2005 TRASH Regionals
Round 11

1. She got to bare all in the film Welcome to Hollywood, and had small roles in Mumford, BASEketball and Idle Hands. She was a stunt double on Baywatch, around the time she was Playboy's Playmate of the Month in April 1997, before earning a role as Susan. She played Livvie Locke and Tess Ramsay on Port Charles, and now plays Samantha McCall and Alicia Montenegro on General Hospital. For ten points, name this actress who stunned many by winning this summer's Dancing with the Stars.

Answer: Kelly Monaco

2. He got his start in the music business DJing for his brother's first band, Kurtis Blow. After eight successful years with his first band, he ran into some personal troubles as he was accused of rape in 1992. The charges were eventually dropped, and the next year both he and bandmate Darryl McDaniels touted their conversions to born-again Christianity on the album Down With the King. He recently released his first solo album, Distortion, and its first single, "Mind on the Road," is featured in Madden 2006. He also agreed to a deal with MTV to air a reality show about his life. An ordained minister, this is, for ten points, what former frontman of Run-D.M.C.?

Answer: Joseph (Joe) Simmons or Reverend Run (prompt on "Run")

3. Purchased by Nebraska native and pharmacist Ted Hustead in 1931, it's located in the namesake town in Pennington County of less than 1,000. Its Web site features recent signs for it located in such places as Paris, Moscow, and the South Pole, but the store itself did meager business until its offers of "free ice water" enticed travelers from the nearby road, which it soon peppered with billboards. For 10 points, name this ubiquitous tourist trap and pharmacy in South Dakota.

Answer: Wall Drug

4. Born in 1975 in El Cajon, California, he began his career at age five, riding 50cc motorcycles. The 1998 ASA Rookie of the Year, he moved to the Busch Series in 2000, finishing third for Rookie of the Year. The first rookie to lead the Nextel Cup point standings, he won three times in 2002, twice at Dover. In 2003, he won the Winston All-Star race, two races in New Hampshire, and finished second in points. For ten points, name this driver of the No. 48 Lowe's Chevy, who finished second in points in 2004, despite a whopping eight victories.

Answer: Jimmie Johnson

5. A family walks into a talent agency. The father tells the talent agent that they have an amazing act. The agent says he doesn't do family acts because they're too cute. The mother asks the agent to see the act, the agent agrees and the rest of the obscene, incestuous story varies, depending on which comic tells this joke. After hearing the description, the agent says, "That's a hell of an act. What do you call it?" for ten points, give two-word phrase the father uses to describe his low-brow act, also the name of a 2005 documentary in which 100 comics tell versions of the joke.

Answer: The Aristocrats

6. Comic book character the Punisher was inspired by this fictional character who also was a Vietnam veteran whose family was murdered by the mob. Although he later turned his hand against terrorism in Saul Wernick's The New War, his original focus was the Mafia in books such as Miami Massacre and Satan's Sabbath. For ten points, name this character originally created by Don Pendleton.

Answer: Mack Bolan or the Executioner

7. The first PC game to be available only on CD-ROM and not on floppies, it was the idea of Graeme Devine, who co-created the company Trilobyte. Some lifelike dolls appear to be imparting a fatal plague on children and some citizens, told that their dreams will come true, are summoned to the mansion of the doll's creator, murderer Henry Stauf, who taunts them while making them solve puzzles. For ten points, name this 1993 computer game whose sequel was The 11th Hour.

Answer: The 7th Guest

8. First formed by Steve Gottlieb 20 years ago, it is now a distributor for Vagrant Records, Rap Hustlaz and Overcore Records. It also produced soundtracks for such movies as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Blade, not to mention compilations of TV theme songs, which was the original reason for the founding of the label. A highly regarded independent record company, for ten points, identify this firm that's been home to artists such as Ja Rule, XTC, Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys, and Nine Inch Nails.

Answer: TVT Records or Tee Vee Toons

9. On the commentary track for the Dogma DVD, director Kevin Smith admits to doing uncredited work on the script to this 2000 film. The film tells the story of 21-year-old Violet Sanford, who has just moved to New York to pursue her dream of becoming a songwriter. Her aspirations are soon sidelined thanks to her day job at the title site, a nightclub where young women tantalize customers with their antics. For ten points, name this 2000 Michael Bay film, where Piper Perabo and several other attractive young women dance on the bar to the delight of customers.

Answer: Coyote Ugly

10. New characters introduced in the revival of this series include Pal Friendlies and the Wumpus, and we discover Frederick is the first name of one of the main players. The current incarnation spoofs independent films, while the original was a free-form show on New York City public access TV. The short-lived Fox show starred Sarah Silverman, Eugene Levy, and Seth Green, and focused on the making of the kids show Sweetknuckle Junction. For ten points, Warren the Ape, Count Blah and the namesake lepus are among the stars of this puppet-based sitcom.

Answer: Greg the Bunny

11. First debuting in 1917, the origin of its brand name is not known, with two popular myths that it was named for where it was created, as well as its key ingredients. Currently made by McNeil-PPC Incorporated, among its current products is the Evening Wash series, which includes Paris Twilight, Fireside and Bali Moonlight; five scented "touch massage" oils, as well as the Ultra Gel and Warming Liquid Personal Lubricants. For ten points, name this popular brand of personal lubricants, known for its "Jelly" brand.

Answer: K-Y

12. In 1928, he once barged into the Cincinnati Reds dugout to punch pitcher Ray Kolb, then showed up at a train station later that night to punch one of Kolb's teammates. Born in 1900, he made his major league debut with the Giants in 1923, and was signed by Chicago three years later. In 1929, he led the National League in runs batted in with 159. One year later, he had his greatest season, clubbing 56 homers and leading the league in RBIs again. For ten points, name this Hall of Fame outfielder, whose 191 runs batted in during the 1930 season remains a major league record.

Answer: Lewis Robert "Hack" Wilson

13. A bit of an outcast at school, he was born on July 20th, and separated from his parents at an early age. He has an affinity for plants, and was especially proud of the mimbulus mimbletonia he cultivated himself. Though he rarely sees parents Frank and Alice, the memory of their torture at the hands of Bellatrix Lestrange haunts him and was a major motivation for him to ace his Defence Against the Dark Arts O.W.L. For ten points, name this brave Griffindor, a classmate and friend of Harry Potter.

Answer: Neville Longbottom (accept either)

14. In 1989, this actor bought National Lampoon magazine, intending to create what he called a "farm team" for U.S. comedy, only to sell it for financial reasons a year later. Born in 1947 in Glendale, California, he started acting as a teen, appearing in two episodes of Leave It To Beaver. His first National Lampoon connection took place in 1978, when he played ladies man Otter in Animal House. For ten points, name this veteran actor, best known to boob-tubers as Jed Bartlett's first vice president, John Hoynes, on The West Wing.

Answer: Tim Matheson

15. In 1989, he was sued by Nino Rota's estate in a dispute over who composed the score for Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, while fans suggest that sections of his score for Battle Beyond the Stars can be found in his other 80s scores. Born in 1953 in Los Angeles, he got his start in film scoring under Roger Corman, but achieved his first fame scoring Star Trek 2 in 1982. 1995 say this man produce scores for six films, including Braveheart and Apollo 13, while 1997 saw him achieve worldwide success with the Titanic soundtrack. For ten points, name this prolific film scorer, known for his frequent use of traditional Irish music elements.

Answer: James Horner

16. The first winner of this award was Notre Dame's George Conner, who won it as a junior in 1946. Named for its benefactor, an 1898 graduate of Kansas, early winners included Bobby Bell, Alex Karras, Merlin Olsen and Tommy Nobis. Notre Dame's Ross Browner was the second junior to win this award, winning in 1976, while Nebraska center Dave Rimington remains the only play to win it twice -- in 1981 and 1982. For ten points, name this college football award, given annually to the nation's top interior lineman, which was won by Oklahoma's Jammal Brown in 2004.

Answer: Outland Trophy

17. It was originally published in 1892 in Germany as Stern-Halma, although it was given its more familiar name when published in the U.S. Up to six players receive pieces originally arrayed in a triangle. The object is to move your pieces to the opposite side of the board, preferably by hopping them. For ten points, name this game of marbles on a star-shaped board that did not actually originate in Asia.

Answer: Chinese Checkers

18. Running races in a Zerg, a device much like a hamster ball. Pole dancing, military manoevers, colonics and flying through the air on a trapeze were among the activities undertaken by this group as its members struggled to burn calories. Among their collected knowledge: the idea that vodka has no calories and that the ass is sacred and should be saved for marriage. For ten points, name this group whose most recent members included Janie Lane, Phil Mangera, Toccara Jones and Gary Busey; a group whipped into Shape by Harvey Walden IV on one of VH-1's premiere reality shows.

Answer: Celebrity Fit Club

19. They originally performed using stage names like sPaG, Ryknow, Gurrg, and Kud, although they dropped the fake names after the re-release of their debut EP Kill, I Oughta under the new title The Beginning of All Things to End. 2005 looked good for this heavy metal act, as they were revealed as the mystery headliner for Ozzfest and they released the album Lost and Found, featuring the single "Happy?" without their trademark costumes and makeup. For ten points, what act won the first ever MTV2 Award for "Dig"?

Answer: Mudvayne

20. He was not an illegitimate child born out of wedlock to a woman from southern Spain in 1890, but was born in Chicago in 1901. He was not dishonorably discharged from the military during World War One, and did not hang his Red Cross release upside down in his office. He did not wear a Barry Goldwater pin while accepting the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Lyndon Johnson in 1964. He may have been able to spot a single frame of a naked woman slipped into a film by animators, but he has certainly not been suspended in a cryonic chamber for decades. For ten points, name this movie tycoon and theme park pioneer, who is in fact laid to rest at Forest Lawn Glendale, not Cinderella's castle.

Answer: Walt Disney

21. On Joey, he played himself, and got dropped as a beauty pageant judge for sleeping with a contestant. He's also played himself on Entourage, Ellen, and The Parent 'Hood, among other shows. He played a recently-widowered father of two on Raising Dad, but is best known for a variety of work on ABC. Name, for ten points, this comedian who hosted America's Funniest Home Videos and played Danny Tanner on Full House, and now is the voice of an older Ted on How I Met Your Mother.

Answer: Bob Saget