2005 TRASH Regionals
Round 14

1. For the stated number of points, name these animal-related holidays from TV.

  1. For five points, on The Simpsons, Springfield celebrated this snake-killing holiday, but stopped when it was learned that its original purpose was the beating of Irish people.
    Answer: Whacking Day
  2. For ten points, Ed Stevens created a festival celebrating this aquatic animal to earn Stuckeyville a higher rating in a regional travel guide.
    Answer: ducks
  3. For 15 points, the marrying off of the town dogs is the centerpiece of this Jefferton holiday on Tom Visits the Mayor.
    Answer: Toodleday

2. Name these brands you can find exclusively at Sears for ten points each.

  1. Sears claims that one out of every two American run on appliances made by this Sears spinoff. Current products from this brand include the Ultra Wash dishwasher and refrigerators with Sensor Chill dual temperature sensors.
    Answer: Kenmore
  2. Endorsed by Bob Vila, this tool brand also sponsors NASCAR's truck series.
    Answer: Craftsman
  3. In 2002, Sears purchased this largest catalog and Internet specialty clothier for one-point-nine billion dollars. The clothier is known for its conservatively styled casual wear.
    Answer: Land's End

3. For ten points each, given tracks, name the grunge album.

  1. "Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town", "Go", and "Daughter"
    Answer: Vs. by Pearl Jam
  2. "Siva" [shee-vah], "I Am One", and "Rhinoceros"
    Answer: Gish by Smashing Pumpkins
  3. "Down in a Hole", "Them Bones", and "Rooster"
    Answer: Dirt by Alice in Chains

4. For ten points each, answer these questions about baseball owners who managed their own teams.

  1. What man worked his way from a 25% stake to sole ownership in his 50 years as manager of the Philadelphia Athletics?
    Answer: Connie Mack or Cornelius Alexander McGillicuddy
  2. In 1929, Judge Fuchs spent his only season as manager, finishing last in the National league with what team? Fuchs was not helped by trading Rogers Hornsby for nothing before the season, although his team had future Hall of Famers Rabbit Maranville and George Sisler.
    Answer: Boston Braves (prompt on "Boston," do not accept Atlanta/Milwaukee Braves)
  3. This owner lost one game managing his own team in 1977 before Commissioner Bowie Kuhn told him to cut it out.
    Answer: Ted Turner

5. Besides Jim Morrison in The Doors, Val Kilmer has played other real people in films. For ten points each, what historical personage did Kilmer play in:

  1. Alexander?
    Answer: Philip II of Macedon (prompt on "Alexander's father")
  2. Tombstone?
    Answer: John Henry "Doc" Holliday
  3. Pollock? Hint: He played a European contemporary of the title character.
    Answer: Willem de Kooning

6. For ten points each, given an expansion set in Magic: The Gathering, name the expansion symbol that you can find on the right side of the cards:

  1. Arabian Nights.
    Answer: scimitar (prompt on "sword")
  2. Ice Age.
    Answer: snowflake
  3. Urza's Legacy.
    Answer: hammer

7. For ten points each, name these political magazines:

  1. Co-founded by economist Robert Reich in 1990, its contributors such as Ezra Klein and Matthew Yglesias contributed to its blog Tapped.
    Answer: The American Prospect
  2. David Brock later repudiated his articles in this magazine in which he labeled Anita Hill "a bit nutty and a bit slutty" and made the first printed mention of Paula Jones.
    Answer: The American Spectator
  3. Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes edit this neoconservative magazine founded in 1995 and owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation.
    Answer: The Weekly Standard

8. 40-30-20-10-1. Name the company.

  1. [40] You can buy its products on its Web site.
  2. [30] Founded in 1984 by Steve Hirsch and David James, this company is noted for producing fewer different items than its competitors while advertising more aggressively.
  3. [20] Criticized for rarely hiring non-whites, its current employee list includes Monique Alexander, Savanna Samson, and Brianna Banks.
  4. [10] Janine Lindemulder, Tera Patrick, Chasey Lain, and Jenna Jameson have all been contract girls with this porn company known for its relatively high production values.
  5. [1] This company also produces gay porn under the names Vivid Video and Vivid Man.
Answer: Vivid Entertainment Group (accept Vivid Video)

9. For a billionaire, Jimmy James wasn't that smart. Answer these questions about some of the stupid things he did for ten points each.

  1. He let this person run his empire for a day, leading to him paying $7 billion for Jimmy's cell phone bill.
    Answer: Matthew Brock (accept either)
  2. When Jimmy bought a box full of fake movie memorabilia from a teen, he called this Andy Griffith Show actor as a witness to prove that he did not purchase the actor's skull.
    Answer: George "Goober" Lindsay
  3. Jimmy leads a crusade against this May holiday, only to reveal he's trying to wipe it out because he forgot about it and didn't send a card.
    Answer: Mother's Day

10. As Harold "Bo" Bice knows, you can be a Harold or Harry and still rock without having to resort to an accordion. Answer the following about musical Harolds or Harrys for ten points each.

  1. Harold Faltermeyer was responsible to this instrumental single featured in the movie Beverly Hills Cop. A ringtone remake of this song reached #1 on the UK charts in 2005.
    Answer: Axel F
  2. This R-and-B legend had four Top 15 hits in the 1970s, including 1972's "If You Don't Know Me By Now," with the Blue Notes.
    Answer: Harold Melvin
  3. Among this late singer/songwriter's biggest hits were 1969's "Everybody's Talkin,'" 1972's "Coconut" and 1972's "Without You".
    Answer: Harry Nilsson

11. For ten points each, given one partner, name the other in a short-lived marriage:

  1. With Jeremy Thomas for 19 days in 1994.
    Answer: Drew Barrymore
  2. With Michelle Phillips for 8 days in 1970.
    Answer: Dennis Hopper
  3. With Todd Meister for 3 months in 2004.
    Answer: Nicky Hilton

12. Given a John Travolta character, name the film you'd find him in for ten points each.

  1. Captain Mike Kennedy
    Answer: Ladder 49
  2. James Ubriacco
    Answer: Look Who's Talking (also accept Look Who's Talking Now and Look Who's Talking Too)
  3. Governor Jack Stanton
    Answer: Primary Colors

13. Name these college football players who were on the Heisman Trophy watch list more than once for ten points each.

  1. This Georgia running back finished third for the Heisman as a freshman in 1980, second as a sophomore in 1981, and finally won the dang thing as a junior in 1982.
    Answer: Herschel Walker
  2. This Oklahoma running back won the Heisman in 1978, but finished second to Charles White in Heisman voting in 1979.
    Answer: Billy Sims
  3. This Florida quarterback finished third in voting in 1995 before winning the Heisman in 1996.
    Answer: Danny Wuerffel

14. Charlotte, North Carolina -- the land of 10,000 banks. For 10 points each, name these Charlotte-related banks.

  1. The nation's biggest bank in terms of deposits is this Charlotte-based bank, which is responsible for financing Gone With the Wind and Disneyland. Oh, and their name is on the Panthers stadium.
    Answer: Bank of America
  2. Founded in 1879 in nearby Winston, this Charlotte-based bank takes its name for a Valley along the Danube River that Moravian settlers in the Piedmont hailed from.
    Answer: Wachovia Corporation
  3. Tracing its orgins from Charlotte's Buford Hotel in 1909, this bank was subsumed by Wachovia in 2001, which also took over its sponsorships of the home of a Philadelphia stadium.
    Answer: First Union

15. For ten points each, name these music videos that were censored for various reasons.

  1. This video, considered one of R.E.M.'s best, was banned in Ireland for what was perceived as anti-Catholic imagery.
    Answer: Losing My Religion
  2. MTV declined to air the video of this radio hit, the new track Madonna recorded for her Immaculate Collection because of its sexual content. In response, Madonna sold it on VHS as the first ever "video single."
    Answer: Justify My Love
  3. This Britney Spears video, which features the singer clad in nothing but diamonds, was banned from MTV for a short period of time for its sexual content, but still ended up retiring on Total Request Live after MTV relented.
    Answer: Toxic

16. For ten points each, name these members of the Flash's Rogues Gallery:

  1. Taking his name from a folk tale character, he committed crimes by using the hypnotism of a musical instrument. He later retired from to crime to become a socialist activist and was one of DC's first openly gay characters.
    Answer: Pied Piper or Hartley Rathaway
  2. This mind-controlling ape sought to take over the world, but was thwarted when another ape, Solovar, contacted the Flash.
    Answer: Gorilla Grodd
  3. Eobard Thawne, a criminal from the 25th century, was this speedster who wore a yellow suit with boots and lightning bolts that were red.
    Answer: Professor Zoom or Reverse Flash

17. For ten points each, name these terms popularized, if not created, by recappers or forum-denizens of the Television Without Pity website.

  1. This 14-letter word (and its variants) is mostly used to describe the combination of walking and talking business that's a staple of The West Wing.
    Answer: pedeconference (accept word variants)
  2. This phrase, or its five-letter interjectory abbreviation, marks the appearance of same gender sexual subtext in a show. It's believed to have sprung from comments about Clark and Lex's relationship on Smallville.
    Answer: Homoeroticism Yay! or HoYay!
  3. While not created by the site, they do use this five letter word in their motto, where sparing it will "spoil the networks." The word describes the sarcastic, derisive commenting style.
    Answer: snark

18. Not all hockey players have eighth grade educations. Five for one, two for 10, three for 20, four for 30, given an NHL star, name the university he attended.

  1. Keith Tkachuk
    Answer: Boston University
  2. Martin St. Louis
    Answer: University of Vermont
  3. Brett Hull
    Answer: University of Minnesota-Duluth
  4. Curtis Joseph
    Answer: University of Wisconsin

19. Name these actors who've played Dracula on the big screen for ten points each.

  1. This British actor, who played Beethoven in Immortal Beloved and Lee Harvey Oswald in JFK played the Count in 1992's Bram Stoker's Dracula.
    Answer: Gary Oldman
  2. The 1931 horror classic Dracula saw this Hungarian-born legend play the Count.
    Answer: Bela Lugosi
  3. A 1973 TV movie saw this actor, who performed one-handed push-ups onstage shortly after receiving the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for City Slickers, play Dracula.
    Answer: Jack Palance

20. For ten points each, name these weapons used by Gordon Freeman:

  1. The first weapon that you get your hands on in Half-Life, you're more likely to use it to smack a hagworm than open a crate.
    Answer: crowbar
  2. This piece of alien tech is used by grunts. It regenerates its ammo, which consists of eight hornets at a time.
    Answer: hivehand
  3. Also known as the Egon gun, this prototype uses the same ammo as the Gauss gun and fires a disintegrating beam of energy.
    Answer: gluon gun

21. Did you know that the mayor of Fresno, California, is one-time character actor Alan Autry? Answer these questions about Autry's pre-mayoral work on the small and big screens for ten points each.

  1. Autry played Sparta, Mississippi, police captain Bubba Skinner on this Carroll O'Connor/Howard Rollins police drama, based on an Oscar-winning movie starring Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger.
    Answer: In the Heat of the Night
  2. Autry played Mike "The Hammer" Horn in "Quarterback Sneak", an episode of this George Peppard/Dirk Benedict action series.
    Answer: The A-Team
  3. Autry's film credits include an appareance in this 1979 Nick Nolte football film, based on a Peter Gent novel that was loosely based on the early 1970s Dallas Cowboys.
    Answer: North Dallas Forty

22. The 21st century has seen a garage rock revival, but how long will it last? For ten points each, name the follow-ups to these albums:

  1. Highly Evolved by The Vines
    Answer: Winning Days
  2. Is This It by The Strokes
    Answer: Room on Fire
  3. Elephant by the White Stripes
    Answer: Get Behind Me Satan