2005 TRASH Regionals
Round 10

1. His autobiography, It Came From Ohio: My Life As a Writer, was released in 1998. Born in 1943 in Columbus, his small-screen work included serving as head writer for the Nickelodeon children's series Eureeka's Castle. A former editor for Bananas magazine, his current writing efforts include penning the Rotten School, Dangerous Girls and Mostly Ghostly series, along with the three books-and-counting Fear Street Nights collection. For ten points, name this over-prolific children's author, responsible for poisoning young kids' minds in the '90s with the Goosebumps series of kiddie fright books.

Answer: Robert Lawrence Stine

2. A member of Abilene Christian's All-Century football team, he was hired as a columnist for TheStreet.com. Doing a goose-step in Germany got him fired from CNBC. However, he's been with his current employer since 1995 and has been a New Blackjack, an Acolyte and a Hawk, winning tag team, hardcore and European gold. Under his current gimmick, he held the WWE title for 10 months, but Paul Heyman said it was because "Triple H didn't want to work Tuesdays." For ten points, name this Smackdown wrestler who plays a modern-day J.R. Ewing.

Answer: John Bradshaw Layfield (accept either Bradshaw or Layfield) or JBL

3. Phreaker John Draper adopted it as a pseudonym, as a whistle found in some boxes could be used to emit a 2600 hertz tone. Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon includes several pages on fixing a bowl of this foodstuff, made by Quaker Oats, which was popularized by a character created by Jay Ward. For ten points, name this sugary breakfast cereal, whose namesake sails in the S.S. Guppy.

Answer: Cap'n Crunch

4. Robert Christgau's review of this 1987 record says its artist has "chops that make Stevie Wonder sound like a struggling ventriloquist." Beginning with the line "In France, a skinny man died of a big disease with a little name," among the social issues it grapples with are nuclear weapons, poverty, and drug abuse. But it's better known for its songs about sex and love; although "If I Were Your Girlfriend" flopped on the charts, "U Got the Look," a duet with Sheena Easton, was a Grammy-nominated smash. For ten points, name this double album by Prince, the first album he recorded without the Revolution since 1982's 1999.

Answer: Sign O' The Times

5. Her maiden name was McGill and her late husband Frank was a bomber pilot in the Korean War. Her first novel was The Corpse Danced at Midnight, while another novel, Messengers of Midnight, was made into a movie, as seen in the 1992 episode "The Incident in Lot 7". Friends helping her in her investigations included Sheriffs Amos Tupper and Mort Metzger, as well as Mayor Sam Booth, a neighbor of hers in Cabot Cove, Maine. For ten points name this author and private investigator, played by Angela Lansbury for 12 years on Murder, She Wrote.

Answer: Jessica Fletcher (accept either)

6. In a 2004 episode of The Tonight Show, she won a date with then-Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, presumably to the chagrin of current boyfriend Phil "Unabomber" Laak. Early roles for this actress included Monica Moran in The Fabulous Baker Boys and Gina Srignoli on the fourth season of Hill Street Blues. In 1995, she earned an Oscar nomination for playing Olive Neal in Bullets Over Broadway. Younger fans know her as the voice of Tiffany in the two most recent Child's Play films. For ten points, name this actress who, in 2005, won the Ladies Only No Limit Holdem event at the World Series of Poker.

Answer: Jennifer Tilly (more on Tilly)

7. It was a debuff that came from defeating Hakkar the Soulflayer in Zul'Gurub. It would inflict 250-300 points of damage per turn for five seconds and could be transmitted to characters standing near the victim. It wasn't meant to leave the instance, but the programmers didn't consider pets and NPC's who caught it, and the result was massive devastation in towns and cities similar to an actual plague. For ten points, name this World of Warcraft spell which caused one of the first known unintentional epidemics in a massively-multiplayer online role-playing game.

Answer: Corrupted Blood

8. Their club motto is audere est facere, "to dare is to do." The first British team to win a European trophy, the 1963 Cup Winners Cup, they won consecutive FA Cups on two separate occasions, in the 1960s and in the 1980s. In 1961 they became the first team in the 20th century to achieve the FA league and cup double. They are the only non-FA team to win the FA Cup, doing so in 1901 as a member of the Southern League. For ten points, name this team that plays home games at White Hart Lane and is named for its home London district and a rebellious 14th century duke.

Answer: Tottenham Hotspur

9. It was first reported by Ken Golic, who in 1960 was fishing in Sandusky and reported seeing it while chasing off rats. Jim Schindler chipped in with a sighting in 1969, while the bulk of sightings were from 1983 to 1990. It's been described as being 30 to 50 feet long, cigar-shaped, dark in color and with a number of humps, the last of which would argue against it being a lake sturgeon. Thought by some to be a marketing tool to attract tourists to Huron, Ohio, name, for ten points, this monster said to inhabit the south bay of Lake Erie, whose name is similar to a resident of Loch Ness.

Answer: South Bay Bessie

10. The actor who portrays him, Nigel Thatch, made his minor league debut in 2005, pitching for the Northern League's Schaumberg Flyers. Born in St. Louis, he stands six feet tall, weighs 200 pounds and his zodiac sign is four dollar signs. According to his Web site, his greatest moment came during a 1995 football game when, with two minutes left in the game, he got a call from his publicist, who had just landed him a photo-op with cheerleaders. A "star," in both football and baseball, this is, for ten points, what fictitious, self-centered athlete, whose exaggerated ego has been featured on Budweiser commercials?

Answer: Leon

11. Launched in 2001, it will debut an inspirational series starring Naomi Judd later this month, just two weeks before airing the original special Celebrate! Christmas with Maya Angelou. Its mystery movie franchise features Lea Thompson in Jane Doe, John Laroquette in McBride, and Kellie Martin in Mystery Woman. They also air repeats of shows like JAG, MASH, Walker, Texas Ranger, and Matlock. Name, for ten points, this cable channel aimed at older and family audiences and not necessarily aficionados of greeting cards.

Answer: Hallmark Channel

12. One incarnation of this group made use of the glam rockers Cobra Verde, producing the album Mag Earwhig! It was followed by a set including drummer Jim MacPherson and guitarist Nate Farley of the Breeders and producer Ric Ocasek. The original line-up featured guitarists Mitch Mitchell and Tobin Sprout and singer-songwriter Robert Pollard. For ten points, name this prolific Dayton, Ohio-based lo-fi indie group which produced the albums Bee Thousand and Do The Collapse.

Answer: Guided by Voices

13. Donald Quinelle. Vladimir Ivanoff. Jack Dundee. Jack Moniker. Under the pseudonym Ray D. Tutto, the King of the Moon. Joey O'Brien. John Keating. Leslie Zevo. Alan Parrish. Andrew Martin. Sean Maguire. Sy Parrish. Walter Finch. Patch Adams. Mrs. Iphegenia Doubtfire. All of these are film roles portrayed by, for ten points, what Oscar-winning comic actor?

Answer: Robin Williams

14. Its founders include Bernard Marcus and Arthur Blank, who had just been fired as executives for Handy Dan. Its company museum is called "The Legend," and is located at its Atlanta Store Support Center, near where the first store opened in 1979. The world's leading employer of Olympic and Paralympic athletes and hopefuls, this company sells enough paint in a year to cover the square footage of Manhattan with one good coat. For ten points, name this largest chain of home improvement stores, known for its orange signs and smelly stores.

Answer: The Home Depot

15. Andrew Niederman has been writing under this name since 1988, when he released Fallen Hearts, the third book in the Casteel series. Niederman also wrote the Cutler, Landry, Logan, Orphans, Wildflowers, Hudson and Shooting Stars series under this name, and is currently at work on the Shadows trilogy, also being released under this name. The most famous author to have this name, who died in 1986, penned the first two books in the Casteel series, as well as a 1979 debut novel, originally titled The Obsessed, which introduced the world to the gothic horror/family saga genre. For ten points, name this author of Flowers in the Attic whose name lives on through Niederman.

Answer: V.C. Andrews (also accept Cleo Virginia Andrews).

16. The name's the same. One is the five-year-old son of a former No. 1 NFL draft pick who was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. The other was drafted by, but never played for, the ABA's Virginia Squires in 1971 but was also the No. 1 overall pick in the NBA draft that same year by Cleveland. He averaged 15.4 points a game during his career and his No. 34 is retired by the Cavaliers. For ten points, name this hoopster who, while at Notre Dame, scored a record 61 points in an NCAA tournament game.

Answer: Austin Carr

17. The middle child of seven, she was named after a steamship that sailed between Newfoundland and New York City. In 1934, she signed with MGM where she was used in secondary roles and as a replacement threat to limit Myrna Loy's salary demands. She finally landed the breakout role of Sylvia Fowler in The Women after heeding George Cukor's advice to "play her as a freak." She received Oscar nods for My Sister Eileen in 1942, and Mourning Becomes Electra in 1947. For ten points, name this film actress, most famous for her Oscar-nominated turn in Auntie Mame and for playing Mama Rose in Gypsy opposite Natalie Wood.

Answer: Rosalind Russell

18. The two-word title is the same. A 1990 art-house flick, this Dimitri Logothetis film starred Danny Aiello as a dying CEO trying to pick a salesman as his successor. A notorious flop for CBS, this 1998 sitcom starred Tom Selleck as an ad exec with a legendary reputation for always being able to reach a deal. Another TV series with this name tells the story of Brenda Leigh Johnson, a former Atlanta police detective who moves to L.A. to head a unit specializing in sensitive, high-profile murder case. For ten points what is the common two-word term, the last of which is a popular TNT drama starring Kyra Sedgwick?

Answer: The Closer

19. The record label BNA dropped her following fizzling sales of her third album, I'm Not So Tough. Capitol Records signed her, but released her after a failed 2002 eponymous album. In 2004, she pleaded guilty to using a fake prescription to get OxyContin. 2005 saw a DUI, ex-boyfriend William McKnight charged with trying to kill her, an attempted suicide, and an overdose on antidepressants after arguing about her pregnancy by McKnight. So goes the decline of, for ten points, what country singer who had hits with "Ten Thousand Angels" and "Guys Do It All the Time"?

Answer: Melinda Gayle "Mindy" McCready

20. This city's pro sports heritage can be traced back to the 1884 Unions of baseball's Union Association. Other early clubs include the 1886 Cowboys, the American Association's Blues and the Federal League's Packers. The CBA's Sizzlers played here in 1985, while the IHL's Blades resided here from 1990-2001. The NHL's Scouts called it home from 1974 to 1976, before moving to Colorado, while the Athletics left this city for Oakland in 1968. For ten points, name this city, represented in the NFL by the Chiefs and in Major League Baseball by the Royals.

Answer: Kansas City

21. Dean Roll may have created this character, first appearing under this name in 1997 in Dayton, Ohio. A seven-year-old boy named Racer insists that he created this character after watching a 2003 film directed by his father. Taylor Lautner portrays him on the big screen, while on the small screen, he has been played by Roll on TNA Impact and TNA wrestling pay-per-views. Roll, claiming a copyright to the name, filed suit against Miramax and Dimension Films in 2005, saying director Robert Rodriguez infringed his copyright. For ten points, give the shared name of this character paired with Lava Girl in a 2005 film.

Answer: Shark Boy