Date: Thu, 2 Nov 1995 15:47:41 -0800 (PST) From: "Matthew H. Baker" <> To: Content-Description: 1995 Guy Fawkes Eve Buzzer Explosion Questions by Berkeley Smashing Pumpkins Tossups: 1. He toured in South Africa with Texas Jack's Wild West show and with a circus in Australia and New Zealand as a trick rider. For over 10 years he was a regular with the Ziegfield Follies and appeared in several Hollywood films such as "Laughing Bill Hyde" and "A Connecticut Yankee". His wit, sharp satire, and Southwestern speech made him a beloved public figure. FTP, who once said he wanted his epitaph to read, "I joked about every prominent man of my time, but I have never met a man I didn't like." Will ROGERS 2. Born in 10 B.C., he was the son of Drusus and Antonia, and the younger brother of Germanicus. Troubled by various diseases and handicaps as a child, he suffered mistreatment from just about everybody and did not hold public office until late in life, when he shared a consulship with his nephew, the Emperor Caligula. Upon Caligula's murder, the Praetorian Guard hoisted him on their shoulders and declared him the new Emperor. FTP, name this Roman emperor, an able reformer and administrator, who reigned from 41 to 54 A.D. Tiberius CLAUDIUS Drusus 3. Libby Hyman called them "a noble group especially designed to puzzle the zoologist." They contain many unique features including the water-vascular system, a calcareous endoskeleton, and metamor- phosis from bilateral larva to radial adult. FTP, name this invertebrate phylum which includes brittle stars, sea cucumbers, and sea urchins. ECHINODERMATA 4. A herdman's son, he earned a doctorate in anthropology from the London School of Economics and became the most successful applied anthropologist of his time. His dissertation, Facing Mount Kenya, was an early assualt on colonial thought and inspired other African nationalists in their independence movements. FTP, name this man who in 1954 became Kenya's first president. Jomo KENYATTA 5. One third of this country is forest, and roughly 75 percent of it is mountainous. Currently still a kingdom, though with a multiparty parliamentary government, its geographic isolation has kept it one of the least developed nations in the world, where the rare Indian rhinoceros thrives and the mostly illiterate citizens vote by party symbol - a tree for the Congress Party and a sun for the United Marxist-Leninist Party. FTP, name this landlocked Asian kingdom with its capital at Kathmandu. NEPAL 6. Among the things named for him are a cube, a scheme, a polynomial, a function, a basis theorem, a syzygy theorem, an operator, a reciprocity symbol, and a kind of infinite-dimensional vector space. One of his seminal contributions to mathematics was the development a logical axiomatic system for geometry in wake of the nineteenth century of non-Euclidean geometries. FTP, identify this German mathematician, who in 1900 proposed a series of 23 famous unsolved problems facing twentieth century mathematics. David HILBERT 7. From ancient Greek usage it means the recitation of parts of an epic poem. In music, it has come to mean a composition in one continuous movement, often based on popular, national, or folk melodies. FTP, what term characterizes Liszt's Hungarian, Vaughn Williams's Norfolk, Queen's Bohemian, and Gershwin's in Blue? RHAPSODY 8. Sid Vicious, Ludwig von Beethoven, Arthur Dimmesdale, and Vlad Dracula are all characters which have been played by this talented and versatile British actor. FTP, name this man who stars opposite Demi Moore in "The Scarlet Letter", and played the brilliant, tormented composer opposite his wife Isabella Rosellini in "Immortal Beloved". Gary OLDMAN 9. Already a suburban housewife and mother, she began writing poetry in 1956 at her psychiatrist's suggestion, to help her understand and recover from a series of mental breakdowns. Her honest, confessional poetry revealed her desire to die, to "empty my breath from its bad prison." After winning the Pulitzer Prize in 1967, she taught at Boston University until her death. FTP, name this poet who committed suicide in 1974. Anne SEXTON 10. Born in 1867, he was admitted to the New York bar in 1891 and served as US attorney for the southern district of the state from 1906-1909. He served as secretary of war under Taft, fought briefly in World War 1, and was governor-general of the Philippines from 1927-29. FTP, name this man, secretary of state to Hoover, for whom a 1932 doctrine is named. Henry Lewis STIMSON 11. The first in the early church was the Council of Jerusalem. They can be traced to meetings held by bishops from various regions since the 2nd century. FTP, name this term for an official assembly of representatives of a Christian Church, either for consultation or decision making. SYNOD 12. He is a man in his fifties who looks much older. After years of mind-numbing labor, he unexpectedly encounters beauty and enchantment in the person of Mattie Silver, his wife Zeena's impoverished cousin, who has comes to care for the ailing wife. A romance builds between Mattie and him, but Zeena ends it by dismissing Mattie as her caretaker. Realizing he cannot leave Mattie, they hope to die in a moment of bliss by sledding into a tree. But in an ironic twist of fate, they do not die and Mattie is so severely maimed that she must be under the care of Zeena and he remains shut in the house with the two women. FTP, name this title character created by Edith Wharton. ETHAN FROME 13. By his own account, his early years were largely given to self- instruction in music. He developed some ability as a violinist and keyboard player and became thoroughly acquainted with Viennese musical life in the middle 1700s. He is credited with virtually creating the classical form structures of the string quartet and symphony which were developed later by Mozart and which he, himself, used extensively in his later and greatest symphonies, quartets and oratorios. FTP, name this composer of the London Symphonies and the oratorios "The Creation" and "The Seasons". Franz Joseph HAYDN 14. He got his professional start in the late 1850's when he was a journalist in Union, California. By the time his first collection of Western local-color stories appeared in 1870, Eastern publishers were competing for his services and he left California. His later works such as "An Heiress of Red Dog and Other Sketches" and a play written in collaboration with Mark Twain were never as successful as his earlier work, including "Plain Language from Truthful James" and two stories set in the mining country. FTP, name this author of "The Luck of Roaring Camp" and "The Outcasts of Poker Flat". Bret HARTE 15. For a quick ten points, what is the remainder when x squared plus 2x plus 3 is divided by x minus 1? 6 16. When the Shah leaves his palace, the women of his harem persuade the Chief Eunuch to admit the male slaves. At the height of the ensuing orgy, the Shah returns and orders the massacre of the women, including his favorite wife, and their lovers. Choreographed by Michel Fokine, it was staged by Diaghilev's Ballet Russes in 1910. FTP, name this exotic ballet which was performed to the music of Rimsky-Korsakov. SCHEHERAZADE 17. He was born in Seattle in 1960. In high school, he drew a cartoon for the student newspaper that featured the school's cheerleaders on the marquee of a freak museum. "Teachers banned the newspaper from their classrooms," he said. "I was worried the cheerleaders were going to beat me up." But he didn't get beat up. In fact, he went on to become the editorial cartoonist for the New Orleans Time-Picayune, and since 1989, for the Atlanta Journal- Constitution. FTP, name political cartoonist whose work appears in one hundred papers every day. Mike LUCKOVICH 18. He sang in tune before he could speak clearly and his father taught him piano, violin, and organ as soon as he could reach the pedals. In 1899, at the age of twenty-two, he made his Paris debut as a cellist, and for the next two decades he carried his cello to audiences throughout Europe and the Americas and established it as a solo instrument. After founding several symphony orchestras in the 1920's, he went into voluntary exile from Spain to protest Franco's dictatorship. FTP, name this Spanish cellist and conductor. Pablo CASALS 19. The solubility of nitrogen and oxygen in blood increases with pressure. Because of this, if a scuba diver ascends to the surface too rapidly, these dissolved gases will form bubbles in the tissues. This painful - and sometimes fatal - condition is, for ten points, known as what? The _BENDS_ (accept _DECOMPRESSION SICKNESS_, _CAISSON DISEASE_) 20. It's not about the card game from Parker Brothers and it's not the story of a Monopoly property. This is a story of Martin Pemberton's search for his father in 1870's New York and a scientist's quest for eternal youth. FTP, name this 1994 book written by E.L. Doctorow. The _WATERWORKS_ 21. Specific areas of study in this field include design of work areas, effects of psychological stresses, demands on memory and perception, and design of visual displays to enhance the quality of speed and interpretation. Researchers in it try to determine optimum conditions and examine the effect of adverse conditions and in general it is the study of human capability and psychology in relation to the working environment. FTP name this field also known as human engineering, human factors engineering, engineering psychology, or biotechnology. ERGONOMICS 22. Five months of the 18-month ritual calendar were dedicated to him and his fellow deities. Children were sacrificed in the 1st and 3rd, and in the 6th his priests ceremonially bathed in a lake. He was not only highly revered, but greatly feared; he could send out the rain or provoke drought and hunger. He hurled the lightning upon the earth and unleashed devastating hurricanes. FTP, name this deity, the Aztec god of rain. TLALOC 23. This ideal has characterized many religious movements. It was a trait of the Jewish community of Qumran, the original Christian community at Jerusalem, and in the Hindu Ashram. The Albigensians, Levellers and Shakers in more recent times have practiced the absence of private propertry and community of goods. FTP, what is this word? COMMUNISM Boni 1. 30-20-10 Name this company. 30: It is the world's largest dealer in furs. 20: The oldest company in the world, it has operated continuously since May 2, 1670. 10: King Charles II chartered it as the "Honorable Company of Adventurers of English Trading" in a region of North America. HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY (accept HUDSON BAY CO.) 2. You know of rivers which demarcate boundaries between two countries, but this bonus will ask you to name the two countries each of these lakes divide. Five points for each answer. Lake Victoria KENYA/UGANDA Lake Titicaca BOLIVIA/PERU Lake Geneva FRANCE/SWITZERLAND 3. Identify the discoverers of the following particles for the stated number of points. For 5: The electron J.J. _THOMPSON_ For 10: The neutron Sir James _CHADWICK_ For 15: The positron Carl _ANDERSON_ 4. The title of a work of literature often contains the name of its main character. Some titles refer to the main character without explicitly naming him or her. For ten points each of five if you need the author, give the descriptiive book title when given its main character. 10 - Michael Henchard 5 - Thomas Hardy THE MAYOR OF CASTERBRIDGE 10 - Caroline Meeber 5 - Theodore Dreiser SISTER CARRIE 10 - Prince Myshkin 5 - Fyodor Dostoevsky THE IDIOT 5. 30-20-10 Name the composer from the following works 30: "Suite Bergamasque" and "Children's Corner Suite" 20: "Jeaux", and "Pelleas et Mellisande", his only opera 10: "La Mer" and "L'Apres-Midi D'Un Faune" Claude DEBUSSY 6. The success of the movie "Pulp Fiction" boosted the careers of several actors, and revived the careers of some others. Some of them even appeared together in the same films. See if you can figure out what 1995 film has these power-"Pulp" combinations, for 5 points each, and a 5 point bonus for all correct. Samuel L. Jackson and Ving Rhames -- Kiss of Death Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis -- Die Hard With A Vengeance Tim Roth and Eric Stoltz -- Rob Roy Eric Stoltz and Christopher Walken -- The Prophecy Tim Roth and Quentin Tarantino -- Four Rooms 7. 30-20-10-5 Name the American novel from its characters, and five if you need the author at the end. 30: Lee Chong, Dora Flood 20: Mack, Eddie, Hazel 10: Doc Ricketts 5: John Steinbeck CANNERY ROW 8. 30-20-10 Identify the scientist from clues. 30: He was the first to discover that the surface area of a sphere is equal to four times the area of a great circle of that sphere. He also determined the value of pi to about one part in 500. 20: According to Plutarch, he requested that his tombstone contain an illustration of a sphere inscribed in a cylinder, and an account by Cicero of a visit to this man's grave suggests that the wish was indeed carried out. 10: Perhaps the most famous anecdote surrounding his absent- mindedness concerns the crown of King Hieron of Syracuse, ARCHIMEDES 9. Given the name of a male character or characters, identify his or their sister for ten points. If you need the work, you'll receive five points. 10 - Jem Finch 5 - "To Kill A Mockingbird" JEAN LOUISE (SCOUT) 10 - Benjie, Quentin, Jason Compson 5 - "The Sound and the Fury" CADDY 10 - Edgar Linton 5 - "Wuthering Heights" ISABELLA 10. In 1401, there was a competition to produce a bronze portal for the Baptistery of San Giovanni in Florence. Answer these questions for ten points each. 1. What sculptor won the competition? Answer: Lorenzo _GHIBERTI_ 2. What younger sculptor worked under Ghiberti on the project, but later became more famous than his teacher, for such works as the St. Mark of Or San Michele and the Zuccone on the bell tower of Florence cathedral? Answer: _DONATELLO_ or Donato di Niccolo di _BETTO BARDI_ 3. What architect lost the competition for the Baptistery doors but in 1419 competed against Ghiberti again and won the competition to design the dome of Florence Cathedral? Answer: Filippo _BRUNELLESCHI_ 11. Often parents name their children after famous people, hoping that their offspring too will achieve great fame. Given a name of a famous person, tell me after whom they were named. Will Rogers William PENN Robert Frost Robert E. LEE G. Gordon Liddy Lord BYRON (George GORDON) 12. How well do you know your mineralogy? Identify the term, given a short description of the physical property. Ten points each. Capable of being flattened into thin sheets without breaking or crumbling into fragments. MALLEABLE Capable of being drawn into the form of a wire, for example copper. DUCTILE Showing little or no resistance to breaking, not capable of being flattened into thin sheets. BRITTLE 13. 30-20-10 Name this work. 30: The Naval Institute Press published it as their first work of fiction. 20: It was inspired by the 1975 incident of the Russian destroyer Storozhevoy's attempt to defect to Sweden. 10: Name this first novel by Tom Clancy, which was turned into a movie starring Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin. THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER 14. What do you do in your spare time? The following people held down menial jobs while moonlighting in the field which would eventually gain them great fame. FTP each, name these illustrious figures from their humble beginnings. Because of parental opposition to a musical career, he joined the Austrian Army and composed in his off-duty time. His fourth opera, "Zoraide di Graiana", was so successful in Rome that he obtained an early release from the army. Gaetano DONIZETTI He wrote his novel "Mosquitoes" while supervising the shoveling of coal to feed the boilers at the University of Mississippi power plant. This American author gained did not gain popular or literary recognition until the 1940's. William FAULKNER A true working-class boy, he was a fourteen year old apprentice who used his spare time from meals to read Locke's "On Human Understanding" and Xenophon's "Memorable Things of Socrates". This reading proved to be good preparation for this eighteenth-century American. Benjamin FRANKLIN 15. For five points each and a total of thirty points, give the full names of the following writers more commonly known by their initials. D.H. Lawrence DAVID HERBERT Lawrence E.M. Forster EDWARD MORGAN Forster Pearl S. Buck Pearl SYDENSTRICKER Buck J.D. Salinger JEROME DAVID Salinger e.e cummings EDWARD ESTLIN Cummings H.G. Wells HERBERT GEORGE Wells 16. Do you know where the wild things are? Identify the mythical monster, given a short physical description, for the stated number of points. For 5: These creatures had brazen hands, wings of gold, red tongues between their tusks and serpents writhed about their heads. GORGONS For 10: It has the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. GRIFFIN For 15: It has the front of a lion, middle of a goat and the tail of a serpent. CHIMERA 17. During the American Revolution, the king of Great Britain was George III. Other prominent monarchs also ruled at this time, either lending aid to the colonies, or else keeping England busy on the Continent. FTP each, name the monarch of these countries at the time of the Revolution. France Louis XVI (1774-1792) Prussia Frederick II (the Great) (1740-1786) Austria Maria Theresa (1740-1788) 18. 30-20-10 Name the author from works. 30: A Moving Target, The Paper Men 20: The Spire, Darkness Visible, The Inheritors 10: Lord of the Flies William GOLDING 19. Arrange the following Merovingian kings in chronological order for 5 points apiece, plus an additional 5 for all correct. Childeric, Dagobert I, Sigibert I, Clovis, and Clothar I. CHILDERIC, CLOVIS, CLOTHAR I, SIGIBERT I, DAGOBERT I 20. 30-20-10 Name the actor from his films. 30: The Taming of the Shrew, 1929 20: The Lamb, 1915 10: The Mark of Zorro, 1920 Douglas FAIRBANKS 21. Risk assessment helps us estimate the probability that an event will occur. For five points each and an extra five for all correct, list the following types of risk in order of increasing risk. Death from electrocution, disease from smoking a pack of cigarettes per day, disease from drinking 12oz of beer a day, disease from drinking 12oz of diet cola per day, and disease from DDT and DDE in our diet. DDT and DDE, ELECTROCUTION, DIET COLA, BEER, CIGARETTES 22. 30-20-10 Name the man. 30: He rose to prominence as a general when he suppressed the Yellow Turban rebellion. 20: After his death, his son usurped the Han dynasty in 220 AD and established the Wei dynasty. 10: He was portrayed in the role of the shrewd, unscrupulous villain in the 14th century historical novel, "Romance of the Three Kingdoms." TS'AO TS'AO (CAO CAO) 23. Identify the following enzymes as a Zinc Protease, Serine Protease, Thiol Protease, Aspartyl Protease, or none of the above for 10 points each. 10: Carboxypeptidase A ZINC Protease 10: Pepsin ASPARTYL Protease 10: Lysozyme NONE OF THE ABOVE