2005 TRASH Regionals
Round 09

1. Name these actors who have played patients on House for ten points each.

  1. Was Initech really working him that hard? In ads constantly shown during the World Series, this Sex and the City and Office Space actor refused treatment from House then turned it into a media circus.
    Answer: Ron Livingston
  2. He suffered a stroke partly caused by breath mints and time with a dominatrix. Not surprising for this actor who had a hankering for White Castle and made MILF a household acronym.
    Answer: John Cho
  3. This rapper/actor played a death row inmate who was seeing hallucinations of the people he killed. It could've been mama's revenge for knocking them out.
    Answer: LL Cool J or James Todd Smith

2. He's the new James Bond, but what else do you know about Daniel Craig? Name these Craig films for ten points each.

  1. Craig played Connor Rooney, psycho son of Irish mob boss John Rooney, in this 2002 Sam Mendes film, based on a graphic novel by Max Allan Collins.
    Answer: Road to Perdition
  2. Craig played British poet Ted Hughes in this 2003 biopic of Hughes' former wife, which starred Gwyneth Paltrow as the title character.
    Answer: Sylvia
  3. Craig earned praise in this 2004 film, playing a successful cocaine dealer who's lured from early retirement by a love interest and an international drug ring.
    Answer: Layer Cake

3. For ten points each, name these Neil Gaiman works.

  1. In this Hugo and Nebula award winner, this novel traces "Shadow" Moon as he accompanies Mr. Wednesday on visits to mythological figures.
    Answer: American Gods
  2. This novel is based on the Gaiman's British TV series of the same name, set in the magical world of London Below.
    Answer: Neverwhere
  3. One of Gaiman's earliest work is this book about Douglas Adams and his work subtitled The Official Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Companion.
    Answer: Don't Panic: The Official Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Companion

4. For ten points each, name these early rap acts:

  1. One early example of sampling is this act's "Rockin' It," which makes use of Kraftwerk's "Man Machine."
    Answer: Fearless Four
  2. Around in some form since the early '80s, this rap group was responsible for causing a constitutional debate over obscenity with the song "Me So Horny" and the album As Nasty As They Wanna Be.
    Answer: Two Live Crew
  3. Cowboy, Melle Mel, Kidd Creole, Raheim, and Scorpio formed this group of collaborators with Grandmaster Flash.
    Answer: Furious Five

5. Name these weird games found at casinos for ten points each.

  1. This poker variant is designed to offer players a chance to control two of their three bets wagered on a game. Each player gets three cards, as well as two community cards. Try to get the best possible poker hand to win.
    Answer: Let it Ride
  2. This poker variant consists of two simple games -- Pairplus, which features a payout of all hands of a pair or better, and Ante and Play, where players place an ante bet before receiving cards, then chooses to fold or raise after receiving cards.
    Answer: Three Card Poker
  3. Based on the children's game of the same name, this stupid game is simple. The player and the dealer get one card each. Whoever has the highest card wins.
    Answer: Casino War

6. For ten points each, identify these U.S. female Olympic gold medalists who have lesser-known athletes as significant others.

  1. Casey Daigle's major-league career ERA is 7.16. But he's better known as the husband of this softball star and contributor to This Week In Baseball.
    Answer: Jennie Finch
  2. Another baseball scrub, Marlins backup catcher Matt Treanor, is married to this nearly unbeatable beach volleyball star.
    Answer: Misty May
  3. Carl Edwards is a rising star in NASCAR, but he's got a way to go to match the popularity of his girlfriend, this swimmer and FHM cover girl who won gold medals at the 1996 and 2004 Olympics.
    Answer: Amanda Beard

7. For ten points each, name these films with screenplays by Ernest Lehman, who died in July 2005:

  1. Co-written by Billy Wilder and Samuel A. Taylor, this Wilder-directed film starred Audrey Hepburn, who became involved with co-star William Holden during filming.
    Answer: Sabrina
  2. Lehman did the screen adaptation of this novel. Starring Richard Benjamin as the title character and Karen Black as the Monkey, it was also Lehman's sole director's credit.
    Answer: Portnoy's Complaint
  3. Alfred Hitchcock hired Lehman to write the screenplay for this movie, giving him three ideas to work into the plot: mistaken identity, the United Nations building, and the final chase scene.
    Answer: North by Northwest

8. For the King of All Cosmos so loved the stars that he destroyed them in a drunken stupor. Then he sent his only begotten son to Earth, that whosoever should get rolled up in his giant ball of stuff shall not perish, but become, um, part of a new star. Yeah, not the best basis for a cosmology, but we'll work with what we've got. For ten points each:

  1. What the Hell am I talking about? Um, I mean -- what is the name of the game, released in 2004, whose plot concerns rolling everything from thumbtacks to Mount Fuji up in a ball so it can replace a star?
    Answer: Katamari Damacy (Acc. Katamari Damashii)
  2. What is the name given to the King's diminutive son, who is charged with creating these aggregate monstrosities?
    Answer: The Prince
  3. One of the things you can roll up is a Godzilla knock-off named Megron. Who is Megron's suspiciously Power Ranger-like nemesis, often seen in the game flying, standing like a statue, or spinning Megron around?
    Answer: Jumboman

9. Answer these questions about the 2005 Jeopardy Ultimate Tournament of Champions for ten points each.

  1. As we mentioned earlier, Brad Rutter won the thing. Ken Jennings was one of Rutter's two opponents in the three-game championship match. This California native was the other opponent.
    Answer: Jerome Vered
  2. Rutter and this New York City police officer were the only players who received byes into the second round to win a second-round match.
    Answer: Frank Spangenberg
  3. The only woman to advance into the Final Six, this 2000 College Champion fell to Vered in her Final Six match.
    Answer: Pam Mueller

10. For ten points each, for the 2004-2005 season, name the leaders of these NBA statistical categories among players whose teams did not make the playoffs.

  1. Points per game
    Answer: Kobe Bryant [2nd overall with 27.6.]
  2. Rebounds per game
    Answer: Kevin Garnett [1st overall with 13.5.]
  3. Assists per game
    Answer: Brevin Knight [2nd overall with 9.0.]

11. Identify these non-Smithsonian Washington, D.C., museums, for 10 points each.

  1. Run by the Freedom Forum, its Arlington, Virginia, location, featured on The West Wing, closed in 2002. It will reopen with a new facility on Pennsylvania Avenue in 2007, with displays like "Today's Front Pages".
    Answer: Newseum
  2. Permanent exhibits at this museum, which opened in 2002, include "The Secret History of History". Its touring exhibit, "The Enemy Within" will travel to Oklahoma City in 2006.
    Answer: International Spy Museum
  3. This Museum gave the Scully Prize to Prince Charles during his visit to the U.S. Its stated goal is to document changing architectural styles and construction techniques.
    Answer: National Building Museum

12. Courtney Love has been passed around in the rock industry more than any blunt backstage. For ten points each:

  1. Love is rumored to have had an abortion after being impregnated by this Wallflowers lead singer.
    Answer: Jakob Dylan
  2. In 1995, Love hooked up briefly with this Marilyn Manson bassist before dumping him for Trent Reznor.
    Answer: Twiggy Ramirez
  3. According to an interview with Howard Stern, when she was 14, Love had a "brief encounter" with this rocker. If you do the math, it might have followed the release of Weekend Warriors or Double Gonzo Live!
    Answer: Ted Nugent

13. Answer these questions about the upcoming film adaptation of The DaVinci Code for ten points each.

  1. This two-time Oscar winner for Best Actor plays Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon in the film.
    Answer: Tom Hanks
  2. The role of French cryptologist Sophie Neveu will be played by this French actress, best known for playing the title role in Amelie.
    Answer: Audrey Tautou
  3. This actor, best known on the big screen as both Magneto and Gandalf, plays Sir Leigh Teabing in The DaVinci Code.
    Answer: Sir Ian McKellen

14. For ten points each, the following people are gay. Maybe.

  1. A 1998 lawsuit by Michael Pattinson charged that Scientology tried to make him straight, citing this actor's marriage to Kelly Preston as an example of someone who was cured of homosexuality. However, Scientology never cured him of his ability to make crap-tacular movies like Battlefield Earth.
    Answer: John Travolta
  2. An attempt by correspondent James Rosen to arrange a meeting between Condoleeza Rice and this former Miss Minnesota and Fox & Friends news update anchor led some to speculate that this African-American journalist is a lesbian.
    Answer: Lauren Green
  3. Supposedly Tom DeLay's personal choice as successor as House Majority Leader, a post that instead went to Roy Blunt, this California Republican lives with his chief of staff, who makes the highest salary allowed by law.
    Answer: David Drier

15. Identify these authors of the following detective series for ten points each.

  1. Kay Scarpetta series, including Trace and Postmortem.
    Answer: Patricia Cornwell
  2. The Alex Delaware series, including Rage and A Cold Heart.
    Answer: Jonathan Kellerman
  3. The Lucas Davenport series, including Broken Prey and Hidden Prey.
    Answer: John Sandford

16. Autumn on TLC: a time for crappy new reality shows. For ten points each, given clues, identify the bad ideas disguising themselves as entertainment on cable.

  1. Tanya Tucker is the umpteenth celebrity to have her family filmed. Watch as her son buys a python and her daughter sneaks into bars.
    Answer: Tuckerville
  2. Ordinary people are tutored in such dances as the jive, the tango and the foxtrot and then pitted against each other. The winner gets glory, and a really ugly bronze trophy.
    Answer: Ballroom Bootcamp
  3. Jimmy Kimmel's erstwhile sidekick buys his father's house, tears it down and rebuilds it with help from his friends, his cousin and his gay assistant.
    Answer: The Adam Carolla Project

17. Filmmakers love owning their own production companies. For ten points each, given the production company, identify the founding director or producer.

  1. 40 Acres & a Mule
    Answer: Spike Lee
  2. Dog Eat Dog Productions
    Answer: Michael Moore
  3. All Girl Productions
    Answer: Bette Middler (also accept Bonnie Bruckheimer)

18. Identify these teams that took part in this year's Tour de France for ten points each.

  1. After the U.S. Postal Service dropped its sponsorship of Lance Armstrong's team, this cable network took over the reins in 2005.
    Answer: Discovery Channel
  2. Even with Armstrong's overall victory, Discovery Channel didn't take the team title. It went to this squad, led by longtime rival Jan Ullrich and named for a cell phone carrier. Catherine Zeta-Jones not included.
    Answer: T-Mobile
  3. Runner-up Ivan Basso, along with Americans David Zabriskie and Bobby Julich, were both members of this team, whose sponsor is a multinational consulting firm, and not a cable channel run by Isaac Jaffe.
    Answer: CSC

19. For 10 points each, given a national discount or department store's private label brands, identify the store.

  1. Great Value, No Boundary, Relion, Simply Basic
    Answer: Wal-Mart
  2. Worthington, Stafford, St. John's Bay, Arizona
    Answer: J.C. Penney's
  3. Urban Pipeline, Bodysource, Croft & Barrow
    Answer: Kohl's

20. For ten points each, name these cover bands:

  1. Tuxicity and I'd Like a Virgin are albums by this Vegas-style act whose lead singer is supported by instrumentalists Bobby Ricotta, Gordon Brie, and Buddy Gouda.
    Answer: Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine (prompt on "Lounge Against the Machine")
  2. Their bluegrass stylings have included Kiss My Grass: A Hillbilly Tribute to Kiss.
    Answer: Hayseed Dixie
  3. This act has churched up modern music with its Masters of Chant series of albums.
    Answer: Gregorian

21. How well do you know your cruise liners? Given the names of several ships, identify the cruise line they all run for, for 10 points each.

  1. Zaandam, Oosterdam, Rotterdam
    Answer: Holland America
  2. Regal (blank), Crown (blank), Diamond (blank), Pacific (blank)
    Answer: Princess
  3. Ecstasy, Sensation, Holiday
    Answer: Carnival

22. Given a list of head coaches, identify the college football program they all led for ten points each.

  1. Ara Parseghian, Gerry Faust, Bob Davie, Charlie Weis
    Answer: Notre Dame
  2. Pop Warner, Fielding Yost, Dennis Green, Bill Walsh, Walt Harris
    Answer: Stanford
  3. John Heisman, Carl Voyles, Robert "Shug" Jordan, Pat Dye, Tommy Tuberville
    Answer: Auburn