2005 TRASH Regionals
Round 08

1. Made by Puck Technology of Signal Hill, California, its official website features links to 57 marijuana-themed pages. It comes in five colors -- white, tan, brown, black, and Latino -- and also features an instruction manual, two heater packs, a syringe and a dehydrated liquid. Among its supporters are "Kevdog" of Georgia, who boasts about toking both before and after his screening test, and Onterrio Smith, who was caught with this in his airport luggage in 2005. For ten points, name this prosthetic penis-and-dried urine combo that you can use to beat a drug test.

Answer: The Original Whizzinator

2. In 1951, Marilyn Monroe presented this Oscar to Thomas Moulton who won for All About Eve. Scott Millan won this Oscar in 1996 for Apollo 13. Australian David Lee won in 2000 for The Matrix and Michael Minkler won in 2002 for Black Hawk Down, working with engineers Myron Nettinga and Chris Munro using state of the art digital consoles. For ten points, name this Academy Award category that honors mixers, engineers and foley artists.

Answer: Best Achievement in Sound

3. Among his 15 victims in 1985 were Don Halpin, Michael Johnson, Donnie Long and Sterling Benjamin. His 13 victims in 1986 include Mitch Green, Marvis Frazier and a title win over Trevor Berbick. His most recent victims include Lou Savarese, Julius Francis and Clifford Etienne, while he's lost his last two to Danny Williams and Kevin McBride. More notable fights include wins over Larry Holmes and Michael Spinks. For ten points, name this boxer who may now be best known for losses to Evander Holyfield and Buster Douglas.

Answer: Mike Tyson

4. This album was advertised on the ring apron of TNA Wrestling's first installments on Spike TV. Debuting at #1 in Billboard, it includes a cover of Billie Holiday's "Good Morning Heartache" and a guest appearance by Merle Haggard on "Politically Uncorrect". The Tennessee attorney general protested because of the artist displaying a song's title product during live performances of one of its tracks, "Skoal Ring", while beer is a subject in "One Bud Wiser". For ten points, name this follow-up to Here for the Party by Gretchen Wilson whose title track was its first single.

Answer: All Jacked Up

5. Its inventor claims that actress Milla Jovovich came up with the name during a European rail journey. The product has zero fat and 100 calories per one-ounce serving, and is said to resemble the choicer flesh of the upper extremities, thighs and rump. Recipes on the product's website include Aztec stew, and a renowned psychiatrist's method for preparing liver. For ten points, name this foodstuff developed by Dartmouth business student Mark Nuckols, soy protein strips that simulate the texture and flavor of human flesh.

Answer: HuFu

6. Steven Spielberg paid $55,000 for it at auction. On the Dick Van Dyke Show, it was Richie Petrie's middle name. Given as a gift by Walter Parks Thatcher, it bore the legend "Crusader" on its side. Custom built in the RKO property department of balsa wood and fastened together with dowels and glue, it would've fallen apart if used for the usual purpose. Gore Vidal claims it was one man's nickname for his girlfriend's clitoris, but Herman J. Mankiewicz swears he got the idea from his childhood bicycle. For ten points, name this object, the last word spoken by the title character in Citizen Kane.

Answer: Rosebud

7. Phil Angelides says his first name is Larry, while his boss, H.K., refers to him as Sid. He himself claimed his first name was Joel, when he pretended to be a reporter for the Newsly Times. He revealed one Oktoberfest that he was Jewish, but asked what would Jesus do shortly before he hurled H.K. into the stands of a baseball stadium. He once denied a Newsweek report that he died of liver failure, saying he does not die; only the actors that play him do. For ten points name this costumed spokesman for a beer only available to cartoon characters in Springfield?

Answer: Duff Man

8. Nicknamed the Pink Panther, she took up golf at age 10, but would soon become the nation's top amateur woman. She was a surprising second at the 2004 Shop-Rite Classic, but it wasn't a shock when she won qualifying to earn her LPGA Tour card for 2005. The same week she graduated high school, she won her first LPGA tournament at the Sybase Classic. Later in the year, she would trounce Laura Davies, 22 years her senior, at the Solheim Cup. For ten points, name this 19-year-old already second on the LPGA money list.

Answer: Paula Creamer

9. The Cat Lover's, Dog Lover's and Pet Lover's versions are co-authored by Marty Becker, Carol Kline and Amy Shojai. The Girl's and Kids' versions are co-authored by Patty Hansen and Irene Dunlap. The America's Heroes version was co-authored by Rick Canfield and Joseph Woodall. The Prisoner's version was co-authored by motivational speaker Tom Lagana, while all of the books were created, inspired and co-created by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. This describes, for ten points, what best-selling series of life-saving inspirational books.

Answer: Chicken Soup for the Soul

10. This chain was the brainchild of Oscar and Evelyn Overton, who opened a small shop in Detroit in the late 1940s. After spending time as restaurant suppliers, the Overtons moved to California, where they opened the first eatery with this name in Beverly Hills in 1978. Its 200 menu selections include such items as miso salmon and Cajun jambalaya pasta, but it's dessert this chain is most famous for, including 35 varieties of its trademark sweet, varying from Boston Cream to Chocolate Pecan Turtle to Fresh Banana Cream. For ten points, name this restaurant chain where there's "something for everyone".

Answer: The Cheesecake Factory

11. Born with the last name Yarmy, he claims he changed it because he was tired of having to go last at auditions. A Marine Corps veteran who took part in the Battle of Guadalcanal, he started his career as a comedy writer before being hired by Bill Dana to star in Dana's 1963 TV series. The voice of both Tennessee Tuxedo and Comet in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, younger fans remember him as the voice of Inspector Gadget, an animated version of his most famous character. For ten points, name this actor, who won three Emmy Awards playing bumbling Maxwell Smart on TV's Get Smart, and who died in 2005.

Answer: Don Adams

12. Along with gospel singer Ron Winans, this performer is co-owner of a chicken-and-waffles restaurant on Peachtree Street in Atlanta. Born in 1944 in Atlanta, she got her first taste of success at age seven, winning on Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour. At age eight she, along with her brother and two cousins, formed a singing group that would garner 24 Top 40 hits between 1961 and 1988, including the Top 10 hits "I've Got to Use My Imagination" and "Midnight Train to Georgia." For ten points, name this R-and-B legend and lead singer of the Pips.

Answer: Gladys Knight

13. Founded in the 1980s by the Guillermot brothers, it has acquired several smaller companies, such as Wolfpack Studios, which created Shadowbane, and Blue Byte Software, creator of The Settlers, while its ownership of Red Storm Entertainment has given it several Tom Clancy-based hits. The Rayman series is the biggest hit developed in-house by, for ten points, what French game company which has also taken over the Myst and Prince of Persia series?

Answer: Ubisoft Entertainment

14. Roger D. Landry calls himself the spiritual godfather of this creature that was unveiled in 1979 to replace Souki. Rodger Brulotte came up with the name and Jim Henson the rest of its look. Its signature slapping of the nose was to solve issues with the costume, which originally weighed 40 pounds. It was the first mascot to be thrown out of a baseball game and the first to switch sports when the Montreal Canadiens adopted it in 2005. For ten points, name this orange mascot who is working again even thought the Expos are gone.

Answer: Youppi

15. He has a masters from Johns Hopkins. His most famous film locale is named for a place in Potsdam, New York, where he worked as an instructor at Clarkson College. He got his start in movies co-directing the film Together in 1971. Other credits include directing the Meryl Streep vehicle Music of the Heart and executive producing the sci-fi/horror feature Feast. For ten points, name this director more famous for The People Under the Stairs, The Last House on the Left and Red Eye.

Answer: Wes Craven

16. Go to the McWane Center to check out the wonders of science in a fun and entertaining atmosphere. Sloss Furnaces is a maze of furnaces, boilers and metalwork structures over several levels. This city's famous Iron Man, Vulcan, is a 56-foot tall sculpture of the Roman god of the forge. Rickwood Park, recognized by the National Park Service as America's oldest baseball park, was home to the minor league Barons from 1910 to 1987. All of these can be found in, for ten points, what largest city in Alabama?

Answer: Birmingham

17. His mother says that when he was 18 months old, he pointed at a tax form and said "I-R-S." While a kindergarten student in Manheim Township, Pennsylvania, he gave his teacher a pencil Christmas ornament, which the teacher keeps to this day. An English and history major at Johns Hopkins, he currently devotes his free time hosting the show InQuizitive on WLYH in Lancaster. A former record store clerk, this is, for ten points, what 27-year-old who won the 2001 Jeopardy Tournament of the Champions, the 2002 Million Dollar Masters and the 2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions, earning $3.2 million in the process.

Answer: Brad Rutter

18. He released the albums Dreamatorium, Disembodied, and Tunnel under the name Death Cube K. His collaborations include the experimental music of Viggo Mortensen, and Praxis with Bill Lawell and Bootsy Collins. Some believe that behind the mask is his teacher, Mr. Big's Paul Gilbert. For ten points, name this enigmatic guitarist who took part in a revival of Guns N' Roses and who takes him name from the Kentucky Fried Chicken container he uses as a hat.

Answer: Buckethead [accept "Death Cube K" until mentioned in the question]

19. One of the most victorious coaches in high school football history, former Messina Spartans head coach Eddie Rake is dying. A former Rake All-American, Neely Crenshaw, has returned to Messina to join a nightly vigil for Rake. While there, Neely struggles to reconcile his conflicted feelings toward his former coach, and he assays to rekindle a relationship with the ex-girlfriend he abandoned long ago. All of this occurs in, for ten points, what John Grisham novel, that has nothing to do with the law and more to do with a small Southern town wrapped around high school football?

Answer: Bleachers

20. Between 1933 and 1938, this college football team won 38 games. This squad lost to Tulane 20-14 in the first Sugar Bowl, and its only bowl win was at the 1979 Garden State Bowl. Alumni currently in the NFL include linebacker Al Singleton and defensive linemen Lance Johnstone, Raheem Brock and Dan Klecko. Between 2001 and 2004, they won 11 games and lost 35, leading this school to be booted out of its conference and forced to play as an independent. For ten points, name this former Big East football school that will join the Mid-American Conference in 2007.

Answer: Temple University

21. In 1988, this actor played a 16-year-old hostage taker on an episode of Night Court. Born in 1964 in Kansas City, he made his film debut in 1985, playing a fast-food worker in Moving Violations. Regular roles on The Golden Palace and Picket Fences followed, while his work as Mouse Alexander in Devil in a Blue Dress earned him praise. Sammy Davis Jr. in 1998's The Rat Pack, 2001 saw him take two uncredited roles, Kenny in Rush Hour 2 and Basher Tarr in Ocean's 11. For ten points name this African American actor who earned an Oscar nomination in 2005 for Hotel Rwanda.

Answer: Don Cheadle