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2008-09-17 05:17:17
if you read a lot of webcomics, you may notice my friend ryan estrada has a lot of guest comics up today. if you do not, that is okay, i bet you have got a life

ryan estrada is the reason i got to live in mexico for a while, and so, he's the reason i got to start this comic, and so, he's the reason i am currently able to live off this here comic. so i owe him a terrible debt and one day he will come to collect.
2008-09-16 07:04:47
hector plasm is a real published comic that will be in comic book stores. i have a 2-page story in the halloween issue, "hector plasm: totentanz" so i guess buy it if you want to see it. it's "in previews" and the order code is SEP08 2226. today's update is not the comic that's in the book, it is a different thing that i made. thanks to benito cereno for asking me to make a story. dean trippe and jess fink and some other people have stories in there as well, which is pretty neat i think.
2008-09-12 08:59:09
i have a new computer now! thanks to you guys. (thank you). those prints will be mailed out sometime next week. next up i will have to wait around for my new tablet pen to arrive from australia (ryan estrada gave me a weird cintiq). that is the story!
2008-09-10 11:13:22
how cute is it being a couple am i right

i'm selling some prints as a test, we will see how it goes? my comics are going to be hand-drawn til i get a new computer and tablet pen, that is just how it is going to go, pardon our dust, etc.
2008-09-08 10:57:48
deborah franklin was barely literate and ran the family business and took care of ben franklin's bastard son while he gallavanted about europe. my laptop has died in conjunction with my tablet pen, so you are going to see some hand-drawn comics about whatever i feel like until i get that worked out.