Answer: the _SCLERA_ 9. In the Saturday Night Massacre of October 20, 1973, Nixon ordered the Attorney General to fire Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox. The Attorney General resigned rather than comply, and his Deputy Attorney General followed suit, leaving the solicitor general, as the highest remaining Justice Department official, to do the dirty work. For ten points each, name, in order, the Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General, and solicitor general. Answer: Elliot L. _RICHARDSON_; William _RUCKELSHAUS_; Robert _BORK_ 10. Identify the mythological group, 30-20-10. 30: Named Pisinoe, Agalope, and Thelxiepia by Apollodorus, their parents are usually given as the river-god Achelous and one of the Muses. 20: Some say that these residents of the island of Anthemoessa had been transformed into monstrous creatures for not helping Persephone when she was abducted by Hades. Other versions hold that they retained their forms as women. 10: Usually named Leucosia, Ligeia, and Parthenope, Odysseus is the only mortal who lived to tell of their enchanting songs, though perhaps Hugh Grant qualifies. Answer: the _SIRENS_ 11. (30) Identify these Matthew Broderick movies for ten points each. 1. Broderick plays film student Clark Kellogg, who falls in love with the daughter of a mafia boss played by Marlon Brando. Answer: "The _FRESHMAN_" 2. Based on a Neil Simon play, Broderick plays Eugene, an aspiring writer in boot camp. Answer: _"BILOXI BLUES"_ 3. Broderick plays Philippe, a thief who helps two enchanted lovers reunite with the help of an eclipse. Answer: _"LADYHAWKE"_ 12. For a long stretch of time, Utah was denied admission to the Union while less populous territories around her became states. Finally Utah was admitted to the Union in 1896 as the 45th state. For five points each, identify the previous six states all admitted in 1889 or 1890. Answer: NORTH DAKOTA, SOUTH DAKOTA, WASHINGTON, MONTANA, (1889) WYOMING, IDAHO (both in 1890) {in that order of admission} 13. Did you resent it when the French would not let us fly over their airspace to bomb Libya back in the 80's? If so, maybe you should consider how much help the French would have been in such matters, considering their military record since Napoleon. Given a brief description of military action involving French armed forces, identify them for the following number of points: For 5: This 1954 defeat in Indochina proved the French have the military mettle to show who is not in charge. _DIEN DIEN PHU_ For 10: This 1871 defeat sealed Napoleon III's fate and that of the French in the Franco-Prussian War. A French army was forced to surrender to the Prussians and Napoleon was captured. _SEDAN_ For 15: At this battle, the Mexicans defeated the French Foreign Legion, killing almost all the French forces and decisively setting back any hopes for emperor Maximilian I. _CAMARONNE_ 14. Only one World Series game has ever been a no-hitter. First, for five points, in what year did the Yankees so out-pitch the Dodgers? Answer: _1956_ For ten points, name the Yankee pitcher who accomplished this 1956 feat. Answer: Don _LARSEN_ For fifteen points, name the final Dodgers batter in that game, whose third strike left Don Larsen assured of his place in baseball history. Answer: Dale _MITCHELL_ 15. Answer these questions about "America, the Beautiful", 5-10-15. 5: Who, inspired by a view from Pikes Peak, wrote the words? Answer: Katherine Lee _BATES_ 10: A existing tune by what composer was adopted as its music? Answer: Samuel Augustus _WARD_ 15: What's the one-word title of the original Samuel A. Ward composition whose tune was borrowed? Answer: _"MATERNA"_ 16. In the twentieth century, only three state governors have gone on to serve as Secretary of State. For ten points each, name them, given their states and the presidents they served. 1. The New York governor, who served Harding Answer: Charles Evans _HUGHES_ 2. The Massachusetts governor, who served Eisenhower. Answer: Christian A. _HERTER_ 3. The Maine governor, who served Carter. Answer: Edmund S. _MUSKIE_ 17. Give the common, or trivial, name of a chemical compound from its official IUPAC nomenclature, ten points each. 1. trichloromethane Answer: _CHLOROFORM_ 2. 2-methylpropanol Answer: _ISOBUTYL ALCOHOL_ (or _ISOBUTANOL_) 3. methylbenzene Answer: _TOLUENE_ 18. Identify the fictional protagonist, 30-20-10. 30: Important versions of his story have been written by Paul the Deacon, Nivardus of Ghent, and Willem of Hulsterlo, as well as Goethe and Chaucer. 20: His only real friend is Grimbard the badger, while Isengrim the wolf is his most dire enemy. 10: This cunning animal is the hero of the best-known medieval beast epic. Answer: _REYNARD_ the Fox 19. When Japan's surrender ended World War II, who was prime minister of each of the following countries? 5-10-15. 5: Canada Answer: Mackenzie _KING_ 10: Britain Answer: Clement _ATTLEE_ 15: Japan Answer: Kantaro _SUZUKI_ 20. Identify the writer, 30-20-10. 30: In 1968 he resigned as his country's ambassador to India to protest government crackdowns on student radicals. 20: His essays cover literary criticism, such as "The Labyrinth of Solitude", and recent history, in "One Earth, Four of Five Worlds". 10: This Nobel laureate is best known as a poet, for collections such as "Forest Moon", "Eagle or Sun?", and "Freedom Under Parole". Answer: Octavio _PAZ_