VETO 2008 Lisgar Alumni Team Tossups
(Ben Hare, Tamara Vardomskaya)

1. He started out as a shoemaker's apprentice, but later became a minister of agriculture. He ordered the construction of the world's largest civilian administrative building, which was never completed after his death. He was very impressed by Juche and North Korea under Kim Il Sung, and was inspired to compose the July Theses proposing a cultural revolution for his country. He was firmly against both divorce and abortion; Freakonomics notes that his eventual downfall was perhaps due to people who would not have existed if not for his policies. FTP, name this infamous dictator of Romania.

Answer: Nicolae Ceausescu

2. The Simmonds' test or Thompson test is used to verify this injury; squeezing the calf muscle does not cause plantar flexion. The antibiotic Cipro is linked to an increased risk of this injury. It is one of the most common sports injuries due to powerful acceleration stresses on the leg and foot. Gymnast Ivan Ivankov and sprinter Donovan Bailey both suffered what sports injury, FTP, involving the rupture of the largest tendon in the body?
Answer: Achilles tendon rupture (accept clear-knowledge equivalents)

3. Hailing from Stockbridge, Georgia, they were asked to perform at the 1994 Woodstock festival after their successful debut album. The bands name comes from an Ayn Rand novel although they maintain that they could have picked it out of a motorcycle magazine. Including members Ryan Hoyle, Joel Kosche, Will Turpin and Ed and Dean Roland, their albums include “Hints, Allegations and things left unsaid”, “Disciplined Breakdown” and “Afterwords”. FTP, what band had hits with “Shine”, “December” and “Hollywood”?

Answer: Collective Soul

4. He is said to have been obsessed with wombats, kept two as pets, and a caricature in the British Museum portrays him lamenting the death of one of them. He wrote poetry, including a poem about "the blessed Damozel", but unlike his sister, it was painting rather than poetry that made him famous. Many of his most renowned paintings recognizably feature the same woman, Jane Burden Morris, the wife of his friend William Morris. She appears as his "Monna Vanna" and "Proserpine." Brother of Christina who wrote "Goblin Market", FTP name this most famous artist of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood?

Answer: Dante Gabriel Rossetti

5. It once housed several large trading empires whose success depended on their fast horses and camels. Dakar and Kano are its two largest cities and it stretches over 3,000,000 sq km. Its name literally means "coast" in Arabic and it covers a region defined by average rainfall. FTP, what is the name of the sub-Saharan region, stretching from Senegal on the West to Sudan on the East?

Answer: Sahel

6. This series' world's map strongly resembles Europe, with much of the action taking place in the location of France, also the source of much of the vocabulary. However, the world posits that the inhabitants of this country, known as Terre d'Ange, are the descendants of angels who had rejected God to join with Blessed Elua on earth and follow the precept of "Love as thou wilt." The main character in the first trilogy is a courtesan for whom loving as she wilt involves experiencing pain as pleasure and thus being a masochistic submissive to her clients, as well as gathering information in the service of the Queen. FTP, Phedre no Delaunay is a main character in what fantasy trilogy by Jacqueline Carey?

Answer: Kushiel's Legacy / Kushiel's Dart (accept "Kushiel series")

7. The aircraft of that name, named after the first syllable of its designer's last name, was the main Soviet military aircraft during World War II. It is also African-American slang for cognac. However, the most common meaning of that name is a borrowing from Tibetan, where the original word refers to merely the male of this animal species. With the scientific name Bos grunniens, FTP, what syllable refers to a Himalayan beast of burden and is a synonym for chatter or talk?

Answer: Yak

8. The tungstate of this element has negative thermal expansion characteristics. The silicate of this element is often used in jewelry, as the stone known as jacinth when red. The synthesized dioxide of this element is much more famous as an inexpensive diamond substitute. The metallic element itself is valued for its resistance to heat and corrosion, as well as being used in some incendiary bombs because its powder is highly flammable. The crystal-bar process used for its extraction was replaced by the Kroll process, also used to extract titanium. FTP, name this metallic element with atomic number 40 and symbol Zr?

Answer: Zirconium

9. A sequel to this work, which can be called a series of linked vignettes, was written nine years after it in 1954. He calls it a poem, a stink, a grating noise, a quality of light, a tone, a habit, a nostalgia, a dream. It is a depiction of the author's time in Monterey, Californi[10] It follows the exploits at the Palace Flophouse and Grill, Lee Chong's Grocery and the Bear Flag Restaurant, with characters like Hazel, Eddie, The Chinaman, Dora, and a marine biologist known simply as Doc. FTP, what is the name of this John Steinbeck novel?

Answer: Cannery Row

10. Air Canada concluded that the pilots and mechanics were at fault for this incident, while the Transportation Safety Board of Canada blamed Air Canada for equipment deficiencies, particularly the fuel gauge problem leading to this event. It was principally caused by an error in the conversion factor, as the plane had the right number of pounds of fuel aboard, not kilograms. Consequently, the plane had both engines shut down due to lack of fuel, and the emergency checklist had no section on flying the aircraft with both engines out. However, Captain Robert Pearson, a glider pilot, was able to land the plane safely on the strip of a Manitoba air force base, saving all passengers in, FTP, what 1983 aviation incident?

Answer: Gimli Glider

11.  He is a Canadian of ethnic Macedonian origin and was born on February 7th, 1990. He was originally a member of the Markham Waxers of the OMHA before being drafted first overall in the 2006 OHL entry draft. He ended up scoring 197 points in 124 games for the Sarnia Sting. FTP, who was just drafted in the 2008 NHL entry draft by the Tampa Bay Lightning first overall?
Answer: Steven Stamkos

12. In 1978, this lake was hit by a Soviet Cosmos 954 satellite in a decaying orbit, spilling nuclear fuel. Gold was discovered on its shore in the 1930s, leading to the establishment of the city known in Dogrib as "where the money is." The remnant of a post-glacial lake, it is the ninth-largest lake in the world. FTP, what Northwest Territories lake, on the shore of which is Yellowknife, is the deepest lake in North America and the second-largest in Canada?

Answer: Great Slave Lake

13.A Chinese myth tells of it being in the form of ten birds, and when all of them appear at once, the hero Hou Yi has to shoot nine. Inti, god of it, was the revered ancestor of the Inca dynasty. Sangya, the wife of the Hindu god of it, flees her husband and leaves her shadow Chhaya in her place because she cannot endure her husband Surya's radiance. Amaterasu is a notable goddess of it. FTP, Horus, Ra, Helios and Sol Invictus are also gods of what celestial body?

Answer: sun

14. Pan carves a gap in one. Another is established by Pandora and Prometheus. They are not named in their actual order but are instead named in the order of their discovery and span over 165,000 miles. When they were first discovered by Galileo they were believed to be two moons, although Christiaan Huygens recognized what they were. Geysers on Enceladus are believed to provide material to, FTP, which large structure surrounding Saturn?
Answer: Saturn's rings (accept clear-knowledge equivalents)

15. This company was the first company in history to issue stock, and the first multinational corporation. Founded to compete with the Portuguese in the intercontinental spice trade, it followed the example of its similarly-named English equivalent on seeing its advantages. Its posts were established in Canton, Siam, Formosa, Colombo, and the Cape of Good Hope, but most famously in Batavia, now Jakarta. It was nationalized in 1796 by the Batavian Republic. FTP, what Netherlands company had a major influence on the history of colonial Indonesia?

Answer: Dutch East India Company / Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie

16. Its development began in 1998 and came into effect in 2003. It is estimated to cost $800 million and involve 30,000 police. It can be bypassed using secure traffic, onion routing, or most popularly, using a proxy server. Language Log may have been affected by it, and many blogging sites definitely are, as well as the BBC and sites related to the Taiwanese government and to the Dalai Lama's government in exile. FTP, give either the official or the popular name of the People's Republic of China's project on censoring information available through the Chinese Internet?

Answer: Great Firewall of China / Golden Shield Project / Jīndùn gōngchéng

17. It is the source of the title of a collection of poetry by New York author Tao Lin. It was first developed by Albert Ellis in the 1950s. In treating depression, it aims to correct the thinking errors that lead to the patient's negative interpretation of events. It proceeds to analyze the activating event, the beliefs associated with that event, and the consequences of those beliefs, in order to reinterpret the event in a more positive light. FTP, what psychological therapy aims to adjust both the patient's beliefs and actions about events, and is often abbreviated CBT?

Answer: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (prompt on CBT before it is mentioned)

18. The month of the event was chosen "to more fully take advantage of the miserable weather." It began in the San Francisco Bay area with 21 participants in 1999, while this year over 100,000 people took part worldwide, belying the first part of its name. It emphasizes quantity produced over quality, and accepts any kind of text that the participant chooses to consider being within the rules, as long as it was not created before the beginning of the event. Software confirms a "winner" so it is possible to win without anyone but you having seen your work. FTP, November is the month of what event that encourages people to complete 50,000 words of a work of fiction?

Answer: National Novel Writing Month / NaNoWriMo

19. "She had the perfect motion for being effective and efficient," Larry Jones said about her. Like every one of her competitors, she was a descendant of Native Dancer. A race has been renamed in her honour, that will run on the same day in 2009 as the event after which she died in 2008. Her injury was a compound fracture of the cannon and sesamoid bones, the same bones that Barbaro shattered, but in both forefeet. FTP, what filly that came second after Big Brown in the 2008 Kentucky Derby but broke both forelegs and had to be euthanized right on the track, has the same name as the naval term for the maximal time struck by ship's bells on a watch?

Answer: Eight Belles

20. This opera was inspired by Victor Hugo's play Le roi s'amuse, and the composer had to argue with censors over many aspects of it. The title role is sung by a baritone, while a soprano sings the lead female role of his daughter, and a tenor sings the role of his dissulute employer, the Duke of Mantua. The plot involves Gilda voluntarily letting herself be killed  by her father's hired assassin in place of the Duke who had seduced her and whom she loves. FTP, the aria "La donna é mobile" comes from what Verdi opera about a hunchbacked jester?

Answer: Rigoletto

21. She is similar to a mermaid and is the daughter of the Creator God Anguta. She ate everything in her parents' house and even gnawed off one of her husband's arms as he slept. She lives in and rules over Adlivun, the Inuit Underworld, although she is also a mighty sea goddess and when mad can trap all of the animals of the sea. FTP, who is this goddess, also known for being namesake of one of the furthest objects from the sun?

Answer: Sedna

22. Its name is considered to derive from the Indo-European root meaning "horn" due to its shape. The city of Holtville, California, considers itself the capital of the world with regards to this vegetable. Cultivated types include Imperator, Chantenay, and Nantes. It is a significant source of Vitamin A, but overconsuming it can cause the skin to turn orange. FTP, what root vegetable is considered in popular culture to be a rabbit's favourite food?

Answer: carrot

23. This book was called by the New York Times "the first piece of literature since the Book of Genesis that should be required reading for the entire human race." Called by some the second greatest work of literature in Spanish after Don Quixote, it is an epic of Colombian and Latin American history. Telling the story of the Buendia family in the town of Macondo, FTP, what is this magical-realism novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez?

Answer: One Hundred Years of Solitude / Cien Años de Soledad

24. He used to sleep with all of his clothes on because he feared that taking them off would cause insomnia. To defend one of his inventions, he tried to get people to refer to the the electric chair as Westinghousing someone. This man was known as the Wizard of Menlo Park, so FTP, which man invented or took credit for the Stock Ticker, direct current and the light bulb?

Answer: Thomas Edison

VETO 2008 Lisgar Alumni Team Boni

(Ben Hare, Tamara Vardomskaya, Chris Greenwood)

1. Name the internet même from the clues given.

[10] I can haz questionpack? Why yoo no answerz ma bone-us?

[10]This line actually originated in the Japanese videogame Zero Wing.
All your bases are belong to us

[10] This shock site with a Christmas Island country code originated the frequently parodied image of a man disproportionately stretching an orifice.

2. (To reader: please tear off last page of question packet with the skeleton pictures)

Are you as notoriously obsessed with prehistoric megafauna skeletons as the question writer? Bring on the visual bonus!
[10] All three skeletons on top are of what Pleistocene mammal, known in Latin as Megatherium americanum?
giant sloth
[10] Giant sloths shared the South American megafauna scene with what marsupial cat, which resembled saber-toothed cats but had flanges on its lower jaw providing slots for its saber canines to fit into?
[10] As no other animal at the time was strong enough to do this, it is thought that Megatherium is responsible for remains of this giant armadillo, about the size of a VW Beetle, often being found flipped upside down.
Glyptodon / Glyptotherium

3. Answer the following questions about a chemical process you are unlikely to do at home, but if you do, more power to you.

[10] What process is usually used to colour aluminum and titanium?

anodization (accept word forms)

[10] When aluminum alloy is anodized, a layer of what compound forms on its surface?

aluminum oxide

[10] As per its name, anodization works by the aluminum part acting as the anode of an electrical circuit when passing a direct current through an electrolytic solution. What solution, also one of the most famous acids, is most commonly used for that purpose?

Sulfuric acid / H2SO4

4. Figure out the book titles from the clues given. The words of the answer can be found  in the clue.

[10] A girl with brown eyes cries to God as she goes through three husbands; their efforts to please her were as pointless as watching paint dry.

Their Eyes Were Watching God

[10] This book chronicles the story of a man who witnesses a horrible slaughter in the winter of 1945 and upon returning to his house begins to travel through time.

[10] Two poor men try and follow their dream of owning a home, and there having many mice to pet, but it all goes tragically wrong.
Of Mice and Men

5. The following questions deal with hash, and no, not that kind.
[10] The hash symbol is the British term for what symbol on the keyboard?
pound sign / number sign / octothorpe
[10] In the context of cryptographic hash functions, what does the SHA in SHA-1 stand for?
secure hash algorithm
[10] What is the principal ingredient in hash browns?

6. (Note to Reader: Tear off page of packet, which contains the picture of lots of people and no skeletons.)
Answer the following questions about this picture:
[10] This famous fresco, actually called "Philosophy" portrays Greek philosophers, some of whom are actually portraits of Raphael Santi's contemporaries. What is it most commonly called?
The School of Athens
[10] In what Vatican building is the School of Athens fresco?
Apostolic Palace
The two main figures in the painting, located at the focal point, are Aristotle and this other philosopher, who holds his work Timaeus in the crook of his left arm.


7. Answer the following questions about a sports team.

Nicknamed the “Reds”, their main sponsor is Carlsberg and one of their biggest rivalries is with Merseyside club Everton. FTPE:

[10]  Name this English Premier League team who were eliminated by Chelsea in the semifinals of the 2007-2008 UEFA Champions League.

 Liverpool Football Club

[10]  Liverpool plays its home games at which stadium?


[10] In 1986, disaster struck the club, when, at an away game against Sheffield Wednesday, a surge of fans through the stadium’s gates caused a crush that killed 96 Liverpool supporters. Give the name of this disaster, named for the Notttingham stadium in which it occurred.

 Hillsborough disaster

8. The following questions are about that hip and happenin' U.S. state --- Wyoming.

[10] Which city, Wyoming’s largest, is also its capital?


[10] In April 1892, a war between famers and ranches erupted in rural Wyoming, one that would eventually require American military intervention. Name this war.

 Johnson County War 

[5+5] For five points each, name the two national parks found within Wyoming’s borders. 

  Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park

9. Answer the following questions about a recent book.
[10] What alternate-history novel won the Nebula and Locus Awards this year?
The Yiddish Policemen's Union
[10] The Yiddish Policemen's Union takes place in what fictionalized Alaska community?
[10] A key plot point in The Yiddish Policemen's Union is the Jewish belief that into every generation a potential Messiah is born. What phrase, meaning "the righteous one of [his] generation", refers to this potential Messiah?
tzadik ha-dor

10. "Only the farmers won. We lose. We always lose."

[10] What classic Western movie about a small group defending a village against thirty bandits is this line from?

The Magnificent Seven

[10] What Russian-born actor, who also starred in The King and I, played the lead role in The Magnificent Seven?

Yul Brynner

C. Name two of the three Magnificent Seven alive at the end of the movie (character names).

Chris, Vin, or Chico (any two)

11. Some places are so scenic, so peaceful, just crying out for a battle or two to be fought there, even if they've already been used for that purpose. Given the description of the site of multiple battles sharing the same name, give that shared name.

[10] Both the Egyptians and the British won here, albeit almost 3400 years apart.

[10] The Italians and the Austrians fought an incredible 11 battles here in World War I.
The Isonzo

[10] Twice battles at this river saved the French.
The Marne

12. You won't have to imitate anyone else on these questions if you know your parrot lore.

[10] What comedy troupe created the famous "Dead Parrot Sketch"?

Monty Python's Flying Circus

[10] What was the name of Long John Silver's parrot in the novel Treasure Island?

Captain Flint

[10] What famous African Gray parrot studied by Irene Pepperberg died in September 2007?


13. Momma always said, ‘Life Is like a box of chocolates.’ FTPE: 

[10] This line was first uttered in the 1994 classic Forrest Gump, which won this Californian the Academy Award for Best Director.

Robert Zemeckis

[10] In the film, Forrest Gump founds a successful shrimp fishing company, whose name is a hybridization of Forrest’s and his late friend’s from the Vietnam War. What is this name?

Bubba Gump Shrimp Company 

[10] Before founding that company, Forrest finds huge success in and around this sport, which he learns at the hospital in Vietnam while recovering from an injury to his “Butt-tox”.

Ping-Pong or Table Tennis


Currently represented by Lawrence Greenspon, this Ottawa man is on trial for his connection to the British “Fertilizer Bomb” plot. FTPE:

[10] Name this software engineer, whose trial has captured headlines across Canad[10]

Mohammad Momin Khawaja

[10] Khawaja allegedly designed and built a transmitter for detonating multiple bombs across London simultaneously, known by this somewhat colloquial name.

Hi-Fi Digimonster

[10] Khawaja is the first to be charged and subsequently tried under this bluntly named Canadian act.

Canadian Anti-Terrorism Act

15. You keep telling those athletes to Just Say No, and they keep on using steroids.

[10] This man's 583 home runs, 12 all-star game appearances and 70 home run season may still not be enough to lift him to the hall of fame after steroid accusations.
Mark McGuire

[10] This man won a stage on the Tour de France last year, but was pulled from the competition after it was revealed that he tested positive for blood doping, and subsequently retired.
Alexander Vinokourov

[10] She won five medals at the 2000 summer games but was stripped of all of those medals after she revealed that she took performance enhancing drugs.
Marion Jones

16. Answer these questions about Abstract Data Types

[10] This kind involves nodes that contain a piece of information and a link to the next node.
Linked Lists

[10]This kind has nodes that contain a piece of information and link to “left” and “right” nodes, although either of these nodes can be empty.

[10] The nodes of this kind can link to as many other nodes as is required, although certain connections may come with an arbitrary cost for taking that path.

17. This cult's story is used as an object lesson that mass murder is not as easy as it sounds.
[10] What Japanese cult's actions led to the death of twelve people on the Tokyo subway in 1995?
Aum Shinrikyo
[10]What gas was used in the Tokyo subway attacks?
[10] Who was the head of the cult?
Shoko Asahara

18. Seek inspiration from on high to answer these questions about the Muses.
[10] What goddess of memory was the mother of the nine Muses, according to Hesiod?
Mnemosyne (if the team cannot remember the answer, laugh at them)
[10]Which play by Shakespeare calls "O for a Muse of fire that would ascend..."
Henry V
[10] What novel by Henry Fielding has a (hilarious) chapter entitled, "A battle sung by the muse in the Homerican style, and which none but the classical reader can taste", describing a fight in a graveyard?
The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling

19. Name the play from characters. All of the plays are by George Bernard Shaw; none of the plays is Pygmalion. Or My Fair Lady.
[10] Raina Petkoff, Sergius Saranoff, Bluntschli.
Arms and the Man
[10]John Tanner, Ann Whitefield, Roebuck Ramsden
Man and Superman
C. The Archbishop of Rheims, Charles the Dauphin
Saint Joan

20. The following questions are about the question writer's favourite T.V. series, House, M.D.
[10] What British actor plays the title character?
Hugh Laurie
[10] What neurologist on the show, played by Omar Epps, was referred to by House as "Blackpoleon Blackaparte"?
Eric Foreman
[10] The Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, where the series is set, is in what U.S. State?
New Jersey

21. A mere fifteen days ago, the United States celebrated its 232nd birthday. In the spirit of belated celebration, here are some questions about the bald eagle. FTPE:

[10] The bald eagle was chosen as the Presidential Seal’s most prominent figure in which 18th-century decade?

1780s (1782)

[10]Within the chordata phylum the bald eagle belongs to which class?


[10] This process became infamous after the levels of DDT were studied in North American bald eagle populations. What term is used to describe this process, wherein toxin levels increase dramatically in organisms higher on the food chain?



22. Given the African mountain range, name one of the countries it passes through.

[10] The Ahaggar mountains
Algeria or Libya

[10]Air Massif

[10] Kilimanjaro