2005 TRASH Regionals
Round 07

1. It made its debut on the radio in 1933, with television broadcasts beginning in 1952. In 1968, Dolores Claman wrote its theme song, a tune that was altered a bit in the �90s to suit the show's two major sponsors. A daytime version of the program airs once a year from locations as disparate as Red Deer and Nunavut. For ten points, name this Saturday night CBC favorite, whose hosts have included Foster Hewitt, Dick Irvin and Ron McClain, and loud analyst Don Cherry.

Answer: Hockey Night in Canada

2. Her first trip down the aisle was in 1971, when she wed med student Jeff Martin. Four years later, she married police officer Phil Brent, whose father forced him to divorce her. Restaurant owner Tom Cudahy was husband #3, getting hitched in 1978. Between 1984 and 1994, she wed six times to three different men - CEO Adam Chandler, Hungarian royal Dmitri Marick and lawmaker Travis Montgomery. In 2005, she married the man who kidnapped her, attorney Jackson Montgomery, played by Walt Willey. For ten points, name this much-wed soap character, played by Susan Lucci on All My Children.

Answer: Erica Kane (accept either)

3. Cordell Russell, a wide receiver from Nebraska is drafted first by Dallas, but has a little trouble navigating the stairs down to the podium. A boy creates a robotic friend, who proceeds to destroy the family garage and car. MC Hammer raps in front of a mansion, but "15 minutes later" the repo men arrive. "Life comes at you fast", according to these commercials, for 10 points, from what insurance company that's "on your side"?

Answer: Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

4. This song topped the pop charts on May 7, 1994, two months after it had originally reached the top spot. The album of the same name would also have two stints atop the album chart, hitting No. 1 in both April and June of 1994. Said album includes such tracks as "Living in Danger" and "Wheel of Fortune" but is notable for such singles as "Don't Turn Around" and "All That She Wants." For ten points, name this first-ever No. 1 American album by a Swedish act, the U.S. debut from Ace of Base.

Answer: The Sign

5. The TV edition of this game was named 2005's Game of the Year by the Toy Industry Association, while the "Squabble" edition is a battle of the sexes game for adults. Super Game Pack extensions are available in Movies, James Bond, HBO and Warner Brothers Television 50th Anniversary editions, while the regular version includes Harry Potter, TV, Sports, Disney and Junior editions. For ten points, name this popular series of DVD board games from Screenlife loaded with trivia questions and clips.

Answer: Scene It?

6. It stars Nicholas Campbell from DaVinci's Inquest and Mary Walsh, formerly of This Hour has 22 Minutes. Name stars include Cathy Moriarity and Andrew McCarthy. Set in Nova Scotia, it tells the story of Moonie Pottie, her friend Lu, and all the boys Lu knocks out because if they're guilty, they fall. For ten points, name this 1999 Canadian indie pic and mainstay of the Sundance Channel starring Liane Balaban as Moonie, who hatches a clever plan to fake pregnancy and get ridden out of town on a rail.

Answer: New Waterford Girl

7. He's dabbled in kiddie lit, penning Halloween and Christmas themed picture books. Tales from Wrescal Lane depicts some of his former co-workers as children and was illustrated by graphic novel vet Jill Thompson. His latest work, a coming-of-age tale set in the Bronx during the 1960s and 70s, features a title character who limps through life thanks to an errant bullet from his father's gun. For ten points, name the author of Scooter and Tietam Brown, probably better known for the wrestling autobiography, Have a Nice Day.

Answer: Mick "Mankind" Foley

8. Her early photographs of children playing earned lukewarm praise. Later works involving collage masks and photographs of her friend Evie garnered attention and a place in a gallery show. Though her first job in photography, that of photographer's assistant at a New York stock image house fell through, she lived a long life and took many insightful pictures of family, friends and her husband, Ted. For ten points, name this character whose death at age 102 is one of the last scenes in the series Six Feet Under.

Answer: Claire Simone Fisher (accept Claire by itself, prompt for first name on Fisher)

9. His autobiography, released in 1998, is entitled A Shark Never Sleeps. A graduate of the University of Miami and Duke Law School, he is considered part of the "Miami Mafia," with 16 of his 90 clients fellow Hurricanes. Shortly before the 2003 NFL draft, he pledged to waive his standard three-percent commission if his client, Willis McGahee, was not drafted in the first round. For ten points, name this super agent, the basis for a character in Jerry Maguire, best known for ordering clients like Terrell Owens to hold out when their contract demands are not met.

Answer: Drew Rosenhaus

10. Despite his criminal activities, he must have loved the environment, as his home was on the cutting edge of solar power. Born in the circus, his father was a ringmaster. His only friend was an African bull elephant and his first hit was the revenge killing of the elephant's abusive handler. Eventually recruited by the KGB, he went independent in the late 1950s. His price was $1 million a hit. Though no photographs of him exist, he was known to have a supercilious papilla, or third nipple. For ten points, name this Bond nemesis played by Christopher Lee in The Man with the Golden Gun.

Answer: Francisco Scaramanga (prompt on "man with the golden gun.")

11. This Cee-Lo-penned song first emerged in 2004 when performed by Atlanta hairdresser Tori Alamaze. However, the song peaked at No. 2 in 2005 thanks in part to co-writer Busta Rhymes, who showed up with a cameo rap in another version of this song whose lyrics are provided in part by former Eden's Crush singer Nicole Scherzinger. For ten points, name this song about teasing a guy to cheat on his girlfriend, the first and possibly only big hit for the Pussycat Dolls.

Answer: Don't Cha

12. In 1876, James Bryce claimed to have found a piece of it while, in 1892, John Joseph Nouri, a Chaldean clergyman, claimed to have entered it and measured it to be 450 feet long. Both were searching near the Armenian border. Modern skeptics believe that it would have been to unstable to build a wooden object 300 cubits long. For ten points, name this Biblical object which some believe came to rest on a mountain in Turkey.

Answer: Noah's Ark

13. Began on May 9, 2005, its first week included John Cusack's farewell to Hunter S. Thompson, Larry David's satirical faux support of John Bolton, and several bits by common contributor Harry Shearer. Although other contributors have included Joe Scarborough, it is considered left-leaning, featuring Drudge Report-like news links, a blog with posts by celebrities, and a column by its namesake. For ten points, name this political website founded by a Greek-born syndicated columnist, a 2003 California gubernatorial candidate.

Answer: The Huffington Post or HuffPost

14. Its main tourist attraction is a cleaning lady who, by guide wire and sturdy cane, fights the likes of Jack the Ripper every weekday at quarter past and half after every odd Greenwich mean hour. It is also home to Fat Ammy's American Style Restaurant and Crossover's Pub, named for the need to switch sides of the road. The home to a possible conspiracy involving the patriarch of the Bluth family, name, for ten points, this English enclave of Orange County where Michael Bluth meets Rita, played by Charlize Theron, on Arrested Development.

Answer: Wee Britain

15. Upon its release, it briefly knocked the Beatles' Abbey Road out of the top spot on the UK charts. Featuring Ry Cooder on mandolin on a cover of Robert Johnson's "Love In Vain," midway through the recording, guitarist Brian Jones died; his replacement, Mick Taylor, appears on several tracks. This album also features Keith Richards's first lead vocal, on "You Got the Silver." This is, for ten points, what 1969 Rolling Stones album whose best known tracks include "Gimme Shelter" and "You Can't Always Get What You Want'?

Answer: Let It Bleed

16. Born Maila Nurmi in 1921 in Petsamo, Finland, she was a close friend of James Dean. In 1944, Mae West fired her from the cast of Catherine Was Great because West feared that she was being upstaged. In 1958, singer Bobby Bare recorded a rock song about her using her most famous stage name. For ten points, name this actress who once sued Cassandra "Elvira" Peterson over her act, a performer most famous for her turn in Ed Wood's Plan 9 From Outer Space.

Answer: Vampira

17. WARNING: YEAR AND TEAM REQUIRED. Managed by Ed Barrow, top position players included shortstop Everett Scott and outfielders Harry Hooper and Amos Strunk. Carl Mays led the team with 21 wins, and was second on the team in homers with 3. Another starting pitcher, Babe Ruth, won 13 games and led the team with 11 homers. Winning the American League by 2 1/2 games over Cleveland, and beat the Chicago Cubs in six games in the finals, this is, for ten points, what squad, the last team with this name to win a World Series until 2004?

Answer: 1918 Boston Red Sox

18. In a 1993 crossover game from Tradewinds, characters from this 1987 classic joined forces with characters from Battletoads. The fourth sequel, subtitled The Shadow Falls, was a one-on-one fighting game released in 1994 and based on a TV cartoon that premiered a year earlier. The second arcade sequel, subtitled The Rosetta Stone, required players to insert additional tokens to buy weapons, extra men and fighting moves. The first sequel features Billy and Jimmy Lee trying to avenge girlfriend Marian's death at the hands of Big Boss Willie, who kidnapped her in the original game. For ten points, name this classic Taito martial-arts fighting game, which was also subject of a 1994 film starring Scott Wolf and Mark Dacascos as the Lee brothers.

Answer: Double Dragon

19. His last appearance was as the chair of the Fishing Rights Committee in The Secret Pilgrim. Originally studying Baroque German literature in college, he was a scholar when he investigated a death in A Murder of Quality, but was employed in his best known line of work in his first appearance in Call for the Dead. He returned to "The Circus" in The Spy Who Came in from the Cold. For ten points, name this agent who uncovered a mole in MI6 in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, a creation of John Le Carr�.

Answer: George Smiley

20. Jaleel White made two uncredited cameos as Steven Urkel in the second and third episodes of this 1997 sitcom. An unaired episode featured some of the Gilligan's Island castaways, still on the island. The premise of the show was simple: a 9000 year old alien from Marmazon 4.0 crashes into the backyard of the Parker house, and the kids take enough of a shine to him that he agrees to be their nanny until his ship is fixed. Featuring a pre-Buffy Michelle Trachtenberg and post-Jerry Maguire Jonathan Lipnicki, name, for ten points, this CBS show starring Bronson Pinchot as the title alien.

Answer: Meego

21. In 2002, he sold his namesake theater in Branson, Missouri, to Spirit of the Dance, which promptly renamed it "The Branson Variety Theater". Born in 1935 in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, he played trumpet in an Army military band before being discovered by disc jockey Dick Lawrence, who took his demo to Epic. His third number one song, "There! I've Said It Again," was the last #1 song before the British Invasion, while his second number one, 1963's "Blue Velvet," was part of an album of all "blue" songs. For ten points, name this "Polish Prince" of music who, in 2005, saw new fame via the sped-up refrain of his "Mister Lonely" on Akon's "Lonely".

Answer: Bobby Vinton