2005 TRASH Regionals
Round 10

1. Among all the details in Lost are the six numbers that keep turning up - as the rows where some of our castaways were sitting in the Oceanic jumbo jet, as Hurley's winning lottery numbers, and etched into the cover of that mysterious hatch. For five points each, name those six numbers - and hope they don't curse you!

Answer: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42

2. Being a star running back in college can be overrated, especially if you live in Pittsburgh. Identify these college backups who achieved some stardom in the NFL for ten points each.

  1. He was primarily a blocking back at Penn State but was still taken with the 13th overall pick in 1972. He would then rush for 12,120 yards, mostly for the Steelers, and reach the Hall of Fame in 1990.
    Answer: Franco Harris
  2. A backup while at North Carolina, he rushed for 161 yards in the Steelers' 2005 opener starting in place of injured stars Duce Staley and Jerome Bettis.
    Answer: Wille Parker
  3. Backups becoming stars aren't confined to the Steelers. This former backup at the University of Pittsburgh rushed for 821 yards in 2004 for the Carolina Panthers despite starting the year as the fifth-string running back.
    Answer: Nick Goings

3. Sometimes an airline goes out of business for economic reasons. Sometimes it's for geopolitical reasons. For ten points each, given the defunct airline, name the country that used to sponsor it.

  1. Aeroflot
    Answer: Soviet Union (also accept U.S.S.R., Russia)
  2. Interflug
    Answer: East Germany (also accept german Democratic Republic or GDR)
  3. Hang Khong
    Answer: Vietnam

4. Given lyrics to the title track to a James Bond movie, name the song for ten points each. Note: we only need the song, not the artist or the movie.

  1. Dance into the fire/The fatal kiss is all we need./Dance into the fire/To fatal sounds of broken dreams.
    Answer: A View To A Kill
  2. I wasn't lookin' but somehow you found me/I tried to hide from your love light.
    Answer: Nobody Does It Better
  3. You can see so much in me, so much in me that's new/I never felt until I looked at you.
    Answer: For Your Eyes Only

5. Of course, every parent wants to raise a supergenius. There's always Baby Einstein, but what if Albert isn't well-rounded enough for your little one? for ten points each, given a description name the supporting genius in the "Baby Einstein" line of DVDs.

  1. Your little one can learn about the "world of color" from this baby artist. Hopefully there won't be a follow-up about the "world of self-mutilation."
    Answer: Baby Van Gogh
  2. One wonders if the "first words" this baby poet teaches might be "I wander'd lonely as a cloud."
    Answer: Baby Wordsworth
  3. Since human geniuses are apparently unfit for the task, this baby deity introduces tykes to the "world of water."
    Answer: Baby Neptune

6. Identify these former better halves of Tom Cruise for ten points each.

  1. Generally considered to be Cruise's first celebrity girlfriend, this former Screen Actors Guild president dated Cruise in 1982 while playing Laura Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie.
    Answer: Melissa Gilbert
  2. This actress played the prostitute who bedded Cruise in Risky Business. In real-life, she and Cruise dated from 1983-1985.
    Answer: Rebecca De Mornay
  3. In 1987, Cruise married this actress in a supersecret ceremony with Emilio Estevez as best man. The two divorced shortly before Cruise met Nicole Kidman on the Days of Thunder set.
    Answer: Mimi Rogers

7. For ten points each, give the last names of the title characters of these books:

  1. Anne of Green Gables.
    Answer: Shirley
  2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
    Answer: Bucket
  3. Ramona the Pest
    Answer: Quimby

8. Degrassi: it goes there -- even when we wish it wouldn't. Given recent developments from Degrassi: The Next Generation, identify the character described for ten points each.

  1. She gets some sort of venereal disease in her throat after blowing Jay in the back of his van and has the added humiliation of having her co-star in the school play refuse to kiss her because he's afraid he might catch something.
    Answer: Emma Nelson
  2. This American film director embarasses his entire profession and much of humanity, playing himself in a story arc that involved him filming a movie at Degrassi and making a play for Joey's fiancee, Caitlin.
    Answer: Kevin Smith
  3. He's bipolar and goes off his meds, stalks his girlfriend as she flees to England to avoid him, and gets the crap beaten out of him during a stint on the mean streets of Toronto.
    Answer: Craig Manning

9. Name these notable actors who shared screen time with Shatner, Nimoy and company in Star Trek films for ten points each.

  1. Long before becoming a minister, he butted heads with Kirk as Willard Decker in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
    Answer: Stephen Collins
  2. While Ricardo Montalban and Kirstie Alley are well known for being in The Wrath of Khan, this well-regarded African-American actor also appeared in the film as Capt. Clark Terrell.
    Answer: Paul Winfield
  3. This veteran actor and co-star of Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Spin City appeared as Capt. John Harriman in Star Trek: Generations.
    Answer: Alan Ruck

10. Our fearless leader, George Walker Bush, just loves expressing his affection for folks by giving them cute nicknames. For ten points each, given the nom-de-Dubya, name the political player.

  1. Turd Blossom.
    Answer: Karl Rove
  2. Pootie-Poot.
    Answer: Vlaidmir Putin
  3. Lima Green Bean.
    Answer: Karen Hughes

11. Given an NHL team, identify its current coaches, on a 5-10-20-30 basis.

  1. Detroit Red Wings
    Answer: Mike Babcock
  2. St. Louis Blues
    Answer: Mike Kitchen
  3. Toronto Maple Leafs
    Answer: Pat Quinn
  4. Chicago Blackhawks
    Answer: Trent Yawney

12. For ten points each, name these posthumous #1 songs:

  1. After being shot in front of his house, Dirty South rapper Soulja Slim hit #1 as the featured artist on this 2004 hit by Juvenile.
    Answer: "Slow Motion"
  2. The Notorious B.I.G. hit #1 twice after death, for "Hypnotize" and for this song featuring Mase and Puff Daddy, which sampled "I'm Coming Out" by Diana Ross.
    Answer: "Mo' Money, Mo' Problems"
  3. This track off Double Fantasy hit #1 just weeks after John Lennon was shot.
    Answer: "(Just Like) Starting Over"

13. For ten points each, answer these questions about some similarly named groups:

  1. First appearing in the final issue of The Brave in the Bold, this superhero group was founded by Batman and its initial line-up included Metamorpho, Geo-Force, and Black Lightning.
    Answer: the Outsiders
  2. The title of The Outsiders can refer to the greasers who include Darry, Sodapop, and Ponyboy in a 1967 novel by this author.
    Answer: S(usan) E(loise) Hinton
  3. The Outsiders are one of the alien races in the Known Space universe created by this author.
    Answer: Larry Niven

14. 40-30-20-10-1, name the state from its unusual tourist attractions.

  1. [40] Well, we've already used Virginia, so unless we found more attractions in Virginia, you now have a 1-in-49 chance.
  2. [30] Wallingford has one of several statues of a boy holding a leaking boot found nationwide. This one honors Arnold Young, who owned the Wallingford Inn. West Dover has the world's largest happy bee, at 12 feet long.
  3. [20] Cavendish has a memorial to Phineas Gage, who in 1848 had a 3 and a half foot iron rod shoot through his chin, brain, and top of his head -- without losing consciousness and without permanent physical damage.
  4. [10] Burlington has a memorial to Champ, the Lake Champlain monster, the world's tallest filing cabinet, and the site of the first Ben & Jerry's store.
  5. [1] Shelburne has the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory, which you can tour.
Answer: Vermont

15. Songs about New Orleans, for ten points each.

  1. This Tragically Hip song, from their 2004 CD, Up to Here, was pulled by Canadian radio stations this summer in deference to hurricane victims.
    Answer: New Orleans is Sinking
  2. Randy Newman wrote about his mother's road trip to New Orleans which he calls "the land of dreams" in this song named after a fictional bus line.
    Answer: Dixie Flyer
  3. Elvis Costello sets this song about a British war bride's failing marriage in a hotel in New Orleans. Lyrics reference summer heat, calling it "Almost frightening," while the air conditioning inside is "Freezing and unkind."
    Answer: American Without Tears #1

16. For ten points each, name these TV presidents who are not that lame Bartlett dude.

  1. Despite not being a natural-born citizen, he is elected president after impersonating Bob Dole, proving that third-party candidates have no chance against major party aliens.
    Answer: Kang
  2. He became president despite no political experience in a 2003 TV movie after Lawrence Randolph resigned. His wife, Carol, became his vice president.
    Answer: Mike Brady
  3. In the It's a Wonderful Life-like final episode of Dallas, this character played by Ken Kercheval becomes one of the greatest presidents in American history.
    Answer: Cliff Barnes

17. Upcoming or released games for the Playstation Portable for ten points each:

  1. Essentially Mario Kart for Namco games, featuring, as the title implies, their most famous dot-eating yellow sphere.
    Answer: Pac-Man World Rally
  2. At this writing, it was scheduled for release on November 15. It's a swords-and-sorcery action RPG that focuses on a young martial artist trying to unite the kingdoms of a world based on feudal Japan.
    Answer: Kingdom of Paradise or Tenchi No Mon
  3. Rockstar brings their most popular franchise into the PSP market with this game. You play Tony Cipriani, and basically do what you always do in a GTA game.
    Answer: Grand Theft Auto (or GTA) : Liberty City Stories

18. Identify these 2006 recipients of stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for ten points each.

  1. This South African-born actress won her Academy Award playing serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Monster.
    Answer: Charlize Theron
  2. This versatile actor has won two Tony Awards for Best Actor in a Musical in 1996 for A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, and in 2001 for playing Max Bialystock in The Producers.
    Answer: Nathan Lane
  3. This veteran actor received three consecutive Best Actor Oscar nominations between 1986 and 1988 for Children of a Lesser God, Kiss of the Spider Woman and Broadcast News.
    Answer: William Hurt

19. Contrary to popular belief, 47-year-old Julio Franco was a rookie once. Answer the following about Franco's first team, the 1982 Philadelphia Phillies, for ten points each.

  1. In 1982, Franco played two games at third for the Phillies, backing up this Hall of Famer and eight-time National League home run champ, who hit 548 homers in 19 seasons.
    Answer: Mike Schmidt
  2. The top pitcher on the 1982 Phillies was this Hall of Fame southpaw, who won 329 games and struck out 4,136 batters in a 24-year career.
    Answer: Steve Carlton
  3. The 1982 Phillies were managed by this man, now better known as Bobby Cox's long-time assistant in Atlanta, where he served as first base coach from 1990-1998 and bench coach since 1999.
    Answer: Pat Corrales

20. For ten points each, name these things related to the Yugo:

  1. The Yugo was made by this Serbian car manufacturer.
    Answer: Zavasta
  2. The Yugo is similar to the 128 model by this Italian car manufacturer with which Zavasta had a working agreement. More recent models include the Punto, Brava, and Panda.
    Answer: Fiat S.p.A.
  3. The Yugo was sold in the U.S. in three models, a basic one, a hatchback, and this convertible.
    Answer: Cabrio

21. For ten points each, name these Klingons:

  1. Played by David Warner, this chancellor was assassinated in 2293 in an attempt to prevent peace talks following the destruction of the moon Praxis.
    Answer: Gorkon
  2. Worf uncovered the sham by which this first Klingon emperor was cloned from blood on the dagger of Molor.
    Answer: Kahless the Unforgettable
  3. The longest-ruling chancellor in Klingon history, he was poisoned, but not before enlisting Jean-Luc Picard to arbitrate the succession between Gowron and Duras.
    Answer: K'mpec

22. At TRASHionals 2005, a question was written about horrible dance remakes of classic songs. Well, crappy artists are still producing them, so TRASH will keep writing! for ten points each:

  1. Belgium's D-H-T enjoyed crossover success in 2005 with "Listen To Your Heart," a dance remix of a 1989 #1 hit by this Swedish duo.
    Answer: Roxette
  2. Jenn Cuneta's "Come Rain Come Shine" was a success on the dance charts in 2005, thanks in part to a sample of this 1976 Paul McCartney and Wings smash, complete with "I love you" chorus.
    Answer: Silly Love Songs
  3. Both Sunset Strippers and Cabin Crew recorded dance versions of this 1988 Boy Meets Girl hit, although the Sunset Strippers version was the only version authorized by the original artists.
    Answer: Waiting For A Star To Fall