Partha, Arun, Raghu, and Kiran (1) Most history students have heard of the War of the Spanish Succession, though few people know much about it. However, about 150 years later, a second war broke out -- on the pretext of the Spanish succession because the French did not want a German candidate to acccept the Spanish throne. The result was total disaster for France, even though the German prince withdrew his candidacy. For ten, what was this war which resulted in the loss of Alsace-Lorraine to Germany? FRANCO-PRUSSIAN WAR (2) This deity of mythology was driven from his throne and according to some versions, feld to Italy where he sponsored a Golden Age. Other versions say he was tossed down into Tartarus with the rest of the titans. FTP, who was this father of Zeus who lost his throne to a revolution which his own wife and mother helped sponsor? \CRONUS or SATURN\ (3) It makes a complete revolution around the sun in 88 days, and as a result, some have claimed that its RdayS is longer than its Ryear.S Either way it is damn hot all year -- or all day round. FTP, what planet is closest to the sun? \MERCURY\ (4) This author retained his snese of school spirit long after graduation from college and inserted it into one of his most famous novels. He downrided Yale since he himself went to Princeton, as did one of his charatcers, Nick Carroway. FTP, who was this author of _The Great Gatsby_? \F Scott FITZGERALD\ (5) This is probably the only nation today to have a Hapsburg monarch, since Austria and Hungary have long since abolished theirs. Itself only 61 square miles, it is situated between Switerland and Austria and relies on the former to handle its international relations. FTP, what is this tiny principality whose capital is Vaduz? \LIECHTENSTEIN\ (6) Do you remember mathematical formulas? What is measured by the formula: 9 PI R squared x H x 1/3 ? \SURFACE AREA OF A CONE\ (7) Long before South Carolina, a seccessionist movement stirred among New England merchants who were disgruntled with the Embargo Act of 1812. Some northern states refused to supply the federal government with militia and in Dec. 1812 summoned a convention to consider how to deal with the undesired war with England and the issue of states' rights. FTP, what was this motley assembly which met in Connecticut but was quickly forgotten when the War of 1212 ended? HARTFORD CONVENTION (8) An attempt has been made to link Arminius, liberator of Roman Germany with this hero of Germanic myth. The link is tenuous, but supposedly the dragon Fafnir represents the Romans and their family bloodbaths bear similarities. FTP, who was this great Germanic hero who pledged himself to Brunhild and wielded a great sword? SIGFRIED or SIGURD (9) Although he bears a French sounding name, this man was a stout proponent of retaining the union and played it cool during his countryUs recent constitutional crisis to downplay the oppositionUs chances. Nevertheless, the close secessionist vote in Quebec was probably a scare to him. FTP, who is this Canadian Prime Minister? \Jacques CRETIEN\ (10) You might consider him the Galen of his age, or even the Hippocrates. Court physician to the first Stuart, he made great improvements to the study of anatomy, chiefly the discovery of circulation in the human body. FTP, who was this English doctor whose observations have earned him credit in _GravesU Anatomy_? \HARVEY\ (11) After Fritz Lang fled Germany to escape Hitler, the Nazis found an adequate replacement as their chief media propagandist. This filmmaker made a documentary of a huge Nazi rally at Berchesgarden for which she still prides her abilities as a filmmaker. FTP, who was this director whoUs _Triumph of the Will_ is still considered a masterpiece, but not in the way it was intended? Elsie RIFENSTAHL (12) Perhaps the most famous giver of this was Ethelred the Unready. Basically, Sven Forkbeard, the Viking king of Denmark, agreed to leave England alone if Ethelred paid up, but threatened to ravage England otherwise. Once Sven realized how easy that was, he came back for more... again ... and again. FTP, what was this "appeasement style" solution to aggression that succeeded only in bankrupting England's coffers to the predatory Viking chieftains? DANEGELD (NOT Weregeld) (13) This 19th composer crippled his left hand which halted his career as a pianist. That and the fact that he went crazy and killed himself. He had married the daughter of another prominent musician and Clara (his wife) became one of the best pianists of her day in her own right. FTP, who was this German Romantic composer of the 19th century? \Robet SCHUMAN\ (14) Alexander the great named a city in India after his dog, but perhaps the best known dog of mythology lived in Ithaca, where at the ripe old age of 20 he recognized his homecoming master and wagged his tail before dying. FTP, who was this dog of Odysseus who shared his name with a 100 eyed giant? \ARGUS\ (15). It has been suggested that the origin of this US state's name might date back to the 1524 when Giovanni de Verrazano observed an island he claimed was the same size as the largest and most famous of the Dodecanese Islands in the Eastern Mediterranean. Others think it may have been named by the Dutch explorer, Adriaen Block, who called it "Red Clay" -- Roode Eylandt (Roo de ay lant). FTP, what small New England state is this? RHODE ISLAND (16). When this man accepted the Poet Laureateship of England, many young English poets felt he had "sold out" and mourned his decision. Robert Browing even wrote a poem entitled "The Lost Leader" about him. However, he did not sell out: he refused to write the obligatory poetry for state occasion and in fact produced no poetry at all during his 7 year term which ended in 1850. FTP, who was this poet of "Tintern Abbey" who wrote no more? William WORDSWORTH (17). This prominant British scientist concluded that the Earth could not have been inhabited for more than 20 million years, despite the geological evidence to the contrary. He is more kindly rememebred for hius contributiins to Thermodynamics and appied electricity, for which he was given a Lordship by Victoria. FTP, who was this expert on heat and electricity and inventor of the mirror galvanometer who died in 1907, nevertheless denying the properties of radioactivity? LORD KELVIN or William THOMPSON (18) In the early 1700s, the SE coast of the British colonies down to the Caribbean was ripe territory for piracy. This man, in particular, plagued the Carolinas until he was caught on a sandbar in 1721 by Colonel Maynard who fired upon him and eventually boarded and killed him. FTP, who was this most notorious of pirates who claimed he was friends with the devil and liked to wear his boots on the wrong feet just to make himself angry? BLACKBEARD or Edward TEACH (19) To the surprise of few, this former president recently confessed the accumulation of a huge $653 million slush fund which was used for bribery, against political enemies, and to salary friends and relatives. The confession may be surprising, but the crime is not. FTP, identify this former South Korean president whom many suspected of corruption all along. ROH Tae Woo (20) Maine is the only state to border a single other, but this African nation bears that same distinction and unlike Lesotho, a large river bearing the same name runs through it. It fits entirely within the country of Senegal except for a short beach front on the ATlantic. FTP, what is this West African nation whose capital is Banjul? GAMBIA 21. It was a quinquemvirate -- a five man body - including Barras, Carnot, and Rewbel. Famous incidents during its tenure include Napoleon's "whiff of grapeshot," the French invasion of Egypt, and Napoleon's crossing of the Alps. Accused by many historians of corruption, perhaps unjustly, it has been overshadowed by Napoleon's administration which followed. FTP, what was this short-lived government of Revolutionary France, terminated by the coup of 18 Brumaire? The DIRECTORY (LE DIRECTOIRE) (22) This literary character experiences alienation from his peers, especially when he leaves the fencing foils for the Pency Fencing team on the New York metro. He feels alienated because after the death of his beloved brother, his parents are distant from him. FTP, who is this teenage idol of many who ran away from school and spent a weekend in New York City before being institutionalized by his parents in J.D. SalingerUs _The Catcher in the Rye_ ? Holden CAULFIELD (23) His reign was said to be the Golden Age of Medieval France, seeing the completion of Gothic cathedrals at Rheims, Amiens, and Chartres and the Arthurian romances of Chretien de Troyes. For the first eight years of his 44 year reign, his mother Blanche of Castile was his regent, but after this he became enamoured with the idea of a Crusade and made an ill-planned and ill-fated attack on Egypt which resultied in a humiliating defeat. FTP, name this French monarch cannonized in 1297, despite his vigorous assertion of royal rights even over those of the church, only 27 years after his death. LOUIS IX (accept ST. LOUIS if player signals before last sentence, otherwise prompt for more information) BONUSES 1. Rather than ask about the presidents - a well versed subject, this question will ask you to identify important Vice Presidents based on their career for the stated number of points: (5) He served as VP for 2 presidents and was the first man to resign from the office. John C. CALHOUN (10) Though unrelated to our executive, he was the first Veep to die in office. GEORGE CLINTON (first name must be given) (15) The second VP to die in office, like his predecessor, George Clinton, he served under Madison, but is more famous for his political unscrupulousness as Gov. of Mass. Elbridge GERRY (famous for Gerrymander) 2. Identify these authors of works with similar titles for the stated number of points: (5). _Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man_ James JOYCE (10) _The Picture of Dorian Gray_ Oscar WILDE (15) _Portrait of a Lady_, and _The American_ Henry JAMES 3. Identify these unique national flags with animals on them by a short description. You will earn 10 points for getting it right on the first clue, 5 if you need a 2nd. (10) This flag has a reddish field with a black two headed eagle and a yellow star above the eagle's head. (5) This European nation has been one of the worldUs most isolated ALBANIA (10) This flag looks like Italy's except in the center it has a Quetzel. (5) This N. American nation borders 3 others. MEXICO (10) This flag has a gold lion brandishing a sword. The lion is on a field of red, next to which is a green and an orange stripe bordered by gold. (5) This is an island in the Indian Ocean. SRI LANKA 4. 30/20/10 Identify the war to which all of the following clues apply: (30) The battle of Narva was a major setback for the eventual victor. (20) The victory at Poltava broke the power of Sweden and altered the regional balance of power. (10) The Treaty of Nystadt in 1721 gave Russia access to the West. GREAT NORTHERN WAR 5. You will need a pen or pencil for this bonus: Match these five aviation pioneers with their discoveries/feats. Each match is 5 points and there is a bonus for all 5. The pioneers: the feats: Bledrals at Reriot devised gasoline engine for a plane after initial failure Fokker flew monoplane across English Channel in 37 minutes Sikorsky developed rigid airships Langley synchronized machine gun fire through the propeller Zepplin developed twin motored plane Ans: BLoplane across Channel FOKKER - machine gun SIKORSKY - twin motored plane LANGELY - gas engine ZEPPLIN - airships 6. Given a mythological simbling who was thrust in the shadows of his far better known brother, identify the more famous of the two for the stated number of points: (5) Epimetheus (Ep im ee thee us) PROMETHEUS (10) Teucer the Archer AJAX the GREATER (15) Iphicles HERACLES 7. Identify these nations, all of whose capitals begin with the letter P: Port-au-Prince HAITI Prague CZECK REPUBLIC Phnom Penh CAMBODIA Paramaribo SURINAME Pretoria SOUTH AFRICA Port of Spain TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO 8. SCI NEEDED 10. Earlier this round there was a Toss-up about Blackbeard. Now identify these pirates for the stated number of points: (5) He plundered the Spanish Main, sailed around the world, and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth for doing it Sir Francis DRAKE (10) This French pirate helped Andrew Jackson at the battle of New Orleans in return for amnesty. Jean LAFITTE (15) This ancestor of William the COnquerer was not content to plunder the French coast, he actually took over Normandy and established a dynasty. ROLLO the Pirate or Gange HROLF 11. 12. 13. Now for a different type of question on Norse mythology. Identify what TYPE of creature is described. E.g. If I said Odin has an 8 legged one of these, you'd answer HORSE. 5 points each w/ a bonus for all 5 A pair of these pull Thor's chariot GOATS A pair of these whisper secrets to Odin RAVENS This creature nibbles at the roots of Yggdrasil DRAGON Dwarves fashioned a golden one of these for Frey BOAR When Loki tried to escape the gods, he was caught while disguised as this animal SALMON (accept FISH) 12. In Nov. 1995, the feuding Balkans presidents of Bosnia, Serbia, and Croatia opened peace talks in Dayton, Ohio. FTP each, identify these three presidents. Bosnia Alija IZETBEGOVIC Serbia Slobodan MILESOVIC Croatia Franjo TUDJMAN 13. 30/20/10 author Identify this author by the clues: (30) He wrote _Tamerlane_ and "Hero and Leander" (20) He is best rememebred as a playwrite; he wrote _Edward II_. (10) Thought by some to be Shakespeare's equal, his life was cut short in a bar room brawl when he was knifed. Christopoher MARLOWE 14. When Napoloeon's troops were digging in Egypt, they uncovered the Rosetta Stone which described the celebration at the start of Ptolemy V's reign in three languages. For five points each, identify the three languages or their alphabets. (Classical) GREEK DEMOTIC, HEIROGLYPHICS For an additional fifteen points, what linguistic genius deciphered the Heiroglyphics? CHAMPOLLION 15.