2023 National Mythology Showdown (For Three People) Packet

Open One-off Packet

Difficulty: Nationals ●●●●

Subjects: Beliefs

Season primarily used: 2022-2023

2 packets of 20 TU/ea., superpowermarked and powermarked, no replacements Per packet, approximate distribution: 1.75 African, 4 Asian (not including South), 3 South Asian, 2.5 N&S American, 3 Classical, 2 European (not including Classical), 2.25 Commonlink (between any mythology system), 1.5 Other/Editor's Choice, category/subcategory distribution not perfectly even Although marked as open, this set was written for an HS audience, and difficulty level was not edited to be consistent (fluctuates greatly from HS Regs+ up to Open). Has been re-uploaded to fix some small errors.

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