2005 TRASH Regionals
Round 11

1. Identify these movies that capitalized on the popularity of ballroom dancing long before ABC and John O'Hurley did for ten points each.

  1. This critically-acclaimed 2005 documentary looks at 11-year-old New York public school students participating in a ballroom dancing competition.
    Answer: Mad Hot Ballroom
  2. Based on a much-better Japanese film, this 2004 movie starred Richard Gere as an estate lawyer who takes ballroom dancing lessons.
    Answer: Shall We Dance?
  3. This 1992 Baz Luhrmann film tells the story of a mismatched dancing pair competing to win the Australian Pan Pacific Championship.
    Answer: Strictly Ballroom

2. For ten points each, name the 'N Sync member from non-group activities:

  1. Started the defunct clothing company FuManSkeeto and formed the punk alternative band Little Red Monsters.
    Answer: Chris Kirkpatrick
  2. Started the production company Bacon & Eggs, which produced On the Line and trained as a cosmonaut in Russia.
    Answer: (James) Lance Bass
  3. Released the solo album Schizophrenic and dated Eva Longoria.
    Answer: Joshua Scott "JC" Chasez

3. On October 16, The New York Times devoted a front-page article to a popular collegiate pastime. For 10 points each:

  1. Two days after the article described the growing game, Budweiser ended its promotion for this game after "discovering" that people were playing it with beer instead of water as the kits instructions suggested.
    Answer: Beer Pong
  2. A common form of pong that almost always involves throwing the ball, this version is named for a world capital, supposedly because of the mortars that came down on it during the 1980s.
    Answer: Beirut
  3. The New York Times article credited a fraternity at this New England school with the invention of pong. Guess there wasn't much else to do during a New Hampshire winter.
    Answer: Dartmouth College

4. In an attempt to win that elusive major, golfer Jean van de Velde is willing to wear a skirt, or at least a kilt. At least his image can't be sullied anymore. For ten points each:

  1. Van de Velde wants to enter this tournament, in protest of the Royal and Ancient Club allowing women to qualify for the event for which he earned his greatest infamy.
    Answer: Women's British Open
  2. Van de Velde is better known for blowing a three-stroke lead on the final hole at the 1999 British Open at this Scottish course.
    Answer: Carnoustie
  3. While most remember Van de Velde's epic choke, this Scottish golfer eventually won the tournament in a playoff.
    Answer: Paul Lawrie

5. In July 2005, James Doohan was beamed up to that great big starship in the sky. Answer these questions about Doohan, Star Trek and other things for ten points each.

  1. Doohan's middle name, it was also the first name of Doohan's character, Lieutenant Commander Scott, on the original Star Trek.
    Answer: Montgomery
  2. Doohan devised the Klingon language featured in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, which was released in U.S. theaters in this year.
    Answer: 1979
  3. Doohan was the only living Star Trek regular not to lend his voice to "Where No Fan Has Gone Before", a 2002 episode of this animated series.
    Answer: Futurama

6. For ten points each, name these teen magazines:

  1. In 1998, Jennifer Love Hewitt was featured on the first ever cover of this spin-off of a celebrity-focused periodical.
    Answer: Teen People (do not accept "People")
  2. Founded by Walter Annenberg in 1944, its ownership has passed through Rupert Murdoch, Primedia, and The Hearst Corporation. Its October 2005 issue was pulled from several stores because it showed real body parts in a two-page layout called "Vagina 101."
    Answer: Seventeen
  3. First published in 1971, this sister publication of Tiger Beat targets an African-American teen audience.
    Answer: Right On!

7. Identify the sports video game by the athlete appearing on the front of its package for ten points each:

  1. Manny Ramirez
    Answer: MVP Baseball 2005
  2. Desmond Howard
    Answer: NCAA Football 06: Race for the Heisman
  3. Marvin Williams and Roy Williams (No relation)
    Answer: College Hoops 2K6

8. Identify these different types of Reese's candy bars, for 10 points each.

  1. "You've always got time for" this chocolate bar combining peanut butter and nougat and covered in chocolate.
    Answer: Reese's Fast Break
  2. Instead of using peanut butter, this candy bar takes whole peanuts combined it with caramel and surrounds it with chocolate.
    Answer: Reese's Nutrageous
  3. Reese's wafer bars, it's basically a Kit Kat, except with a layer of peanut butter between the wafer and the chocolate.
    Answer: ReeseSticks

9. Name these actresses who were reportedly considered for title roles on Desperate Housewives for ten points each.

  1. This Rutgers alum, who has done little since playing the title role in Ally McBeal, was considered for the role of Susan.
    Answer: Calista Flockhart
  2. Caitlin Moore on Spin City, Sammy Jo on Dynasty and Amanda Woodward on Melrose Place, this blonde bombshell was also considered for the role of Susan.
    Answer: Heather Locklear
  3. This actress, still best known as Laura Palmer on Twin Peaks, was the original voice of Mary Alice, but was replaced before the show's premiere.
    Answer: Sheryl Lee

10. Identify these nominees to the 2006 induction class of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for ten points each.

  1. This Deborah Harry-led group were hitmakers in the 70s and 80s with such songs as "Heart of Glass," "Rapture" and "Call Me".
    Answer: Blondie
  2. This Boston-area blues-rock group were big stars in the 80s thanks to such songs as "Freeze Frame" and "Centerfold".
    Answer: The J. Geils Band
  3. This disco group, led by Nile Rodgers, charted with such songs as "Le Freak", "Good Times" and "Dance, Dance, Dance".
    Answer: Chic

11. Wallace and Gromit, the early years for ten points each.

  1. Their first film, this 1989 short finds Wallace and Gromit traveling to the moon when they run out of cheese.
    Answer: A Grand Day Out
  2. This 1993 effort features a criminal penguin who uses Wallace and his mechanical pants to pull off a robbery, leaving it up to Gromit to save the day.
    Answer: The Wrong Trousers
  3. In this short, Wallace and Gromit run a window-cleaning business. Their work for wool shop owner Wendolene, a Wallace love interest, gets them involved in a sheep-rustling scheme run by Wendolene's sinister robot dog Preston.
    Answer: A Close Shave

12. For the stated number of points, name these supposedly cursed items.

  1. For five points, this blue gemstone, now in the Smithsonian, was said to have been cursed as it was stolen from a Hindu idol. Victims include Catherine the Great and Marie Antoinette.
    Answer: Hope Diamond
  2. For ten points, the limousine in which this man was killed is considered cursed due to the reported deaths of several of its later owners, including an Austrian general, a Yugoslavian governor, a diamond dealer, and a Swiss race car driver. It now sits in a Vienna museum - which is apparently still standing.
    Answer: Archduke Franz Ferdinand
  3. For fifteen points, this cycling jersey is said to be cursed. Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with cancer, Laurent Brochard was caught doping, and Jean-Pierre Monsere died while wearing this, emblematic of the reigning world champion.
    Answer: rainbow jersey

13. Answer these questions about NBA referees for ten points each.

  1. Now an assistant football coach at Bloomsburg College in Pennsylvania, Ed Rush was the NBA's director of officials who Mark Cuban said wasn't qualified to be a manager at this eatery.
    Answer: Dairy Queen
  2. Currently the oldest official in the NBA, he may be as well known as the father of Eric from the first season of The Real World.
    Answer: Jack Nies
  3. This woman, first hired in 1997, is the only female referee in the NBA. Dee Kanter, hired along with her in '97, was let go in 2002.
    Answer: Violet Palmer

14. Earlier, we asked you about personalities on XM Satellite Radio. Since we're equal opportunity at TRASH, name, for ten points, these personalities on Sirius Satellite Radio.

  1. This rapper is the creator and programmer of the "Shade 45" hip-hop channel.
    Answer: Eminem (also accept Marshall Mathers)
  2. This character actor, best known for playing "Big Pussy" on The Sopranos, hosts The Wiseguy Show, which airs on both the Raw Dog and Talk Central channels.
    Answer: Vincent Pastore
  3. This Cowboys wide receiver was given the damn ball by Sirius, hosting "Taking It To The House" on Sirius NFL Radio.
    Answer: Keyshawn Johnson

15. Man, that Moby fellow sure is a sellout, huh? for ten points each, given the product that Moby pimped music to for a commercial, name the song he shilled.

  1. Bailey's Irish Cream and Nordstrom.
    Answer: Porcelain
  2. American Express (in a commercial featuring Tiger Woods).
    Answer: Find My Baby
  3. Intel's Pentium 4.
    Answer: We Are All Made of Stars

16. John Feinstein books for ten points each.

  1. This 2005 book, subtitled A Year Behind the Lines in Today's NFL, is an indepth account of the 2004 Baltimore Ravens.
    Answer: Next Man Up
  2. This is Feinstein's best-selling look at the 1985-86 Indiana University basketball team and head coach Bob Knight.
    Answer: A Season on the Brink
  3. This 2000 work, subtitled Playing for Glory and Honor in Division One College Basketball, is an in-depth look at the 1999-2000 Patriot League season.
    Answer: The Last Amateurs

17. Howard Cosell: Movie legend. For the stated number of points, given Cosell-related clues, identify the films.

  1. (5) Jon Voight was nominated for an Oscar for playing Cosell in this 2001 Michael Mann drama.
    Answer: Ali
  2. (10) In this 1985 John Cusack comedy, the street racing Ree brothers learned all of their English from watching Cosell.
    Answer: Better Off Dead
  3. (15) In this 1970 comedy, Cosell plays himself, doing color commentary for the revolution in San Marcos and calls the action as its president is assassinated.
    Answer: Bananas

18. Identify these men's tennis players who won Grand Slam singles titles before turning 19 for ten points each.

  1. The youngest men's Grand Slam singles champion ever, this American was only 17 years, 95 days old when he beat Stefan Edberg in the finals of the 1989 French Open.
    Answer: Michael Chang
  2. This German won Wimbledon in 1985 and 1986, the former when he was unseeded and 17, the latter when he was seeded and 18.
    Answer: Boris Becker
  3. This Swedish legend won his first two of six French Open titles in 1974 and 1975, when he was 17 and 18, respectively.
    Answer: Bjorn Borg

19. For ten points each, on what cable network can you find these movie showcases:

  1. Dinner and a Movie
    Answer: TBS
  2. DVD on TV
    Answer: FX
  3. Five Star Cinema
    Answer: Bravo

20. Given a U.S. city's convention center that's among the largest in the U.S., identify the city, for 10 points each:

  1. McCormick Place Covention Center
    Answer: Chicago, Illinois
  2. Cobo Center
    Answer: Detroit, Michigan
  3. Sands Expo
    Answer: Las Vegas, Nevada

21. Answer these questions about the Louisiana Superdome for ten points each.

  1. More Super Bowls have been played at the Superdome than any other stadium in history. As of this date, how many Super Bowls have been held at the Superdome?
    Answer: 6
  2. All or nothing. The Louisiana Superdome annually hosts the Bayou Classic college football game between these two historically African-American schools.
    Answer: Grambling State University and Southern University
  3. The Superdome was home to this USFL team in 1984, one year after its move from Boston and one year before its move to Portland, Oregon.
    Answer: New Orleans Breakers

22. Truckers are evil...in the movies, anyway. Given clues, identify the evil trucker movies, two for ten, three for twenty, four for thirty.

  1. Steve Zahn and Paul Walker play brothers driving cross country who use their CB radio to prank call a trucker. The trucker turns out to be evil and kills a bunch of people as he chases Zahn and Walker, hungry for revenge.
    Answer: Joyride
  2. This 1971 film, Steven Spielberg's first, features Dennis Weaver as a harried salesman stalked relentlessly by a murderous, sociopathic trucker whose face is never seen.
    Answer: Duel
  3. Kurt Russell works frantically to save wife Kathleen Quinlan from J.T. Walsh and his evil band of truckers in this 1997 action flick.
    Answer: Breakdown
  4. Meatloaf kidnaps and terrorizes Kristin Davis. Her standup comic boyfriend works desperately to save her in this 2000 Breakdown ripoff.
    Answer: Blacktop