BYU B Team 1. Although his play, _Samson Agonistes_ was published in 1671, we know this author far better as the English answer to Dante or Homer, for it is he who wrote the closest thing to a pair of epics in English. Like Homer, he was blind. FTP, who was the author of _Paradise Lost_ and _Paradise Regained_? John MILTON 2. Most people consider the beetle a pretty lowly creature; however, the ancient Egyptians revered this particular kind of beetle as it was supposed to be one of the forms of the sun-god Amun-Re and a symbol of creation. FTP name this beetle used in amulets and charms. SCARAB 3. Some adherents of alternative science claim HE invented several miraculous devices during teh time he was insane, such as a mechanism for converting the Earth's gravity directly into electrical power. He certainly did have genuine accomplishments, such as the electrical coil that bears his name and the discovery of the alternating-current power transmission. FTP, who was this Croat-American after whom the unit of magnetic flux density is named? Nikola TESLA 4. In 1940, City College of New York found itself embroiled in controversy due to a new appointment to its Philosophy department. The would-be professor was charged with being an atheist, a proponent of sexual immorality, and an Englishman. While these charges were more-or-less true, it was not quite clear why they would detract from his proposed courses on mathematical logic. Nonetheless, a court overturned the appointment, forcing, FTP, what Nobel Prize-winning scholar to take up a position lecturing at Harvard? Bertrand RUSSELL 5. While measuring the specific heat of liquid helium during the 1920's, Hans Kamerlingh-Onnes noticed an anomalous jump at about 2 Kelvin, but he wrote it off as instrument error. By so doing, he missed the opportunity to recognize a phase transition into, FTP, what new inviscid state of matter? SUPERFLUIDITY (or SUPERFLUID helium) (superconductivity is NOT correct) 6. When his father, Sven Forkbeard died, he and his brother inherited a great empire of two kingdoms, but England refused to accept him. Only after his brother died and the Danes accepted him was he able to regain what Sven had willed to him, but then he established his rule. FTP, what great Danish monarch created a Northern empire of Denmark, England, and Norway -- which dissolved upon his death in 1035? CANUTE the Great (also CNUT) 7. This Latin American poet was an honorary consul to Rangoon and Singapore, and was exiled by the Chilean government from 1948 to 1952. For ten points, name this 1971 Nobel prize winner for literature, whose works include _Canto General_ and _Odas Elementales_. Pablo NERUDA 8. He was under the patronage of the Medici when he made the discovery that he described in "Starry Messenger." In fact, he named the four "heavenly bodies" orbiting Jupiter after members of the Medici family, although we use mythological names today. FTP, who was this early scientist who was forced by the church to recant his discoveries? GALILEO Galilei 9. Born withthe last namwe Weinstein, he later had his name changed to a Russianized form of his mother's maiden name to avoid persecution. He supports armed intervention in the Azerbaijan-Armenian war, criticizes Gorbachev and Yeltsin, and is known in Europe for promoting Snapple. In _Playboy_ he stated his goal was to destroy his opponents, and later claimed that when computers become capable of beating him, they willalso be able to writ ethe best poetry, read the best books, and paint the best pictures. FTP, who is this brash youngest man to win the world chess championship? Garry KASPAROV 10. In the midst of the First World War when the British were struggling to overthrow the Ottoman Empire, this 1917 statement of British foreign policy was issued which would have severe consequences for the Ottomans if carried out. FTP, what was this manifesto which supported the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine? The BALFOUR DECLARATION 11. Despite his two crushing defeats in runs for the Senate from Maryland, this former State Dept. employee is running for president. An incredible longshot, he is considered an abnormality or even a laughing-stock by most of the press. FTP, what conservative black Republican is seeking his party's nomination in 1996? Alan KEYES 12. This social satire of 1885 was given the form of comic opera by its creators, Gilbert and Sullivan. FTP, name this opera with such laughable characters as "the Lord High Executioner," "Pooh- Bah," "Nanki-Poo" and "Yum-Yum." MIKADO 13. A whig leader in Tennessee, he delayed the state's secession from the Union until the beginning of the Civil War. In 1860, he finished third in the race for President, ahead of Stephen Douglass in theh Electoral College. FTP, name this man, the only nominee of the Constitutional Union Party? John BELL 14. Each person has on the order of a million of these tiny structures inside their body. Each one is composed of three sub-units: a knot of capillaries called the glomerulus, the Bowman's capsule, and a kind of tubule. Their function is to filter out waste products, while returning water, glucose, and other important materials to the bloodstream. FTP, identify this basic unit of the kidney. NEPHRON 15. Today we think of Utah as a very Republican state, especially in presidential elections, but this was not always so. In fact, the first time Utah voted in a presidential election, it did so for this Democrat in 1896. Furthermore, Utah backed him in his next two runs for president, although Utah went for Taft in 1912. FTP, who was this Democrat who carryied Utah for Free Silver, but lost the election all three times? William Jennings BRYAN 16. When Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg address, he said "4 score and 7 years ago." If Lincoln had expressed that same number in base 20, how would he have expressed the time between the signing of the declaration of Independence and the Battle of Gettysburg? Ans. 47 (4 score and 7 years) 17. This landlocked African nation changed its name in about 1986, although for no discernible reason, since today no one knows where the hell "Lower Volta" would be. It borders Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Benin, and Togo and its capital is Ouagadougou (wog a do goo). FTP, name this militarily run nation who used to be called "Upper Volta." BURKINA FASO 18. Some accounts say Crassus' head was used as a stage prop for this play. Featuring the son of Zeus and Semele, this tragedy by Euripides was the first to win at Athens' annual drama festival. In it, King Pentheus of Thebes tries to prohibit the spread of the cult of Dionysus and is ultimately torn apart by Maenids. FTP, what is this play whose title comes from the followers of the new god? _The BACCHAE_ 19. When the Dutch purchased Manhattan Island from the Indians, this man paid only $24.00 for it. The name of so great a negotiator should not be forgotten, even for an instant. FTP what man whose name means "minute" in French made this purchase? Peter MINUIT 20. An extremely patriotic German, he directed the first use of posion chlorine gas in WW I. After the war, he attempted to pay off Germany's war reparations by finding a way to isolate gold from sea water. He devised an electrode used to measure the acidity of a solution by detecting potential across a plate of glass. FTP, who was htis chemist who in 1911 was appointed director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute on the strength of his new-found method for isolating ammonia? Fritz HABER 21. This philosopher lived from circa 490 - circa 430 B.C. Twenty-five years younger than Parmenides, he came to Parmenides defense after the latter was attacked by the Pythagoreans for his unnumeric view of the universe. He tried to show the absurdity of having an infinite number of units in a finite space by looking at a shot arrow, a traveler through a stadium, and perhaps most famously, a race between Achilles and a tortoise, which serves as an opening dialogue for Godel, Escher, Bach. FTP, who was this man famous for his paradox? ZENO of Elea 22. "Roastbeef. In the inside there is sleeping, in the outsidi there is reddening, in the morning there is meaning, in the evening there is feeling." These are words of what woman who studied under William James at Johns Hopkins? During WW I she bought a Ford van and served as an ambulance driver. At 27 Rue de Fleurus, she and her brother Leo establisghed their famous literary Salon. FTP, who was this cubist author of _Tender Bottoms_ and _Autobiography of Alice B. Tokelas_? Gertrude STEIN 23. Charles Perrault was the author of this original fairy tale. An opera by Gioacchino Rossini based on it was first performed in 1817, called La Cenerentola. FTP, identify this fairy tale made into a 1949 film by Disney and now being re-released? CINDERELLA 24. Based on the Italian novel Fosca by Igino Tarchetti and the Luis Visconti film Passione d'Amore, this Stephen Sondheim musical won the 1994 Tony Award for best musical. PASSION 25. This composer born in 1929 teaches at the University of Pennsylvania. Rather than being a chance composer, this man has devised new ways of playing standard and nonstandard instruments. perhaps his most famous work is Black Angels, which was written for Electric String Quartet in 1970. George Crumb BYU B Team October 1995 Bonuses 1. Tom Hanks is only the second person to win two consecutive Best Leading Oscars. Spencer Tracy is the other. For 15 points each, name the two films for which Tracy won his Oscars. CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS BOYS TOWN 2. Name the work of literature on a 10/5 basis first by hearing a major character, then if needed, tha author: (10) Antipholus of Syracuse (5) Shakespeare _THE COMEDY OF ERRORS_ (10) Cedric the Saxon (5) Sir Walter Scott _IVANHOE_ (10) Alceste and Celimene (5) Moliere _The MISANTHROPE_ 3. Given a mythological figure's unusual death, identify him, for the stated number of points (5) Struck by a thunderbolt while driving the chariot of the sun. PHAETHON (10) Fell asleep beside his now-rotting with age ship and part of it fell on him and crushed him to death JASON (15) Was hit by a discus thrown by his grandson, thus fulfilling a prophecy he had tried to avoid. ACRISIUS 4. Besides Reagan, three presidents this century have served trwo full terms. For ten point seach, name those three. Woodrow WILSON FRANKLIN D ROOSEVELT Dwight EISENHOWER 5. Most people know them on a first-name-only basis, but in this bonus you will be asked to identify famous artists when given a last name: (5) Buonarotti MICHAELANGELO (10) Sanzio RAPHAEL (15) Di Niccolo DONATELLO 6. 30-20-10 For the appropriate number of points, give the thing that is being described. 30 Simply defined, it is a commutative division ring. 20 Richard Dedekind described it as "any system of infinitely many real or complex numbers, which in itself is so closed and complete, that the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of any two numbers always produces a number of the same system. 10 In a nonmathematical setting, there can be a magnetic, gravitational, temperature, pressure, scalar, or vector ones of this thing. Ans: FIELD 7. Given a country, identify its most poulous city to begin with the letter M: Italy MILAN France MARSEILLES Germany MUNICH (MUNCHEN in German) England MANCHESTER India MADRAS Morocco MARAKESH 8. Answer these three questions about the photo-electric effect (10 each). a. Shining a beam of light on a metal can cause electrons, called photo-electrons, to jump out. If you double the intensity of the incident light, what happens to the energy of each of these photo-electrons? IT REMAINS THE SAME (READER: read this answer if it is not given) b. In fact, the energy of each photo-electron depends linearly on what other property of the incident light? FREQUENCY c. If the frequency, and hence the energy per photon of the light is below a certain threshold, no photo-electrons can escape the metal. FTP, what name is given to this energy barrier? WORK FUNCTION 9. For five points each name the six wives of Henry VIII in any order. (answer is listed in order) CATHERINE OF ARAGON ANNE BOLEYN JANE SEYMOUR ANNE OF CLEVES CATHERINE HOWARD CATHERINE PARR 10. It is time for the Bronte family bonus question. Given a clue, for the stated # of points, name the Bronte family member. 1. (5) Wrote Wuthering Heights EMILY 2. (5) Wrote Jane Eyre CHARLOTTE 3. (5) Wrote The Tenant of Windfell Hall ANNE 4. (15) Committed suicide, perhaps because of his overbearing father's expectations. BRANWELL 11. 30-20-10. Identify the revolutionary. 30. He was exiled in 1830 from the country he liberated and died in Peru. 20. He was the illegitimate son of an Irish immigrant fleeing religious persecution. 10. He liberated Chile and became its first president. Bernardo O'HIGGINS 12. Here's a math bonus - but no calculators allowed! Calculus, on the other hand, is encouraged. FTP each: (READER: allow 10+ seconds for each part a. Give, to 2 decimal places, the square root of 101. Ans. 10.05 b. Give, to 3 decimal places, the natural logarithm of 1.1 Ans. 0.095 c. Give, to 3 decimal places, the hyperbolic cosine ("cosh") of 0.1 Ans. 1.005 13. Based on Vergil's epic, the story of Aeneas' relationship with the queen of Carthage was immortalized in the first English opera. For 15 points each, name the title of this work and the composer. DIDO AND AENEAS by Henry PURCELL 14. Hooray for the Braves winning the WOrld Series at last! For five points each, identify the two most recent years the Braves have lost the World series - and for 5 each their respective opponents: 1991 MINNESOTA TWINS 1992 TORONTO BLUE JAYS now for 10 more points, in what most recent year did the Braves lose the Natiopnal League championship and to whom? (5 each) 1993 PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES 15. Identify these terms from astronomy from a definition: 1) The apparent displacement or the difference in apparent direction of an object as seen from two different viewpoints not on a straight line with the object. PARALLAX 2) A interstellar object such as a chunk of rock which enters the Earth's atmosphere and hits the ground without being totally vaporized until impact. METEORITE 3) A unit of measure equal to 3.26 light years. PARSEC 16. 30-20-10 Name the president from clues given. 30 He shares his middle name with the name of Paul the apostles' rabbinic teacher. 20 One of several presidents to be born in Ohio, he attended Ohio Central College, bought the Marion Star, married Florence Kling De Wolfe, and eventually ran for president on the Republican ticket. 10 He died unexpectedly in San Francisco on August 2, 1923, while serving as the twenty-ninth president. Warren Gamaliel HARDING 17. Given a brief description of their works, identify these ancient playwrights for 10 points a piece. a) most famous trilogy is the "Orestia" AESCHYLUS b) wrote 92 plays, but only 19 survived EURIPIDES c) out of 123 works, 24 of which won the annual drama festival award, only 7 are still extant. SOPHOCLES 18. Identify these important court painters from a brief description: (5) He was the court painter to Philip IV of Spain in the 1600s. VELASQUEZ (10) A leading neo-classicist, he voted to have Louis XVI executed and later became Napoleon's favorite. He tried to get in good with the Bourbons after Napoleon's fall. Jacques-Louis DAVIDE (15) He painted many of Henry VIII's court including the wives. HANS HOLBEIN the YOUNGER 19. How much do you know about the house you live in? Lets' test your knowledge of civil engineering, 10 apiece. 1. Given by stress divided by strain, this material constant is denoted by capital E. YOUNG'S MODULUS 2. This type of stress is created by forces acting perpendicular to the axis of the beam. SHEAR 3. The twisting of a structural member created by torques. TORSION 20. According to Billy Joel, what year featured, (10 each): a. Lawrence of Arabia, British Beatlemania Ole Miss, John Glenn, Liston beats Patterson Ans. 1962 b. Eisenhower, Vaccine, England's got a new queen Marciano, Liberace, Santayana goodbye Ans. 1952 c. Einstein, James Dean, Brooklyn's got a winning team Davy Crockett, Peter Pan, Elvis Presley, Disneyland Ans. 1955 22. Many masterpieces of literature don't end "happily ever after," and lately it has become the vogue to "finish" these stories. For ten points a piece, given the name of a work, give the name of the author who recently wrote a sequel to it. a) Les Miserables LAURA KALPAKIAN b) Gone with the Wind ALEXANDRA RIPLEY c) Rebecca SUSAN HILL 23. I'll give you the RESPONSE to a famous 1-line question asked in Shakespeare by the title character of a play. For 5, name the play, and for a well-deserved ten points, give the exact QUESTION asked by the title characters. a. 'I take thee at they word. Call me but love, and I'll be new baptized.' Ans. (5) _Romeo and Juliet_ (10) 'O Romeo, Romeo - wherefore art thou Romeo?' b. 'The sin upon my head, dread sovereign! For in the book of Numbers is it writ, when a man dies, let the inheritance descend unto the daughter.' Ans. (5) _Henry V_ (10) 'May I with right and conscience make this claim?' 24. 15 each, name the philosopher from clues given. 1. This philosopher lived from 205 - 270, and incorporated into his philosophy not only teachings from the Stoics and Aristotle, but some of the superstitions that abounded in his day, trying to give those superstitions philosophical justification. PLOTINUS 3. This philosopher, living from 490-430 B.C., author of On Nature, introduced himself in the following way. "I, an immortal god, no longer subject to death, walk around among you all, honored fittingly with garland crowns and flowery leis." EMPEDOCLES