2005 TRASH Regionals
Round 14

1. This character once played a guy named Bryce on All My Children, but was killed off in an avalanche. His hair color was an accident on the part of the actor who played him, who let a friend practice on him the day before the audition. He speaks Dutch, and was the one who let slip that Ross had slept with the copy shop girl while he and Rachel were "on a break." His last name is unknown, though Chandler once mused that it was "Centralperk." Name, for ten points, this man played by James Michael Tyler, the coffee house manager on Friends.

Answer: Gunther

2. As an attorney for Moore and Van Allen in Charlotte, he successfully defended a costume shop in a copyright suit against the creators of Barney. As an actor, he played "Good Alien" in 1990's I Come In Peace. As an athlete, he averaged nine points a game between 1983-1986 at Duke, and played professionally in Italy and Spain for two seasons. Since 1995, his second job has included working for ESPN and CBS. For ten points, name this lawyer-come-college basketball name and number cruncher, a fixture on ESPN's college basketball coverage.

Answer: Jay Bilas

3. In 1999, he won a National Magazine Award for his profile of inventor Ron Popeil. Born in England to a Jamaican mother, he was raised in Canada, where he graduated from the University of Toronto's Trinity College with a history degree. The former New York bureau chief for the Washington Post, he joined the New Yorker in 1996, four years before releasing his first best-seller, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Mean a Big Difference. For ten points, name this writer, who enjoyed best-selling success again in 2005 with Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking.

Answer: Malcolm Gladwell

4. This eatery is located at 213 West 53rd Street in Manhattan, and is open Mondays thru Fridays from 7 am to 5:30 pm. Its owner received his degree in economics from City College of New York. Specials include the Alan Kalter -- turkey, avocado, peppers and lettuce on a baguette -- and the Shaffer -- chicken, American cheese, peppers, lettuce, tomato and mayo. TV viewers tend to see the inside whenever Survivor contestants are interviewed by a next-door neighbor. For ten points, name this establishment run by Rupert Jee, frequently featured on Late Show With David Letterman.

Answer: Rupert Jee's Hello Deli

5. In order to keep getting gigs in clubs in the 1970s, they repeatedly changed their name, eventually keeping the one they had when they were first invited back. Songs like "Kelpie" and "Wond'ring Aloud" don't sound much like heavy metal, but in 1987, they reportedly took out an ad proclaiming "the flute is a heavy metal instrument!" after they won the first Grammy award for Hard Rock/Metal Performance. For ten points, identify this most famous band named for an agronomist, fronted by Ian Anderson.

Answer: Jethro Tull

6. His home is in a Kansas City, Missouri, basement, where he practices eight hours a day with "sparring partner" Brian Grapatin. In 2000, he won first place and forty thousand dollars in the Cyberathlete Professional League's RazerCPL tournament. Since then, he's won more than three hundred thousand dollars in prize money and more in endorsements, including licensed sound cards and motherboards and the self-marketed "Fatpad" mouse pad. For ten points, give the pseudonym used by Jonathan Wendel, one of the world's most successful professional video game players.

Answer: Fatal1ty (Pronounced "Fatality." Accept Jonathan Wendel before it is mentioned in the question)

7. After landing major roles in By Your Leave and College Swing, she married former child star Jackie Coogan. After divorcing Coogan, she made a big splash in Down Argentine Way, Coney Island and Sweet Rose O'Grady. Born in St. Louis in 1916, her mother took her to Hollywood when she was 13 and got her chorus girl parts by lying about her age. Though her most famous image was doctored to make her buttocks a little less suggestive, the censorship didn't prevent American G.I.s from buying her posters. For ten points, name this classic movie actress and famous pin-up girl.

Answer: Ruth Elizabeth "Betty" Grable

8. This 2000 graduate from Pepperdine was on the PGA Tour in 2001 and 2003, but never finished higher than 18th. On the Nationwide Tour in 2002, he won the Boise Open and the Oregon Classic. Two years later, he became the first player in Nationwide Tour history to win three straight tournaments, earning a promotion to the PGA Tour, six weeks after being in the final pairing at the U.S. Open. For ten points, name this golfer, who completed his rags-to-riches story in 2005 by winning the PGA's 84 Lumber Classic.

Answer: Jason Gore

9. Its formula was created at the Brooks-City Base in San Antonio, Texas, targeted for a military base closing in 2005. Introduced by General Foods in 1957, a fortified version containing Vitamin A and iron, was unveiled in 2004. The most popular powdered beverage in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia, its popularity in the U.S. likely reached its apex in the mid-1960s, when the crews of the Gemini and Apollo space flights brought it on board. For ten points, name this Kraft beverage forever known as the drink of astronauts.

Answer: Tang

10. "I bet we've been together- for a million years/ And I'll bet we'll be together for a million more/ But it's like I started dreaming/ Of the night we kissed/ And I can't remember what I ever did before/ What did we do baby/ Without us/ What did we do baby/ Without us?/ And there ain't no nothing/ We can't love each other through./ What did we do baby/ Without us?/ Sha la la la." These are the lyrics, for ten points, to what 1980s NBC sitcom starring Meredith Baxter-Birney, and Michael J. Fox?

Answer: Family Ties

11. An upcoming CMT concert featuring Shelby Lynne and Toby Keith will pay tribute to this movement. Taking its name from a song written by Lee Clayton and performed by Waylon Jennings, it can be described as a reaction to the so-called "Nashville Sound" of the 1960s and early 1970s. The movement spawned the first country album certified as platinum, a 1976 compilation featuring Billy Joe Shaver's "Honky Tonk Heroes" called Wanted!. For ten points, name this country music trend most associated with Willie Nelson.

Answer: outlaw country

12. Born in 1967 in Bloomington, Indiana, this author graduated with a fine arts degree from Indiana University. Under the pen name Jenny Carroll, she wrote the 1-800-WHERE-ARE-YOU trilogy, which later formed the basis for the Lifetime series Missing, as well as the six-part Mediator series. Her adult romances include Boy Meets Girl and The Boy Next Door, but she is probably best known for a seven-book series about Mia Thermopolis, heiress to the throne of Genovia. For ten points, name this author responsible for The Princess Diaries series of books.

Answer: Meg Cabot

13. Its 1993 re-release was bizarrely delayed due to an appeal of its NC-17 rating despite its original R rating in 1969. Popularizing the use of slow-motion shots in action movies, this film's violence reaches a climax with four men trying to win back their comrade from General Mapache after a double-cross in an arms deal in Mexico. For ten points, what Sam Peckinpah western starred Ernest Borgnine and William Holden as members of the titular gang of outlaws?

Answer: The Wild Bunch

14. They become less and less powerful as the experiences which cause them are talked about out loud until they are erased. Someone who has erased the major ones is known as a "release," while someone whose thetan has completely escaped their negative effects is a "clear." For ten points, name these painful memories that are important in Scientology.

Answer: engrams

15. At the 2001 World Championships in Toronto, his use of bent equipment garnered him a one-year suspension from tournaments sanctioned by the Duelists' Convocation International. This current SMU student then turned to another game while banned from Magic: The Gathering; in late 2004 he collected over half a million dollars at the Borgata Poker Open where he finished second, although it was not as big as the $3.5 million he won earlier that year. For ten points, who finished second to Greg "Fossilman" Raymer in the main event of the 2004 World Series of Poker?

Answer: David Anthony Williams

16. His blog includes six lines in which you can dump a girl in exactly six words such as "Maybe you don't need those fries." He didn't even need to use that line when he inadvertently was freak dancing with his cousin in a club. He's also a fan of picking up women at baggage claim as well as licking national monuments. For ten points, name this skirt-chasing lawyer who always wears a suit (but never a purple one), played by Neil Patrick Harris on How I Met Your Mother.

Answer: Barney

17. As of May 2005, the top men's players in this sport included Denmark's Peter Gade and Kenneth Jonassen. In August 2005, Howard Bach and Tony Gunawan became the first Americans to win a world title in this sport. It is played in an area 44 feet long by 20 feet wide. Men's singles and doubles games go to 15 points, and women's games going to 11 points. The so-called "ball" used in this game must have 14 to 16 feathers fixed in its base and be rounded on the bottom. For ten points, name this game featuring a shuttlecock, noted primarily as a sport played at backyard barbecues.

Answer: Badminton

18. This Canadian, a graduate of Toronto's York University began her acting career in 2001 with a guest appearance on Disney's The Famous Jett Jackson. In 2002's The Hot Chick, she played the mean-spirited high school girl who turned into Rob Schneider, while 2005 saw her receive a record five MTV Movie Award nominations thanks in part to her work as Plastics leader Regina George. For ten points, name this actress, whose other recent work includes playing Claire Cleary in Wedding Crashers.

Answer: Rachel McAdams

19. 1986's Big World was a three-sided double album -- the label for the second side of the second album proclaimed "there is no music on this side." In 1999, he released his Grammy-award-winning Symphony No. 1 and his memoir, A Cure For Gravity. The book fails to mention his most famous achievements -- the 1979 and 1980 albums Beat Crazy, I'm the Man and Look Sharp! for ten points, identify this performer of the song "Steppin' Out."

Answer: Joe Jackson (more on "Jackson")

20. In the NFL, this number has been retired once, by the Titans for Jim Norton, but it's untouchable by the Redskins for Larry Brown. Current NFL players donning it include Darren Sproles and Troy Polamalu. In the NBA, it's been retired for Brad Daugherty and Jack Sikma, while the only baseball player to have it retired is Dennis Eckersley. It's Jeff Green's current car number in Nextel Cup, which matches the number of cars in the field on a weekly basis. For ten points, name this number, one up from Jackie Robinson, and Richard Petty's longtime number in NASCAR.

Answer: 43

21. In 2002, his face was temporarily paralyzed by a benign brain tumor which cost him the Joaquin Phoenix role in Signs. Although he will play a cop in Zodiac and played one in Collateral, his most recent films have included romantic comedies like the Jennifer Garner vehicle 13 Going on 30. For ten points, name this star of You Can Count on Me, currently appearing Reese Witherspoon in Just LIke Heaven.

Answer: Mark Ruffalo