VETO 2007, FARSIDE second packet tossups

In 2004, the International Automobile Federation awarded him the first World Prize for Road Safety, Environment and Mobility, after he was given credit for a twenty-per-cent drop in traffic deaths in his country. In his first year in office, he had earned the less admirable honour of an Ig Nobel Prize for Peace, for commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of Hiroshima with atomic bomb tests in the Pacific, but in 2007, surveys of his countrymen showed he was most appreciated for staying out of the Iraq war. For 10 points, name this just-retired president of France.

Answer:  Jacques Rene CHIRAC

The Indian version of them, described in the Nyaya Sutra, has five parts, where the third part, the udaharana, must include an example. In the thirteenth century, William of Shyreswood wrote the first known list of mnemonics for them including Festino, Baroco, Celarent, and Barbara, with different vowels for "some", "all", "no", and "some not", in the twenty-four valid moods. First described in the Prior Analytics of Aristotle, for 10 points, what are these logical arguments with a conclusion following from two premises?

Answer:  SYLLOGISMs (accept AVAYAVA)

Big Island and Bigsby Island are the two biggest of its more than fourteen thousand islands. Jutting into it from the east is the Aulneau Peninsula. It is fed in the south, at Wheelers Point, by the Rainy River, and empties at its northern end at Rat Portage Bay into the Winnipeg River at the city of Kenora. For 10 points, name this lake that washes Minnesota's Northwest Angle as well as Ontario and Manitoba.


A single pill of ivermectin gives a year's protection from this disease, and in 1988, Merck began offering the drug for free. An internationally sponsored campaign to eradicate it had begun in 1974 with a focus on eliminating its vector, the black fly, through aerial spraying over affected areas of West Africa. Success has been such that farmers have now been reclaiming twenty-five million hectares of abandoned fertile land around inland waterways. For 10 points, what is this disease that is caused by worms getting into the eyes?


No one seems to care that his bike was stolen. He's somehow even less popular than he was in high school, and he supports the troops he didn't go to high school with. He is well-versed in first thirds of great literature, but he only reads books about movies, TV, music. He is unafraid to try new snacks. From Iowa City; Jefferson or Kirksville or Kansas City, Missouri; Glendale, Arizona; or Huntsville, Alabama; for 10 points, give the label assigned to an adult male regional resident in these headlines from the Onion.

Answer:  AREA MAN

This city was the location of a treaty in the year 921 between kings Henry the First and Charles the Simple of Eastern and Western Francia. From 1265 to 1794 it was the residence of the Electors of Cologne, the last of whom, Maximilian Franz, founded the spa quarter of Bad Godesberg and was the patron of Ludwig van Beethoven, who was born here. After it became part of Prussia in 1815, King Frederick Wilhelm established a university here, but for 10 points, what city became most prominent after World War Two as capital of West Germany?

Answer:  BONN, Germany

"Tell us that God is a great big shot and that we're paid to trust him." "Tell us again about Freedom and Democracy", it implores, mentioning Westminster and Washington, Wall Street and Watts. It claims that with teargas words and nightstick words we were born to understand the universal language. Written by Michèle Lalonde, for 10 points, what is this bilingual poetic rant with a title taken from an anglophone insult to French Canadians?


Both of the main operations involve raising a number to a fixed power and then finding the remainder upon division by the same composite number, n, which is the product of two large primes. The two fixed powers are multiplicative inverses modulo the totient function of n. One of the powers is kept secret, while n and the other power are made public. First published in 1977 and patented by MIT, for 10 points, what is this system of encryption and decryption named with three professors' initials?

Answer:  RSA algorithm or cryptosystem (for Rivest, Shamir, Adleman)

In 1933 he finished his M.A. in sociology with a thesis entitled "The Problems of the Subnormal Family", in which he advocated that "subnormal" families be moved to segregated colonies and that "the mentally defective" be sterilized. But unlike George Hoadley and John Brownlee in a neighboring province, he didn't implement these ideas once he had the power to do so. Instead he set up mental health clinics and free psychiatric hospital treatment in Saskatchewan. For 10 points name this "father of Medicare".

Answer:  Thomas Clement DOUGLAS

They were named after their founder, the son of an officer in the Khazar army. The founder's grandson, Toghrul, became their first Sultan and defeated Mas'ud I of the Ghaznavids and then in 1055 freed the Abbasid caliph when capturing Baghdad. In 1071, Toghrul's successor Alp Arslan won the battle of Manzikert against the Byzantine Empire and took over Anatolia. Eventually succumbing to infighting and Assassins in the twelfth century, for 10 points, name this pre-Ottoman Turkish dynasty.

Answer:  SELJUK dynasty

Citizens of this country who have strictly observed the laws for seventy-three moons receive a pension and the title of "Legal". When there are vacancies in high office, five or six candidates dance on a suspended rope, and whoever jumps the highest wins the job. The major dispute is over interpreting the Blundecral's statement, "all true believers break their eggs at the convenient end", and Big-Endian heretics have found refuge in the rival court of Blefuscu. For 10 points, name this land of five-inch-tall people in Gulliver's Travels.


It was given by the Byzantine emperor Phocas to Pope Boniface the Fourth, who consecrated it in 609 as the Church of Saint Mary and the martyrs. A bronze sculpture of the Battle of the Titans no longer sits above the pediment, which bears an inscription saying it was built during the third consulate of Marcus Agrippa. Until the twentieth century it was the world's largest concrete structure. It has no windows but a light-admitting oculus at the apex of its hemispherical dome. For 10 points, name this temple to the seven gods in Rome.


Seventy-two centimetres long and decorated with cloud motifs on red lacquer, this aluminimum item was designed by the Lenovo Creative Centre. Able to withstand winds of sixty-five kilometres per hour and rains of fifty millimetres per hour, it will be taken to the peak of Mount Everest in May of 2008 in the middle of a five-continent journey including every province of China. For 10 points, what is this object that on August 8, 2008, will make a ceremonial entry into Beijing?

Answer:  the OLYMPIC TORCH

After Fred Sheppard got ten years for a conviction on this crime in P.E.I. in 2000, popular outrage over the short sentence led to the commissioning of a federal- provincial- territorial report on sentencing guidelines, which noted that the median sentence given to men for this offence was only five years. In Sheppard's case, the fact that he was too intoxicated to form intent led to a reduction in charge from second-degree murder. For 10 points, name this crime defined as culpable homicide that is not murder or infanticide.


In 2005, a blue one and a red one became the twelfth and thirteenth to be discovered. The unusual colour of the blue one indicates it's made up mostly of submicron-sized material, probably dust particles from Mab, which shares its orbit. In 1986, Voyager 2 had found two of them, and also found that the brightest one, epsilon, sits between orbits of Ophelia and Cordelia. The first nine were found in 1977, but for 10 points, what thin planetary features were also recorded, long thought erroneously, in 1797 by William Herschel?

Answer:  RINGS around/of URANUS

The Mouse Woman is tucked away at the back. The Wolf chews the wing of the Eagle, who attacks the paws of the Bear, who is looking backward from the front. The Frog is half in and half out, but the centre of the piece is the cloak-wearing shaman, who holds a staff carved with a Sea-Bear, Killer Whale, and Raven. The two castings are a black one at the Canadian embassy in Washington, and a jade-coloured one at Vancouver airport. For 10 points name this dugout sculpture by Bill Reid.

Answer:  SPIRIT OF HAIDA GWAII (prompt on the JADE CANOE or the BLACK CANOE)

According to Google Maps, doing this takes twenty-nine days. In 1995, Frenchman Guy Delage claimed to have done it in fifty-five days, but this is doubted because he had no witnesses, and no effective way to avoid sharks. The only generally recognized accomplishing of this act was in 1998 by Delage's compatriot and anti-cancer fund-raiser Benoit Lecomte, who arrived at Quiberon after 72 days. For 10 points, what is this accomplishment that Google Maps suggests can be done averaging eight kilometres per hour to Le Havre from Boston?

Answer:  SWIM across the ATLANTIC Ocean

This term originated as the name of a copper-silver coin minted in 1635 in Savoy-Piedmont. Later it came to mean a half Spanish real ["ray-AL"], which until the mid-nineteenth century was used as legal coinage in the southern United States and valued at one sixteenth of a dollar. This was also the initial price in 1837 of a newspaper that took that name, despite its everyday meaning of "something trivial". For 10 points, what newspaper merged in 1914 with the New Orleans Times?


Jason and Medea ["med-EH-a"] visit her to be purified for the slaying of Apsyrtus. This sister of the Cretan queen Pasiphaë and daughter of Helios and the ocean nymph Perse lives in a forest in a stone house surrounded by wolves and lions that wag their tails on another occasion when visitors approach, and she takes a break from weaving to invite them to a feast. Thanks to the herb moly from Hermes, Odysseus does not succumb, but for 10 points, what sorceress on the Island of the Dawn turns half of Odysseus's men into swine?

Answer:  CIRCE

In 2006 he became the token member of Asian ancestry in a multicultural townhouse with a Peruvian immigrant, a woman of Austrian descent, and a citizen of France. After they all moved earlier this year into more spacious digs on Acacia Avenue, he has kept a blog -- but neither confirmed nor denied rumours about its authenticity -- on the website not-a-leader-dot-C-A, which is registered to the Conservative Party of Canada. For 10 points, name this Siberian husky companion of Janine Krieber and Jeanne and Stéphane Dion.

Answer:  KYOTO

He claims that if he "had lived a normal life" he "might have become another Schopenhauer or Dostoyevsky". Instead, at age forty-seven he's still living with his mother. After Helena arrives, his attempts to seduce her are failures, as are both of his attempts to shoot her husband, a newly retired "miserable gout-ridden professor" and brother-in-law who suggests the idea of selling the estate that this character has been managing together with his niece Sonya. For 10 points, name this title character of a drama by Chekhov.


This area is abundant with wild watermelon, which is believed to have originated here. Other endemic plants include the camelthorn tree and the natural appetite suppressant the Hoodia cactus. Known for its reddish sand, its only year-round river is the Okavango in the northwest. The natural habitat of the meerkat, for 10 points, name this arid region stretching over most of Botswana and parts of Namibia and South Africa.

Answer:  KALAHARI Desert or Basin

It uses all the Roman letters except F, J, W, and Z, although the "Z" sound is represented by the letter D, and the English "D" sound is represented by a separate consonant written as D with a horizontal stroke through it. There are six additional vowels, written as "A" with a breve, "A" and "E" and "O" with circumflexes, and "O" and "U" with hooks on the top right. What's more, all vowels can have any of five other markings to indicate non-level tone. For 10 points name this Jesuit creation used by eighty million people in southeast Asia.

Answer:  VIETNAMESE alphabet, or Chu QUOC NGU

In mammals, it is formed from the metabolism of lysine ["LIE-seen"] with alpha-ketoglutarate, or from the metabolism of lipids in the fatty acid spiral. It is also made in the inner membrane of mitochondria ["my-toe-CON-dree-a"] as a product of oxidative carboxylation ["car-box-ill-EH-shun"] of pyruvate ["pie-ROO-vate"]. For 10 points, name this thioester ["THIGH-o-ester"] that reacts with oxaloacetate ["ox-al-o-ASS-it-ate"] to form citrate at the beginning of the citric acid cycle.


Vancouver Estival Trivia Open, 2007, FARSIDE team, second packet