VETO 2006, FARSIDE first packet tossups

Six letters to Ronald McDonald. A list of all 3-letter legal Scrabble words, plus one "non-regulation word". All the 5-digit prime numbers, with one non-prime among them. The first hundred thousand digits of pi, with exactly one digit wrong. Five assignments for a course at Kwantlen College. All these are in a novel narrated by Ethan Jarlewski about himself and five co-workers at a videogame company in Burnaby, B.C., whose surnames all begin with the same letter. For 10 points, name this 2006 book that begins, self-referentially: "Oh God. I feel like a refugee from a Douglas Coupland novel."

Answer:  JPOD

According to his biographer, Hegesippus, his piety was such that he did not drink wine, eat animal flesh, shave, or bathe. According to Christian tradition, he was the head of the first church in Jerusalem and the author of an epistle in the New Testament that Martin Luther thought did not belong in the canon because of its assertion that "faith without works is dead". For 10 points, who was this brother of Jesus?

Answer:  Saint JAMES the Just

For the past two years, this country has had the highest real economic growth rate in the western hemisphere. The expansion follows the country's deepest ever economic contraction in 2002 and 2003, with low points including a two-month general strike and the 47-hour presidency of Pedro Carmona, who fled to Colombia after his coup d'état failed. For 10 points, what country is, not coincidentally, the western hemisphere's biggest exporter of petroleum?

Answer:  Bolivarian Republic of VENEZUELA

"It would be appropriate to recommend strongly that those who are destined for this country not be in any way ill favoured by nature, that they not be outwardly repulsive, that they be healthy and strong enough for country work or that they at least have some skill in manual work." So wrote Jean Talon to Jean-Baptiste Colbert in 1670 about some recent arrivals in Quebec, who had been recruited mostly from orphanages. Transportation costs and fifty livres each were paid by Louis the Fourteenth to, for 10 points, what prospective marriage partners of French settlers?


Its moment-generating function is the quantity one minus two t raised to the power negative N over two, where N is an integer parameter. Its mean is N, and its variance is two N. If you take N independent random variables all with standard normal distributions, then the sum of their squares follows, for 10 points, what probability distribution that is used in statistical tests of samples and goodness of fit?

Answer:  CHI-SQUAREd distribution

At one thousand five hundred and sixty metres above sea level, it's the highest town in Europe. The location of a sanatorium where Thomas Mann set his Magic Mountain, it also hosts the Spengler Cup international hockey tournament every December. Klaus Schwab is responsible for the town's main claim to fame since 1971: a January event that brings together exactly 250 academics, 250 media leaders, 250 political leaders, and a thousand business leaders — and does its best to keep anyone else away. For 10 points, name this Swiss site of the World Economic Forum.

Answer:  DAVOS, Graubünden, Switzerland

It was established by a decree of Catherine the Great in 1791, and expanded in 1794 and 1795 after the second and third Partitions of Poland. Caucasia and Astrakhan were added by Czar Alexander the First, then removed by Nicholas the First, who also excluded the city of Kiev. University graduates, retired soldiers, merchants of the first guild and artisans were allowed to live outside it, but for 10 points, what was the only part of the Russian Empire permitted for residence by all other Jews?


He started working for the United Steelworkers of America in 1967, but left in 1978 to join the federal civil service. In 1982 he set up a private practice in Vancouver that has had him working closely with leaders in industries including airlines, railroads, construction, grain handling, forestry, pulp and paper, hospitality, public safety, health care, and education. The provincial government has appointed him to at least five Industrial Inquiry Commissions. For 10 points, name this well-prepared man who gets called in seemingly every labour dispute in B.C. as a mediator.

Answer:  Vincent L. (Vince) READY

This poem won the Newdigate Prize at Oxford in 1845 and made John Burgon's reputation as a literary one-hit wonder, but actually only one line of this work is ever usually quoted, and the second half of that line was cribbed from a description of temples in Samuel Rogers' poem "Italy". For 10 points, name the poem that contains the couplet, "Match me such marvel save in Eastern clime / A rose red city half as old as time."

Answer:  PETRA

Since its founding in 1931 under federal auspices, researchers at this institution have discovered the antiproton and the antineutron and the first element ever named after a living person, its long-time associate director, Glenn Seaborg, the co-discoverer of nine other elements here including those named after the institution's city and state. For 10 points, what U.S. Department of Energy facility boasts ten Nobel laureates and dramatic views of the Golden Gate and San Francisco from above the campus of the University of California?

Answer:  (Ernest Orlando) Lawrence BERKELEY National LABoratory   (or LBL or LBNL)
(Do not accept University of California, Berkeley; that is separate)

The person who made it up said that learning it takes only seven weeks. In 1943, Winston Churchill put forward a suggestion that it be put to use in the Atlantic Charter, but Franklin Roosevelt's answer was that the most good form of Churchill's old talk of note would then be "blood, work, eye water and face water". For 10 points, give the name of this simple language of only eight hundred and fifty words, that was the invention of C.K. Ogden.


Host: "That whole tossup was written in Basic English."

On April 9, 2006, he celebrated his 74th birthday and received a special comedian award from the International Comedy Film Festival of Peñíscola ["pen-YEE-sko-la"], Spain. Now in retirement in Palm Springs, he has taken up painting in his own genre dubbed "ape-stract art". For 10 points, name this four-foot-tall film actor who has outlived his 1930s co-stars Maureen O'Sullivan and Johnny Weissmuller from "Tarzan".

Answer:  CHEETA the chimpanzee

"You cannot legislate against geography." (pause) "More revolutions have been caused by Conservative obstinacy than by Liberal exaggeration." (pause) "For us, sons of France, political sentiment is a passion; while, for the Englishman, politics are a question of business." (pause) "The nineteenth century was the century of the United States. I think we can claim that it is Canada that shall fill the twentieth century." These are all quotes by, for 10 points, what turn-of-the-century prime minister?

Answer:  Sir Wilfrid LAURIER

It is the partial derivative of the Gibbs free energy with respect to area when pressure and temperature are held constant. Empirically, it's proportional to the difference between the temperature and the critical temperature, divided by the two-thirds power of the density of the liquid. Arising from a force that tends to minimize area, for 10 points, what is this property that results in liquids forming spherical droplets and allows insects to walk on water?


It teaches "one's relationship to the two basic laws of life — mathematics and language — and ... how everyone can benefit through this wisdom." Founded in 1930 by Alfred J. Parker in Vancouver, it claims that one's "thoughts, desires, opinions, likes, dislikes, reactions" can all be measured by linking mathematics to one's name, and its website contains analyses of seven hundred and sixty-six thousand names. For 10 points, what is this self-styled Philosophy based on "Advanced Numerology"?

Answer:  KABALARIANism

Previously discharged from military service for being a certified imbecile, he is making a living selling mongrel dogs with forged pure-bred pedigrees when he is again drafted into the army as war breaks out. He finds that a lunatic asylum offers "real freedom" where "you can be whatever you want: God, the Pope, the King of England, or Saint Vaclav ['VATS-laff'], although the last was constantly straitjacketed." Expelled for faking lunacy and put back on duty, he gives himself up to the Russians. For 10 points, who is this title character in a novel by Jaroslav Hašek ["HA-sheck"]?

Answer:  the Good Soldier ŠVEJK ["shvaik"]

The probability that it could have arisen by chance is one in ten to the two-hundred-and-thirty-fourth power, according to William Dembski, a mathematician at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Touted by biochemist Michael Behe as an example of "irreducible complexity", it consists of a short hook, a reversible rotary motor embedded within the cell wall, and a long helical filament that acts as a propeller. For 10 points, name this organelle used for motion by bacteria.

Answer:  bacterial FLAGELLUM

He picked up a giraffe in Africa, which he visited from the Mozambique Channel up through the Red Sea to Egypt. In Ceylon he picked up King Alagonakkara and brought him home as a prisoner too. His explorations took him through the Persian Gulf, along the Arabian coast, and throughout the islands of southeast Asia. Commanding over three hundred ships and twenty-seven thousand people, for 10 points, who was this admiral during the Ming dynasty?


On the website urban dictionary dot com, this four-word phrase is defined as "a complete and total screw-up." It's the title of Calvin Trillin's 2006 book of poetry subtitled "More of the Bush Administration in Rhyme". First applied to the work of Bob Riley, Haley Barbour, and Kathleen Blanco on September 2, 2005, for 10 points, what ambiguous phrase did President Bush most memorably also apply moments later to the accomplishments of FEMA Director Michael Brown?

Answer:  a HECK OF A JOB
(Accept as much as "Brownie, you're doing a HECK OF A JOB", as long as the last four words are given.)

Nalbant in Turkish, Seppänen ["SEP-pan-en"] in Finnish, Haddad in Arabic, Pandai in Indonesian or Tagalog, Kuznetsov in Russian, Kovar in Czech, Kovacs ["KO-vatch"] in Hungarian, Gough ["goff"] in Irish, Ferraro in Italian, Herrera in Spanish, Lefevre in French, and Schmidt in German are all, for 10 points, names referring to what profession?

Answer:  SMITH   (accept BLACKSMITH)

Their lowest layer is seventy million years old, made of shale from the Bearpaw Sea. During the Ice Age, glaciers flattened the surrounding terrain, but these features remained unglaciated. They reach their highest elevation of one thousand four hundred and sixty-six metres above sea level at Head-of-the-Mountain, which is the highest point in Canada between the Rockies and Labrador. For 10 points, name this residual plateau in southern Alberta and Saskatchewan.


Despite being Muslims, the women are unveiled, but adult men in this culture do wear veils covering their whole faces except their eyes, using a garment called a tagelmust made of indigo dyed cotton. Traditionally nomadic camel herders, for 10 points, who are these Berber-speaking "blue people" of the Sahara?

Answer:  TUAREG

In warfare, the signal to summon an ally to battle was nine sets of five beats of it. The farthest distance that its sound could travel was traditionally held to define the border of a village, or mura. As important as the beats of it is the period of silence between the beats, called ma, which in the oroshi style begin long and get shorter as the player speeds up the hits. Played with a wooden stick called a bachi, for 10 points, what is this Japanese drum?

Answer:  TAIKO drum

It was defined by Morton Grodzins in 1957 as a measurable quantity in the phenomenon of white flight. White residents would leave a neighbourhood in large numbers only after the proportion of black residents had reached a certain threshold. More generally, it has been described in terms of positive feedback mechanisms and epidemics. For 10 points, what is this metaphor from balancing an inverted pendulum that is the title of a book by Malcolm Gladwell?

Answer:  the TIPping POINT

Vancouver Estival Trivia Open, 2006, FARSIDE team, first packet