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2015 VCU Open

Target level: Open

Season primarily used: 2014-2015

VCUO '15 will be written and edited by Cody Voight, Will Nediger, Evan Adams, Kenji Golimlim, and Matt Bollinger. The difficulty is "Regionals+", as defined by VCUO '11.

Writing breakdown:

Will-British, European, and World Literature; Painting, Film, and most of the Music tossups; Philosophy and Social Science. Some trash, some music bonuses.
Cody-Science (minus some contributions from Akhil Garg); most of the Music bonuses; Trash Film. Random stuff, some music tossups.
Evan-American Literature; American History; Misc. Fine Arts; Religion; Trash TV. Music bonus, some sports.
Kenji-European and World History; nearly all the Geography, Current Events, and GK; all the unmentioned, non-TV, non-film Trash questions. Bunch of British and some classical history. Other random stuff.
Matt-British and Classical History; Myth. Some sports.
Akhil-8/3 across biology and chemistry

VCUO '15 will be implementing a Gaddis-style difficulty quota for answerlines, based on a 4-point scale:
1 - ACF Fall
2 - ACF Regionals
3 - ACF Nationals
4 - ++
Each packet will have approximately (4) 1's, (8) 2's, (6) 3's, and (2) 4's. This is a difficulty ceiling, not floor, so an answerline that might appear at ACF Fall can be categorized as a 1, 2, 3, or 4.

Tossups are hard-capped at 8 lines for 1's and 7 lines for 2-4's.

As the name implies, VCUO '15 is an open tournament and there are no eligibility restrictions.

VCUO '15 will consist of 15 packets. The distribution is modeled on VCUO '11 and is as follows:
4/4 Literature (30% American, 30% British, 25% European, 15% World)
4/4 History (25% American, 25% European, 20% World, 15% British, 15% Classical)
4/4 Science (25% Biology, 16.67% Chemistry, 25% Physics, 11.67% Math, 11.67% Earth Science, 5% Astronomy, 5% Computer Science)
3/3 Fine Arts (split evenly between Painting, Music, and Miscellaneous Arts)
2/2 R/M (split evenly between Religion and Myth)
1/1 Trash
1/1 P/SS (split evenly between Philosophy and Social Science)
1/1 G/C/GK (40% Geography, 40% Current Events, 20% Geography, Current Events, or "General Knowledge")

An additional 5/5 tiebreakers will be provided as a separate packet-1/1 each from Literature, History, Science, Fine Arts, and Religion/Myth.

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This entry is owned by Cody Voight.