2005 TRASH Regionals
Round 09

1. In 1989, he received a presidential pardon from Ronald Reagan, 15 years after pleading guilty to making illegal contributions to Richard Nixon's re-election campaign. Born in 1930 in Rocky River, Ohio, this Williams graduate bought his father's company, American Shipbuilding, in the 1960s. He made his most famous purchase in 1973, buying a baseball team from CBS for $10 million. In his first 23 years at the helm, he changed managers 20 times, including firing Billy Martin five times. For ten points, name this colorful, controversial owner of the New York Yankees.

Answer: George Steinbrenner

2. He's currently writing a biopic of Napster founder Shawn Fanning, directing the TV movie Dirty Famous and writing comedy shorts for Jimmy Kimmel Live. Born in 1965 in London, he made his film debut at age 20, playing Hermosa in Death Wish 3. He appeared in 1993's Freaked, a sci-fi satire about a mutant freak farm, and served as host of MTV's The Idiot Box, a show he created himself. All of which pales in comparison to his work with Keanu Reeves. For ten points, name this forgotten actor, the Bill to Keanu's Ted in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Answer: Alex Winter

3. Middle-aged Maureen has been caring for her severely disabled son for decades. Martin is a celebrity has-been caught sleeping with a 15-year-old girl. Jess is a teen haunted by the disappearance of her older sister. J.J. is upset by the collapse of his band and a breakup with his girlfriend. One New Year's Eve, the four meet on the roof of Toppers House, where they have all come to commit suicide. Bonded by misery, they share their stories. This describes, for ten points, what 2005 best-seller from Nick Hornby, described by one reviewer as Albert Camus writing a grown-up version of The Breakfast Club.

Answer: A Long Way Down

4. Introduced in 1931, it was allegedly inspired by a chance encounter between a General Mills sales executive and a railway dining car chef. Originally packaged in a green, red and white box with a Gold Medal logo on the front, its famous blue-and-yellow look did not appear until 1957. In 1998, its formula was modified due to consumer requests for lighter, fluffier pancakes, but the original formula returned a year later due to complaints. For ten points, name this popular brand of baking mix from Betty Crocker, which can make much more than pancakes and pie crusts.

Answer: Bisquick

5. Although it was the B-side of the single it was released on, it was by far the bigger hit, reaching #2 on the Billboard Pop Charts in 1963 and returning to the charts at #16 three years later. Morton Downey, Jr., claimed to have written the song, and was even mentioned as its composer in numerous obituaries, but the song was actually written by Merrell Fankhauser and first recorded by the Impacts. Jim Fuller's frenetic guitar solo near the end is eclipsed by Ron Wilson's memorable drum line, but it's better known for band manager Dale Smallen's manic laughter at the beginning of the track before he says the song's title. For ten points, name this song by the Surfaris, one of the most popular instrumentals of all time.

Answer: Wipe Out

6. While a junior version of him was given the name Georgie, his first name is also said to be Thallo. In England, he is a reverend who may use a spanner as a guest of Dr. Black. His North American version, who has been played by Homer in a Simpsons version and by Michael McKean on film, may instead use a wrench as a guest of Mr. Boddy. For ten points, who, along with Professor Plum and Colonel Mustard, is a male suspect in Clue?

Answer: Mr. Green

7. This TV show was inspired by the life and times of Kathy Reichs, who has written eight novels and several technical books. The main character writes novels on the side, but whose day job is working at the Jeffersonian Institution. Her co-workers include computer expert Angela Montenegro, prodigy Zach Addy and "bug guy" Jack Hodgins, while she typically teams up with former Army sniper and Special Agent Seeley Booth to solve crisis. So goes the life and times of Dr. Temperance Brennan on, for ten points, what Fox drama about a forensic anthropologist, starring Emily Deschanel.

Answer: Bones

8. Its known subjects include Warren Ritchie, Army Sergeant James Stanley, and Frank Olson, whose 1953 suicide may have been murder, as a 1994 autopsy suggests he'd been struck on the head prior to falling out of a New York hotel window. Its 150-plus experiments were run under the leadership of Dr. Sidney Gottleib, who was interested in crazy plots against foreign leaders, such as poisoning Fidel Castro with thallium so his beard would fall out. Ostensibly aimed at mind control, name, for ten points, this CIA program which saw unconsenting human guinea pigs used in experiments including the administering of LSD.

Answer: Project MK-ULTRA or MKSEARCH

9. Bert Simpson had a record 11 of these in one game, doing so on October 29, 1910. Lionel Conacher and Tom Dixon share the single-season record with 33, while Lui Passaglia has the career mark of 309 in 25 years. According to Rule 3, Section 1, Article 4 of the league handbook, if the ball is kicked into the goal of the opponent, this is scored when the ball becomes dead in possession of a team in its own goal area, or when the ball crosses or touches the ground, a player, or object beyond these lines. This describes, for ten points, what one-point play found only in the CFL?

Answer: Rouge or Single

10. In 2004, this album's singer gave a speech and performed one of its songs immediately before John Kerry's address at the Democratic National Convention. A #1 album for fifteen weeks, it remained on the Billboard 200 for over six years after its release. It won four Grammies, including Record of the Year, Song of the Year (for "It's Too Late") and Album of the Year --- marking the first time an album by a female artist had won the latter honor. Backing singer James Taylor would later have a #1 hit with one of the songs he supported, "You've Got a Friend." For ten points, name this 1971 Carole King album.

Answer: Tapestry

11. His first production credit, The Culpepper Cattle Company, was released in 1972, 11 years before he achieved his first commercial hit with Flashdance. That movie also began a 13-year partnership with Don Simpson, ending with Simpson's death in 1996. Recent production efforts include Remember the Titans, Pearl Harbor, Armageddon and 2004's National Treasure. For ten points, name this prolific big-budget producer, also responsible for flooding the CBS schedule with shows like The Amazing Race, Cold Case and the CSI trilogy.

Answer: Jerry Bruckheimer

12. The first version of this series, which aired on NBC daytime from 1962-1969, featured two teams of three -- two contestants and a celebrity -- playing each other. The 1990 version of the series, hosted by Ross Shafer, was unique in that it featured two 30-second speed rounds involving the contestants and panelists. The 1998 version, hosted by Michael Burger, featured only five panelists, low payoffs and questionable content. The 1973 version featured six panelists and the antics of regulars Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly and Richard Dawson. For ten points, name this legendary fill-in-the-blank game show hosted for its first two incarnations by Gene Rayburn.

Answer: Match Game

13. Her latest suitor may turn out to be the cop who found her mom sleeping in a parked car. Her mother had pulled over for a nap mid-road-trip after dropping her off for another year of school. Other suitors included college boyfriend Eric and helicopter pilot Warren. Earlier this summer, she learned her ex-boyfriend Anthony still loved her, even though he's married to someone else. For ten points, name this much sought-after young woman who teaches in Mtigwaki in northern Ontario, the middle child of the Pattersons in For Better or For Worse.

Answer: Elizabeth Patterson (also accept Lizardbreath)

14. Born in 1986 in Majorca, he won his first professional match there in 2002, defeating Ramon Delgado. In 2003, he became the youngest player in nearly two decades to reach the third round at Wimbledon, doing so at age 16. His 2005 season included 35 straight wins on clay between April and September, a third-round elimination from the U.S. Open by James Blake, as well as 11 titles and a victory over Roger Federer in the semifinals at Roland Garros. For ten points, name this Spanish phenom, who won the 2005 men's singles title at the French Open.

Answer: Rafael Nadal Parera

15. The Playstation version of this game had a unique enemy, the Arachnid, a cyborg with railguns on each arm, while other foes include the Berserker, Iron Maiden, and Tank Commander. A railgun is just one of your own possible weapons as a soldier in Operation Overlord, a counter-attack against the Strogg, while other options include the chaingun, hyperblaster, and BFG10K. For ten points, name this first-person shooter released in 1997, which is ostensibly a sequel to a previous id Software hit.

Answer: Quake II (do not accept or prompt on "Quake")

16. Founded by the children of a Pentecostal preacher, they originally named themselves after three streets running through the black business district of Tulsa. Their soundtrack work for Penitentiary III and I'm Gonna Get Yo Sucka came after hits such as the skateboarding-inspired "Steppin' Out" and "Burn Rubber (Why You Wanna Hurt Me)." For ten points, who also produced "I Don't Believe You Want To Get Up And Dance (Oops Upside Your Head)" and "You Dropped a Bomb on Me"?

Answer: The Gap Band [Formerly called the Greenwood Archer and Pine Band]

17. From birth to age 7, the crystal is white. It gradually changes to gold, then green, then red, and finally to black when a person is ten days away from Lastday. One Deep Sleep Operative, or sandman, has his clock set forward so he can work undercover and winds up trying to escape the Carousel process himself. Along with Jessica 6, he goes in search of a supposedly mythical sanctuary for escapees fleeing the massive cities where most of the population live. For ten points, name the film described, a 1976 sci-fi hit starring Michael York in the title role.

Answer: Logan's Run

18. Named for its chairmen, Roger and Michael, it began business in 1964 for the express purpose of handling TV distribution of the Our Gang shorts. In 1983, they picked up syndication rights for a game show when no one else wanted it. Proving successful, they bought rights to another game show from the same creator, and then helped launch The Oprah Winfrey Show. Original programming from them includes Mr. Food and Inside Edition, and they syndicate several CBS shows as they are a division of CBS Enterprises. Name, for ten points, this company that brings us Oprah, Dr. Phil, Wheel of Fortune, and Jeopardy!.

Answer: King World Productions

19. In music, it's the Bay Area thrash band Kirk Hammett was in before Metallica and the Bob Marley and the Wailers album that gave us "Jamming" and "One Love/People Get Ready." In film, it's the Biblical book where Andy Dufresne started his rock hammer cutout, as found out by Warden Norton. The "Simpsons Bible Story" that uses material from it has Skinner playing Pharoah and Milhouse as Moses. For ten points, give the book of the Bible, also the name of a Leon Uris novel that Cletus Spungen uses to try to crack open a turtle.

Answer: Exodus

20. In 1985, this band recruited a social worker who had never sung in public -- the sister of their lead guitarist and songwriter -- to be their lead singer. Twenty years later, they're still together and have earned a devoted following for their live performances; their live albums include 200 More Miles and Waltz Across America. Although originals like "Misguided Angel" and "Anniversary Song" are popular with their fans, they're better known for their covers, a recent collection of which was called Early 21st Blues. For ten points, name this Canadian noir folk band best known for their version of the Velvet Underground's "Sweet Jane."

Answer: Cowboy Junkies

21. Born in 1956 in Park Ridge, Illinois, he caught the acting bug playing Snoopy in a high school production of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. A co-founder of the Remains Theatre Ensemble, he lost out to Don Johnson for the role of Crockett on Miami Vice. First achieving fame as Jeffrey MacDonald in the 1985 TV movie Fatal Vision, he currently voices Kim Possible's dad and Harvey Birdman on TV, while he went back in time to play a famous sitcom dad in a trio of films. For ten points name this versatile actor, who currently plays Lt. Conrad Rose on TNT's Wanted, but is better known as Bill Lumbergh on Office Space.

Answer: Gary Cole