VETO 2007, FARSIDE first packet tossups

Its headquarters is in Vancouver, even though it hasn't had any Canadian-based members since the year 2000. On April 1, 2007, it added three new members, based in Amman, Budapest, and Tokyo, joining the seven others based in Madrid, Helsinki, Santiago, Sydney, Hong Kong, Fort Worth, and London. Averaging 315 million customers annually on a combined fleet of more than two thousand aircraft, for 10 points name this rival to Star Alliance that once included Canadian Airlines and is led by British Airways and American Airlines.


Father Beaubien opposes plans to build a factory in the parish of Saint-Marc-des-Érables, while the wealthy landowner Athanase Tallard sees the project as a way of promoting "science" against "the old age of faith and the soil". After personal ruin and betrayal by the capitalist Huntley McQueen from Montreal, Tallard returns to the Catholic church at the end of his life, and his son Paul marries Heather Methuen. For 10 points, name this iconic novel of French-English relations by Hugh MacLennan.


His first conquests were in the Crimea and Colchis, where Greek principalities surrendered to gain protection from the Scythians. He then divided Paphlagonia and Galatia with the Bithynian king Nicomedes the Third. In his next big push west, he found allies among the Greek cities on the Aegean and massacred all eighty thousand Italians in Asia, before being stopped in Greece by the Roman general Sulla. For 10 points, name this king of Pontus who was finally defeated by Pompey.


Its two biggest subdivisions are Thickwood Heights and Timberlea, which are connected to the downtown area by the Ralph Steinhauer and Grant McEwan bridges. It was incorporated as a city in 1980, but lost that status when it was merged into the Municipality of Wood Buffalo in 1995. Since then, its population has more than doubled, to eighty thousand. StatsCan reported in 2007 that it had the highest mean family incomes in Canada. For 10 points, name this Alberta boom town near the Athabasca Oil Sands.

Answer:  FORT McMURRAY, Alberta

The latest version, released on November 15, 2006, includes a windowed colour-shifting thread woven into the paper and a metallic holographic stripe. The back has a quote about "the winters of my childhood", when "our real life was on the skating-rink", by Roch Carrier. The front shows the West Block and the head of Wilfrid Laurier. For 10 points, name this instrument of legal tender that is coloured blue.


The one by Bruckner begins with ninety-two successive instances of the composer's characteristic duple-triple rhythm, the most of any of his works. The one by Mahler includes "three hammer blows of fate" played by an actual hammer. A sombre adagio lamentoso ends the one by Tchaikovsky, who died nine days after its first performance. Beethoven's depicts a thunderstorm in the fourth movement and shepherd's song in the fifth. For 10 points, what are these orchestral works nicknamed "philosophic", "tragic", "pathétique", and "pastoral"?


Defying Miles Macdonell's ban on exporting food, about sixty men led by Cuthbert Grant set out with supplies to sell to traders, but were intercepted by Robert Semple at this location outside Fort Douglas on June 19, 1816. It isn't clear who fired the first shot, but at the end, Governor Semple and twenty of his men lay dead. Only one died in Grant's party of Métis ["MAY-tee"]. For 10 points, at what Manitoba location was this biggest armed confrontation between the North West Company and the Hudson's Bay Company?

Answer:  SEVEN OAKS (incident or battle or massacre)

In viticulture, this compound is mixed with lime to form Bordeaux mixture, a fungicide. In medicine, a solution of this compound is used to test blood for anemia, as it reacts with the iron in hemoglobin. It occurs naturally as the mineral chalcanthite, and its anhydrous form is a grey-white to greenish powder. For 10 points, what is this compound commonly used in chem lab and known for crystals and solution that are bright blue?


Consisting mainly of carboniferous limestone and Millstone Grit, its northern and southern sections are separated by the Ribble and Aire rivers. Caverns under it include Ingleborough Cave and Gaping Gill. The highest point in the southern part is Kinder Scout, in the Peak District, and the highest point overall of eight hundred and ninety-three metres is Cross Fell in Cumberland. For 10 points, name this range of hills and mountains from Derbyshire to Northumberland, dubbed the "backbone of England".

Answer:  the PENNINE Chain/Range/Hills/Mountains   (or PENNINES)

The small saphenous ["sa-FEE-nuss"] vein lies along its lateral side. Inflammation of the bursa anterior to it is called Albert's disease, and inflammation of the bursa posterior to it often results from Haglund's deformity, or "pump bump". Thompson's Test tells you that it's ruptured, if squeezing the gastrocnemius muscle fails to cause plantar flexion. For 10 points, what is this frequently injured tissue connecting the calf muscles to the heel bone?


In a footnote, it mentions the case of Samuel Byck, whose plans were thwarted by police in Baltimore in 1974. For the main story, it draws attention to an overlooked fax sent in February 1998 to a newspaper in London from "one of the most remote and impoverished countries on earth", by a physician and an engineer living in exile. Debuting as number one on amazon dot com in 2004, for 10 points, what is this U.S. government publication that discusses fatwas and hijackings?

Answer:  The 9/11 COMMISSION Report: Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States

B.F. Skinner published a "humanist alternative" to them, in which God is replaced by either "our fellow men and women" or "our friends". Research conducted under Project MATCH showed that they are more effective than either cognitive behavioral therapy or motivational enhancement therapy. Adapted to incest survivors, clutterers, gamblers, co-dependents, and overeaters, for 10 points, name this set of recovery principles first enunciated by Bill Wilson of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Answer:  TWELVE-STEP programs

They include a man and a woman, three minds, the beauty of inflections and innuendoes, a small part of the pantomime, a moving eye among twenty snowy mountains, a shadow on barbaric glass, the imaginings of thin men of Haddam, noble accents and lucid rhythms, many circles, the bawds of euphony, the shadow of equipage, the moving river, and finally in the cedar-limbs the titular creature. For 10 points, name this poem by Wallace Stevens.


The attendance of one hundred and three thousand, nine hundred and eighty-five was the largest ever for an event of this kind. Up with People performed a Salute to the Big Band Era at this Rose Bowl event after there had already been three lead changes. Ray Malavasi and Chuck Noll were the opposing coaches, and for the second year in a row, Terry Bradshaw was named MVP. For 10 points, name this championship game where the Rams lost to the Steelers on January 20, 1980.


It's the heaviest isotope occurring in the Bethe-Weizsäcker ["BAY-tuh VITE-zake-er"] cycle in stars. With a half-life of one hundred and twenty-two seconds, it decays by positron emission, and these positrons are measured in PET scans when the isotope is used as a tracer to study a patient's metabolism by tagging air with it, or to study blood flow by tagging water with it. For 10 points, name this isotope that after emitting a positron turns into the stable nitrogen-fifteen.

Answer:  OXYGEN 15

In the book of Nahum, "Thou hast multiplied thy merchants above the stars of heaven: the cankerworm spoileth, and flieth away." In the second epistle to Timothy, "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness." And in the gospel of John, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." For 10 points, these are all what chapter and verse?

Answer:  chapter 3, verse 16

Among those claiming to be this person include Eleazar Williams, a Native American preacher, Karl Naundorff, a convicted German fraudster, and the comte de Richemont. At the age of eight, he was taken under the care of a cobbler, Antoine Simon, and three months later he became an orphan when his mother was executed for treason. His succumbing to scrofula at age ten was a setback to constitutional monarchists. For 10 points name this child prisoner who from 1793 to 1795 was titular king of France.

Answer:  LOUIS the 17th

Located across the street from the headquarters of the Orphans and Self-Help Society, it was originally built by smugglers. It had six main rooms: one was used as a hospital; one held forty orphans; one held intellectuals and relatives of the fighters; one held munitions works; and two held over a hundred fighters of the ZOB, most of whom committed suicide on May 8, 1943, when it was attacked by SS General Jürgen Stroop. For 10 points, what was the address of this Warsaw Ghetto bunker written about by Leon Uris?

Answer:  MILA 18

Historian Paul Johnson dates the beginning of the modern world to May 29 of this year, when a solar eclipse provided the first confirmation of Einstein's theory of general relativity. The first flight across the Atlantic was made by Albert Cushing Read, and then the first non-stop by Alcock and Brown, but the year is best remembered for a year-long conference beginning on January 18 in Paris to ensure world peace. For 10 points, what was this year of the Treaties of Neuilly, Saint-Germain, and Versailles?

Answer:  the year 1919

Hungarians call it Bar Kokhba, after the leader of the Jewish Revolt who, when he met one of his men whose tongue and hands were cut off, was still able to get information from him. In Dickens's A Christmas Carol, a version of it is played by Scrooge's relatives, who call it "Yes and No". A stock thing to ask is: "Is it bigger than a breadbox?" For 10 points, what's the name of this parlour game that could also describe the tossups in a VETO round?


On June 16, 2007, there were two simultaneous ones at noon at Edinburgh Castle and Stirling Castle in Scotland, in honour of the Queen's Official Birthday. In Canada, the Queen is honoured in this way only when she enters or leaves Canada, or enters a province. The Governor General will receive this same treatment tomorrow when she arrives at Parliament Hill. For 10 points, what is this highest possible military honour for a dignitary, made with cannons or rifles?

Answer:  21-GUN SALUTE

The short arm contains a series of tandem repeat structures. A deletion of a section of the long arm is associated with DiGeorge syndrome, and an inverted duplication of another section causes Cat-Eye syndrome. In 1999 it became the first of its kind to be fully sequenced, and after the Y, it has the fewest genes of any of its kind. For 10 points, what is this contiguous piece of human DNA?

Answer:  human CHROMOSOME 22

The main character works at the Animal Control Department. An incident with a dog named Ned makes him late to meet his wife, who has gone into a bookstore with street address 599 and buys him a book that changes his life. Walter Sparrow's car has licence plate number 906 8HT, and his driver's licence is 7730510, and he was born at 11:12 p.m. on February 3. For 10 points, name this Jim Carrey movie of numerical obsession.

Answer:  the NUMBER 23

It was built in 1866 for Hannah Currier by her husband Joseph, who was originally from Vermont but gave it the Welsh name "Gorffwysta", meaning "place of rest". A limestone structure of thirty-four rooms, its biggest renovation was the 1975 installation of an indoor swimming pool, paid for by anonymous private donors. Located across the street from the South African High Commission on the Ottawa River, for 10 points, name this official residence of the prime minister.

Answer:  24 SUSSEX DRIVE

Vancouver Estival Trivia Open, 2007, FARSIDE team, first packet